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Bob Ryan with Dale and Holley: Are the Celtics back in contention for Kevin Love?

Jun 17, 2014|

We speak with Bob about his first love, the Celtics, and how the ball may be back in the C's court as far as Kevin Love goes.

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All right Bob lay out -- -- says Chad Ford wrote today Minnesota starting to think Boston has the best offer for Kevin law. Ask Bob what he thinks of that what I think is that I am not conversant with all the possibilities afforded go going to be afforded. Flip Saunders in Minnesota I I wondered on the beginning -- the draft picks enough that not skeptics to entice him. Because certainly if not personnel that's going entice them that they're gonna for a win that I can think of and now maybe of they poem in Salinger because he's a baby love and me in the making that would make some sense but I don't let us got the offer. If it turns out I -- the beginning -- If the best package is Boston's book go to Boston mean he'll trade to Boston and he will try to strip. No he's not he's not gonna stay there. And I that I had you know how that little clip hasn't got a really good job of a convincing Kevin Love that a he's got to be traded and -- that is his criticism over his. His complaints are well founded -- says it radio interview I heard that aren't there on that and I -- -- and have a right to be and this is -- critics by the way. Fine I don't care -- -- is it going to be it's gonna reject that is gonna -- He has an opportunity to the extra battle to Saber exert some leverage to get himself somewhere out of Minnesota. He's going if you want to do that he can do that you do that and a half the triggerman or else. It and -- got -- -- -- they can't can't afford that you know the right so. All the bluster that that it's. Flip Saunders can Muster and when he said about him not having a right to complain if you'd have part of you know the problem the solution and -- nobody gave -- anecdote about. How Kevin Garnett was schooled by Sam Mitchell. Years ago when he was complaining and an early on his tenure in Minnesota. You guys -- bench guys got to step up and Sam Mitchell said -- -- all the money. You got us you know you've got to do it and. And but that's what you don't I thought that does analogy was -- misplaced. Because. Kevin Love is part of the solution he's not part of the problems are here the part of the problem are -- part of the solution is a part of the solution. But he okay gauging it and whatever was it was in maybe 9596. Some people to step up. He had noticed it yeah yeah other similarly I don't get it Saunders coaching him so we have the right by the waiting game just ended. Eight and will -- tie identity huge point for Mexico so we have. You have Flip Saunders coaching them at the time pretty good coach. Minnesota brought in. They promised upon barbaric. They brought and at Wally Szczerbiak they were doing the job. So Kevin Garnett at least can look around and say yeah I got to do better. But the other supporting cast is pretty good -- -- pretty good general manager Kevin McHale -- a pretty good job. Now look at Kevin Love outdoor job what you are -- to a 25 and twelve having. You guys are drafting like 44 guards in one draft in the first round which I think it's I'm on the list. I'm not buying for 12 the idea that the saudis is that is it going to trade -- has to treat. And look when may now and may copy of the trading deadline but he asked to trade. You know he's walking he's not he is not going to be a Minnesota Tim was like for I would be studies at West Coast kid from our again by a California who whose. I don't think is most famous you know Jackie was here yesterday as you mentioned that. The the previous Boston Minnesota trade we all know how that turned out for Boston how -- turn -- for Minnesota. May. Make Minnesota has -- deal with the Celtics again I understand other fact but it but flip wasn't part of that. So what Glen Taylor way. That's when Taylor was I don't well anyway that's the deal. And I I I that they -- I don't know what the real test offered pilots play the game out here they don't make the trade with Minnesota because Minnesota doesn't trade -- go somewhere else. What's the rebuild time for a Danny Ainge team based on the draft. Three years. Maybe it was that I left let's start this. Identify who -- -- who you would want to keep who could be part of a rotation. 18 if not a championship team a fifty win team that can get either -- I. Rondo -- here one. Salinger who I think we'll get continue to get better and better and who does. Things you can't teach -- one of those kind of guys and what's what we're talking about he's one of those kind of guys. A little. -- interesting proposition -- him because he can really shoot the act can pass it and and nothing enhances an offense what do big man compass. To -- line. Everybody should be a third guard somebody. If here I don't I like -- to point I don't like him as starter -- -- them that the panda but he's a good third quiet because he is good defender and he's a streaky shooter right. But he be nice third -- And that's generosity and Jeff Greene thank you very much a part of wait for him to stop -- to decide to be green. He -- happening to starving -- doesn't have -- were totally tired he's a colossal tease. I don't want him around anymore part of that and is -- afterward. You were to about topic guys and here I was wondering I -- if they went and yet that's it and that's over generosity got. I think and I obviously I may be out there on Atlantic but the company -- -- saying that Salinger is gonna have a long fruitful career earnestly and continue to get better -- he said he felt the that's a lot goes. And they need to help but it now -- -- They gotta do it now and and the thing about the picks it's not just the nets that the bullets should know and understand it there of chips. They're good bargaining chip which is why if they ever are to make this -- deal because we haven't we here have an accumulation of epics it would be enticing. To a general manager slash coach such as the. We had a text earlier on in we were talking basketball times -- saved it for one we work. Who asked ask me to ask you asked Bob if -- if in your opinion Danny is still in good stead with this ownership. I see no reason why is not I think they have faith that he's done it. Once and then -- I think they have good working relationship I have no reason to think otherwise. I think they're they impress me with their long range vision and patience over the years. I I I don't have. Obviously I'm not privy to what's going on behind closed doors but have absolutely no reason to think that they -- and any. I think they're still high on him the question is how does he feel about them. Because as you get to the point where. Your general manager you have to make some tough decisions. And -- -- and I'm curious. I know Danny says publicly I would love to get Danny's take just an honest take on Rondo -- we -- what we -- we will never write it will never again. So I mean if if erupted -- -- would Rondo still. It's okay if Danny just said OK I can to make this deal and have to write about ownership that's not a reality for most NB AE general managers -- to run something by ownership something big. But if it -- -- -- Danny I can't calculate Rondo will be gone. I think and that that he hates them now but I think he's happy he's had some opportunities to trade him before. And my understanding is that that opportunity. He has been shut down. -- I get the feeling that ownership likes -- more than any changed and I think -- -- likes them a lot like I -- -- my marriage agrees that does -- so what if it's OK what what will what will it take for a astute. Get to the next level. Oh who -- tradable on our team who can bring back the most more chips has about it and bring back from the most chips probably Rondo. It will couple years ago Rondo more than -- More than Paul I thought. To the streets of Brooklyn. Who what which they got -- they got back a lot more than a topic Egypt but in terms of guys who can help you right now. -- talented energetic young basketball players think Rondo was that guy. And I think they had a chance to trade him and it was a squashed. Three hours down want to go Bob Ryan is in the house with us dale and -- here hop on the phones with you guys on the other side 617779. 790. You know I got halfway there at what I just I just I just vapor lock the other half way through but I got halfway through the phone line low number and what off in another direction and got completely thank. 6177797937. With telephone number. Out to the surprise of no when fifa named Mitchell the man of the match Colombia Mexico Brazil game he might be the man of the tournament so far. But we'll talk about a whole bunch of other things as well Red Sox have made a move Grady Sizemore designated for assignment. At least for now guarantee Keeney is Ian but not playing -- holt is being asked to start in center field tonight. We've got a whole bunch of other things that are on the docket as well let's dale and Holley and Bob Ryan Sports Radio W yeah.

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