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REV Girls join show

Jun 18, 2014|

Today on Planet Mikey, the REV girls were in studio along with Sarah B and Lenny

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You real. And hello -- I am. -- -- -- -- -- World it which lead lives in. Mace you do. Sure a John and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know my my -- Ortiz behavior. When about it. It was good today because he got mad about this that the ruling on -- hit right. How about a guy -- rounds tomorrow particularly. This and so on eighteen -- not doing well. I'll -- and I'm retired on this. And to be some sites makes him to actually -- then lord that mark it would -- There Ortiz -- -- I don't know that is the real status then I think that. -- -- -- -- -- -- Well Ortiz got to a somewhat during Ortiz led them to the World Series hit 600 last year. Don't question broad -- -- I didn't say it was a question -- try to turn to position him in your life because you seem to hate his -- ran out of. -- we have because. Well now and I don't hit. Chris I've respected -- It's a -- -- -- either they are seemingly -- incredible -- -- Well you know the reaction yet today united seed I heard about it on the radio really easy you know he overreacted to a bad call he thought it wouldn't help yelled at the press box and got to give a thumbs down up to the press by any commented on adapt again well you know that kind of behavior is not is not something anybody's gonna say oh that's great I love good and -- -- -- yes. The deal like Ortiz yeah you know. There are not -- a point that at -- point so yeah I'm saying is that. -- as long as he does things like keep it is thought he performed well then his behavior is completely. Anyway let's let's modified -- on Chris once second let's talk about his behavior it's in a baseball sense what he's doing is up. He's not going off the field at night and you know would be a child molest rural bank robbery or a thug easy. How much went right but my question what my question would find on your behavior your legs are guilty or something a pro athlete that rob banks at night and you know it could be quite a moonlight. Yeah -- like you. Do computer technologies go quick buckle. Although Chris you see -- -- have a hair a crusher ass about something which is obviously don't get out with a all I only -- -- clearly can't think of client free to the -- in charge it to me. James or in east Providence quickly James go ahead. But -- I don't. Well I edit it and I'm -- I'm sure important. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- What they would do you wanna pick for the next coach he -- run. -- -- -- in August 19 and you know museum is ready you're naming here hey you know what -- you. -- do you take this over. On duty of writing down these things a little better write stuff down that's -- I had a hard time in high school terrible. So you're picking the nineteenth of July is the next -- August or August. A nineteen devices next time they -- will give up an earned run. Are okay what -- -- Well you know mentally sharp -- media reports that just like the -- saying all they've both done. They get they'll bite somebody out that both. Yeah they were relatives to -- he's very well liked around here but unity reinforces you can -- roster spots around and unfortunately based on his the rest of his numbers James thanks for the call. You know war suddenly walked in the studio side the Serbian -- adorable as we always know anchors -- who's very cute also adorable in his own way. So cute couple who think -- think exactly subscribe to our friends from entering the revolution of course this is. It's unbelievable how soccer is taken over people's minds. And you know even Miami. But my whole life has been like soccer says. Stephanie right on the left. And -- on the right my whole life has been like soccer you know -- I am I don't have an Eagles. And I never score. Now there is scoring on soccer right. Yep put put to rest of the year to put to rest the rumor that there's no scoring soccer is actually meant a lot of especially if you look at this World Cup I think that's boring actually up 51% for the first round. I know and all the sudden it exploded what's going on there and what and other big goal keepers awful. And the talent. -- -- you know I'm not I don't out and it's great to you know the united it was an -- United -- game -- dining and on February 22 is that by what the party yeah a weight so that's why you're here and he you'll -- girls are always promoting parties everywhere you go higher. Tell us about this party come to watch party does it won't get a free watch. You don't get every -- actually the first 200 people entity that would eat free republic on our. OK so Jack it's gas is then not commuters in the masters accent. My parents are from Connecticut aren't happy to go as rising scarf -- -- people but people -- oh what a nice gap -- it it's totally weird. So was what times as star who's gonna -- -- -- gonna be don't you girls going to be there. And as acting opposite sex the doors open I've we -- and are. Currently -- Is okay now tell us where it is. Telus who else will be here. And it tells the whole give us the whole house of blows up in the house is. A lot of players in the revolution there a lot of yankees from Boston and surrounding area coming in its and it's now going to be on the -- screen and a lot and agree electric patents. Yeah well you know has been unbelievable how people have let have allowed soccer into their conscious and you know this country is. We have a certain attitude all of it's not football or embarrassed about. But it but you know what. Soccer all of a sudden and it -- or four years -- World Cup becomes foreground stuff. You know aside from the the United States team Yemeni favorite teams you're watching the figure going to be particularly good. Think there's a lot of teams have done really well that's our. I definitely I'm Italians like that are idiots had I hitting OK argument there yeah. I'm really interested to see leopards can view and Kmart is in huge game for them you know a lot of talent and I I'm rooting for them because I had a Brazilian well there yeah. You know -- notified some place where you have common ground with these folks. Anybody it's it's it's huge and it do you think it's -- -- -- -- That step by step because it's been a slow growth for soccer although it has grown clearly. In its popularity it takes -- because it really you're fighting to pretension amongst the other four major sports. But this World Cup thing comes along just kind of opens the door for everybody did to get involved in and watch it into words to enjoy the game. I don't think the hole out on the experience of it right now I know will be spending quite a few different watch parties at different ours. -- -- -- -- the greatest are all -- and the atmosphere is. Insane you know it's not just the assets are all the different countries you know every day we -- making huge rise soccer. On the past week. Yeah it's almost the kind of thing where if you really wanna be you. And world soccer fans you know you kind of have to learn much to the -- -- done. You don't have to actually have fun fact is that all of the rats for this were cut had to pass an oral and written test in English serious communicate with each other on the episode test I couldn't pass they had -- have absolutely desperate that's terrific. So the big watch parties going to be a house of blues on a big screens. -- -- -- Thousands of people there after partying and been blown those longhorns were those points called the -- Lance who was -- something -- whose sale sign out between if you want your -- and I. That's a regional dialect kind of thing. What if -- -- what what -- they can't. Really big is it along its IQ on Iran. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Who -- -- do you think that's what's gonna get an advantage Piacenza Politico he -- and what's what's it. You won't see immigrants especially in the NBA and that's not a -- -- they have -- that's about the only these are good habit when Brazil by the way and what are the things in Brazil called the little rattles that they have they're trying to ban added and. You can't rattle. You know bad -- don't -- and rattles did you watch the advantage -- not -- who sentences or whatever they're called if you lose you're so what are they really it would it would how to use it I column group losing but she calls -- This does and I credit -- is a whale -- league lead we will we will. Yeah -- help us we are not finished every four year Letterman announced the closing of the World Cup comes around we should have -- all the sailors to give away whenever you take off. -- -- -- -- to be continued I don't think that gives up at one that fits my purse Stephanie and election what do you do when you're not -- girls are you are you must have some other like your models or something right you know. Public relations director apple and jobs actress a writer to I would from the apartment. And the legislature. Kabul thanks for stopping by and and we're gonna remind every once again June 22. At the house of blues what time. Doors open at 5 PM and act red planet act and that's when it albeit an all these lovely rep -- going to be there and a lot of other people celebrating. Football. As -- -- -- one yeah babies I you know a person the United States can mop the floor with a yeah I ate there one. That Islamic. World that who some like -- -- they win this one there into the into the round sixteen today. Now China is the US better drink more Gatorade this time if I see any environment and their -- and hamstring that's gonna that's that'll grab their butts -- or however they Atlanta. It looked like LeBron was trying to play soccer for us while he. They grab whatever they Atlanta that's just -- -- works if they don't they needed it there is running at all sudden grabbed -- -- -- -- from America drinking. They grab my -- Missoula with -- it. We begin again take a break ladies thanks for coming by nice to see -- that and let -- -- girls and adorable ones at that. Will will be great back with more of the planet -- show starring Chris Gilani with -- all the factories. Sarah be with the text messages -- -- -- coming in to will there.

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