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Jun 18, 2014|

On the second episode of the Danny O Show we interview Chris Algieri new WBO Super Welterweight Champion. We talk about the fights in Brooklyn and Danny's new role in the boxing world.

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All right folks they made abandoned and they read Pomona. From Framingham Massachusetts. It. -- He EE EE. Yeah yeah yeah. -- to another edition of the video shows here on WEEI dot com I am. I'm not your clothes one directing traffic here -- kids younger than on the dale and Holley show Danny how are you. -- -- OK so who you are there. They're listening to show because of -- because it's named Danny Ocean for the new business open senseless. I'm sure we'll have plenty of new listeners each and every time we do this or just better and better and that's what we do. From Framingham. There I didn't. But we've got some interesting stuff I take place since the last episode we had a big fight in the Brooklyn at the Barclays center. The a surprising shocking victory for a Long -- -- so jittery. He's now the now he's the WB a champion for junior meant junior welterweight. Tournament. Now he beat the title holder respond and provide an off as. Was the which it overwhelming favorite going into the fight. Yeah you know he was name everybody knew -- Really closely Bradley they Austin and a couple of -- but. Solidly over my ago grotto to win the WBO you know he was champions so wise to reason that -- accurate. I had only two and a half I thought I I thought I was just too powerful and strong for a year it marriages are really. I they use is gonna take your business. -- two fights that were very. Very different from each other on that card -- that the which is the main event which was a hard fought come back. For Chris Algerian team wins -- title and then on the undercard variant Demetrius untrained who defeated Brian rose. You can -- defeated or he could see it destroyed Brian rose and he's the junior middleweight title holder as -- Arabia itself and after the fight. He said one quote that should sum up how he feels about himself as a boxer said quote. On the best in the world. Images that's what he said I didn't I didn't tear apart that -- civil. I'll listen. Yeah I'm not surprised blue from movies are so -- is his nickname that's what goes by -- I'm known Demetrius. You know for a long time dormant by his dad used to coach me -- -- -- Olympics with them. Boo -- is is booed loud and and election in Switzerland. Many Dalai muted Demetrius. He's special -- -- he's like the one I want on the 1% of the population key is so gifted by god you know. Five time national amateur champion. He won a silver at the pan am games you won the 2007. World Amateur Boxing champions like. He is very very special man he's gifted in one day that's that's an option that's on his table. I think. If you remember back to the 2008 Summer Olympics. He Islamic out robbed he was on the track yeah. Kim Jong -- And the judges robbed. There was politics definitely I think you know I think I think he got a raw deal over there and but potentially he could -- been a medalist. I think get when he got a silver medal and the pan am -- I think. The winner was from Brazil the pan am came dream Brazil I think there was a controversy with that I didn't see the fight. You know it's it's the auction. What's up this people hitting Americans at -- track and it's free and lucky for started all sorts of bad publicity. Some Demetris is from Providence so if you're really into local fight -- -- -- -- should be following is from province which as you know obviously right -- forty minutes south of awesome. Now he would he went into that fight. Twenty you know. And -- fight. Positive that he would win. Okay no problem that. And you really want to leave his mark and put himself in the category with -- Alvarez and -- Did he do that your mind. I think is still too soon I think he's still tune to -- like it if there was you know me I I know what is potentially 'cause I was in the gym with him for years -- know what he's capable of a lot of other people don't sell it you know auction takes time takes time to get. To that spot and you know some people -- a layer read today -- and Genco you know it's his third fight. He's fighting for a world championship belt for the second time so it means a second -- opening -- you know and I could be wrong I buy them -- -- -- were read to those. You know skim through some stuff and right back to politics has. Yeah but anyways I mean yes so. There was yourself of that but but you know he is -- a -- world champion you know he's he was defending so he was. And that was won the title was vacant right yet. So let me ask who's gonna do it Demetris is 26. -- six -- only six years old. What age would you say you know we see Floyd is obviously in mid thirties up to late thirties. Pacquiao late thirties who -- for a couple years what ages that prime age for boxer where they're in their their absolute peak. No it's it's two guys it's. Everybody's different everybody every human body is unique in different you know when I can't say if if I'm done at thirty you're going to be done that 32 it just doesn't work like that it's. The shall we factors that go into boxing the year round sport of trauma of getting hit and punishment. You know Heidi take -- your body in between fights. Does your diets Yo-Yo up and down like what stresses you put on your body and and how well do you keep terribly Martinez in the -- Martinez travel -- A physical therapist to take care of his body. You know. It's just there's no there's no telling when that is you know. So use you to merely use the WBO junior middleweight. Titlist -- Here's some then that I wanna know that I think most people would like to know a how many Franken titles that are there and beat. Is there one that's more procedures and another -- at WBO better than the idea. Embolism. Box my whole life and I still am not sure vote all of you know exact details of the individual ballots. Also because I didn't reach that -- formally Chris Algeria you know I don't have to know the behind the scenes stuff but that lake is your way in. At this way but because of IVF doubt the next day it's only ten pounds you can game like stuff like that comes into play and and I never enough sadly. Man does make me sad because a lot of my years were invested in trying to win a world championship and you know so I'm happy where I am now I like what I do -- -- my life. But I shouldn't -- -- it's a regular motion for like so much time embarrassment but I don't know the details to go into him but it. You know the debris the three -- in normal question in your world champion. I'm not in the back -- but there are many motorists everywhere Chris Algeria's. Chris Algeria's and he will be joining the podcast in little bit. He was he obviously said he fought in the main event against -- on provide -- And it was a fight where it did not confirm he was the underdog going into the fight. And he got knocked down in the first round. How the hell did he come back he took upon some punishment. And if you saw that fight. Is I would not you can't can't say otherwise is it looked bad and you -- know if you he could actually see it and he said afterwards he could see out of it is not. What is it looked like a boxing movie -- time make -- but that was released -- -- that. Yeah I mean. Morneau -- you know I don't know what his previous history has been winning like -- so if this was the first time. That increases the situation even even more you know if you never been heard before now all of a sudden you're hurt you don't know what to expect you know him and so. For him to have the you know come back from that and -- handle it so well you know he was coherent in the corner and and and take to have that affect you for the rest of the round and still go in and do what he did I mean. He made a lot of people believe you know what -- I thought Bruce always was and went -- I don't find it where you know Taj had to be too much form. The the aggressor style was gonna pay off and usually walk down it and get him. But you know I was I was mistaken and Crist did a fantastic job man and all through it would I'm like. When you -- shows up and -- now you're you're you know you're fighting with only one so you're already at a disadvantage you know and not only that. You're worrying about what your only guy is broken is you know when you try not to but it's a human reaction like you're eyes swollen shut -- -- -- -- so. An and even just have some like that on the back your -- could be a distraction like you're fighting in me. Well one point he took a knee got him pretty good he took a knee because his lip when completely -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- when he -- -- yes I think it was more ever recoup thing you know he was just but he said that -- that I want to clear my head and see how one yet. It wasn't anything he hit me -- the shots in the first round. Where the most powerful but they're few and far between. So. Can parchment. You don't you're just -- think respond. -- From a technical isn't just flat out of box and why -- Hughes resigns aggressiveness against them the mean. Yeah I mean essentially isolated there but I think I think this -- one of those fights that. It really is how you pursue unify you as a person like you either like the boxer and you liked that style and you scored and I have to score written down to for the boxer's one for. The aggressor and the aggressors -- come forward storm punches and walk down and a BR Smith first time I -- -- fight I kind of thought. I was like solemn one but that's because I like. The aggressor and that I went back in Washington with just you know because I don't really square fights but we're back with a pen and paper and did it in and watched it. Not like -- -- or the boxer and I can see how you can think what the other women in this. You know it's just there's -- you know the judges more electable auction that night and he -- he did it he against all odds. So -- find some -- and interest and you like the aggressor idea. It was an honor its -- simplest out. You weren't answer enough you know I think I think that there is in an amazing art form and bring them into someone who's a boxer like like he did you know Algeria did a senator in lake so bullish about a four always does. You know there's just something very very. Slick about it and it's just when they're all rhythms is just an art to it you know and I like that. How I like the aggressor because it's it's fun Mikey they put on a good show and that's you know at the end of the day. Boxing it's also business and it's about put on a show and you know a lot of other people like the aggressor to. Have you seen a fight before for someone took so many shots like that. And just -- can can can team continue. You know in the third round that's when as I really takes a told. And he's trying to end and -- on China to Linda hope on my entire fight and he's. Taking the big shots. I meant he's tough he was. Here's charity uses angles and move out of there do you really slick boxer -- and keep his hands up to ignore it -- taking unnecessary shots and you know he did a great job that he was coming up newsroom challenges and you know that goes back to his generation -- a punch a punch doesn't matter how hard is the land to appoint and see that's. Well I'm I'm saying that because I I've rolled my eyes before you said -- point. Enrollment consequences -- I've been punched in the face well it's yeah I mean the effect it has on new yes but as a score yet you know we'll and that's where a lot of people have different and just like. People have different opinions on. You know if you like the boxer where the aggressor who wanted doesn't -- it doesn't mean neither one -- it just means they -- the fight differently -- workers Algeria's future interest in this landed 288 of his 900 in 93 punches he threw -- just -- 10% from -- off. Connects on to a 5776. Pitches when -- -- listen you wanna keep ruthless coffee in the way you keep him off for you when he tried to -- down and be the aggressor is throw punches. And an as a boxer and he did a series it. He owns 56 and Rogers 510. Yes he did ever reach and he you know that there wasn't much into finding kept doing it's my team you fight kids that are tolerant and you know. It's only -- Yeah believe it says that we had a couple people in here. From premium we'll talk about the and a little bit doubts of connections the boxing world and they just have to had to yet but sucks I think it's really annoying because if. If someone that tall and lanky like Demetrius who you know probably has a perfect. Physique and frame for boxer ever like he's just strong and physically fit with -- really long arms and if they know how to use it is so hard to get in a note. On someone like that if you the shorter guy you know when you're being the aggressor like -- on who was the aggressor. But he took a lot of punches coming in trying to be that aggressive you know I mean any guest has just -- -- all -- again -- in your face trying to come in from Russia. So if you're gruesome what do you do about how do you counteract that you just gave -- street in key games into the bodies do you counteract -- reach advantage -- you get New Orleans on those -- dorsal guiding it around but the key thing is when you get on the inside your state. You know if you if you're. If you're globe plans to go on inside and fight. And work the body and throw punches you -- -- keep coming out in in in and taken the punches that he's trying to fend you off from common and just wanna get in state. Harder you know a lot harder said than done because. You know stuff happens but I think message it. A jury said after after the fight I could see pretty well into until the eighth round but by the time we hit around twelve I was blind in that. But I was able to anticipate is left hook throughout the fight I was able to figure out his rhythm that was the key to my success. How easy is that to figure out and other fighters rhythm especially when your -- use and one good guy. Henis. And tried pretty hard I mean it's it's listen -- some of these quotes. Clearly Chris is very Smart guy and knows what he's doing -- had a strong game plan going into this and and seemed to stick in his game plan throughout the injured. He did and that's what I like to see and that's why some of these amateurs like to Cubans in the Russians. They're so good because they have a game plan and not one single thing can get them out of that game no matter what happens. And I can't say is -- to me I get punched -- face and -- automatically lose my temper and then template ultimately know what I'm trying to slug and next and on taken more shots and I need to take. You know he had a game plan stuck to it and look what happened he is now you know get to go home with a well. And that's amazing. That is absolutely amazing you told me earlier modern day -- -- is is as you know. His stories against all and you know under again. You know again it's crucial news in a scary can do. More cars and a suburb -- I've been -- went from auction it was. It was rough it was it was it was a rough where. And you know he came -- tough and. -- it will we will get to Chris -- a little bit later we'll talk to him about the fight itself and and hear from the man who. Put on a hell of a performance Saturday night in Brooklyn at the Barclays center. But let's transition now to the local boxing scene. It's obviously something that's near and dear to you because you started in Framingham and in Framingham is trying to. -- move a bit of a program and developed a I don't know what is the word I'm necessarily a heritage almost. -- develop boxers -- create them and and they had a card the police athletic -- had a card Friday night. Yeah. So -- -- Together and Saturn -- it was potato premium and I mean it's unbelievable because grown up. You know I started to -- -- our stars so it's and we never fire premium dollars wanna do is like my dream. And to you know to ultimately. When we had to increase are looking back at the beginning and when I was able to be there and you know that the police gave me an amazing award. And it made me look back is just happy because this sport is growing you know it's a place where the kids can go in. And in in Staten childhood in the sport itself is growing too. Be here because it's just one of many men you know I mean. Last week you you retired on this podcast officially. Now you're transitioned into another role which is out of being a mentor mentor for the next generations of boxers especially those coming out of framing him. -- -- How do you see that going for you is this going to be a time where you really kind of figure out how it is -- may be trained. -- -- is that something that you feel like you wanna do or. You just enjoying mentoring young fighters are now kind of telling them how you went through. Yeah I -- you know I don't really have too much of -- interest -- actually train fighters you know I'm very careful where investment I've known a lot of its commitment to him. I would rather be a role model of someone -- kind of pave the way. Because I did you know the first one which I think he's -- coming -- -- premium to do some like this. I just wanted to pave the way for now everyone else to see that someone did it and now go do it in do way better in these kids have potential now. Or something like that so I wanna be there to help them like in the PO and bankrupt the passage in the -- China and you know I don't have to train people -- it is so much is on their two year old watching these kids to talk to these kids to whatever they need to just be present in the gym and and that sort of enjoy because they should go to the gym work and it was never fun. Now go to the gym and just by myself you know because I'm at peace there and and it is fun it's. I got back what I used to lovable boxing because now I can go there for -- -- do for fun and you know that's a cool thing. So Europe card for an. I was out -- card how special was enough for you said he never got a chance to fight in Framingham you've got to see the next generation fight for a special stuff for you I mean it was -- emotional link between -- week about -- Washington never really thought America didn't really -- into I was there and you know I was I had the opportunity to pick fighter that night. And one -- and -- Ramos and you know again -- -- and to me it was in my mind passing the torch because Trevor on the don't know. The first pair boxing gloves I've ever brought my life was from my first coach is named Pablo -- And you know I still see him to stay he was at the the fight with -- this weekend and we've both got award from the police there was an amazing experience and you know it wasn't for him it would be -- and and Timmy is part Louis teams uncle. And you know I've known him since he's he's been -- kids to -- you know so. I actually was passing the torch really did I gave him the award I saw him come out of the ring after he won you know he got fighter -- night. And he was with those people and you know -- vote for me and I saw that I remember -- I know what he feels like I've been there. And you know he was so happy and -- I really did feel like it was passed the torch so you know. How -- like officially -- sponsor you know now and I try to help him in -- along with all the other kids in the community the best I can. How good is having as you won't want to watch for the future Tim is -- it again and you know he's really -- them. You know he's yes hopes and dreams like I did to be a professional and he's going to be veteran -- Africa. -- that that's really that's pretty damn cool that's cool that you got to go back to Framingham and and see some flights there and choose to fight them. There. And it really. I've been to a lot of cool stuff and it really was the top my list peca is. You know it's weird -- -- -- the paper -- boomer retirement right next to it was article about the PAL flight that night and you know it was emotionally and it was it was going. What kind of feedback did you get it on their retirement you obviously did -- last last week on air with me. -- -- people would people were people surprised by this or was this something that you know a couple people had an idea that this might be coming soon. I don't know that an idea was pretty quiet for a little island -- but that's just because I knew the situation to be rights and you can in my voice and I mean but I'll be -- -- There were so much. Showing of emotion from people in Iowa it was crazy I was taken back in and that's. You know I did the one thing that I'll miss about boxing is I always love fighting for in front of my fans it was like the best inning there's no feeling the -- and ever feel and -- in that situation and you know that's that's one thing I was think about you know looking into the -- you know them -- and pension and men it's. After overtime the first. Don't worry about it did do you get a certain high from. Going out there seeing a bunch of fans. And knowing -- unified problem that adrenaline rush. You remember getting men love and we're. Just almost I get nervous wiccan terrorism you can. LA it's a scary thing about Carl that people are performing get punched in the face and I used to get really nervous. As. You know let's assume that in the first episode of talent to emulate you counterbalance that with preparation and all prepared and ready -- -- so it's a little bit -- -- But you know what is it is it is scary and I always used to tell -- you know try to hide -- and I was nervous but I was you know we -- nerves and you know I learned as I matured as a person and as a got more experienced the -- kind of went away and and it was. You know now -- -- -- this kind of you know with wood and with the expanse like. You know you're not gonna come in here -- -- from August could you get on a million you know I mean so it it. -- But being in front of the fans is a different story that's really like. You know hair on the back of my neck stand in it's just you just so many emotions going through you. It's just it's crazy like that -- out there to support you and and I'm thankful for every second that I mean and that's why don't Wear when people were saying all this stuff plate. It was emotionally and I love -- fans and they always supported -- -- and you know this is no different they've they've all individually contacting me and you know wish me Baston whenever I do next. Vehemence that you missed the -- -- -- -- yeah I mean doing a lot of -- when I see something like Chris Algerian you know that was my business plan to be the underdog to win a battle. And I invested my whole adult life and and a lot of my childhood and everything. Every Bledsoe and Taylor had to try to do that and so yeah I do listen man you know what I mean the gym in the bag I always think about him and he would just go man who backed by. It's not gonna happen and never California love my family -- I never inflate never had held out I'd like everyone I'm a peacemaker in a manner ever order. Fight again man I'm not but I think the cardinals -- the -- you know I mean because it. That means to me that that I did love and I do love and that's why go to the gym -- he hit in the bag for an hour. It is is you know that's great and the sort of continued. All right well time now we're gonna welcome Chris soldier to the show he put he put issue a show on Saturday night in Brooklyn. In front of his home fans he's from Huntington Long Island about 6800 people filled the Barclays center and watched him put on a -- Come back and end up getting this decision over Bruce on provide a -- now is champion. Yeah I mean he's had some special on Saturday and man I'm definitely soldiers and a after that -- mean he he -- me and I think a lot of story resonates in me this month trial like him so much and notion that the -- and so cruise super cool to me and hopefully we'll call them launch. Our ladies and gentlemen home we're here with Chris Algeria who. Man this is a legit modern day Cinderella man story. You guys to intensified this weekend. I mean if it was unreal and -- it was a real so. Man Chris I know. From little game myself my experience man just wanting to be a world champion so bad in and just doing whatever it took dedicating the whole. You know myself to the sport that. You know that dream must've felt amazing in and I really just what you -- Talk about the journey in and how it felt to finally called recycle. You know you're gay you would know better than anybody what it what it takes. -- it to be fired up and and attack I had pain anguish and suffering. And -- financial archived ship go through. Yeah scrambling at the U that the power and intensity is you know training. And just how much it -- out of the just to. Try and pursue you know your -- And you know and it's it's stop it it's it's easy. -- -- Erin and and talk about arm. Earth I think about couple although I'm -- how many times you sit there and in an amateur. And then. Where it happened. -- -- -- He'd ever -- you don't think anymore about why am I do and it it is now you know exactly why it and it was that moment. Act that was that that was the moment that was before her mind are courier and injuring about. It. I had seen it in my head literally in the meantime. Though it when it actually happened and capture you know that feel you automatic you know. As -- what it when it happened and it is. And made it watches over you like in a battle of wheat. Yeah I mean for a for everyone at -- listen I talked to Chris this morning for a couple minutes and you know. I'm just inspired me and I really -- by -- I think it speaks volumes that three days after world championship win your dream come true that you even. -- back to the message and thing came -- to show an animal honored that you came here man and you know I think. Just respect between fighters. -- you know 'cause there was an opportunity for Cuba on the don't know that the way that I -- vote to know about chris'. There was talk once of us fighting so I had to take a road trip down to Huntington and I watched you fight and it was a good experience so that's how I come to know even now that I that I don't plan and more. I mean. I never another chance to experience when a world championship -- so I don't know exactly what to feel like -- A lot of your story resonates with me man that was my game plan to do that and you dated so. I mean you can ask my -- next me I'm I'm just so happy for you and when you just -- -- -- down apologizing and held that championship belt. You know I just know I was so happy for you and you know I hope that you can be a long time friend of the show and come back advertisement because you're an inspiration to me and hopefully a lot of people at home that that -- that doesn't matter what you do you know to be a pro fighter. If you have a goal and you wanna accomplish that you. Do everything in your power -- consume man -- is -- the -- that you wanna say there anybody here I mean now people you right now they know your name and. Yet at that yet that would that would Israeli call you -- -- mean -- if it was you know wouldn't. When Michael but this fight for me. And look at -- look again at some point. But nobody really knew what what nobody would give him a shot. And -- yeah I was I'm not and I are accurate yet I get closer you know because literally. Element in the Asia and the market in fact I. And skeptical and you. -- this is a perfect bite from it lack. That it did and now. And it might win win back at bat and you got announced it. Is it was a lot of people everyday that I'm glad to outlaw. He you know sit on my coach in him before he said it right when they were they just went to the shop where he was about to talk. And I said it allowed and the -- and -- -- senator out there and man that that's amazing I mean I know. You were big underdog I'm going to be honest you know I didn't I didn't think either -- -- provide the copper and you know I know the -- you know. It's it's just great when you prove people wrong hinges. You know happy that the world you know got to know who you are now and I know that it wasn't easy fight and it was tough fight and you know there was a big left hook it in the first rounder radio where was the key down and the fact you came back from being hurt -- on the campus in the first round your biggest fight in and instantly -- swelled up and you know I know the feeling because one time -- fought Hector Nunez I don't know where was but he hit with a -- in my whole eye swelled and I thought the whole ten rounds. You know with one closed -- so. You know can you talk a little bit about that him and and how that affected doing and how he came back America's I think gotten itself is is a big key to this story and I was amazed. The opera actor Ed -- -- that it. Isn't and it's carried is. Have brought forward. And on the a punch I mean you watch watch what I am. I was really hurt right away I was more you can see myself I kinda like -- like -- might -- -- -- You know that was my fault I should. Act that I like it was -- well. You know cup -- but really it was a lot -- an -- -- the first round. We have to aggressively. And then and -- read a lot longer than expected though I was on the on the ropes. And you know treatment of him at about the plan. And you know shot -- you know well all. Got beat down but the problem is that it's damaged. And what I got out. They're like -- seasons so there. And it never -- never felt that before I never had that experience that was Reno on. Soul you know when. Each count and and in response back at. What shall so -- eight countries covered up and wander -- That really not active in any academic now. Com more so because it. -- so much about that you know I. I was afraid of it went in. Well. I -- any sort it could really got -- myself and not be so concerned about the I and then really aptly put it. And I knew that you can because you are heard on the -- as a strategic one to kind of still continue to recuperate and you know what that's Smart because a lot of people put pride. In front of a Smart move and I was a very Smart move in my opinion because. You know I can't call I kind of saw -- and saw what for what it was what happened to him. Damage and that that was moving you know. So I don't think you were too -- I -- -- I think you're right did you you know he just icon you know whatever and could you legs were wobbly you've covered. Nice and -- what worried me was your -- when it's well you know that that scares me and and and I'm just glad you know man. You know. This is edited it or can be edited so. You know. I know I said I was doing and asked a couple questions of -- -- like talking Emanuel US state furcal -- last year about. Aren't cool maybe what I really wanna hear about his. You know you're not your typical. Fight him and -- you know I resonate with the you're Smart dude like you have education and you know I read on Wikipedia the other bachelors in a masters. -- -- Yeah I arm yes I I was always. Totally integrated school and an -- it anywhere he'd know education. Is private on. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I do I want it I knew that one I actually. And so I kind of respect and medical need and a taking. You know act after after my my undergrad to deal and a nutrition. One out there in my athletic and they're all. He -- it. Is gonna work out great outlet and so let's go back to school and in pursuing unity Asian. Small window now. An eight year. You know make a couple the couple problem now and it gets it excite and exposure strata. Some might back out but around yeah it adding. -- actually. You know from the other writers around and seeing guys that that don't have. Asian. And award jobs just in the -- and live from. I'd actually been. That the experience you know it. People around me from from and don't really no difference it's -- like they think that. Other guys pick -- school they work enemy. And. And that's -- I think. Yeah I think you know I think though the wind is fitting because you're good you're good face for -- -- -- good dude and you're Smart dude in your good face for the sport and and you know I think that you shouldn't be on about that really do. -- A big thing about it I think that it should realize it and so the school and the national -- You know that you can you can't figure out and time management and and be responsible. To -- You know it is eager to -- going and procedure -- aren't you know I've been able to do it. It wasn't easy I don't I am not saying it is the at all but. You know it's it's worked. You know what I'm doing a professional athlete is in -- at all -- -- and the fact that gotten my degree and -- scoring it was. Support. You know so is acting acting is you know work a little bit harder. Considering very -- you know. You want to try to pursue victory. Yeah I mean I agree and I think that. You know you're Smart dude you don't need to box you you do it because you love it and your passion for -- and I see that. And that's really resonates -- me because I never did for the minded because I loved it so. A man listen next time -- near Huntington your fighting and I will be there. Actually did I don't I don't think I earned an intensive. Anybody that's a little East Asia is at their. I may listen I really appreciate you Mimi and I hope we cannot do this Ian -- you. -- -- -- Any time by an act that they appreciated that reaching out -- not operating net. And I was junior welterweight WBO world champion Chris Algeria from Huntington New York thanks for joining the show that is -- episode number two of the Denny no show here on WEEI dot com.

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