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Kevin Paul Dupont, Boston Globe, talks about Shawn Thornton, 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

With the Bruins choosing not to re-sign Shawn Thornton, Kevin Paul Dupont of the Boston Glob joins MFB to talk about the enforcer role in the NHL. Dupont thinks the league is trying to take fighting out of the game and predicts it will be gone in 3-5 years.

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I was gonna component pop in the Boston Globe has promised right now and talk to us about the release of -- important Kevin how are -- I'm doing great at our door it jokes and you and -- -- biting. You want fighting to remain in the game of -- it. Player ever be carted off the ice because he -- -- to bring the stretcher out if you. If you've got a broken nose. Now I don't know. You guys are setting me up quite as I just feel okay. I I be it you know 50 glue -- goes. -- I changed course on this in June. 2000 and all of them and I strain on the course who have been fighting and has. As much as I did like for very long side. And they said mr. Comcast I still love a good fight and unfortunately it is very -- though. Good fight being organic guys really pissed off each other and go. But. Most of it has turned into a carnival act and strategic fighting. The east fighting stepping back and it'll hit it to me it's turned into a clown show. And the product itself has that there and so far. -- really believe it doesn't need and that. I mean reason for banning it I think the sport large. Has embraced too much in terms of violence. And I think the way to start to ratchet that down a little bit is -- I agree 100% -- irony it is there anybody who currently I agree 100% about an organic fresh. Idea an organic fighters final itself. If the do you think the league is moving in that direction and the debate that we're having right now over the relevance of -- board and staying with the Bruins and were having. One that's kind of reached a lot of different angles here Kevin does that indicate that the banning of fighting will never take place because there still is a debate over whether or not a place. Exists for dialect Norton on this roster in Boston or elsewhere. The first volume it to -- is so important structural orchard he he couldn't celebrate your year. So. Can't say it was dynamic pretty dynamic within that definition. And agree he made good on the watch great trust you guys at all. So from that aspect I I I will be personally -- yeah. And and a very good guy and and embraced a lot of community content so that's that. As pretty. Sort of global issue for the game a I think you're going to see fewer entry -- pure pure these guys who last fighting. Some of -- is -- -- the financial dynamic. But how he'd be how many guys you need on your roster that he that's great that everybody can't -- -- whether they want to how good they are out it. Even if they do ban that there still will be fights but idled this penalty for that yet. Suspended for the remainder of the game and the next London and place I assume this will go. Repeat offenders will get added -- suspended. -- I'm not an element which is always should be a deterrent. So I I I don't think you're going to feed them snap their fingers and say it's over. But my guess would be it's it's three to five years for being potentially two out of the game. And and as we know it has been for awhile now with the change in bench clearing brawls and and and game suspensions for leaving the bench. And and a whole lot and the equipment change speed of the game has changed it really is. In terms of fighting I think we have seen -- -- wait for the dinosaur knows. Who -- that reference. This is so who takes his spot so is it Florida the Cunningham. Neither of those guys are I guess known to be fighters but of the two or maybe there's another one who takes his spot on the fourth line. -- -- talking about his spot on the fourth point of the fighter yes set up both. Yeah. It could be any of those guys that it could be a college free agency could be anybody who just in here. I personally I'd -- quicker but they should be looking at whether they are not I don't know. Where they should be looking at here is are they gonna keep going with the same approach which is to give in the fourth -- substantial minutes now what substantial anywhere from. Five and a half to nine an -- that night. Or are they gonna make fundamental switch here and pushed those pushed maybe three of those minutes or those and on into the top couple slides may be across the first three lines. I would I would argue. Based on -- season -- out this time. Have your better players on the ice more often. I believe prime the pump get guys more right -- it. The 35 seconds sure NHL drives you crazy and you. I would as a coach be more inclined to outlet better talent out there how -- out there are logged out and now they're more frequently. -- I hope that they do is I don't know what do but I hope they do is diminish the importance of the fourth line had a great fourth line here with -- low life. Sort of god could and political on. I would be emphasized that and push it more like cops actual. Could've would've figures to emphasize that you're saying that Portland with the Orton in that type of -- and just replaced it had a guy likes boot her out there it's legal and a four lines but it's going to be. Our full let's going to be speed it's gonna be skill it's not exactly going to be. Just the grit and now hostile if they changed that kind of philosophy. I think epic into your -- saying the same thing here Lou but but it takes a fundamental change in how they play the game. The truth of the matter is because -- -- and practice I'm looking almost didn't matter. That this routine plays. -- -- that this is the two sides but I think her and speak. If your game is. Regain possession deep in your own and being moved up in the unit ever it is the sort of lack -- better work your plodding approach. Is it that your game since Pete really isn't that important because you're coming up for the fight at that you come up any speed you want it. Sure it's great if you come up factor which -- never gonna get five guys to move at. At that eight. -- -- that the lowest common denominator has always been touched I was gonna bring down -- -- -- -- speed. Now if they decide stretched their game and start to bring forward war. Being more transition emphasize. Peace more if you will run out then it could change so. If if they're gonna stay in their old game scheme I would say they'll probably dial in the -- line. At those 678. Minutes is bigger and it changed you'll see. What I -- That changed that they they stripped that out not only in terms of minutes to the better guys that stretched their game out physically look more for a long. Breaking passes as frankly we are Canadian doing I'm not advocating that it is the end game. Has a new model but I think what we saw in the final we're gonna see more. Didn't Paul DuPont from the Boston Globe where this for talking about Sean or no longer being a member of the Boston Bruins -- for a men's and 937 WB -- lasting for a Kevin. In terms of it's the void in leadership and guys leading by example through their play vs some of the raw raw stuff on the bench and locker room. How does that dynamic shift without -- being part of the roster. I think they're great leaders in the room. It was sharp with Bergeron. A secret she has to step up a little that category the -- Camelot and not forget what will be packed. I'm -- leadership and sort of -- what what's in leadership I think mainly leadership is a team stacks and like the coach. And I think they've got that I think and I think that it's. Transmitted by the guys talking about. The rest of that is Bob. Is there's some Ike and the element to -- in the stands in the media. The true leadership comes from -- -- -- -- -- -- of work or talent guys who. Are very connected to the coach. Sing sing the coach's message but better example -- Foxboro Brady. That's where the true leadership from. Yeah thanks a lot for coming Hollis I appreciate it our records and account -- -- -- -- in the Boston Globe -- baloney orient --

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