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O.J. trial 20 years later 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

The guys discussed the O.J. trial 20 years later.

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Our 3-D NC I feel bad and wholeheartedly apologize in our list of big events we left outstanding book. -- include major sure one of many unfortunately I would invite the tough guy shootings from the 617 Texas and said. You you all white folks still pissed. But a black guy got away with murdering two white people and a call to talk to write him a phone call enough guy that that's -- -- and what races the murder all he's my race. Goal. It's certain that you'd wanna white if I'm white wanna like kind of walk free ball -- -- because he's white. Corporate separate OJ got every -- In the book -- of the privileged life at least since Tuesday USC. He was famous put him in movies and commercials have been. In -- mansion in Brentwood. Then he decided you know once I'm up against here now. The man is trying to keep me down if -- -- and obviously. For him the man was going to suppress. Oh press should say men's and press. Persecute. They -- a racist cop who's going to set up by woody woody -- yes of course central casting right. -- -- American order -- yeah mr. hurts him and -- the article in Sports Illustrated while not revealing a whole lot of new information was injecting new life in prison now -- Full circle perfect. But I guess he did a lot of blow. I guess he did a lot of drugs and I guess he was real involved in that. And he -- weighs about three bill. So bizarre. That he smacked his wife around. And then laughed about it -- Roy Firestone that's another way of this world is changing I know it's still a problem and we -- ray rice's Donnan. And number guys document Ray Rice sitting down -- -- Jeremy shaft. And laughing no you group it is one of the more chilling images from way back when the officer more than twenty years ago and he joked around about it -- Roy Firestone brought -- financially giggled. Along with OJ after he beat his wife. Partial not back in the -- he was such an excuse to throw perfectly and I mean -- BP. He made Larry King seem like TJ alzheimer's. And his girlfriend proudly says in the pace that there were a number of times when there was a dark side to him finale. Everybody public saw the happy go lucky friend -- and Jews here the Jews and then behind closed doors he would often go to -- dark place. And she said that he said to her either you stop doing that you're gonna end up like Nicole. That's good a threat averaging right at tablets you stop doing -- -- -- and you would you I guess I would Khamenei -- business those twenty years ago that OJ it was cold or cold. The LAPD he was going to turn himself in and instead got in the backseat of white bronco Al Cowlings driving. Allegedly apparently. A gun to his head. -- -- -- And I'll give credit though they didn't speed that's true -- -- -- a low will be he'd chase true it was as so real as anything ever seen on television. The voice you're gonna hear is Tom Lange and -- Our Tom -- LE PD detective trying to talk OJ into turning himself yet. Everybody loves you don't do this I know you've taken -- They had just throw it out the window. It nobody's gonna get hurt I don't know what that deserves no you don't deserve -- have heard you do not deserve to get hurt. He. You get hurt. They'll do they'll -- ever loved -- all over all -- have -- lover. Yeah. Let me get miles are you gonna do -- went out here. My whole body. But OK and because of what Obama. Jorge and that would reporter we're gonna do that just throw again have to window -- at aqueduct and nobody gonna let you go up there just throw it up to and hopefully you scared everybody. OJ you there. That effort. And I think he got away from it I know day nobody's gonna virtually every OK it's where you know that the -- -- earth orbit I don't know. All I know that but do it for the kids to -- it out. -- kids I'm not gonna hurt anybody I know that Internet etiquette for me I don't think -- I'm just gonna go with me. Please he's getting everybody though it is can. It's all about all of our you can tell later on that they had in mind that I was sorry that I dump site that I did it for the police the plus and I think you should tell yourself in battle and had to tell you kids. It kids need you. A very very good -- -- my kid but you know what I can say goodbye to your kids are you gonna you gonna see him again. You wanna see him again. Please -- care less you -- and then. Please thank you very good got to mandate oh you're good god you well I appreciate it from very good -- that they could do it it's not just an. Good god okay thank you that is a lot of people who love you so broad. So we'll go away. I can't take oh yes you can't issue can't. -- -- -- -- lover I understand a look everybody packets so everybody always that I love everybody we know that and everybody lets you. Everybody does don't do this. Just but it got to throw it out the window. Our -- our goal away it's going to be a lot better the -- and please. Let you go up to the hospital we needed to throw out the -- We'll let you go up if we need you the -- that -- Have been happening there aren't good. But if you took out the window that they have to do business critical may have. Way. I know I've seen it but I see is -- are again. I -- it out of his -- that I just thought this. Is just try to help. We just try to help and it is trying to help. News about just doesn't. It's okay eight. Got up well and then doubt no doubt about it -- to reduce. Your heart out didn't come out. News. -- -- -- Eight figure that is not news I thought that. Society. Well I was sick I was little no stake exec sessions aha that's -- or make. That's yet you better at how many are innocent people. Accused of crimes it has to be able accused of crimes. Come that close to killing themselves as a result. Does -- seem like a logical it was an admission of guilt that have there were horrendous was the -- is an admission of guilt. -- -- with -- terrible actor acting -- -- what a war yeah the world's worst that he was never ever gonna pull the trigger he loves himself too much has problems loved to mildly crimes I loved it too much I love everybody -- love yourself and we -- you Jews have the guts to pull the trigger to save us all the trouble. I'm going through this. The trial this sham of a mockery of a trial. Put. They left him I believe he wanted to -- how he did he went inside he went into that he Palin goes how else. And then collings when the oldest in the car for awhile and OJ went in and took a shot were. Which is bizarre I could you be like washing away evidence I don't know and and changes clothes -- terrorists open. As if you need more evidence of whose. Guilt not his innocence. OJ sat down and wrote a letter that Robert. Since deceased. Part of who could things I looked as he left his spot on with us. Robert Kardashian reading OJ -- letter you tell me what you glean from this when yours. We want to understand. I have nothing. To do with the -- murder. Unlike what has been written in the press. Nicole and I had a great relationship. For most of our lives together. -- would like awful long term relationships. We have a few downs and ups. I think of my life. And feel I've done most. Of the right things. So why do I end up like this. I can't go on. No matter what the outcome. People will look and point. I can't take that I can't. Subject my children to that. And this way they can move on and go on with their lives. Please if I've done anything worthwhile in my life. Let my kids live in peace from you the press. I've had a good life. I'm proud of how I lived my mom got me to do unto others. I treated people the way I wanted to be treated. Don't feel sorry -- -- I've had a great life. Great friends. Please think of the real OJ. And not this lost person. Thanks for making my life's special. I hope I helped yours. Peace and love which. He's so he's an excellent leader. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not take his advice and not feel -- -- no Apple's will be the ultimate martyr god and now -- Mimi Mimi remember to look -- Carter should face yeah. When he found. Ojinnaka apparently there was a particularly arguably been given every -- -- -- sleaze balls one after hugging -- celebrate all knowing the truth. It's like Dershowitz -- -- Dershowitz. Breakdown this case from a disease and all the evidence in this madness that somebody asked them. If they go to do -- I would have no way of knowing that -- that's where I was as answer -- talk about a phony you know he's guilty. And that's why he wanted to get a -- could occur again this guy off. The fun forgot to try to brightly now the trick challenge getting off a guy who was just so you'll be called murder. And they got them off which is like score a touchdown and it in the -- 61777. On 7937. Johnson Gardner joined an extra DOC good morning. The more -- color -- Two quick go to stories -- -- made compete at 69 assembly that the -- -- and have a stadium. Made a buddy winning on the achieve in -- -- Cambridge for awhile anyway we get in the game it's appropriate halftime. After the game we were hanging around. That that the players left on the a couple of team buses to buffalo players and hopeful that we can have a file -- -- Lovable being Joey hung around for a while the crowd petered out there was maybe a dozen fifteen of -- hanging around openly accuse somebody peeking out. And with OJ remember lying back to the from UCLA that played for the -- it might -- -- little. All OJ was there and -- to a book signing in and Kapalua was coming to pick -- -- -- anyway. The fifteen people about kids hung out with the old -- was I could never reconcile the guy that was -- describe that they would be -- it would be -- later anyway the more point one. I was working in the prison system. -- when those drug and alcohol stuff when one the verdict came down. So the particular prison I was working. All the cell blocks from one side and like. Office and programmatic buildings from the other podium it's -- Larkin in the themselves and we will watch in the -- result command on the other side. And I'll never forget the role that one up from the cell blocks when he was. -- not guilty it was it was chilling in the official world is saying how could this guy get off. And the -- on the other side -- -- here and then and -- not because he's got off. I understand -- prisoners be more understandable they lost students at Howard university in May it's like when guilty it's you know yeah -- -- you know we talk all the -- much money Tom Brady's made coaches. Over the Asia add up I think all the money. OJ killing these two people me. For the car -- for Faye Resnick and K okay mark -- is TP Marcia Clark is and they be the John I offered that -- -- -- you're still do commercials -- you although he's the only one survived. Now that the -- karma. -- fashion card Cochran Cochran's gone Kardashians go on -- the -- -- Datsyuk and diesel measles. Yeah. And number plus failures and yet right held the knife salesman made twelve grand. Program means corporate millions of dollars that if OJ blows a flat tire. In -- actions not Con-way she some African. Still hot stripper somewhere -- some chick -- got alias to around 81 district. Well I think you'll hear him he didn't have his wits about him that you know six. And -- -- -- Walter mass student at 1930 threes -- he just had a birthday and dependent. It's awesome strength cannot handles athlete Johnson Cambridge John. -- go -- -- -- that I agree and disagree with a lot of New Orleans all the -- -- -- one year -- Spotlight the racial divide that we still have to be buried there. Home. In my next week when I did you guys that he did. Blacks were applauding your own PG a golf ball wasn't because I -- would could do it but for the community. Group of -- Anywhere and the people were plotting that he got away. It was a lot of applauding. This finally white Americans and opium just this week it would it. Criminal justice system. Work to -- -- And that's how a lot of people you should look a bit -- which you know I mean. People would -- be accused of cold murderer. And we -- glad that he walked free. I -- I have been glad we walked away but I was glad it. No it was brought to the spotlight to a for a that this had to stop. And all the little what what do you mean this type of stuff you mean double murders clock. -- -- But Russia opens -- -- in -- -- -- in the or in the racial and just. What does that have to do with this case John. What are you eating -- saint -- -- aren't. Because people are guarded outlook and pretend you. Not to say that I said the cheered because they'd double murderer. I can do so this has been -- and he wasn't judged by his. Here was -- -- -- white guy that the country quote I guess what about a black men in America -- to trichet combat ultimate -- The most important job. We -- male and I'm going to be important I got -- Ahmadinejad -- my years. What do you mean and on what you mean it was a wealthy and famous mouse guy who turned his back on the black community. And then when he was in trouble suddenly he was an oppressed black man that doesn't offend you. Won't be a little oppressed black man. Lighted to get off by -- why did he get acquitted. Because he has. I remember -- yeah yeah I mean in my back and computer alarm -- and -- I'll be looking at some of -- -- and I don't see anywhere where it is if you. He was a victim while a persecuted. Black -- he would -- do you have a that was that was a Cochran case right that was the whole reason he got acquitted. Yes yes it's moderate -- liberal racist. We got to quit it. Because he's black or you got 14% of the population. Including 9% of the income population. What a different argument of the -- but has nothing but that's never caught on specific -- And what you want to -- audits on its own -- very -- it was a disgrace right. On itself what I did it all on its don't forget everything else on its own the verdict was a disgrace right. We can't just audits and some. Have been on guys stood trial for murder that made an agreement that go to -- -- -- -- remarkable but I am a number of -- -- it's a question why did they vote to acquit him John okay. Their job done quickly that we got to focus is job why these jurors spoke to acquit him. I can't prove why do you think they voted to call John do you think OJ Simpson killed those people aren't. There a wide and they are quick -- Only go. I mean you've got got momentum false statements. You make -- false in -- saying that you know he didn't look appropriate weight mounted on the road course -- Supreme Court correct. You know an -- and the black men in this country and because of his skin color. Like OKO John yeah senator John Cornyn -- John McCoy got -- -- simple question -- and a simple question why did he get acquitted. Because because majority newspaper and decided to sell. -- wrecked -- did they decide to do so. Important to understand why that I was cute guy bigger win Mitchell's. Part of the camera because I didn't. On -- try one last time why did the jury. Acquitted you'll send you. Equipment like can't -- -- what did you answer. I did I can't why do you think they voted to acquit him. I have no idea. God is she Duca and -- if you he's got access to a computer you know. These other argument is another fine it's -- -- degrees at the Johnnie Cochran threw up and brilliantly it's this this is fiction this portrait of the racist. Conspiracy in the LAP for the race car became sort of -- conversational term and noted probably played the race card. I mean for the job he got I got a -- jury somehow -- Jerry Briscoe was selected another disgraceful job by Clark. In dark edge perfect -- -- -- Garcetti perfect soccer -- they played the card they brought -- and out there and it was or it could be my brother. I could never applaud a double murderer walking tree. I don't care what color he is and he went on nationality ethnicity whatever the idea that you it and jump from Cambridge who talked to many times it was a Smart guy yeah. Was happy to see you guys walk free after he cut his ex wife's head off and murder her friend essentially. It allowed John. And the people at Howard University to say how does that feel. And what -- but my focus on as what how does that feel that somebody who was. Was it traversal right how does that feel that somebody guilty got off as opposed to our pain how does it it's how we feel when somebody innocent. Gets railroaded to question big question ask them. Kim Goldman beat Fred Goldman and I'm sure they said well all right fine yeah we owe you one we got to where I don't not a big deal sunny with a scorer here it's. It's just insane and it is a fascinating dynamic its millions of people. We're happy. See this this this this evil man we are loopholes while I agree you would look at these poll you read in the paper that's back in every paper. Blacks. 70% thought he was it would say he was -- would say but they knew I wasn't 95% would -- was guilty because he was guilty right. But what black people we're just saying it because -- was black. Because of that what did you eat this up on the system that has held them down hard work for that could that I don't what you guys what changed the next -- it -- it isn't other examples couldn't find another example of somebody with whom to sympathize. I mean this could be the single least sympathetic human being. On the history of the planet disguise meanings arrogant use evil. He was just really really bad human being and it's sad that he's our guy gives his voice and black culture even used him in that the last. How the world price was aboard some existed in white doctors bought black white for white panel on life and then you know good thank -- Ex wife she stood by them. The spammers to -- and they knew better than anyone with Brent what are we street industry. Bundy drive Rockingham rock rocket you out before a house down by the way she -- them Monday. -- at the pond -- -- that are buying up my M. On this -- -- yeah return to really need to talk about that would be -- World Cup but buying up cents -- said Tom Lange was on some program. Last night. And said the reason that he utilized if we thought. All these specific little bits and pieces of information like -- receipt from the my store is because they were so overwhelmed. And so. -- overwhelmed. Lush with DNA evidence all kinds of evidence and blood splatters all of those kinds of things they thought it would just be clout in the waters that the added more of these little ancillary items in there to the trial. And he said he wished they had -- they found her blood on stocks. And if his car and in his prime cuts in this cuts probably get a -- with these two. It's just awful right -- to keep Saint John who did you say has spoken of in twenty years judge Ito CEO said he has not. I would not speak about the OJ Simpson trial ever and he has made that promise stand up. It was a big star effort to member Larry King a couple of dancing at Wellesley college and an identity you know you cannot -- futuristic -- -- -- was only -- -- happened a huge 150 -- rental and for those who cannot grasp how big it was all consuming. As a joke some compare to. Because it lasted so long right and everybody had an opinion about it and it was soaps and heard the whole and we -- I was in Cleveland with the rents yeah. When the verdict came -- -- Jews would compound Google and you would be doing this every day for eighteen months -- so it's no we will we will. We were built right into our. We weren't here then go to ought to -- right -- -- -- -- becoming entire thing out of today's way to pay and understands because it -- -- at this stage trial and the last thing you expected was an acquittal because. I mean the we saw the numbers it was a nine billion to one chance that wasn't her blood and on his hawks are -- Mean the evidence that was piled up to her blood was cited in his car but they've made them think that -- put it there. Said mark Mallard could -- -- there like he took. Her blog yet like sprinkled it all Utley and then he took his blood yet. And sprinkle the places he says the port because he says this guy Jerry Lewis make and they script writing the script exacting as part. And he says the and words and his love away fairly glove didn't fit the -- right that which is in the comical thing he EOJ try to put any glove right now -- pretend it doesn't sit right here drops one glove. At his house correct and one club with the murder scene and they both had blood on yet. And that been doesn't fit this must -- monster goes to court says look. He spread his hands go like this and says. -- modular approach a couple of that the jury to like I'd just like at bats. And and the jury it was just completely and apologetic jurors afterwards. -- that still feel like the equivalent of let's say it's not Babcock were -- killed two people will be like Kevin Bradford Abraham beat you Eads would managers. Disagree owner Rick having those twelve jurors basically -- OJ that's what I can't help question right would we be doing this 24/7 on the station if this happened it has happened and this ties up the whole story now think about this. We think possibly when all is said and done. Eric Hernandez will have matched the two best and seen him one more. Gregory that and we haven't talked about him constantly since now it's a different -- is different but it does feel like he's so guilty. There's no way could get off and has this weird you know -- and I can say oh and I think OJ is that one million. Yet one in nine billion to nine point one -- I I I am not 100% convinced that Aaron and this is going away for life as he showed. But there's always that. Kind of know -- -- -- -- lying it's call and it cannot little plot and you know it's amazing he didn't get hung jury wasn't like the pollen in the mistrial delegates are succeeding it's. There were twelve in the order and how long that took them and come back for four hours it was barely time to get lunch. They didn't think for a minute they got in the room the close its doors and they said not guilt at the hell out -- here. Yeah no they wanna get out their drug abuse -- and on all right Brooks -- -- and cash in out we'll take a break.

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