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Bob Ryan with Dale and Holley: If you can't get into the World Cup you're a fraud sports fan

Jun 17, 2014|

Bob does what he does best... give a strong sports opinion. And we go from there.

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The news is that dale and Holley show. On the WEEI sports what you network. I was Michael Hollywood life. What I call a little soccer player like -- a -- like that hide it be the over the top nature of soccer play by play just amuses me and I love. I mean I don't know I was on ray's camp -- but it wasn't it should have been that's how he would do it. Albright is in the house an old friend and one of the great sports mines in this area -- that -- guys who you know Michael. Oren on. Now you're you're the topic of of much discussion. -- this morning to London this morning when. To the Dennis and telling him program and they were does that derisively think like yes I'm not a sports man because Bob Bryan says. I'm not a sports fan. Now if I'm not following soccer if you're not fungus he didn't. I don't care whether it was admittance. Shuffle board. But. It is soccer it is the world's most important sport you should have a sense of that. He should be willing to plug yourself into this experience. That's a different kind of experience than rooting for your local team we're following your local the get. It's different and it's it's a refreshing change from the day -- -- the world that we live in. And I do say this you can call if you've -- quite -- football fan because of a baseball fan. Do not there article he suffered sports January gold plated pride if you're not interest in this event you're something else but you are not a sports fan. I'd also say this even if you're not a soccer fan even if here -- you claimed disdain for the event that's fine. I would have a hard time believing that you could have sat and watched the final twenty minutes of the event last night. And not gotten involved I mean even if you weren't a soccer fan wouldn't you if you're a sports fan yeah. What Jabaliya engineer's seat if she comes down to. -- almost a philosophical. Explanation of why we're interested in any of this in the first place. It's the competition isn't it it's it's the can somebody do something better than somebody else will matter what that's about to reduce it to that so we talk about a foot -- talk about it wresting -- talking about. The batter getting up the pitcher you talking about. Breakaway and they are going on and on all the examples you want but this about the competition night factory and that you -- -- our our national involvement in your our national team. And then you factor in the fact that it is the most important sport in the world even though we don't feel that way in this country but can't we just get over ourselves for a little while and and plug ourselves into this set. So there's all kinds element comes -- competition mean. I -- -- these people up -- -- a thousand times in battle with and and you get there and build a winner again hooked I watch a much a couple minutes of the game of basketball game at you know all of a sudden -- -- like this guy that guy in let's see -- this comes out you know. I mean I understand people people think that I think that way but. I don't listen to adult and and trying to be sports fans and doesn't make sense to me. -- as far as funny about Jerry this morning that typical Callahan says -- these these people. Who pretend to be in this other soccer poser. They're soccer poser you're not brilliant soccer any mention bin -- open kitchen. He's really in the soccer and -- Clinton -- -- you know cuts Barton's he's been in soccer and got Smart absolutely. You know does a great job to John powers who they join us on today's -- dollar one of those retained so. I've said and made no secret about a watch every four years. I -- -- watch and revolution on not watching the World Cup every four years and into every four years absolutely. But it's so -- answers. -- -- -- not really into it and then goes on to break down. Big -- The US got a game. I'll bet that would have I know what the soccer -- but what really happened that's what I saw the US got -- don't know what you're talking. You're a soccer -- tube but. You're trying to unlike the other soccer polls -- you're actually trying to analyze that game when you insert you don't care about it which one is it. -- respectfully disagree with our partners here today to this degree. Bomb. I -- that -- people in this country who -- head over heels with NASCAR. I just don't give -- I just don't just mean I mean. And if I dance by anonymous on a Sunday afternoon I'll stop for a couple minutes and then I'll keep brought on Roland. And as I said to Michael I watch horse racing for nine minutes a year then. And that's it -- and my friend Bob knew Meyer you know knows every nuance knows everything about the sport is one of the most knowledgeable people in the country. I don't think I'm a sports fan. Even though I don't give in to -- -- -- -- dollar -- on a -- and I'm just a worldwide event I don't think you can be a sports fan and not. Appreciate a particular sport of whatever. Happens to it that that -- that NASCAR at the statistic -- I -- with you and and I've all I've gone up too loud and under duress and I've been beaten to a Daytona under duress. And and and you know they were agonizing days trying to. The command when am -- right about for me in this sport day in a world entirely different world the culture of that on the part of the -- You know people NASCAR's about people who love their cars got the love -- to meet. -- given to be a NASCAR fans. Is that you gotta love your car you gotta be into driving your car I don't -- you don't love your car now by my car is they got a large car portable radio that's what a car is to me. It's a very light mobile portable radio and the second most important aspect that's the most important as a record by far is to radio. Second most important aspect is the heat in the winter. I can at this air my wife after the EC I can about the AC the word go but I got that heat. I got a heat so radio right I don't love my car a -- -- -- I don't care cars it is and and I think I need to get from point a to point B but -- in my car. I think you have to love that for the NASCAR but. On I keep track I can name you fifteen drivers I keep track of occupants come watch and appoint. Think I know Jimmie Johnson won here today book when Michigan. I just notice because it just part of the weekly thing that you keep portable part of our smorgasbord I I -- -- the point that thing. And and I'm gonna pay attention when they get down to it -- who wins -- -- because I can't help myself on the sports site on -- I -- -- true sports. Well Bob you know particular card need to visit reference reported back after -- how I act you'll -- there -- adult now because I can do it well I can do an unsolicited testimonial that back double in the fourth. This time around on a certain color make and model and and I love that car in as much as I can love a Clark but I don't. Love you -- like you know yeah right I mean it's -- -- and it it has its but it's not you it's me -- headlines it says excellent radio -- -- the support. Look I do -- that the World Cup is say is a fairly big event in this country. Is it as big as the National Football League Major League Baseball or where the NBA now it's not it is a huge event though in this country. At a time when right now the in the United States TV market is desperately in need of an event then there's nothing else going on Stanley Cup Playoffs are over NBA playoffs are over. -- the baseball season going your college World Series I mean that's yet. NN and not regard the numbers across America are pretty impressive that the TV numbers. And they're very impressive in New England. USA Ghana last night did a ten point oh overnight for ESPN that's the highest rating ever World Cup game on that network. And they began in 1998. You know procuring these things they -- at ten point oh last -- highest market in the country again Washington DC eleven point -- Number four Hartford New Haven ten point one number five Boston ten point oh number eight Providence eight point four. What we know is that this is a huge event in new wing. Seattle Portland I would think they would of went away with it I don't have. I'd do it with real may -- there are no regard it as it that's the I was looking idling bastion of dollars in America mean to Seattle sounder is in Portland. Are that they draw they sell out they have their -- football from the -- stadiums. They have on there it's a big deal I understand that that's when -- and I with the Chicago would be good because Chicago has as much at this at this at. This that the as any city in America see the pictures last night from Franklin pardon in China -- a black I'm Bryant Park and what's the park and I know I mean I know you Michael you're our Chicago guy that I relive their error ten days. I still better for -- record in Chicago always get -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't record for don't know come to me talk about Chicago. It's not on I'd dumb but the numbers are that the pretty damn good -- the -- it through the first fourteen games of the World Cup and we've had our fifteenth today but not counting. The force the first fourteen matches of the World Cup. The number one market DC number two San Francisco number three New York number four Boston. -- to take one step further USA. Ghana. In New York City last night if you combine ESPN and Univision. Univision is the Spanish language network which also has the rights in this country. USA -- did a bigger number in New York City. An enemy of the Stanley Cup finals games that included the New York Rangers -- I mean that's what we're talking about in -- country it -- if you. And I love the breakdown just curiosity breakdown we talk about you know. Native born Americans verses. Of people of different at the cities which of course New Yorkers and as an -- who watching it. That would account for New York having such a staggering rating obviously. That that could be that they joke always joked about but certain games -- on all the waiters and kitchen you know watching the game kind of thing that's been standing joke here for years. About about soccer and I'm sure it's true when Brazil takes the pitch later today -- I'm guessing that the city of Framingham will shut down. 46 street in New York forget about the -- and that there be no commerce and that that's that's the big Brazilian block between. Six and they all -- over the fifth sixth and fifth are from seventh and fifth 4060 New York as well -- Well you know guys I think the story is that the number one story to me is where it went before. The US play. We kept talking about or what will what will it take me -- not soccer popular. Well why isn't it more popular Robby wrote about on Sunday. It's gonna take. The LeBron James is of the world is gonna take -- -- that superior athlete that great athlete. Instead of going to basketball football baseball hockey that guy goes to soccer and it's OK and he's into -- he understands. The amount of money and fame that come from. Well that was the story before they play now. You know what it would take it would take to get Americans and to since the success. They won that game yesterday wasn't pretty. But the fact that the US beat Ghana and I got to know World Cup opener. I'd like -- know what what the numbers where back in 02 when we got through. And played that game against Jeremy. In which I remember watching from Seattle. Again not -- and in them. But I it's like to know -- we got we've been through twice we got through and we got the win thanks Landon -- against Algeria let Duncan knocked up my god we got the -- real success I'd like to know you know that's a -- -- or -- and I -- you know what what what those numbers work. I don't I don't know I always hesitant to say -- and any of these discussions it's gonna take this. Saying only this one thing. I don't know what it's gonna take. -- superstar of it would it would be nice you know. Magnetic superstar marketable superstar who's on a level of the great European and south American players and African player that would be nice I don't know open. That is an enough I don't know. So -- I'd love to think that there is a young man who's a superior athlete who has just watching this and I wanna be appointed. And and and follows I wanna play in Syria are are wanna play in -- Bundesliga I wanna play and Spain are wanna play and in the premium lake somewhere aren't. That I'd like this. Because -- all the reasons why you don't of them we've they go to other sports but I like that they could be to our kids that would take. I would be -- Would that happen -- the US somehow. Made it to the final product a product not to talk about where Nazis and -- -- if they're the final four of the final four teams in the world. You can tell me that wouldn't inspire some some folks -- -- even thinking about soccer but I don't know apparently started -- but what what. The pilot twenty years ago we had here. And and we and we we know we've played around one -- playing Brazil in July 4 impala that we've lost one not when Neil. And I I guess I looked up this game yet -- -- felt I guess we weren't in it as much as to when -- would indicate that they were definitely superior steal one they'll dammit. You know and and it it would it would and we had a good feeling coming out that as a country we we play we stood up the Brazilians really well as the game. Twenty years down the road and here's my thing you know whether or not we have a 23 man roster. We have seven. Players on it chosen by our coach our German American or go to recruit. Seven players on -- who is not developed there in America not that they are outside the sphere of American soccer developmental influence. It's twenty years after we played that it was still it's 24 years after we first UBB that we meandered -- -- -- Gallagher big epic. We can we should be better than this. We have the resort the seven. I'm not knocking them like a one album state -- but yesterday a -- but seven out of 23 and we we haven't progressed enough. Fortunately probably have. An ad out what I want atop the powers about this in about an hour job powers the globe whose all of them Bob knows me John powers was the smartest guys within five. That's writers that he put. I think it's just it's the equivalent. Let's just pick a dysfunctional franchise let's pick the Minnesota Timberwolves basketball or Oakland Raiders. -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- program so. They come back. Here's going to be -- this is our quarterback of the future. OK stick with him for a couple of years on a soccer worked bringing a new regime bringing in new head coach coach and -- live report with player for three. What about that head coach it and -- report frequently report he's got a different quarterback of the future it got to that different. You know linebackers are going to be my captain another regime comes and they change around you think about 94. The changes the vision on US soccer for US soccer in 1994. With the head coach what with a vision. And what -- the vision for US soccer 2000 awaiting what it was Serena you know I mean you're just. And Bora Bora -- if it yeah. Got to our coach was. Oh my god yeah it's been so many different answers so many different takes on what we need to do to McGrath. I think. And as far as my talent that sparked the count in this country. We have the talent but -- -- that we. He stayed -- on seven about 23. I had nothing to do -- our influence you're really not -- -- over said OK I don't like what I see right now I want to get to nine other. You think I noted that that bodes well. These people in general bode well for the net for the Russian and in four years although -- you know though they've always gonna because and we are great goalie and thank god for him. Howard is not going to be around and I wouldn't think but but the it's still so I'm I'm I'm just. Troubled that we haven't developed you know enough that we can't have a an American team out one -- -- look I didn't dual citizens and not seven I hate to say it but it's entirely possible it'll never happen. We don't we have had seminal moments in the in the course of the last. 25 years in this country where we said OK this will do it from from brandy chest aim of the women's World Cup they win the world championship. And and plate that's sold out stadiums from coast to coast TV numbers that with the rule that it was a women's sport and I understand that batteries and okay. There's your soccer jump off. Didn't happen what happened for women. It actually I prefer. Don't think the women of that game inspired young all the while you're -- -- also likely but butler's professional women's soccer in this country. It's an afterthought no disrespect meant any of those later to a compared to sport. Don't fit the compared to -- to go apples to apples so women's sports what is -- what is the women's sports there in the in the United States that gets. A lot of -- terrorism OK so despite despite. ES billions insistence on shoving the WNBA -- our -- so it was so there has -- and it it is. It's on equal footing even if you say it's a disgrace that the putting is not without war a stronghold more footprints. I think women's soccer had I think that the World Cup team. A cup team out there and -- Stamford stating it was great. I think there effect. On the sport is real tangible. What do you have the men doing the same thing that the women there's no doubt. All right my my my point was simply that was one of the things -- everything OK soccer's gonna take off in this current value can't make the women it did the country had ever I mean the US getting through. Ever okay this'll doing. LK now we -- we've got our seminal moment. In app and the one thing you give Michael Wright and you get a team in the final 40 okay well that might deal. But it's also -- are sort of your game -- here I think it's virtually impossible. I don't think it can happen. Just think we I I'd like to think that we have enough broad base of athletic ability in this country that we can -- 23 who can compete with anybody in the world given. You know how far down -- -- but I you -- he may be because so far it hasn't happened. Hasn't happened and we don't know it would let's hope that this is the -- relentlessly with does happen but you know that they didn't get any favors by being -- being in this group. And but they have. -- the first obstacle. And -- day at 65% chance I -- is it a system like that now officially is that the historical relevance of winning the first game. Two to 5% chance you're gonna get through. They may have done themselves a favor by being put in his group if maybe Portugal and send all the then they're so if you get in the US has died -- LA for idle for a dollar probably gonna get through I think so but you know and think about it this is supposed to be and we love these stories. In America the impossible the underdogs so this is supposed to be the group of death. There's no way the US can get out this group just not gonna happen they beat Ghana and if they are able to beat Portugal. Then there's a -- two. There's a new perspective on this team absolutely and I think they're more fans the longer you hang around Ali now the more tragic gonna bring along with you. But I'll say this I I don't think that it necessarily jumps to. The New England Revolution. Intimated MLS and they're an -- but but my point is then if this all happen. The have to wait four more years for -- -- I don't soccer and. I have to be a connection between the World Cup and the revolution. The connection is. What Bob talked about you know and the journalists and I think he set -- -- the year but Albert in front. Problem is paying attention. In the years between them. The -- so he is ready to talk about the World Cup in 20142018. And not to show obligated to really get into it so it instead of what in the World Cup and US finishes. You know four in the world. Instead of taking that and going to MLS which is completely different ball game you'd take that and say. I wanna know more about the sport or know more about the culture when they get into it in the off years I think that would be rocker. Maybe that's what it takes and look I'm a soccer fan as you guys. I didn't watch the stuff on the weekends every weekend and make NBC sports has done a remarkable job. With the Barclays Premier League and and they are building that that shoulder programming that so essentially highlight shows and and and I I'll say this to IB ESPN is doing a remarkable job. Presenting this world. I mean they're they're group discussions that panel discussions -- play by play color teams. Our body Taylor -- I thought did a great job yesterday in the most watched soccer game that ESPN has ever had in its history did a great job. I'm in two. But I understand that other people art and I am not gonna sell the market and you know what. Not even gonna try. In the same way that I don't want them to sell me on why I should be watching NASCAR that's fair that's a very fair and point -- as an alike feel about that. -- and I am just not gonna try to bring them to what I don't understand worse than the people but Gerry Callahan types who won a market worse than that. Are the people who says soccer socks and you're an idiot if you watch. Well both of the double digit IQ's that I can't help if I can't help if you can't if you're its claim to be exports. And you can appreciate that accurate pass them at the conical. Don't put -- when about it that's an athletic feet. That you should appreciate you should have that much at least that the minimum amount of sophistication the appreciate that move right there. Sort of look at what's -- talking about. -- should be you should be you have that much that he should be is if if if you're sports and you appreciate that and if you're just a baseball football basketball fan. Bothered that they thought the call. Do well but also other people who helped are so tilted -- took to keep the position themselves -- look forward -- or. At that what they got The Who has been confused. Hope we can at least get a point out of this game but credit to a team kept fighting. We tell -- -- guy with a broken nose at this year's sets Clint Dempsey after the game yesterday. Took a bullet to the face broke his nose to his credit. Didn't come out of the game said he was having trouble breathing and you could probably hear that just listening to speak. Kept spitting up blood as the game went on but but continued in the game this was after he had scored. The crucial goal 29 seconds in with a point 91 when he had awards and I I thought it was 31 they. It was trying to -- and now as it was it was rather rapid pace it was the fifth fastest goal in worked -- an unoccupied. The last -- to 1111. Seconds. Even have time you get -- -- -- you've seen you know and you've seen. The puck drop the Phillies were -- that second somewhere in your rewrite them all and -- share it with with -- is that equate the most cynical Patrick. Mean 212 is that not the unit to believe you're right thank you -- that happens. Puck dropped and of course the colors that -- I'm. I don't live my Alexio like that -- -- got the patent on the set piece. You know those corner kick extricate the pre K would -- -- yeah it's set piece. Yeah it was. Either way according to our guys from the other side of the last year the company -- in the open was the the US second goal. In the game yesterday has called on unity. So there are two networks televising the World Cup in this country. ESPN. Eight slash ABC. And Univision that was calling Univision for the game winning wasn't the John Brooks wasn't our -- no he's he's still working he yes he works for telemundo a and Univision has the rights to the World Cup so that was not -- -- That was. You know response version of sirens and in English -- in -- and -- -- -- disturb piping hot at him and other I mean just like pop I was at you know the two of them. -- maker popped out of or maybe not or maybe it was looking at the liquor and fun of them I doubt it though I'm gonna give the benefit as well according twellman. Our guys our rate cuts and does that you write downs that happens. That is. Does catch phrases. It's like a worker bought the practice apparently all he does work some great citizens and keep -- does get to the calls that you guys 617. 7797937. -- telephone number. Grow is in Pennsylvania I think it says Pedro NATO. And I you don't ever. -- today. Aren't taught you about because as opposed to review like up and beyond what of the writers. There -- Peter Yemen and Iraq thank you but I'm -- and I'm a little put off. I knew there was a -- -- feel it out here they're going to pop out there that lets go at it but I got my sleeves rolled up I'm ready to go with. Aren't little I mean -- put up attacked you consider that somebody is not a sports here. Outside of people around I watched television I watch sports management it. I'll watch sports all the time. You couldn't pay me. To what woke up. Egypt K -- -- which export -- I try out how to how I -- -- -- -- Deep abroad whatever is your which a list of what are you watch what sports what is your list. I watch the major for a watch college football party. Act in Poland I knew what -- and. While he would watch bowling. With a -- with no strategy no strategy by the way. There is no strategy you either make the shot you don't make the shot I'm talking even on on and on 01167. Due yet. You -- -- I almost think of that site. But the court may just explain coming to you directly to column and -- know how couldn't soccer take all after the -- the woman's World Cup. My life force and watched that game. That would three hours in my life I would never get. That would have been out of our armed you don't recognize -- I -- it out -- we have a deeper than you have here now we're talking to you need to talk to doctor Laura and not us see that's that they're just a different -- is -- but serious. A man -- -- how do you not think that it would sports. Because the -- it wasn't shocked and -- and. Higher game they played the entire game -- front -- at a time out now how -- you now how do you now. That some you actually watch I was watching a -- exploit and really. You can't make me want it out you know what I can say -- thing. That's it you know you don't have any sense that you you know beauty and you -- it is that you're talking about the great rating. There's a lot of people in the United States. That we're not born here that come from other countries I wonder how many of that rating -- made up by those people. -- the natural event that let's say the problems a lot whether -- of an -- whatsoever and it. How are they don't go get them out or -- -- don't like doctor I don't like soccer. I think -- watching paint dry you have it to any national pride. And in India comes to sports you that you watched the US it will you watch USA Avery will you watch our basketball team in a -- and doubts around about my national pride will you watch our basketball team in Spain -- basketball fan. Yeah say are you gonna watch USA team. In the Olympics none are now known in India the world championships in an August 30 September 14 that now one up. You just -- your basketball in the united basketball fan aren't what you are what called back okay highlighted -- So well that that's another story we now that -- -- another system that I understand what you're saying but that the other fact is that you've identified yourself as a American. Team sports fan but not with and so. It's fine I mean do -- with the -- -- -- -- I'm -- don't don't don't you know that's what it -- yet no sense of the history has no sense of that of I mean it's -- -- at all. Blends together where he lost me to be honest and it's I'm not trying to talk him into watching something. Nor should he talked me out of watching something. Where he lost me with was somehow the idea that because much of the TV audience was based on people who were born here that that somehow negates it no -- just an argument. I'm not I don't know why I don't I don't know I mean I can estimate that I try to figure out it's -- an argument argument because we it to give and it's always been given that that people poem. Lots of at the at this sixty ethnicity exist in the soccer and them that long predates -- thing that's happened here in the last twenty years and it does that -- a given and base. They'll we're talking -- that to give it. Now we're talking about it if you look at the American sports and the -- -- -- American sports fans becoming a part of this as opposed to people who who have. -- their parts for you origin reasons the love soccer that the public stand that and it to take Michael's point. And -- with -- on this. I watch curling once every forty here I get infatuated with it once every four years I sit there watching a sport that I don't. Truly totally understand but I I love it you know I watch downhill skiing once every four years I I watched it. Figure skating every four years. The Olympics are an event an athletic event and I love watching the passage. His competition. I mean I can't imagine somebody who claims. To be a sportsman's. Not and not even be an amateur in this soccer but not as Michael has eluded to and I think you when you guys said. Not being transfixed the last 1015 minutes is were trying to a -- after we tied it I would go in at the last ten minutes. Trying to hold -- That's competition that I don't understand not being involved and not being an. And not caring about that if you are sports thing if you're not okay. Well we we have to we have to factories and a very very critical element and that is -- ex wife. I drew a little maturity exploit differences and there was something still waters run -- -- knows all man. And I don't. You know the -- references. I'd like comes around about there is there Reitman I don't have an ex wife -- -- as my therapist I talked to them often thought that our government maybe. Maybe drew or you can talk to them -- their. I don't know Jonathan's an April job and I don't. And thank you for having me. On wonderful. What people misunderstand. About. Soccer in general and what you guys -- getting. In that this is a generational. Of that it's exactly like the Olympics. You understand every lap we want to update you need to see it as. -- saying we're doing as a group. -- -- -- -- Jonathan two point OK last night. I was at Fenway Park knows Fenway Park for the Red Sox twins game and. And there. Are a lot of court it was it was a close game but I won't say. That the US soccer team scored more runs in the Red Sox were. On court to -- -- court -- but. Of that game last night in the Red Sox that good job of highlight. I had the first goal here the first goal and here's the tying goal from god. And now here's the game winner in the crowd went crazy when it was announced that the US wine. Their World Cup opener over -- it was it really wasn't about soccer it was just. Where I was surprised will read this article about to say I'm not only half kidding. Am surprised it didn't break it was spontaneous US anger about it by the way I hit it. I've -- hated I hate it but -- and -- -- that didn't do that happened they immediately applauded at a USA -- after the game. Walking on the -- that better than the Yankees suck chant when the Yankees I'm building on our electric. In the -- at a after the game walking out. Like yawkey way. Brookline have people were chanting USA it was cool. I mean it's just. You don't really have to you know you don't -- into the that all the details. And across passes in knowing about the set pieces knowledge that you -- your country. Is involved in the World Cup and the -- Involved in the big arguably bigger than the Olympics in the eyes of many people in the glow the match warn that it is this if not it's co equal the -- anyway and were part of it. And you can't and you claimed to be a sports fans and you and you have no interest -- -- with the website or something else. You and I part company on the a great -- and that's fine. Mean that's the beauty of sports is that we can disagree about this stuff. Like I said don't try to convince me that NASCAR is the world's greatest sport a quick somebody leaning out of -- we're talking about this -- -- -- Element of international competition for us that with this is not NASCAR is different that America that the sport in America. That out is that just the sport at that. On in the smorgasbord of American sports. That's not the same what do we don't have international competition we have some international drivers I went Korea as -- -- Simple world fires moved and as a package may have moved out but that will have his most Americans in an American red sport that was coming out of one runners on the North Carolina hills that's exactly what eleven hours and that's exactly what the NASCAR is born out of which is hope. I mean that's what I like an ass score its origins are our guys dodge in the beds in that. Carolina hills that's not the -- History being loved that. We gonna prepare we'll -- And and in the review will be very strong as well. Come on Sunday -- not interestingly enough at bay. One of Portugal's main -- is -- the red card yesterday for just an idiotic advice I he will not place on that. And then helped with the name of the. Portugal player who got hurt yesterday. In -- -- question mark for Sunday as well. -- we were watching the game we are saying oh he may not be able to go now I'll be shocked. If Jozy Altidore comply hope I don't expect him and for people who were asking we look that up today just be sure you know they cannot bring Landon Donovan in to replace Jozy Altidore. Even if the United States that Altidore is done for the World Cup and he cannot play again one. He would have had to have been added -- before Sunday. The day before their first Dayton they could make a change to the roster up until Sunday. After Sunday. -- -- so it's not like Landon Donovan can come riding in on the on the white horse and save the United States is they. Back to the call 617779793. For free but -- all I'm -- moments ago marking me as Bob Bryan. -- write a column for how many how many in the years theoretical officially -- column yet to see nine since 1989. So I'm guessing you didn't write a column effort to be liked. Right in what does not the motivation. Around mid occasionally OK it's because people are -- corporate right now are -- people are are are fired up big. I need to look in the mirror they need to examine their sports -- I don't think here's what that I've learned and I mean I'm not mean. If it's just opposite kind of I say this -- sound pompous condescending I'm sorry I I. I I don't need to be that. But I know some people will interpret what about the same as that okay. I don't think most people have ever given 12 thought to be why why they -- -- in what is the source of the feeling that has driven them into this passion. They just had. They don't they've never analyze what it's all about they just know I'd like this thing. I just I like this you know that at. And I agree I have I mean I highlighted an and it's interesting to analyze you know what what it's all about what is the -- -- what is it because here's one of my pitches in an -- that. I believe that I don't understand people who don't have switch in -- at all. I don't I I don't relate to it I I mean you've got to think about the things that that are in constant entertainment or or you know for people. You know books Broadway books music. -- -- I don't -- -- that's a -- or umbrellas covered just about every. Other type of passion that people have in terms of recreation -- -- okay. I have all this before. And I -- and I know this this would amount to say I totally believe. I -- all those other four you can go in food you could go in sex I have all of the other four officers slick. I have a -- six okay. None of them. Pushed that specific button to generate the specific. Healing and response. That you get both of us all you people people who are. Rides but that baseball battle for public will a couple of joking stop at all you all sports fans we know we have an experience available to us. That is not available by reading a book going to a concert going to with -- eating a good meal. Sex or with the fifth when there's not a music but it. I said sex I -- out. Democratic ticket I don't know that it is just so hopefully if we have this in light they don't have this and I'm telling you right now. -- honestly sex is different about it. I'll give it a different category altogether and it out while -- out of the -- that you got to had to choose between in the world but these should put an epic it. I and knowing that. I also fought in and I keep reminding myself that even the biggest sporting event in the world the Super Bowl okay the single biggest sporting. More people in this country don't watch -- that watch it I know I am I mean well although that wants closer to more people watching at the not. I mean the World Series game. You know the biggest sport and and to back up your point more people are not sports fans the sports fans those of us who do what we do for a living have a hard time relating to. I don't relate to because I know for a fact in my in my mind it's back. That their missing out on something that would that it -- is all our lives those of us were sports fans. And one of the -- equipped with a lot of people who -- sports it's not if god knows is that they're too lopsided in the -- in near big. The entertainment -- L sports pick up 90% and believed all the other things that I meant alluded to the 10% shouldn't be that way you know that that's ridiculous. To me and. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- So I I got to start by saying that I I loved soccer. I'd I'd play soccer. I I yeah. And warned that there is on the central clock I'd recommend to watch. Yeah it was for merely puts a highlight show of its. Unbelievable to see what these guys can do with their feet under and not a soccer it was unbelievable. An additional goals. What it does much you know. -- -- the rising around -- bit of falling down you get brushed against. That they've been grabbing your immunity every two seconds. I mean -- gotta gotta gotta gotta give reason why. You know you got it that that must prospects you're you're feeling on the sport solvent that is. It's it's harder watching them the only thing that's harder than watching it diet or -- You know in a game is watching it diver -- in slow motion right out and that it can bear. I am amused by the frenzy over this in this country right now. Because. It does it I wish it didn't take place it was the -- -- better to like in the NBA all these rules about flopping finds -- every batter. We -- when they're flopping. Either I -- obviously the -- it doesn't bother me if I don't does it. Distract on the over it it it's but every minor distraction for me obviously -- I -- a minority -- -- governor and -- governor of -- and Chrysler were talking about. We're talking about this yesterday with that Taylor Twellman and -- -- was here. New York Times article sure your thoughts important talking about the US and how we are not our hard our team. Is not very skilled at being dramatist. Like we don't we don't know how to flop that well or it now the shocker not soccer fans take that. I don't wanna hear that from from my team but in the soccer community they say what are you doing this is how business is being done. You know -- to Brazil it go to Brazil -- -- is being done to Brazil but -- was a -- as the Romans -- it was the Brazilians were everybody else what you think you're. So we've got to get better. Are flopping although Europe meeting but -- sports fans want no part of it is one of things that drives people crazy. I think I'm with mark on that it it is the only thing that detracts from the sport for me and and by the way I hated basketball I hated hockey. Even if the Bruin does it's a stop don't start that stopped I mean the Dwyane Wade flop that I think is the only reason San Antonio didn't sweep the the series -- four. Stuff drives me nuts it's it's cheating. There's no other way to put it. It's shelters and other well you know that there's not a weapon if gamesmanship it is is getting an -- it is trying to if I prefer cheating you're selling something about you guys know I mean I know but it and it takes an official if it's done in front of -- of an official so. If if the official ignores it as Bob says -- but in the NBA absolutely. If you know a guy has a reputation for being offer. In you'll fall for his flops and shame on you. I Dwight waited for proper management opens the whopper lot Patty Mills had greater the flow opportunities flopping all of replacing gamespot they want. You have to know what these guys are doing. And ignored it will hurt you as a reward her to potentially more that will help you because you have a reputation. You'll be legitimately proud a couple of times you'll be positioned for a legitimate charging you won't get. I agree that it's a problem. I like to say it isn't bothering me as much as it appears to -- just about everyone else in America but I'm -- changed my mind. Well when flop resultant penalty kick against us from goal hasn't hurt us yet. You know but I should we also have seen them than the flop that's part of sport demands of -- flop as part of soccer it's like. Certain things are on unwritten rules of baseball. That everybody knows it's happening but they don't necessarily call -- -- egregious for example we have a lot of time talking about pine tar. Is that -- that part of the game now let. They won't call you water at lest he come out with pie -- on your flag effect at at for example. Flopping in soccer news. It's the standard. We just we just disagree on the terminology to -- if you flop you're cheating you're hoping to get an advantage you don't deserve. That's cheating to me but and I understand it's a semantic argument I'll give you another number from US -- USA got on ESPN drew more viewers than any Major League Baseball game outside of the World Series. And any NBA game outside the NBA finals this year. Again the numbers are the very impressive it's hard to -- nor the impact that the tournament is -- but some people would prefer to ignore.

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