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Jake Peavy, Boston Red Sox Pitcher, joins Middays with MFB, 6-18-1

Jun 18, 2014|

Jake Peavy sat down with Tim and Lou to talk about the emergence of Brock Holt, his own terrible eyesight, the death of Tony Gwynn, and what it meant to win a championship last year.

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-- rocks and pitches. Trying intimacy got a little breaking ball he struck him out to Jake Peavy. After getting roughed up on the first -- with three runs is not a lot of runs cents a need to the last three innings he's gone on 123. As a gone WEEI. Sports Radio network your home for the Boston Red Sox Jake -- joining us right now at Fenway Park as a get ready for today's afternoon game between Minnesota and the Red Sox to bands liberal Loney with you Christian off today. He'll be back with us tomorrow so for the time being anyway the next few moments Jake Peavy. Our third man in Jake thanks for joining us here and abroad class location on lands on street -- -- have a -- So I don't I don't -- the -- we're gonna get the baseball stuff we'll get to Bugs Bunny brought -- run around playing all nine positions at once all that stuff is -- and -- get to it but I understand there's major news of let's. The cigar store Indian has been replaced you guys at your new call for this year's team has been replaced. You know he has ties to new year we turn the page and -- met a new character on the streets of Boston actually the guys on -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Name originates once again Jonny Gomes who would. Almost everything from your region. -- You know with John Nichols what she puts it she you know just a nickname for a lot of people around so. She's stuck -- the Indian last year normalcy just be careful you know the Washington Redskins think a lot of things going on down there. With that nickname yet chiefs OK but you know wireless and I always will be politically correct our American -- that's my heritage. A lot of people have these. Days it's races you know. That's that's. -- expect -- hope everybody. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I wanna say about early may we were going through some struggles and and women. To a place and happens is guys this guy is super cool deal. That the reason I -- in the -- in the loading first off he's the American flag shorts on you know we -- American flight shorts though we have. And he has America like Schwartzel also this guy is looking up over had his hand above his eyes as. If he's looking out into the distance and you know we've lost a few in a row and and I sent this picture out to the guys -- group text message announced on the keep your eyes open. Lets you know -- it's really. Them depressing it's dark in the gets. What we you can have television and -- side of the ultimate prize and more ritual we showed up to do this year if when things are going as bad as they have at times this year so. I really thought that his expression that what he's doing. Middle lot but as America's favorite -- -- getting absolutely don't a couple of layers deepening canyon absolutely I think the boys -- appreciate that and will be cool that having room and only ask -- about. This team here is you've seen this before been running game long enough sometimes there's. Guys in hell out of the ball on guys can't get anybody out here in losing games and be pretty much it where you have been on this homestand are. The last eleven games at home you're starting Ares 135 but it just off the charts. Offensively this struggle so. Mean how frustrating can it be you know what it's been frustrating to to win and lose and as you know it's it's frustrating to too. Lose the games that we thought we should want you know on the on this road Carl -- down sorry we're four and two and could easily be six -- though just a few plays. A little bit different against Cleveland there Saturday and Sunday who's into more what went wrong games. You give us five of those one run games back you're looking at us being in second place alone here knocking on -- the war those one run games and have really been frustrating. You know we've won some games here of late one. Nothing. -- out in in the last. That's gonna last you know all year long in the AL east and we certainly know that our guys there are working hard we got some very talented enough to players that are gonna come. Come through but it's nice to win on some games. -- -- only a few runs because like this it's you don't count real. Jake Peavy -- -- here -- WEI the Red Sox on mature listening for the broadcast today against the Minnesota Twins we were talking before he came on Jake moments before you join us. About going on the road out this game against Minnesota you get the Oakland -- next. The numbers indicate the best team in the American League do you think you're going to see the best team in the AL. Yet you know I I I think -- hole well put together ballclub in the last few days have been get ready to. Face those guys are going through you each individual guy going to. You know what I think their team scheme is in these guys draw more walks than anyone in American League to have. Guys who can do damage they have some speed guys at the -- they play incredible defense they pitch there and softer there complete team. Home with a great -- as well Bob Melvin -- a great -- -- -- our hands full going there Seattle and obviously New York long road trip. You guys have a couple guys coming back here in this rotation obviously bucket and Felix those guys kind of rehab -- in the meantime guys like -- deal Rosa. Pretty impressive well a lot of people just say -- just stick with the kids and move on keep these guys down in Tripoli which. It's it's it's different friend you can't forget the potential that a guy likely apocalypse has the potential even Felix had last year. It seems easy which is not yet you know it is this game is so would be done for me lately and is. You know it stings at times -- you when you hear. You know fans and and and you know just all different kind of media outlets. Have not knee jerk reactions because they're not these kids are very good -- -- we what we want the World Series without Brandon Workman last year -- that the part that he played for this ball club. A review showed his Taloqan and he even helped at times last year. Sudden spring training I've never seen as much talent as we had in a room especially on the pitching side of the ball. You know just just been so much time those guys -- so much talent moderately in the in this organizations and in good hands for years to come on the pitching side of things if the guys keep progressing. But we we got -- and turned back. A year ago and in relies -- buckles was the best pitcher in the game. -- and it and we got to do everything we do to get it right because it was going to be the team that that we need to be played needs to be a part. Kleiza a huge part of the the morale. Brotherhood of this bunch and now we need him and use both come back and open a big way. -- when you see something happen like what happened last night with the balls in the year obviously your outfielders is lost in the lights lost in the twilight. I saw Jon Lester reaction the hand. On and on the cap he must've felt like it was happening in slow motion I can imagine what Jonny Gomes was feeling in that same moment probably is playing heightened Stewart line if there. And then here comes brought cold going Bugs Bunny against the gas has guerrillas planned on I was nations that want to I would -- that was the one -- it was not. Acting like -- happening in slow motion or what are you feeling like as a pitcher in that moment and when did you realize on the bench. That rock had a really good chance of catching that things -- united seemed splashed on the ground. You know you're asking the wrong guy here is that if he's not i.'s advanced all the -- side I could see you all of their job -- certainly consider that but no I was watching -- it's a helpless feeling you know is about Jon -- you'd like you. You're getting out and -- in. While the with the baseball brought calls planned this guy's been such a shot in the arm and it's such agreed he would -- for Brock all too simple for anybody in and we certainly wouldn't be. In the position we Argentine. Without him guys -- it does it. It was just joking but I think at one point this year Ross who actually took the fingers at it and rather give this to elect put him on his chest protector. Was it crossed that one game right yeah yeah and you can't yet know I realize there are really -- -- -- about humans yet you know I can only get between forty my vision can only get to 2040 without transplants have -- with dozens of my miser or -- -- point -- -- -- -- A seats on the -- by doctors in the world in 2040s is gonna get. In that power that Johnny Eagles lost the ball the twilight hour and we starts getting dark. That's a really -- -- for me it's the small fingers when the -- trying to keep his legs -- -- and keep home to -- the size so. Come in you know collided you can put down you know welcome warns that Texas threatening and in. You know that the cookie cutter but I see is -- little aliens right it's completely different pitch so you got a mixture. You're on the same page and sometimes with those guys communicate. And I know it's a comfortable catching I don't know you can see what I put all right yeah I mean listen in David Ross. And went to. Don't -- your own radio toward right I mean just. Not that touches the touches me nothing there's sometimes body positioning us is which is we have to be. Creative and use our. Be innovated advertised trying to get that the two. How much you care about that with -- hitter knowing what's coming because I've heard varying degrees of responses from hitters themselves about knowing what they wanna see you're not knowing what they wanna see in fact I'm sure Lou once talked about Tony -- a little bit he was. And he's got some great quotes about not necessarily needing to know what was common and -- how big of a deal isn't. Victoria. Is the biggest deal in the world of opposition knows what's government. It's -- argument in well -- I don't think you know maybe year might be a couple guys who. Wanna see the ball and put in play but you know an off speed pitches common you have an advantage is if you didn't know who's going bet that the hold. Skit -- get -- thrown the ball. At a different speed and in a different -- -- you think I -- -- you know trying to get you on the fastball you respected that I use a breaking ball. If you know on the maverick and mormons say you have an advantage. So you know trying to hide those signs and in and tipping is everything for you all -- little. Is talking about Sharon to. Got it location as well -- -- wanna protect always jumping around last minute he'll sit up in it and jumping away because if I'm. A right handed hitter and I know what's coming in. It's not a slider in -- -- is that eliminates only pitches I know it's coming in power and a depressed while Leo the -- second turn and earned. You wanna ask you about Tony -- because. We played together India unit met a couple times. And it was awesome at the meeting I was gonna do and radio win or TV news that there wasn't -- the entry into it yet but you ought to spent a lot of time out there and -- -- the language means that community. Yeah it's it's been a tough you know past year for the -- and -- you lose your -- in and we on the Allison Gary was. Coming in now to lose Tony Tony was mr. -- was you know everything that the senior partners on there I don't as I was. Offing Hitler we'll -- player it was be -- great guy you know and Tony always around him was just. Small island and haven't fully so friendly when in some money. Get stood to the level Tony when was that was as. -- -- -- -- in San Diego yours please I guess you could possibly be in place you know. It's still be as personable so as friendly as he was to -- unison we have to be you know to to people that did didn't. We're gonna do anything for him or medium the way treat the fans Tony was just -- a first class -- and I can go back and vividly remembers or camera it's the ball or on the road and you know run back in in and asked him about start that was rough and when he saw. Tony it was a how brilliant baseball mind a brilliant -- your picture you got to understand the art of hitting if you wanna. Learn how to combat it the best QEU cancer hospital -- -- -- talking until. Yeah and you know you hear a guy like Greg Maddux had never got Tony -- now you don't get Tony Gwynn and argues throw strike and hopefully get himself out. Is this -- like that now the did you -- anabolic making considerable Miguel Cabrera late you know you going to do so much. Yeah there's some players in the game that are that are that good today. We think there's some players that. That that hit. 330 almost every year and that that's strong statement you know obviously Tony -- -- -- we went crazy in and 97. Cents and that's insane you know -- -- -- -- 400 more for the -- you know I think. You know there's there's right there there's some guys are Tony was in a crazy power guy. You know what's amazing is when you got some these guys like Miguel Cabrera who's right who's who's doing it all with the power side of the ball and the average that that's that's insane and got him while. Any portable or -- gonna hit 330 it is it's. There's some good players in the game today with Tony it was a special special -- is knack for not striking out for the ball in play. Tremendous for you know agreed helpful to us how good of a right fielder base runner. Tony -- completeness -- JP you this year and W the island Maloney it's -- -- Christian will be back with us tomorrow. Jake final few moments here for you personally on the mound how I feel your I set aside. How are you feeling that caught your arm and your delivery your mechanics how you feeling about your game where can you get better from where you've been this season and -- where you OK with -- -- so far you know starter Phil. Whole lot better. You know on the -- a stroll through some some. Your system not injury by any means but just to stop doing so well. In trying to. To get the body to the -- it better to travel this morning thinking deal to do more with the baseball. -- -- whole lot better my last start I felt about it because I have in about a month. Grind and was able to compete in in grind through and make some big pitches when I need to. Previous to that. You know it was it was a rough month just -- -- -- -- to bounce our way it really -- seen in obviously old -- -- David -- Bottom line is I'm tired of losing new video today just give up one run in six innings was still the team lost that start. At this point in time in my career I'd until everybody I don't have much to. So I'm not playing for any other all alternative motive other than to win you know I've I've been so very fortunate to to make a good living in this game. And you know once impersonal -- and in. Last year having a chance to win a world championship that's all -- to do it -- that's all I care about doing -- and went in on market days so. Which us if we can't start them off on Thursday and again and start rolling it's. There's a different dynamic because you're on the number crunchers and stuff they always say that I don't know wins and losses than wins and losses it's what you're focusing on right now on your in your W -- L -- -- I don't care about my personal view yes I'm gonna win or lose on Thursday night at just dull it is to. Doesn't matter if I get the win harder. -- somebody else gets it. As long as we went on Thursday night that's a win and I promise you I'm gonna -- a lot better in his forty's and between then if we lose Thursday night Thursday's Monday. Don't care anything about. Yeah I'm not trying to you know personally cannot put up the numbers and I want to put up probably not I'm not physically able to do that. At the level maybe once did you still think I can I can still put up very good numbers. But I'm not pulling for those personal -- clipping thing I've ever done before I'm not playing for the the money that's it in the game today. Promise -- I -- every day at Fenway Park and try to find a way after the Boston Red Sox to to -- -- winner so. We'll try to get back on track Thursday night and think films yeah. Are you one more for you gonna wanna know an analyst might which your top spot you could you know ownership and management. But every single night after elect last night's game at wake up or watch the game wake up the next morning and it just sit here and say. Why haven't they sign this -- an extension here look at a guy like Jon -- you've been asking for a long time -- a lot of good arms. The sort of -- -- and Robinson their yes -- restraining -- same thing with the you know he says -- my. And that's not my expertise certainly can't imagine the Red Sox wouldn't this catwalk yeah you can't go get that he can't go by. When he brings that it was them is wanna use -- homegrown here he is. Everything -- a lot better then than me I just kind of grew up here this guy is. It is the number one in the postseason that period of at the same time he he he's he's just he is yet the Boston Red Sox present day. He is a course staples that. Julia Ortiz he's another -- your guys he's as good as any money game. This guy deserves every bit of -- he's got common. On the news direct talks have got to be thinking that the the more times he keeps going out there -- signed all the stones cost more money you you know today to say. What the longer he goes out there on side. The more money he's gonna hit this kid is special special. The Boston -- a lucky to have him we're lucky to have his teammate and hopefully it's his ball -- thanks a bunch for coming by and when you do get a name for the new chief would you please text and technology. -- scares them inside scoop when the senator Hillary are absolutely appreciate he has a meal -- Jake Peavy from the Boston Red Sox are 937 -- VIP receive the play by play twins and Red Sox coming your way. Here on 937 at 1250. Will be on the call for all afternoon when we come back both free -- -- because Christian is here but when I'll do double -- instead that's coming up next tonight -- --

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