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ESPN Insider, Buster Olney, remembers Tony Gwynn, 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

Buster Olney joins Lou and Tim to talk about the passing of one of the greatest hitters of all-time, Tony Gwynn. He says that Tony remembered that "baseball was supposed to be fun." Buster talks about the best team in baseball, the Oakland Athletics, and their Achilles heel. He also points out that some of the replacements for Clay Buchholz have been performing well, allowing the Red Sox more time to make some decisions.

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Talking baseball right now as we always do with buster -- was brought to us by Toyota at Nashua and Mohegan Sun buster -- this repeated talk to get. It's it's been a rough week he really been a rough week but did you talk with you guys. And obviously you're -- Tony Gwynn among other things right. And you know like I was lucky -- covered Tony Gwynn -- it was reported -- the union Tribune the first time on the beat writer covering a Major League team. And it was again because you know not only was he one of the greatest hitters of all time but he just was really open and you think about how. -- -- today in the NFL he'd shut down -- it is Major League Baseball cutting back and accept the players. Thank Tony really understood something that maybe people on sports remembers that is supposed to be on. A ought to be something that. Enjoyable for everybody and I think he got. What a lot of people in sport and get witches. You know what. If you give access to reporters. And you let the man on and you know what's gone on in the game and and that your unit which are working on as a player. Then that access is translated the pants. And I think that was a big reason why he did what he did so that. You know you talked about a game situation or something went on he basically eat -- -- taken in this -- he had created video equipment. And he'd explain what you try to do with -- swing and he he'd tell you about his game plan against -- particular click here. -- it was an unbelievable joy to cover him and that's why it just fuels you know -- so personal he's bought this week. In other words the quote from a -- -- -- -- disease that the American League version of Tony -- with it why can't you guys -- put more power like others need to look like -- guys at 35360. Like Tony night right -- mean this is what. We did and they did it better than anybody and -- you see some of the numbers of obviously the tweets in the stats from Tony Gwynn the numbers yet against some of the great players. Of that generation -- they don't get Tony -- out just throw strike hopefully he gets himself out. I just I don't know we're gonna see I like players like that like he and -- that are always in the control -- those guys that Cabrera and everything but. -- to stand down have a special place. No doubt about it and you're right there's so many different numbers. From Tony's career and when he talked to other players who were his peers at that time you know that Barry Bonds they would tell you about. -- you know he has such unique ability oh look at that part of the bat on the ball. And I was covering Tony in 1994. Well and it will look like he's gonna have a real shot to be first cut at Williams did 49041. And you know what it claims have been the first guys in their cheering him on because they're really good relationship you know at a course grown up in San Diego. And they have -- -- -- sports all the pain that they have there through -- Tony intent it would spend time together. And that year -- unit that was the first here about four in which he wasn't having heat problems. He was healthy. When that strike began it in on August 12 you swing the bat great the last road trip. Before. The strike began they went through Dodger Stadium Wrigley Field and the astrodome. And on that road trip and think about the numbers. Nineteen for forty with one strikeout he had this favorite bet that he had a call that night grains of pain. Because you'd be consistent even bat used against soft -- not against our person he did what a broken. And he told me -- you know what -- because down the stretch and -- -- against everybody. And I will go to my grave believing that he was so hot he was healthy enough that you would -- 400 that your. Buster only -- -- here on WEI the Red Sox radio network here at Fenway getting ready for twins and Red Sox. Thanks for tuning in listening today -- Maloney to -- buster. Today the Red Sox take on the twins then they go on the road they take on the Oakland -- we're talking about this before you join us when Jake Peavy was on as well. Oakland best team right now in the American League is the record indicates yes or no and will they be that way by the end of the season as well. Yeah they're they're the best team in baseball. Not only the American League to the best overall effect -- general manager Sydney couple weeks ago look. There's the Oakland Athletics and there's -- rest of us you know everyone else sort of in this model. Trying to sort through things you know Oakland has. Such depth and their roster. So many guys to help the team and so many different ways Bob Melvin managers flexibility. Great -- additional platoon that they have spot despite tremendous bullpen but there's no doubt the -- seal that -- They're starting rotation because of the injury he suffered in spring training. I did Jerry Parker would generate last year AJ Griffin -- like -- number three number four guy you know they're out to the year. And they basically did not have depth behind those guys and their farm system which is why you know when troops are on. Our broken -- the other -- punching it chair during his start. At the big deal for them. And you do wonder you know how much reliance Sonny gray who is in his first full year in the big leagues you know at some point it's gonna get a word out. At some point Scott Kazmir is going to break down because did those things happen. That he becomes more vulnerable and it's -- between now and July 31 I I I don't need any doubt. Oakland surged in the trade market is going to be -- starting pitching because they're well aware of the fact. That that really it's potentially their problem. You know one to two as far as -- ago is only only because in our discussion lately you know what the Red Sox and in and I don't think they're going to be that far out of it because of the second wildcard. The people have talked about it for just topic reasons probably more on anything but if they are out. Do you deal coach you we are look at you get form now I would wanna get a lot for this guy but I would think. They beat teams lining up in and open was one of the teams of the Jim Johnson in the even Detroit with Joseph Nathan. What would the market be for dialect coach. You probably. You have given a time left. -- would this contract. You probably would be doing well -- he got a grade B plus prospect. On the probably would be more likely to get a great -- prospect there actually are going to be. Seen the Rangers could be one of these scenes is going to be up the market we've released. Are available. So in terms of supply and demand unlike starting pitching with -- is not going to be a lot of guys. I think it -- to be released market could wind up being watered down as we close with guys like walking Soria. Eighteen teams work from the debt maybe that this India Padres as well trading from their surplus I don't think you get it on in return. Buster only -- -- from ESPN and espn.com. If you're looking at this from 30000 feet Muster and you examine where the Red Sox are on the back. Two of their rotation -- options that are there what do you think forecast the best for them the rest of the way. I think they've got a good shot. You know. I -- can I sit here today and and think that you know and as I I did record he -- and to win the division. And I tell you sure that's gonna happen absolutely not. But when you look at what to Ra I was going through and the problems they have and you look at the -- -- the Yankees are basically being held up by one guy. Monsignor and opted not only -- Cy Young candidate but he really should be -- -- -- -- be beat because without him. You know the Yankees could be far behind the raids are struggling are the ordeal is trying to figure in -- that we yours goes on the disabled list. So. Yeah I don't think any doubt that the Red Sox you see here especially off printed and probably surprised that only to people -- the -- but in the front office. But they -- trying to figure it out. And as you say into the second wild card we have the fact that they are part of it would be model in the American League east. Things can happen I mean my goodness -- the end of may there was speculation that Dayton -- and general manager of the royals manager Ned -- get fired. We're less than three weeks later and they're the first place. -- only speak -- they played well but this league is so mediocre right now that you could no with a streak of you know weaker Q. -- the strength of its organization and I feel of the arms so you've seen a couple of -- chamber in a Workman in in ruby Della Rosa. But you can't forget it but Buchholz wasn't what Dubroff was as well so mean you get. You've actually got to the decision to make here -- -- beach here's the other thing plays out because winds are important buster. How do you think see those two spots shaken out. Yeah I agree I think they're probably -- right now I don't know Buchholz now because of his salary. In normally you'd you'd probably give him and you know an extra look at it. But I didn't think did he struggled so badly caught in the fact is that -- the -- they brought up they've responded so well. That probably gonna make the Red Sox. Give the -- but even more time to try to figure buckled out of the spotlight. You know if he struggles for example in these he had appearances. And he comes back and they have doubts about it. Bet they want to say you know what we're gonna wait as long as the other guys it's wrong well. You know why not just and make sure that he's okay. I -- I you know it's here where the Red Sox are you with the Yankees are you Wear the blue jays are right now he -- diet for anybody to get a hot hip. -- most -- buster only from ESPN and espn.com. We had JP beyond buster we're talking got a joke and a little bit about how the whole Brock hold Bugs -- against the gas house -- thing really did manifested itself last network it played Satterfield and and left field and save Jonny Gomes and a ball that got up in the lights. And he's become a bit of a phenomenon here in New England with the way that he's hitting. Asking him to with -- regardless of how much notice he gets to play he's in -- last an app that -- -- ago. Yeah it does the prospect exists to -- catch up at -- wise -- -- fringe candidate could be an all star here for the Red Sox. A lot of that depends of course. On those who where others are what you know which other spots are filled on and on and also brought you not -- the -- you voted and. He's not gonna get a player vote he can it be someone who is added by. The manager. And a lot of that will come down Q what they needed in particular spot. My guess is because I mean let's face he really has become regular in kill. Where we were well into the season that he's probably longshot at this point now but who knows. Is it really is at -- sorted comes down cute they get a rash of injuries specialist what do port 48 hours sometimes they just wanted grabbing guys. And actually you know whether or not they have plans during the all star break the content like. -- thanks a lot for joining us we appreciate the time particularly the memories and your reflections on Tony Gwynn and it's a great blog post that you have about the icing his people go and check it out on ESPN. Well written and well done joining us again thanks buster. I'd appreciate it in a moment did.

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