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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - OJ/1994 Edition - 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

We take you back 20 years to 1994 and relive OJ and what went down around here in 1994.

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-- I'm going to be three digit number one from 1998. Season that we have this. Well I think. Hopes that I'm actually impressed that she Sybase three. Candidates in 94. Hours. What else. It didn't matter in jail sentence like this all that she once was no problem and Hoffman. Or four brought you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans building -- a better network before we get into -- remember June 17 1994 during I mean you're at the NBA finals. But we get turned Bob might like they're clearly. Because that was at the NBA finals. And I never saw a second because I did nothing -- television in my column based -- I was watching television that was columnists. Clearly. Check in with the office that was. Easy to make an emotional ones that will think about this June 17 1994. It was the day of the New York Rangers Stanley Cup race. And in new York and that night the knicks are playing in the NBA finals yes right here with especially in all by the way there was a little bronco ride him. In LA. That was every it was just it was great we just kept watching. Had which kept we kept watching and watching we -- and -- what most people just couldn't. Turn away from because -- -- you thought at the time he thought that all of my you know witness. Pay me a basically what I -- exactly on today. It was one of those weird in you know everybody remembers where they weren't what they were short Susan and I had had I'd -- rented a limo. We came into Boston to go to dinner to celebrate our anniversary which wasn't on June 17 but it was the closest weekend day to our anniversary we go to the top of the -- We have a wonderful dinner -- dilemma I don't know anything is going on in the world where having dinner. I come downstairs with says an after dinner and the limo driver says. You know what's going on in Los Angeles. I had no idea than we listened on the radio he took his home and and we rushed into the house and saw last forty minutes under whatever -- And it was everybody was captivated many people say that was the origination. Of reality TV in North America the next year I was in I was in Toronto. Korea the I was in Toronto watching it from Canada always -- candidates prospective. On the on the white bronco. Chase. Because I was you know -- little. On top Obama I'm an announcement -- I think it I stuff international. He moves that we don't -- UConn when -- chicken and I kind of -- -- not gay and OJ and -- you do it and -- -- Michael was working on. All right let's. Go back to 1994. As you mentioned the OJ chase captivated America the World Cup invaded America and the rockets won the championship Michael Jordan was playing baseball. And they Giuliani goes on strike which is why the rockets -- it did you buy Jordan where -- -- apps. But we'll start with the beloved Boston Red Sox what a dreadful season and there was only one highlight. From the entire season. Rather than going line drive with a shortstop we'll let one balance and goes over the bag we'll do. And tank full. -- they anti tank engine that gets there he's -- joke at all how about that. That's my friends and assisted and unassisted. Triple play unbelievable I just -- line drive off the bat. -- park infield catch wind field goal for the back balance and to end here coming down from first base. Is Keith Mitchell thank you mouthed thank you very much. Unassisted triple -- Had to be the slowest triple play -- it easterly. At. I was actually be recap to -- screwed up the actual call and were surprised. That and expect and -- for Red Sox manager Bob. Kevin Kennedy -- what butch Hobson. Makes you very much Kevin can refuse. What -- Because it was it was booster there's -- other teams work. Were eagerly pursuing. What jobs that Lou. -- got us so we luckily that one. That was the biggest. That the net side yet he told us that he had I put because they couldn't let it get away and it was. Of course later that summer the entire. Major League Baseball shut down for us right still the lowest point it's probably that lowest point since the her since the first strike was it nineteen now what weapons. -- know. 390 or for whatever. And when we know what they would know we'll see you don't -- in Richard there in 1904 because John I applaud the giants refused to play. I'm Wilson walked out I will also say this we were doing Schobel for the -- office. And as Bob correctly pointed out at the time. Of the strike. Tony Gwynn who passed away yesterday was only hitting 39 people right. Indiana. And he would have been -- -- pressure. I guess it's not the highest. They've done since -- -- was close -- summer where I 93. It but yet my equipment but if they tracked the big ball out of the strike. What's the demise the slow painful inevitable demise of the much -- They would question based what it was 7441 would do everything and if it did they never recovered as. -- Yes we are Michael the patriots -- -- a transitional phase themselves the year before they drafted Drew Bledsoe and they had some highlights along to their along the way to their playoff round. Soldier who himself was right. And bill. I haven't hands with a woman finally summoned. I just wanna hear this and his voice for the -- would accept. Against the Minnesota might -- this sort of like you. And that and the idea that this Bill Parcells was. Before it -- -- -- we got you on the plus side when in fact if you go back and look at some of the years it seems. We should have known that he was grateful we devote the football but that's he would be conveyed that old school in action when in fact he was -- obviously we'd have people. And today avoid. You know what we talk about Bill Belichick and his propensity to go forward on fourth down -- Parcells is the same way even with the giants and you look at ourselves giants. Patriots. -- you're the guy. Who who played the percentages before became fashionable now more coaches go for the fourth down fourth and inches. Well fourth and 14 and two when they're not quite field goal range and I don't wanna punish. I don't know our coaches go for the Bill Parcells. Was what's ahead of the curve -- now. One other quick note about the John talent and unassisted triple play game make -- told me this and I went back and looked it up. -- with Alex Rodriguez has Major League debut that day. Playing for the Seattle Mariners. It would that the triple play one against Seattle July 8 1994. I against the Mariners and and the texture says that was Alex Frederick I don't know I I if I did that a double check that because my head just tells me its debut in 95. I'm on -- if I'm not mean I'm not I'm not -- -- mattress on this but I'm gonna challenge that I'm usually count. We can find out we -- well. Mr. Ryan very quickly -- for about right now. -- -- -- The Celtics will no longer in the glory days of the Big Three -- the original Big Three -- that summer. They send the biggest free agent ever had so that point. Boston -- This series. And so. Here tonight. Now the mystery could you got talent before we. By the way I looked it up July July it was Alex Rodriguez's Major League debut July 9 united we stand at the age of 1818 he went -- three in the came. But the John balance and and good job by the text couple years later Phillies came in. -- And if you were indeed had also had the system. And I looked up and found out that this was the first meeting. People who have had unassisted triple plays guys on the same field since 1930. And I got the sign my book and I haven't signed. -- And I noticed historically meant to. Threat for drivel like rats are open what happened that's a good note that is good and alabaster since with a -- Dominique Wilkens. I came here it was too late you no longer that would highlight film it was a -- the -- that I -- right right I don't that but. Isn't Dominique Wilkins. This the last. Major free agent. I by the felt -- about and that nothing was great but I don't even better it was better than -- was right yes but that's where that. Is still with. With wells while the boys you're right and yet -- fictional issue he was -- -- life. We have never had -- -- of -- for you to come to this old cold eastern city. In which nobody cares about the orange flag went through the you know and if -- on other circumstances that led to getting. -- it with Valentine here could -- -- -- -- via a trade on draft night. And it's not common feeling the game was to enforce thought we still the next one will be the first. We bury the lead. With that being the last season of the possibility I would just days I don't know what -- but it went -- just remember 95 that's when the mobile fleet center opened up -- -- -- thought let's let's yes 9195 was the last season of the -- you know we're we're talking nine. For right. Yeah but I'd highlight came from 94 for the 9495. Seasons. Was the actual last year of yes of the old Boston Garden she. That -- we have to stay off now Michael I prefer equality Belichick's cheating you don't mind it's as flopping when my lot flowery flopped on that. You know this afternoon. Finally come to the Boston bruins' Cam -- Scored fifty goals in 44. Games aliens out. -- wide statewide vote for a back -- point Roberts. It's a great coffee incomparable. Yeah another call call. And -- you know -- Forward that we see we see anything like that again and I was only 44 games. But the fact that you have. A score like that scores that prolific and only a prolific scorers in hockey right now. But the game is so different views to the game going of their way -- this is going to be easier for offensive players they cannot. Do -- thing. Well Alex Ovechkin I think came close to fifty and fifty recently. Well you're right is it's not like the old days that the high scoring days of the national lately. You know when right when Wayne Gretzky with him 200 points in this -- the biggest difference or you know why why is it all offenders why is it possible and part equipment. Well let it -- part of it they've actually try to ratchet that back the last couple years I just think that the quality of goaltending has never been higher. There you know it used to be that that the chubby kid who was on your team is the guy you'd stick in the net -- in today and and now it's these these incredible great athletes. And especially internationally so many great goaltenders coming. From the European countries as opposed used to be Quebec was dishonorable standing in the world in the universe. And and -- and now it's just it's rates goaltenders now if nominated a -- of this place. If I will say this I would be shocked if you ever -- of Roland come close to fifty goals in fifty games and remember now nearly coming off the injury -- scored fifty and 44. OK now let's despite a game with -- OK got to you have to imagine there's no right answer here I just wanna get a sense of how dramatic -- goaltender thing. Let's take a young man named Wayne Gretzky. He scored fifteen and 39 games arts so that take Gretzky. And because we can do this -- radio can make anything happen anything is possible but take Wayne Gretzky from nineteen ED -- 8485 or other out we're gonna put on into the 2000. 142015. Hockey season is going to be a girl went. Remember -- and. -- -- I can hear them now well -- won't let him score real limit completely for an art. Or put him on the Pittsburgh Penguins who they want but I don't care about the parents. How many how many goals with this great gold and the best the best player best goal -- ever if not the best nominee does he score in today's -- sixty. May be seventy. Means somewhere in there. Com. He was a great goal scorer but he was a much better passer I said this the other day about. He scored more goals than anybody in the history of the national hockey and I am off to my Hannity it's like 867. If he had never scored a goal he'd have more points than the number two scorer in the history of the national hockey that's staggering so it so you think about that. But in this day and age given the waiting game is played -- I will say this the lack of a red line would've helped him locked. You know that the ability to poaching. And hang out to hurt the other blue line that sort of thing because he wasn't the fastest guy and the IC was the biggest guy and the ice. He wasn't you -- have the best shot on the ice but he had everything else go on for him. I'd say 6065. Goals may be the same thing for Libyan. And that's in that category. Where little or little lower -- a little lower 505555. -- now only that Oprah can scored. What fifty. Well matched in at -- and had fifteen. I said he sort 1515 and -- detectors and at but he was minus fifty as well he might have been actually about. All of that -- like it it is a different game today it justice. And unlike baseball where you can say you know. You look at a home run hitters in baseball -- say -- I know why there -- 5060 home run hitters because of steroids performance enhancing drugs that usage is down. Hours down I don't have that excuse in hockey. I don't think that the drop in scoring statistics is due to performance enhancing drugs. I think it's the single biggest they -- up with his bullpen that. Also if you talk about the apparatuses of these goaltenders are you -- some of the great athlete along the the fact you. This you know just in the effectiveness. Of that now Cuba. Takes you -- -- -- -- it. The -- -- Robert -- has started up again.

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