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John Powers of the Boston Globe with Dale and Holley: Breaking down the US win over Ghana and looking ahead to Portugal

Jun 17, 2014|

We talk a the guy from the Globe about the tourney that has us all talking... world cup fever grips the Hub, and the US!

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I joining us on the AT&T hotline right now is so one of Bob's colleagues from the Boston Globe guy who knows international sports as well as anybody in the country. Certainly knows the sport of hockey as well John powers with us. Hey John how aria jamario. Let's co sponsor on paper are ready for the rumble in the jungle on the market abuse drug policy than we graduate and Portugal. All right so tell us tell us what what does this mean -- win over Ghana. Is that an impressive win at in terms of aesthetics for the US or did they get lucky. Well I think what we try won't -- it came at -- given -- -- which determined not to do. Also from first on the quality to score on her brother Albert. In the past that you saw the regatta last year a lot I'm Robert around -- England. Regular cold or -- admit -- -- in the but don't go storm runner up about. I certainly helped -- -- a child abuse or use couldn't get on the next important odd. That would be a problem going forward against a team record really. That would determine appropriate that group of -- how little you won the Landon Donovan should. I thought they should -- If you got a proven. Scorer. Last in the last -- this court Bible he gets real vehicle and keep from going over in the 91 minute against Algeria. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Course speicher's audioblog -- life especially it would no margin given. Actually dot org -- good. Our country -- -- constructed in the -- about Wellington. They're. Are we don't know. Hansen yes -- to be there apparently. I guess Oprah you know -- like someone who scored ago. A goal and big man wants. Are attractive or cool attribute her typical come by going to a year Altidore amigo I got like one tutoring industry. -- -- -- -- -- -- to a certain benefits that we. It put him in the -- for ninety minutes Portugal. Would that really should archer road career. John the one thing I will say about last night's game as thrilled as I was with the outcome and and you know the John Brooks -- to get the win and all that. I felt like the United States was back on their heels the entire second half I thought that Tim Howard once again had to played extremely well. If they play like that against Portugal certainly if they play like that against Germany they'll have zero chance. We've -- true -- if there is more believe those were -- -- -- Portugal she got just got hammered. It would probably be fatal in their marriage between looking to achieve that probably a lot. Fort -- The good trees started -- the next match trooper want suspended. General Arnold -- -- point that related injury. Ought to do that we're talking more that he -- beat Portugal. You know what really couch are being guitar. But you write a big way Germany oracle took a team -- -- which should it will be. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A major -- from Al Gore. If you look at the winning goal. Almost all got. The conflict brought our big strong -- not a rated. What you'll want dark of the World Cup match -- the -- Heatley was. China -- a stinging criticism this morning of Michael -- game. And even to the layman a layman like myself with -- and he gave the ball away a lot what was your impression of Michael Bradley. I don't slowly would be a problem that -- would -- by doing but it should be doing a good thing look is. YouTube is goal attempts will be about eight minutes to go twenty the one that actually that for a the Algerian match. He just did a great. -- and saying you don't I doctor anywhere. Especially want all book. Between recruitment appeal but we -- He wasn't doing got to look at how well he was -- the ball well why don't -- He would be in the feel of a much like you got all. Oh John let's go big picture true we were talking earlier you know Bob Ryan wrote the globe on Sunday. Essentially why are we better at this point. US and soccer 1994 World Cup is here and we had all. Sort of great expectations going forward so I I ask you why hasn't. That soccer. A development in this country been as significant as we all expect. Well you look there's going to be good one reason why he's pretty. Dick -- -- -- America for -- you can bet he coached one match. Are they needed to consistent and I don't go there -- -- America if you are American parent that your soccer ball there and Virginia so really -- or you're all the hard work. -- quarter million dollars or go to soccer academy in particular -- play Camilla. What do you do. Are being US system does not like in the system the world were you can start your -- like we meet -- -- include. -- and you play or log you don't go to college paid me to make it or you don't. We're real works. I but I got -- mile an hour. China is there anywhere in the tournament a the equivalent of at Hendrick Lundqvist goalie or do we in fact have one who's as good as anybody out there. Our empower you go out his -- you're gonna get I wouldn't. -- -- where you spirit goalie who's stringing. Out score their. He did a victory what part of nobody Kurt good Americans want to thank you don't want better Merkin. And catching some controlled -- to -- it. Did you look at that American -- -- store yeah. We always keepers. We got everybody would be if you look you -- about peace. Richard Keller. -- free you'll. George empowered. We would cut out popular ones who didn't come close would be German electorate or to keep our daughters to empower them. He would not stop arguing that you feel they're probably not up to repeat Europe or future. Literally Wear them. Or what. We're both are pretty. We're talking John powers of the Boston Globe John my final question. -- to do with the subject that we were discussing earlier in the whole idea of the flopping and act as an American sports fan. Does it offend you do you not mind -- -- like it how do you come down on that. Boy you are watching -- so war. Our -- -- the article how to treat disputed mixed I expect to draw gonna flop. Our strict program probably would bore all the guns were all you know. A political scored earlier on the -- and got a -- awarded. Rate certainly a couple of you don't win the war on record in Brazil and Croatia you -- -- Our -- being put to better to reach certainly the world war what. Got out our don't want to Harden were -- recruiting read our doctrine. But it became a reporter auctioned -- awhile aren't -- what I would be too which -- in -- to care. Sure a -- You go on America and what players don't do popular. John it's a real pleasure to talk World Cup -- you we appreciate taken the time and thank you. Are there -- our John powers of the Boston Globe joining us. We mentioned a little while ago will slip this in before the break that. We have heard that guarantee -- was being recalled from Pawtucket. He is at Fenway Park by the way. And we said that Brock Cole was playing center field for the first time tonight in place of Jackie Bradley junior and it let us believe well. Somebody's got to -- -- parent checking keep him to be on this roster. And we did find out. Com. Sources have told our own Alex -- WEEI dot com that Grady Sizemore is being designated for assignment. Which is kind of what we thought was gonna happen sooner or later it was an experiment. It was a a chance that they talk. I was a reasonable chance. To make -- be a great messenger email and text before the season. They equated it to it in and the most optimistic out extrapolation. Bill Walton coming -- the Celtics in 85 and and I and I -- -- that's interesting and I'll I looked at CNET but it just isn't happening. This isn't happening. Arab except for bill Bill Russell coming to the Celtics. And 85 to -- -- -- similar to the Russell a while I would agree he was a good guy I had the -- -- integrate itself as if you can get a good job in 1985. Bill Walton come -- is up to 35 it was very clear that he was going to be. A guy coming off the bench with their support up in in any audit by the way in terms of Grady Sizemore. I still if you look at Hewlett-Packard the offseason. And that's probably the biggest coal in in -- -- in offseason game. The center field positions are Grady so go Ellsbury left. Not gonna -- Understood. You feel like. He's a toll overvalued on the open market you're not gonna pay what the Yankees are gonna play. Your contingency plan was. Grady Sizemore will not Jackie Bradley junior. Coming out of camp so that -- that is a huge hole. It in the Red Sox offseason as one they're dealing with at this moment and tell if it'd get on with it. Even right now because Brock holt leisurely off to hide in your starting center fielder tonight. We only scored one run yesterday I'm I'm wondering if this is just a a prescribed day off per Jackie Bradley junior or if this is a move by John Farrell. Well we need offense we need to get guys who can hit. Jackie Bradley junior problem is great defensive outfielder Rick cant hit right now so Brock you're gonna have to -- this he -- disposition for -- I don't know -- that are not. Again Ferrell hasn't talked to the -- Don't know let me just say to that of all the center fielders that I've observed go back to -- -- despite there's 75 here. And and we've had we've got some good -- Otis Nixon and Johnny Damon. I've never enjoyed watching anybody. Played -- a year and those in the last forty years as much as I've enjoyed watching Jackie Bradley I'm just praying can get to sixty. Justifies presents -- point is -- 24. Dave a for 240 main issue -- joy into watching yourself last talked about last night no one that what inning with fourth or fifth inning. Where it looked like. If he'd do that over the all over the shoulder -- on purpose authorities have three dabble. Because it seemed like he was to strolling back they'll gradually. As well you know that's a little harder than you -- has an arm. You don't does have an -- 6177797937. Its telephone number Grady Sizemore designated for assignment. Rock hall playing center field tonight for the Red Sox. World Cup soccer on the docket as well Sports Radio WEEI.

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