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It Is What It Is Cast: Tom Brady's present and future

Jun 18, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price discuss Tom Brady's work in mini-camp and his response to recent criticism of his play.

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Welcomed outside Gillette Stadium everybody out Mike for -- joined as always by patriots expert columnist and beat writer for WEEI dot com. Christopher price Chris. The main attraction today -- mini camp says the patriots are winding it down looking ahead of training camp in July. Was Tom Brady he spoke about where he sees his career going I know you had a piece on WEEI dot com. Talk about in Europe estimation what he can accomplish in a setting like this teaching -- -- below and working on his own game. Well I think right now it's all about building a foundation for the 2014. Season that includes his own work as well as working with guys like -- to rubble when Ryan -- the backup quarterbacks involves the rest of the offense. It's interesting to know last year for all the talk about Brady losing all of his offensive options for his top five offensive options as target. All left free agency. This year they have their top ten targets back on the roster that includes 'cause like -- government Shane -- Rob Gronkowski Aaron Dobson. All of those guys are back there is not as much in the beginning to know you process this time around like there was last year so I think a little bit of that transition. From the offseason into these. Workouts here through the course the spring the summer it's gonna be the little -- form. He was asked and actually about that article a couple of weeks ago that he had lost a little bit office fastball he was no longer. Quote unquote an elite top five quarterback he -- I always have something the -- many joked with us over. Right by the training camps the billboard over there. He said was that a jet fan that was that -- bills fan. But anyway he took -- in good humor as you might imagine he would but obviously the fire still burns within him do you think Tom Brady deep down feels he has -- -- I think he always feels like to appoint -- -- but I think that's in his DNA you know whether it works as it is another matter but I think that's part and parcel of who years I mean he just talked about the fact that. But that was a sixth round pick nothing was handed to me. He has maintain that attitude you talk to guys who played with him now. You guys who played with him previously they -- say he brings the same thing to the field each and every day there's a feeling of having to prove yourself there's that chip on your shoulder I don't think he's lost at this. It certainly did not appear in in talking with us for a good 1012 minutes. After is long work out this afternoon that he had lost any focus or any intensity. -- whatsoever. I think it was really interesting today we haven't seen a lot of over the course of a mini camps. -- over course DOT's in Munich airport today he had some really nice throws today you gotta be delivered a couple of relays all settlement. There was a touchdown pass the koreans' own crime while one of the 1111 drills are out but over brainer brown he put it in Kimbrel Tompkins -- Only aware Tomkins could make that catch. There was a really great catch on the sideline that there have been number name of the receiver abuse is -- you know but he looked really sharp today one thing it's also important to note. Rob below kind of started slow last time. He builds to a pretty good points showed some more good stuff today a couple of nice throws out a couple of sketches so. The quarterback position they really stood out for a couple of reasons before we get back to Tom Brady Darrelle Revis you spotted him on the field -- any -- Midway through the the minicamp practice today any. Anything you think comes of that -- at this point no I think I might feel a bit concerned if they do have me to practice tomorrow. If he's not out there but I don't think long term I don't think it's a big issue we didn't seem to carted off for anything so if if there was some sort of red flag was raised -- carted off if you. Kind of pulled up on route they'll be one thing I don't think it's anything at least at this point. All right back to Tom Brady Brady was talking. To us about the fact that. He was very lucky -- to come into the NFL when he did not only did he come in at the same time as Bill Belichick. And learn the playbook where along with telecheck as he was telling us today. A but he was able to go to quarterback school from nine to five like you were mentioning earlier. The the work ethic that he had not only on the field and in the classroom was really phenomenal. And if that certainly appears that's one of the things he can really pass on to crop below what to look for when your stuff. Exactly yeah -- in this is only. May be less than half the job but we see out here is working in the -- permits watching film it's conditioning. It's taken care about it all of those little things that happened out of our site. Those -- the important things that he can pass along to Rafa will look we can talk all the live long day about technique and approach and attitude on field -- -- no -- and trying to simulate Brady in that regard. But I think the important thing is off the field how -- Brady passing along those lessons and ending to this point it's going very well. All right yes Tom Brady was asked about his wife Gisele mother or not she being of of course Brazilian heritage would be going to the World Cup. Yes she is C did confirm that. But it's not known whether or not he at least said he didn't know whether or not he was going to be going to Brazil for the World Cup so we'll have to wait and see. If anything appears on his FaceBook page as to whether or not. Tom Brady will be south of the equator watching some of the other type of football. Until we see you I guess in training camp in the summer Chris how not all that far though no it is not have a great summer wish you the best to. You have a great summer press unlike the try he's Christopher price outside Gillette Stadium from minicamp WEEI dot com.

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