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Do you meet Bob Ryan's requirements? 6-18-14

Jun 18, 2014|

Bob Ryan has a specific set of rules if you want to be a sports fan. Do Dino, Gerry and Kirk follow those rules?

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What I think we finally identified somebody who knows less about World Cup but we do it that would be my -- -- get to him and yet I know it feels like Dennis and Callahan in spring training. I know it looks like Dennis and Callahan in the spring training but it is not. We are TPC river highlands and beautiful Cromwell Connecticut -- The travelers its -- here and I'll say this is about forty or fifty degrees warmer than it was a year ago at this time. That's true depths that this was -- Like it is like I recommended and I haven't given us anything -- got shirts there but Oprah got usher. Somebody got a yeah. I mean I don't know what the traffic's going to be like -- the parking -- year. It's this hundreds of parking. Everybody has become Connecticut's department is 5 in the morning well that's true but I mean it's like fields fields and fields sparking. Every topic and come to Connecticut I guess the same feeling there's a lot of land and our culture of open space fox would take a look outside -- feels like Oklahoma. Could try to Steagall was that builds up this -- feels like. Montana yeah Montana a feel expects to buffalo -- ABC Ted Turner at the local coffee -- liberated young you know that that's Buffalo's for a -- -- -- has played a young I don't know assortment -- out there. -- it -- the last. And it's a good field to you know it turns out of the way is a great feel it is -- were just a wonderful job get into that we're gonna talk to a bunch of people Keegan Bradley is gonna join us at some point. Mom. Weird incidents in the hotel. This is about what this is that good what OK do we don't Snedeker is in this field. I don't know about you know title which considers that workers in this field mimic is not that he didn't maybe he's not so this is a moot point at one yes one -- years -- So in the hotel -- -- one out in the elevator go to dinner. In this attractive woman gets on them that the elevator -- got. Considerable jewelry on and she's got this little. Three year old crumb snatchers who looked like a shrunken version of Snedeker hit the goofy haircut it was here he is here. Head to head the head the Snedeker face I looked elements it. It's good looks and who is skewed and with that walked out of Lebanon Snedeker had to be stuck -- wife and kid. In our hotel -- wife equipment that we just his friend from Hartford yet but she had its Kindle like about a year old I don't know that -- -- on the three months old say a year a year Myers looks no older I'm on -- -- express all the buttons is Q I -- plus. After all and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- When that thing we do. That you wanted to know final when you're when you're doing number two yeah Boylan ever realizes it's -- got to rest your head on your body and such other productive before I was so close last -- surgical -- -- what it's safe to say that these toilets or what what are called comfort high oil down there about four inches off the ground at which brings to mind that Tony Beilein. You know you're getting old when you go to sit down on the commode and you're praying that the last four inches of free fall. -- -- actually hits on their square somethings that are retro or nice toilets -- not -- I don't know -- because -- you know bathroom fixtures -- you don't have separate -- -- separate recall that it. What's the bill would would be determined the industry and economy hotel. I guess it's it's data that's the civil details of the economy if you like on line it would say right now tombstones for accommodations five stars the price you go to Expedia and they say no we don't deal with that hotel start building say they have there we recommended for college kids who -- I backpacking across the country -- -- Still when it's this close out borderline cost however this is what I did a walk in my room and last year we stayed there right yeah yeah. I really didn't ruin -- shirtless I have my first thing I'd do a nickel and any hotel room amid the views and need it doesn't have to be great if you just wanna look at some betrayed. The three of its apartment while in the I pull the curtain back it's a whole way. I've never seen this in my life people walking down the -- Outside your window outside the window I swear to god he's on the sale at all. It was -- safe side I got then I'd -- U summit check that Yemen run excessive to go up close and take a shower. Was in my underwear -- a bowl but to go seek to see something like this there's a big guy -- fifties about twenty feet away -- Julia -- did you flash a -- -- is just the whole way and I'm like. I've never seen them go forward why ultimately I -- that looks like -- all the way in a movie like in the mayor of vacation you'll get a little brick wall and it I would have preferred a brick walls the nice you know immediately shut them it's awesome to look here. And I said if I had to stay more than one day yes I would not be bitching and be sent -- -- the better room they upgraded the big boy. I opened my window and just like it to look at these cell tower. That's nice stuff I. -- -- was a jury that's not bad title so are those -- progress. Not -- -- you know as soon as you go to your room just right on the front if this is unacceptable. And guess -- buddy John Young were not of like the shower but too low for him. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think sink and toilet really think about ice that's -- honeymoon suite I think is -- -- -- contemporary your zip through July 6 did you get back out into the quarters of a bad thing. But if I did I didn't. Try to screw you two guys that we got -- first. And -- that we have a standard room. We have two beds. That message you don't have a king sized business that you know we're sold out the that you -- lives that you didn't make it seem a plus also because I asked nicely because -- -- -- ask that mr. McCain went to matter what course you're by yourself. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now you know -- a double you have to -- yeah -- yeah room just like this like I did check galaxy that's got to get chills Callahan is that the C interest types it is used to know he has to bits as well let's just check militancy of what he's got. President don't you get to as soon as it check the big boy -- now he's got to mr. Ouattara I'll take my room. Yeah that was my incident will save all the all -- mom drove all the way in the welcoming and greeted his bedtime book and you went back -- -- us porridge and -- movie though that the arsonist or indoor pool so we went and watched and lovely job. Jump but it makes it no diving into the biggest jump and you're in the but there's no -- was really really sad yeah. It hypocritical. Of the so what are we begin I turn I got to my room. It turned on the TV this is the God's honest truth and then you that you are here mums. Click on the TV missiles definition by the worst see we -- -- definitely -- -- slow let's turn on the TV ESP in the first thing SC. Was I think a Mexican players or -- of one of the -- and a stretch of democracy in a poll by a guy at a crowded it and that they gave you held out -- the -- told the and -- this stretch in them and you know we've not heard it just vacant since. I can't sit through this again I mean they've got to stop -- and I'm gonna go in as I always do with an open mind to -- you are nothing ever opened my -- in this World Cup because I want Bob -- To give me the stamp of approval I don't it's ever gonna happen -- you don't know people would have trying to pretend like so many of us what if I go into the make pretend mode. And pretend that the World Cup -- awesome even if I don't believe it. Will -- -- sports fans know they make you a soccer golf soccer club soccer lives but he did say to think about them meaning it you know he was. Ryan certainly knows a lot of people pretend to be -- let's say he does but I'm saying you know there -- other people on our station. Who do pretend to be sarcastic as they wanna be put to accept it with the and we have the crowd I go and I'm thinking about doing that. And like you know what you mean like who might go amuck -- -- gonna say that would -- and they wrote. Well I -- hope -- -- -- you know all of analysts that tough guy let's talk about the recruiting mid amateur record iron today about to talk about it go rob Pratt say bad -- you -- being -- this sounds that happened to a doctor there needs this. Later we'll talk about. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you get a football game a real high school game that's a mile than street you don't go you're not export I would say this you have. Some of the greatest golfers on the planet earth than mere hour and a half from -- -- folks I expect a -- line here not today but tomorrow the next all four days -- three days you're real sports fan Bob Bryan you will be here all weekend to get yourself because US's point. What he could witness he was in 95. The could be yeah I guess that's true yeah I mean if you're real sports -- Kirk. Voice of the we want to do -- can't get on ESPN the app for awhile probably what I did with I have I think their. At Darlington this weekend. You know because if you're real sportsman you know missed that Dino. And you know is it witness. Australia which -- some tennis tournament this Davis Cup right thought Davis cup's always if we hear you're not watching the data showed up you are not a real sports business. Think more pompous and then again. Pretentious -- saying if you don't get in his soccer. You don't Buffett. We watched it you know we're we're commenting but if you don't love it you're not -- something even stronger than that more strikes than that you -- gold plated fraud. A fraud or how to gold plated what do -- not -- the fraud would be if you pretend to be right a soccer fan you know -- -- -- If you pretend that the middle eighty minutes of the game the other night that the US against whoever they. Played. It could get the -- but I'm not literally pretend the middle eighty minutes was full of excitement and intensity. You're full of crap that would be your -- all right telling us we should be lying right yes a lot yeah yes I yeah I love. I love park. A lot of people doing that. And you know what I don't. I understand why. Life is easier we see the text in the tweets and we hear all the people who say you guys of that. You know you better get on board it's taken the world by storm it's like it and the next big thing look at the ratings. Still the real -- graduated YouTube hit I don't know -- does yeah yeah are you what you -- consider changing your programming told look at the ratings but look Elvis songs are the bachelorette shall we talk about who else I mean honestly if you look at the ratings of you know whatever of reality -- GM's which should go down on their nieces and whatever it is yeah yeah but here's the the bottom line that. The whole story. We are an event driven society in India we love big events right. If the sport in many ways doesn't matter you know the stakes -- important pressures on. And it's an event -- those people were cheered and drinking and faith in the faces they don't care about soccer. They care about the big event they wanna be part of the big of some do it some don't like the people go to New Orleans for Super Bowl week right and that is why even have tickets at -- exactly have you seen him before. There's there's no doubt -- upset a hundred times -- can -- -- gusts Martin I'd -- -- don't agree Dale Arnold is real soccer people soccer fans as guys who played at my school played it because they love it. But that's a small percentage of the 700 million people who watch in the you -- -- the US the other day 7009 million people yes yes yes I read that. That and and I've put myself in this category big events come along you know watch you wanna watch you wanna you know you wanna see you on sale and unfolds and there are. People don't give a Super Bowl -- hundred million people watched some 410 and how many of football fans like less than half let's say. Probably a third quarter something like that. Big events big call in on the big national championship football game at bronco chase them and hit that was a big event and 95 million people my guess is some of the gymnastics stars -- regular -- a couple of years ago or so it was a sideshow at some event in. Ohio know what's gonna beat their boy all right well Brian's going to be that Obama's got I want to talk about a tough night tonight. He's got three WNBA games Washington Atlanta New York Chicago so it Phoenix that's a series of big -- that's your game that's -- that's below the -- game writes a basketball should play right. So I mean he's got to be declared he honestly that is a great point the Olympics is the best example of that it is a big event and we love big events. And I assume Bob Ryan is that swimming fans to diving fans who's watching wherever the divers it's always India -- if -- in America there and India that might -- like Germany illustrious workers and I'm sure can get it on cable but you know you can't just be a diving and swimming fan. Every four years or that you go to WW into its gotta be in -- track and field that probably have. The world championships in some -- -- in Australia Poland. Right so you've got the Olympics is like the World Cup and lots of World Cup is bigger downhill skiing World -- -- yeah main set this weekend. Mr. cold somewhere -- it is from what it. Southern Hemisphere so -- certainly getting to be winter or wherever until it's cold somewhere. But via the World Cup is the Olympics it's one that's only one sport it's kind of you know tedious. But it's one big event with the whole world's not a whole world actually only 32 countries well. But you know I feel like wherein I feel like John is the closest to a sports fan. These kind of into the soccer so I mean it gradually. Actually before you annoys me -- that you should hear might my approach from the end of the first game. The US played and when they play again what time. 5 o'clock so -- have a -- caucus and it so I only have 6 o'clock I only have SS at you before -- finite number of soccer watching hours. In my brains beat yourself. Did not I'm speaking for myself you. So there was no I have no had no interest in what ever happened yesterday and all I can tell you is -- his will complete our soccer programming at least as far as I'm concerned. Is that the Mexican goaltenders now the president of Mexico and the Russian goaltender has been sent to a blog. Beyond that I don't know who played other than it was Mexico and somebody Russian somebody. Don't know the scores don't care we do we have to watch the other countries know but what I tell what you are able to get a backbone. No dutifully at 6 o'clock on Sunday able to Mbeki and -- watched the entire games we can discuss it Monday morning aliens. It makes you xenophobia yes yes so -- -- the gold plated xenophobia that's that you I watched I watched your report to again I had the all something number of all the soccer of course I -- that just the Scott just like -- and the like appeal on the players on the field for extremist. All AUS yell all hate the -- yesterday -- a power play. The mystery wolf when they get them off they don't replace I don't know which is -- you watched -- sit and watch -- Carl -- well yesterday -- and he. Blood got the room watched a little. Replica of the cramps but yes fascia. I think we exploding to. No they just cramping in the last writes he's they don't watch any softer and watch it didn't watch is soccer -- a round table. With -- hosting its users and around like some table Obama was there comes with the girl's name to be you know talk Inkster -- -- glad that Donovan there letting you know when that was not he wasn't I didn't know it known he was and usually get a little annoyed when Virginia -- and wanted to hit it if you're just let it if -- -- he's -- so you'll want to around there they were when you alert they were trying to figure out why there's so much credit this year and they were there my. Who killed Kennedy Rossiter around you know. Maybe it's the temperature humidity have on the exit of a data point and having them bananas and said that the talking haven't been up but then again. Bananas stuff can't yes and yes yeah. Well you know that's why I don't grip and you are stupid you don't need a good -- bananas avocados -- -- probably cramping here and bananas don't do those bowl folks think stuff cramp I. I will give Bob -- credit for this he tried to attempted to two. Remain above the fray yesterday and I hate that I don't -- think -- -- -- refer -- what specifically you and talking in general terms about if you don't care about the World -- if you -- -- into this if you don't realize the value and the magnitude. Of what's taking place in Brazil the -- Ari Gold -- -- -- -- you were -- -- -- The one who are spot and by the way we're doing here right now we're providing the entire first twenty minutes. But the dale and Holley show. I turn them on and they came out of the break iPod hi dale hi Michael and Michael like a little seventh grade girl. You have this. Rather he tell you what he said Nicholas at the beginning of the -- only show yesterday. Now you're you're the topic of much discussion. This morning at 2 -- in this morning and to the Dennis and Callahan program and they were just derisively things like yes I'm not a sports fan because Bob -- says. I'm not a sports fan. Now if I'm not following soccer if you're not following this the -- I don't care whether it was -- written. Shuffle board. -- but. It is soccer it is the world's most important sport you should have a sense of that. You should be willing to plug yourself into this experience. -- different kind of experience than rooting for your local team. We're following your local league it's different and it's it's a refreshing change from the day to day. The world that we live in. And I do say this you can call if you will be quite tough football fan because of a baseball fan. Do not dare to call yourself a sports January gold plated pride if you're not interested in this event. Now what I want you to do. Sausage back there the next line not a polished smile look discontinue wouldn't welcome back do we -- her and companies to find it. Then then he -- the money total stir about talent is in truth Callahan style he reminded me of the little seven -- girl at the junior high dance to it. Our -- did you feel -- -- got about a deal. In the past you said about highlights that I don't think any good can you say that you said this in the chase that thing you like can he -- to a job coach that we need to more crap started. So yeah you got I don't hear Chris -- I was trying to do you ever do all the good for you Dina -- -- -- -- I would like and I just days before you we can't get called -- the boss's office because we're down here we are here are well Connecticut like caller I davis' KG weight in my goes way after that it always -- but. It just honest to god. Or not but it's a battle say this that summit terrible -- by Ryan in that he is right if you would we do this for a living you have to pay attention to which we do right. Nobody reluctantly but what. What he really means what -- really means you have to love it right but you don't have to watch it. But here's and you see it from if the worst properly Alexi allow us. I mean he is there to promote it took that to analyze it he's that are promoted and the soccer media. The lines get blurred they -- from covering and analyzing it to promoting it and say the -- most frustrated people in the world right now. Are people covers soccer for TV radio newspapers. And they if they if everyone doesn't love it like they do they get pissed and it's there like there. Their campaign workers you know Lou and for Hillary for president of if you don't vote -- or they get pissed. And that's involved is by and at that if you don't love it you know sports so you watch it you can implement. Of the middle eighty minutes of the first US game was kind of tedious. Sure that I don't get -- yeah it was hit anesthesia it's almost like you know we're. You know the way we treat the Red Sox in Hollywood couldn't write a better script. Mike Napoli there -- you're. Portugal a Hollywood couldn't write a little -- -- that middle eighty minutes and I heard somebody say this some really Smart. Brilliant quick minded analyst and it was Landon Donovan said the following problem the problem. With that middle eighty minutes is they scored too soon too fast. In immediately went into this offensive mode in just kind of ruined their rhythm game to be getting that way. And and in no way shape or form are you anticipating leading a World Cup soccer game 32 seconds into the game two as a result they were like -- We just score well in New Jersey Devils did that we were told the room and hockey. Normally when that turtle mode via another trapped right -- -- hours before trap that was yes so you're telling me. That the US didn't mind that all the action was in their opponent for eighty minutes. What wasn't your fault you're they they they they they kind of shocked -- by scoring. I noble why not continue to attack somewhat whole somewhat human and they maybe try to push it to do nothing but you favored over the last couple -- your favorite hole lead. Soccer rant that he did so many to choose from. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Bob wants us to Guam he wants -- 1 -- lumps they want it to be seen you know people go to the and whatever good event the red carpet. Just to be seen. That's the kind of thinking that I guess and -- more of -- percent of Hillary supporter -- 6777. Point 79 37 we are broadcasting live from TPC river highlands Cromwell Connecticut it is the travelers golf tournament on the PGA tour. When we come back. Hello Holtz C Sizemore. Aaron Hernandez once flew over the cuckoo's nest and if you're nice to me I'll tell you about this protracted 678. -- incidents. I had at the hotel that she filed charges yesterday a -- -- later today are still threat and should I change the radio they're directed back.

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