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The Bradfo Show: Clay Buchholz talks truth, fiction regarding his struggles

Jun 18, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox starting pitcher Clay Buchholz to discuss the trials and tribulations the righty has gone through this season. Buchholz explains what is the reality when it comes to what led him down his path this season, and what is just flat-out not the case. Buchholz also offers his opinion on how important it is to keep the Red Sox current starting staff intact.

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It's nice easy and. -- things that interest. So I wish my -- it's. Just sit there and still. Episode of this and to be who would win and show. Cheers rob Bradford. Welcome to another edition of -- show sponsored as always by cool distinctive clothing and the people who make me look so darned good. With me today Clay Buchholz. And clay is coming back from injury -- -- back from getting things together down on the docket after. Really kind of an awkward start I guess what was inland and we talked a little bit about that and in what you've had some bumps in the road throughout the season that one that wasn't the lasting impression that wasn't really a start you said. This was a problem there were some other things going on there right. Yeah you know. Mechanically obviously there was there is some issues that. You know I had try to fix it and I was trying to do that -- have measure would various organ which is. Close impossible and then. You know. Given. -- the temperature in the in the game and in the humidity not think that he got a new orders after the game I was I was definitely hydrated and basically just battling myself all times so. After the game told. Told John in and then I didn't think that was gained to judge in. And you know amendment decision. To -- the deal work wasn't stuffing and what can the -- better and you know feel like I've used these deals to to those do you seven pounds back. I was agenda for equipment. That was it was pretty miserable -- -- So it'll when you're -- you're going in when you are going as good as you were last year when you were so so good at the end of the year everyone wants a solution everyone wants to find. Okay what are you doing now that you weren't doing them. QB some of the things that are accurate and give me some of those things are also used that you might hear -- now it's not that at all. Definitely not injured I think that's the question mark their ability first brought up was if I was healthy and you know my response to that is I wouldn't. I would be throwing -- anyone 1990 miles an hour I was injured you know everybody assault with the velocity was. An Alaskan peninsula season grocers and it wouldn't it wouldn't close to to those numbers so I'm not not -- -- -- it was just. Think it came from last year. Trying to tweak my delivery -- took through. In a way that it wasn't there wasn't hurting and probably a sort of carried over spring training didn't really fix the spring training and then you know. Playing and they released its. Target tough division were alone -- out there trying to bottle yourself with mechanical flaws so it was all. It was all mechanical and like us I don't feel like we've. We've refined. Everything. To this point pretty good. That just to clarify -- -- -- this spring training and you feel in good health the health wise. Without even knowing that you you'd be -- you're kind of protecting yourself because of what you went through the year before. I don't think it was it I don't think I was doing it knowingly it was it was more it becomes second nature because that's just -- through for the last couple months last year and well -- wasn't throwing like better early in the season whenever things are going really really well Foreman and it was more of that's just sort of home -- molded in the month delivery and I didn't couldn't pull my finger on it for you know first month and a half and Fowler sat down in -- some some different things. Inside the delivery with with emotion and -- in the wind up in. -- you know within a couple bullpen to collect. We figured out that it -- just put me in the game situation that's been the same name was for not real -- to other days ago. He -- your dad actually went a long way to help identify that dated ninety. He knows my delivered better. -- and anybody just because the he's one that taught me how to pitching. There's been so he watches every game throw him he's. He critique -- that I do regardless of being good -- bad so. Deaths -- that's my legs darling on whatever whenever I need some some answers and questions answered. When we look at the the start he had with a -- size there's a lot of encouraging things number one -- -- someone told me that you had 96 number two somebody is really referenced how your finished allies. And -- two seamer or you know darts at -- me than ours out over the plate. Where those two things are evident to you as you were gone through that game. Yeah you know. -- sins of the pitch a little brutalized and you know this year. It was almost lady Mora threw good -- it was like through so well Lester that that was a side note never -- game playing as news OK if he gets to start a lefty. -- -- through the front door to -- you know they were taken better swings that are so that makes you remain you press a little bit and that in order were. Started trying to throw to or to make it too good pitching you know the movement wasn't there and then the other day whenever I was throwing. You know it was it was just like it was last year you know moving a foot from from left to right wing and in tournaments of course so was. You know -- it's visual you can see it and you can see -- things working like -- you want to work its you know makes you more confident that this. -- it two point or you're just looking forward to saying almost approaching this as a new season -- putting putting everything else honorary mayor. Yeah like you said you're healthy you think you figure things out and now you can just OK let's start over and go from here. You know it's. You see every year there's guys are going to be only in their their numbers 3-D -- men. They have the numbers have been the seasons after tomorrow the deal so yeah I mean there's an. I -- and about one numbers and how they are right now that's the way it is and you know it's. On the ground treated like -- Molineaux with the zero right now and that's -- doesn't. You know off topic a little bit -- who and when we look at this starting rotation and you obviously under -- -- team control -- the 2007 team. There can be some turn over here and the year -- who is Lester tightly Lackey and and I would imagine going forward you would love to be have that foundation in place have you thought at all though. How this rotation might turn over how much do you do hope. That things -- same place and you guys can make another run with that kind of group. -- you know word. That. The waited this team jelled in the last couple years as you know it's -- -- -- -- -- -- -- thing on -- Coming from lack beer and community there armed revolt he wasn't coming over here and -- that much different puzzle this team is as far as pitching staff. You know it takes five guys go out there and and the team to be confident known to to do their job and keep my game and I think. Know everybody on in the rotation given that the team. On any given day when it myself so yeah -- I hope that says same but you know that's the business out of baseball and there's nobody else I can decide about approval of ownership and front office so we'll see what goes. No big thing with a lesser news. His doing -- the right way and having young pitchers follow his his lead. I wouldn't I I know that was conversation when Josh is here when he signed his deal he did the right thing away and fall behind his lead. When you were coming up where someone is things is that you can look back and say I saw this guy do that. I've been able to do that going throughout my career and it's really paid off. Yeah you know I looked up to the Joshua Lott. All the civilians being from Texas and then. The moon the phenom Rory was in in him getting is didn't as. Chance to pitch you know in the World Series or lose it didn't and doing as good as he did that in -- World Series and in bringing -- over here. When he came over we -- tried. Watch -- -- see how he does things in and you know just pick his brain whatever whatever personal Berenson. And I feel like. You know early marker I didn't do. The little things that a bullet to have -- the more you know we're working on in between. And as you get older you see how important it is to be strong in and every facet that that you can measure didn't holders because. It's not it's not always gonna be as easy as it wasn't -- one point 2.3 so. You know. Think Scolari is Gloria guys take a program that helps always going to be either because you never been hurt and not been through some. Some pretty crazy. Ups and downs and in this game and looking back chlorophyll like. More than myself. To do the work in between each start rather than you know it's sort of briefs -- in the pit of baseball I'm not gonna stretching just Dalton and throwing game and it's. It's just the way it in the -- for Davis had his game -- it makes it even even tougher as you get older and that's why you can look at the guys like what Josh. Re modeling himself and base of the tone different pitcher than he wasn't. -- -- on the -- -- -- you're throwing a no hitter and that's you know it's been fun to -- You're not old you're not you're not you're not your two kids that are sold it if you might have DK is great you're not old right. I don't fill up so. Feels good as they got that this. Point then. And it's it's a grueling sport and it's -- told -- a lot of games and you know hopefully after -- come -- this little deals than normal right now. Well they'll do. -- -- and then. Nicki mentioned that you historical -- was should know this for one more -- the process her it's Thursday and that -- that -- Russia's Thursday and Chris thanks for joining us for a.

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