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Keegan Bradley sits down with the guys at the Traveler's Championship 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

The guys are in Cromwell, CT for the Traveler's Championship and Keegan Bradley joined them on set before he teed off.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan and minute hand broadcasting live from TPC river highlands it is the travelers in Cromwell Connecticut. The -- favorite among the entire gallery here Keegan Bradley joins us the broadcasts like I secede again thankfully my assessment looking -- what did you think of the setup at Pinehurst I know you'd you'll you'll love the 67 you didn't like the 76 the day before. But for that Saturday you're right there at the end it would not have been the sleeper that it was on Sunday afternoon yeah I was pretty bummed out -- -- on Saturday but played really hard Sunday. Shot 67 votes from the US opens and a broad product which the -- did you like get physically did you like it visually. I I've loved it my favorite US open -- playing. But -- which it did a great job bird bird to set this or something is very unique in one I think a lot of ignored them. And you think the women will shoot the bill but what under -- at this wicket I you know I don't know what -- -- buy it from but you know we send -- -- -- same -- same as us would be tough statement here I think that you know they're -- of those tees up in I. But a match in the course is still going to be -- movie really -- gonna say. Italy of the greens and and and let the ball roll off and make them chip and public because that. If we actually is a lot of that it's out there from us so -- states even the greens are a little longer for the ladies the facts of the matter is the way they're shaped is that is the difficult part of it right right and having the ball and more than you guys do right you know there's the greens may be thirty paces long but there might only be at ten. Ten to fifteen feet area where you can keep on the green anyway so it's. It's -- hey mark encumbered. That some comments about you and they were ill people like us interpret them settle -- -- like playing with Keegan. Did you say anything -- it was it was there any tension there. Now I mean. I was surprised -- was but he said that you know I -- he's a good guy I I like them you played really well and I get bats and. The -- does this mean say like. Pick up the pace or anything -- Now and it kind of painted him into a corner there he he's he's a good. It ruined the weakened. -- program and we were hoping the little suspense because you Compton contest all of our living great often follows in the mix it would have been great without him if he just slipped in on Sunday that we would at a good time yet he'd play it played so well after it was -- -- -- -- there's not much we could -- And they get asked about all the time I was saying on Monday. I root for him like -- -- you drive me nuts sometimes this stuff the back and forth back -- just hit the ball if you if you do any of that stuff. He just walked up and hit the ball you think you would be worse than you are now. You know just. It's just kind of part of -- tinsel that this Rotella say do what you need to do to get comfortable before you hit the shot -- city yankees he can't. He likes to say you know don't hit -- -- you -- -- -- visually it. A lot of guys do a different ways in this mindful that Johnny Miller says some -- I was Johnny Miller might have been Roger Maltby on the -- broadcasters that you play a lot of golf recreational golf with Michael Jordan. Yeah I do. How that relationship. But gets a normal little at the Ryder Cup. All right and then we were members at the same course about it Jupiter Florida and that would Bear's club and we play -- plays more golf than anybody right now and you get a little banter friendly friendly wager a lot of areas that's it's a lot of these -- Morris is a reverse sand -- right he's not as good thinks it's just great for people like you that is get from people like his competitive people sick people -- like maniacal ridiculously. Yet he would be he wants the when he wants to beat me in a beat anybody he plays but. It's good to have preparation he really gets your mind ready to go play it -- -- they have a piece on the longstanding caddie has been forty years at Pinehurst and he talked about a number of things he said he caddied for Michael Jordan he said Michael Jordan thinks he has game. But he doesn't have game tell me about Jordan's games well actually Jordan play is it is a pretty solid play from a lot of times -- -- -- against you know pro is like deployed with good players yes. I -- not -- Jordan -- under par before but I've seen him shoot you know mid -- yeah also. This is game varies but he's he's. Obviously got a lot of -- how many shots you have to give him I didn't tennis tenant and every eighteen holes plus five aside 5% and you have his money does he have your side -- it. I think it together I'd like to go play one on one of them in your driveway now I I get old can I keep a key strategy out of the game horse that was about who's the best at the are good athletes and Pete and I think that's good for the game everyone sees you in not Oprah and Ngo and not necessarily -- Brendon -- -- even -- ask for you and and and Dustin Johnson. That's good for the sport. Are you up there with those -- the best that I -- I you know I think there is -- -- now you're seeing a generation of golfers that grew up as good athletes before I think -- non athletes played golf but now as kids. Grown up watching tiger you're seeing. Athletes become golfers -- I think you're gonna see that going forward and I'd say there's a huge majority of the torn out younger guys that are that are great but -- still ski in the offseason. I don't do any skiing anymore so I grew -- good idea yeah he hit the gym on -- story right the Red Sox pitcher broke his leg right -- else's but Mickelson technical start there and a few guys -- -- -- a -- a 720 tee time tells the truth what do what do the pros think about these these these. Wednesday. Pro am type of things street view. Wanna go early you wanna go late and and how long does take -- to assess washing the first swing on the first chief. Whether it's an -- Hong date a painful day or okayed it. Well you know at the travelers does a great upset that this -- and this is there today so we we love getting out there with these guys. You can tell almost immediately -- the players are really better yet again yet. Tom we enjoy it because it's a way to give back to the tournament and without these guys we wouldn't have returned. Are are you able to work on your game in and look at the positions and and drop an extra ball you just play one ball as if it's a normal round well it's definitely not a chance look the courts especially the day before you know we're we're gonna see. But the greens are how how the course by it so it's definitely about. Now if players are in their backswing and they hear -- of the week. Do they blame you. I hope they -- an avid bike that -- really I don't -- get out of the Howard Stern guy so. I think it's -- a lot of fun and it doesn't distract you know I I actually I've really enjoyed -- sorry I inherited we would like more noise look more Phoenix opens. I think that that would be fun. If Phoenix Open is. Extra crazy but I I really enjoy when the fans get into -- dark -- they say they are researched each player at the Phoenix Open up to seventy goals that it is 706660. Ultra sixty all the par three so that like like if if they knew your dog's name in the inning into the -- -- -- what are what are they yelled at you with a com well I've been lucky that -- hit good shots well yeah but. -- out -- quick to -- years but they do a lot of boxed stuff but all I a lot of sports. You know if you know the Celtics or somebody Abbas and before that I don't really done him. Now you call yourself a good friend and you have a good friend who was unemployed right now you -- music caddy name -- important outdated data to look for you yeah I you know IE -- so bombed out I think the whole city of Boston. Really bummed out about this whole Scott Horton thing adding that. You know he's -- he's an intangible guy that brings so much to the team locker room. I think I think most of box then -- are surprised and now. You know really disappointed because I think he brings so much of the team in the game a final question is it distracting or encouraging to have most of the gallery rooting for you and against whoever you're playing with all week long today are all -- this week it's great I really love -- I got a lot of family that comes out and you know it's a lot of fun and of course of -- -- credit report just about talked to you last week it's a Ryder Cup here by said the EU. You can either win a major championship not make the Ryder Cup team sure we're not win one and make the Ryder Cup. Richard I know one leads the other what you would rather make erratic I IE you know winning majors is number one but I gotta yeah I've really wanna be on that Ryder Cup team nets. That's as important to me as anything are you comfortable with the short -- yet. Yeah I I do a lot of work. You know my awfully stood with the short putter and I've played the memorial with and but I feel totally firemen that I'm I'm ready to go live as soon as it's banned it now I'll -- I'll be -- -- you got one -- down three to go listed in order of which one you covered the most masters US open or the British -- the easy answers all the -- I IE I would I would. Each one has its own cool like them -- in the masters a lifelong -- thing. US open means you're one of the toughest test and then. You know the British Open means district you can its history can play all over the world you know each one has its -- I mean a gust. Is always going to be NS special place for me what's it like green anyway green jackets threats. Yes or no do your Celtics -- Kevin Love and you're the biggest Celtics fan right. I've been I treated him actually couple has hired he was in Boston. Man I would -- that I I hope becomes -- hope they can put some players together to get him come but it's going to be tough -- Keegan Bradley always a pleasure talking thanks for taking the time thanks so much on sort of -- answers like watching them there you go all right I think it Bradley with Dennis and Callahan were broadcasting live at TPC river highlands Cromwell Connecticut is a traveler will be right back.

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