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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: A boy with a tail is worshiped 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

Today's top stories brought to you by Kirk Minihane. Today's stories include a boy with a tail and Paul Simon in court.

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Airlines brought you by AT&T that cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. I start in India today India are -- out the game. Is a bunch of gold plated frogs. -- they don't they're not in the World Cup they don't even care fuel politicos -- or even soccer doesn't matter they are in the field hockey Polly -- cracks him. Why -- a tax that he can't Politico he's he's not an even keel person like me that just walks away from the fight and says. God bless you let bygones be like it's the world's game what does India get in the gold and made his bride and it's like half the world and India China. Yeah and over but soccer cricket. Right and at golf and they feel largely to a place where mentally feel -- a true. Then there are not men. Our show that out thirteen years old in his worship now in the state of job because he is a seven inch hail. It seem seven inches what's so great about that all outlets like the two Brothers Jason delta agent Jason Alexander shell out -- the they're treating him -- key easy keys to come sent down from heaven not as if -- -- treat them like news. Some kind of -- which to me makes much sense anything else is hitting its -- figured what's the difference. Can you whack it yes he can't he can't -- some -- I mean it's. Like he's deformed isn't a music instructor says when he spoke for the first time at the age of one all we spoke with the names of -- from different regions. -- It's something divine and got about Gloria. Allred says that because that's the front or the bats the bat well that is disgusting. I don't wanna get error -- it's almost -- like attempt to teach you he's I don't want. To get it removed. -- I but I guess but advocates say what size is the other side. That I don't know -- I'll ask him that but it's -- It's like to handle a -- record is saying it did it make it a certain age are rather have not just slightly easier to do to. Yes do you think that's a -- -- are right around it. It's within minutes long and it's he's deformed -- -- use -- that looks like he has been sent back and how -- they worship and they just bow down before him. -- Burton says Clinton to stay. This month -- do is you doctors who is said he -- success remove the old thought that. But his family is skeptical they are saying they believe this is a sign from god well the kind of this is the kind of stuff the dries up freaking wall. They think a guy -- a -- put this on his kids back to do what. And they have a posed for pictures now you have that would be ideal yes. Yes I want. So it received -- surgery group could this month he says doctors can remove my tail. But you want to -- people continue to believe in that do you know what happens when he's in school and and the teacher berate him for acting out in class. No you don't have to -- to what happens come. And they kicked his tail well he goes what would just tell well. That they took it could. Axle and he doesn't wanna get a removed because people won't worship -- right right I mean it's like you know Jesus shaping his beard that's his trademark. Do you think of Jesus she is known worship and the UK Jesus back then -- apparently -- nice haircut. People know we want us. I think Jeff Daniels the comeuppance they were called bubble listen this is what. Should be and it. I -- sure if it's the family's always putting it does say something to tell whether a -- Libya -- historical bottle. The case have been dismissed against Paul Simon and Ebert knows. Disappeared six weeks after the Grammy winning couples April 13 scuffle and you can -- home -- face no charges that they avoid trouble for thirteen months. The police report indicated an -- Brickell and slapped Simon who's now 72. -- inside your home studio both are charged with disorderly conduct she admits she shut them a couple times in slapped him. So go forward the other way around Indian group and he's like a foot tall let them that if there was a big guy smacking around a yeah. Small woman. With the judge to toss them out these famous boy I mean they never they went to court holding hands to see Ray Rice thinks this is BS could be that a little bit bats a thousand deaths the bulls sausage that just -- Bright red -- race thinks this is a fair bit -- well I mean but. Jerry's right these two unknown people. It's some guy -- six threes platforms like trick record it would -- but -- stop because he's famous old people and she's bigger than -- that's a fact yeah I to judge actually said he greeted me he said almost better than new data and I'm surprised that you don't really believe that obviously with the rocker hall of fame. Management does not the great that it Paula it's almost never sent out -- -- -- -- you -- -- -- better -- Simon and -- You don't not a bigger well lapses at the bigger body work for some -- on its -- a lot of thought you know a true. I'd like the I feel strongly both ways -- Simon himself -- better than now your favorite seminar for. So Barbara Boxer the box although I kind of sick of it I haven't but auction agree on my on my iPod that's -- -- like -- troubled water I love that. You dubious those that it's on the beginning and that's Garfunkel. Yet -- at Simon and Garfunkel. And that Garfunkel singing lead -- get a -- -- as I'm I'm guessing Simon and Garfunkel are worth more than hall and oh yes I didn't think Art Garfunkel were more than -- yeah yeah. Yeah brand just as he -- don't have a bit of organic but you male model. Almost sold more records they have not -- the most successful duo in our music history that's true scene why. They suck it. So what what what what they saw us there too poppy see this reading suddenly Garfunkel songs is also is the guy doesn't like the list also an -- -- way to kind of saw it appears that dismayed that he's going to be some subpoenas musicals not. Obvious I guess I'd like science meaning it could sing along you Ari Gold plated musical fraud the Manny like that Jessica while Amanda -- there got a -- -- comes out in the it's gonna hate that either hunger. That's -- sounds like some selling it never will Farrell movie in elect you don't like like guy out of touch -- no no I like all of them. -- media is too pretentious once the I had an item that's no one more pretentious -- -- -- -- -- -- to -- I -- -- but -- hotels. Please Joan Rivers hasn't it for girls greater mean it -- half the way to Hollywood or new book -- format the Beers or she writes about. About -- had done in a scorching homes is in your daily news the comedian rush O'Donnell calling her the first. -- fat girl in the history of television changes or credits or change that we Americans have television with their hands over their eyes she says it is disgusting and embarrassing. But she's naked on television and she says is just the opposite. People say out of the great messages girls they ditched that she's coupled with the -- -- -- says -- -- -- -- Shouldn't park you'll be huge should cover up when you that hideous yet -- river should cover up that face is there any. Guy that intimacy and Lena -- -- now they're chubby chasers but that's because you're so ugly chip but she's she's -- that -- not just -- -- -- -- learn yet regular -- care -- she's she's -- she's the rare chubby girl without the one -- whichever Goldberg ish what. Perfume big yes yes Murphy she's she's she's yeah she's -- that nabbed an app that. If you get these we attacked a little over the put fresh -- it all -- -- -- show up if you've got people probably HBO in -- has its cast but it is fifteen. I -- a relic of the -- hail yes she. -- issue -- the tickets are you Tammy. No I'll just Osama costing less Amoco's sport jacket she's a great though I like listening tour that might be funny is that you got to see protests Sandra Bullock. And that two cops thought heat heat heat the heat that he whatever the you know it's it was on. And my that my daughter was watching us are watching -- Thomas laughed -- -- -- -- funny. Well it's -- it's funny movie she's funny she's she's savage is it for what she has more attractive. Brit comedian said physically more track to -- up this group -- yes I would she's the wife in the sitcom with them at the Mike and Molly terrible. Finally we'll do one last thing I always check him this just gets updated. True detective casting news they talked to crater again yesterday he is now saying it's going to be two men and two women. Is it leads me of Porsche Cummings cup upcoming season any -- Israel Melissa -- -- though the document it there's good at math but on. Where he said if asked he would go back into more protective episodes he said he would be into doing the -- well a true detective asked by the they didn't kill them off like. And 24. Dina to see you know he's shocked I didn't -- -- Maceda tonight and I know it's gone obviously I don't know I know Scott. What do you mean when he no doubt that. Don't you know -- -- Jack and Jack -- I didn't you can see it but that was on Twitter I mean I saw people talk about its excellent I'm telling you could say which one but 2.4. It brings it every week and I was surprised were you surprised and died yes. Yes atlas bella. But TP change so much of a surprise anymore anybody that's. But in the real -- now that they'll do this all the time they figured it out but it -- but honestly -- -- argument we gave it to an extortion. I have stuff to do what you saw -- excuses you know I hate you more than gonorrhea and I didn't even tell you yes she did you told me Jack bowers said. How to tell you to set her piece of Chloe it's Chloe element call in the middle of the night I wake you club okay to kill off Chloe who would you guess right forget obviously be obviously through to -- my -- Shot. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- have a right to pick up a great show -- Rachel -- a lousy care to -- of course there's plenty of those Johnny cakes. Yeah he would be bad when there was not a bad character and -- or not a bad characters there was all of -- the republic radar satellite radar I -- -- clean -- the the -- -- the priest was annoy you know well -- OK okay we'll all agree that matches over rated -- hold up. But bad there was a process if you annoying characters. AJ junior -- -- -- us doctor -- start to melt some dog you now that's quite an overseas and beverage have a deduct MLB so why did you know was detected I don't I don't it was for the -- DeLeon -- Right those awards and -- force of some annoying characters but they generally kill mafia that's true that's -- -- daughter she's hot but which office of the Chicago cougars cougars chased her around and she gets emblem for that's -- brought to you by. AT&T are 61777. -- 79837. Dennis Callahan minicamp broadcasting live from TPC river highlands Cromwell Connecticut it is the pro. Am day of the travel great weekend in store down here come on down and enjoy the first EPA event of -- quick question and you know. -- -- You know just right around the corner rather right around the corner that was way. You know this morning at 7:40 in the morning walk and forget the year and so it that you didn't agree for you to sing a -- -- a hole I was told bicycle -- -- to -- -- -- -- wait a little worked -- when we come back more your phone calls DNC and -- And I think it's maybe time. It's -- the segment the next segment. To -- the incident I had. Yesterday afternoon last night and this morning at the hotel here and from now -- a Cromwell it was not good.

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