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The Brockstar, Brock Holt Post Game with Joe and Dave

Jun 17, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Brock Holt, who seems to get it done no matter where he plays on the field as he made tremendous plays in the field and scored both of the Red sox runs in their 2-1 win over the Twins.

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Rockies were the first to run to get it of that but tell us about the play your first game average Centre field with Gomes lost the ball that -- -- that you came out of nowhere that. To make the play yet. What did you see in that way did you see it yet sky one of those things I looked over right away and sort Gomes is arms out so I knew he didn't see it. But you ought to know who's gonna pick it up -- kept looking at him looking at the ball in hand looking at the ball and you know I didn't wanna. You don't keep running and not -- keep checking on him see if he he picked it up and you know maybe we collide or something so. -- kept. You know look at him and and the ball you know back and forth in and finally. You know just went for -- the wrong spot and was was fortunate to -- -- to catch. -- is spectacular play abroad are you a first baseman the third baseman left -- right fielder or center fielder. Obviously can play other positions too and that's let's say jokingly because you can play anywhere are you lose amazes everybody else's. -- -- -- -- fall with it you know it's I would say amazed you know I'm just trying to go out and enjoy it you know enjoy the opportunity. Not if you get used to it to move around a field like this in. And play didn't play different positions and you know it's been fun a fun challenge for me and you know I'm enjoying it every day. This is the toughest right the other baseball it's also one of the more difficult center feels it. I John Farrell it -- The guys to run the defense the coaching staff really have a lot of -- that you. Yeah it seems it seems so you know and they told me that and you know that that makes it a little better about it. You know that they have trusts me to put me out there. You know -- -- attorney go out there and you know catch the ball and both -- and you know -- -- You're out there and all those different positions that obviously. You're in the lineup every day because you hit the cover off the ball hitting a brown 345. Is this the best you've felt over an extended period of time in awhile. Yeah I think so lot of you know things go well for -- -- onto the ball pretty well and on put some good swings on on some balls and square -- up and you know that's all trying to do out there you on not gonna go out there trying to hit home runs do you think it's gonna to put together good at bats and you know try to barrel -- -- Rockies seem to hit the ball out of the catches it's not that you wait a long long time. Does that help you want lefties that does -- you know he used the wall yeah yeah I it does you know trying to wait wait as long as possible onto the ball long -- can't. And you know just -- use my hands. You know and not of been able -- that you know and in the wall helped me out there up at some balls that. You know bright caught in other places but you know it's nice to have that -- to take it off both. We'll Brock we need to Wear you out -- the star of the game show which are keeping the study games so we got to keep inviting you back squad you know operation I'm glad I'm here -- this is this is fun. Congratulations -- another big night. All right thank you graduation bribe people start to get tomorrow there are right the Red -- -- it to the one that. Absolutely amazing everywhere you put them and again he hasn't started the two positions he's played the posted his life second base in -- Yellow eventually he'll probably spoke PD over there at second base in. And probably as shortstop as well Stephen Drew but I swear if John -- came in and said we'll put the pads and they've put on a chest protector we need you to catch. And you know he'd go warmup and hit it did put the moneys isn't really an incredible story. He certainly has Brock called to scoring both rods and making a catch. Great catch when Jonny Gomes lost the ball in the dust is the Red Sox win two don't want so why do nothing until one wins at consecutive nights. Effort team that has struggled to win one run games this is a nice turn of events here against the Minnesota Twins at ten and fifteen -- one run game.

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