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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: jogger killed 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines brought Cuba AT&T they cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network. Storage for. As Simmons called student -- cream mrs. awful story twenty year old student. On after Rama fathers they would please issues struck and killed by Jeffrey pick off a 44 year old chaired. We learn now he has been faulted -- accidents. Site with multiple moving violations in at least 29 incidents resulting in several license suspensions -- not have licenses suspended the time the sex. He should do hard time. He's gonna get like in a -- a -- -- months or something and a year ago he should do and yours mean clearly negligent. Clearly did -- -- never license right. Mean -- just murdered that girl was there alcohol all the most 29 incident. I doesn't know it does not say it's a -- no alcohol and -- how can you be involved in 29. Incidents and head and accidents I mean it's like -- at you guys. -- is reckless his slices have been suspended after racked up three violations between December 2013 January of this year. For crash inspection sticker violation entrapment but registration. -- say pick off Scott behind the wheel of a white Ford Explorer -- Cramer down shortly before 430. Where she was pronounced dead she put soccer -- high school graduate in 2012 -- on leadership award. You know she isn't enough physical therapist does she -- -- Simmons. Students are classmates loved her the people really bought a pretty girl -- and -- speeding. And you know -- drinking or texting one. Mean this guy is I know who's drinking when I mean just guys like Vegas like I got an idea take his -- a lot of work. I mean -- in trouble -- -- just doesn't care I question is in your right to get late eighteen months old -- and eleven whatever to free to kill again why does he get twenty years. You're talking about science and whatever that's fine but wanna be YE fifteen. Why is that eight -- it's a good question it's a good question what's the difference from in the guy this is not jail right now because you don't you don't you know he's he's not in prison right now. And he'll be out of jail a year for that you won't be in jail and served this time what will this be a manslaughter charge. A book you have vehicular manslaughter would know that border oracle. Order out a year of motor vehicle homicide. Operate with a suspended license. A marked lane violation in speeding well so yeah I don't know here's. What's it is your upper cost families reporters tried to talk to him. We're just wondering if mr. Craig what do you say anything about it. Yeah. So they cop an attitude. The -- -- That's sick to credible when he knocked off by leadership that he he'll put in jail now -- -- -- in jail without bail -- -- why they don't taken more seriously so -- running on the roads and you're riding your bike in preparation for the pan mass risk absolutely you are at risk to push a little harder this special Harry. That's true that's frightening people like that -- it's good she's it was -- gets -- tonight live it's -- -- in the middle of the afternoon. The wasn't even sunset -- at 3 o'clock in the morning thirty on eight clear beautiful perfect day this month. -- -- gorgeous curled and it's like his family back at my guesses how many can only guess apology only this text. I'm against ball America's drink and Tuesday -- whenever. And texting drinking texting would that be in the story. We had a deal that tranquilizer yes I mean -- texting right yen the -- -- -- his report that but as know your point John. If all these violations there's I've read nothing yet and have been busted for why now which is -- to twenty Nightline has had on the reckless driver right right topic you lazy -- it is to get sticker each of the -- don't. How would you keep some. From getting behind the wheel car. We take license away having him not registered doesn't work is only one way -- -- cage. He belongs in excel Robby is the only way right from the CD -- put these guys all the time usually it's guys the why you put resides out. That's true. He's not Trixie can have that thing we blow -- the struggle car right right which you can fix anyway -- -- -- it would have some car. You get some really they own -- recognizes that your. Here's something I don't think -- just raw doesn't it -- blow for somebody else leading the DB designated blower would do that particular. -- mean the driver struck. So why would you do this at some of these crazy girlfriend or dropped them -- -- someone who's on the prescription pill I don't. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- His interest in one a Canadian paraplegic -- fractured his penis. Is suing doctors over botched diagnosis that allegedly -- his manhood one in shorter and ruin the man's marriage. The plaintiff from Quebec wants a 142000. From the hospital according to Montreal based UG ED CQ MI. This is causing greater impact in my life then when I lost to use my legs like that said the -- -- injured while having sex and his wife in July 2011. After going to the hospital a nurse quote may be brief visual inspection of the penis without touching it. Accord to the lawsuit -- that said there was just minor trauma the man's penis who sent home. It -- further examination for several more weeks the man was unable to have sex before it was finally diagnosed with a fractured penis pictures. The plaintiff which. The ball I don't know a ball in the have a friend I thought you did watch a ball in the bone and now it went up the good of a fracture with a -- -- is the I don't have -- -- ultimately. Compete as well out of owners -- -- -- under the knife which of the permanent scar down there. The worst parties it was a -- penis size about an inch. Which eventually led to his wife leading man is so hostile for -- company interest that leaves us trying to anguish left over. Now some people wouldn't be an issue right brother -- would be big he lost in itself as we heard worse than when he got paralyzed to besides a paraplegic yeah. All three legs work right fractured -- that can't. I mean I've heard injuring its right yes that's pressing the need is different frivolous lawsuit now by. 142000. And he was injured while having sexist. Presidency she hit the road. Which when the -- she's gone he lost an inch. Happily -- angry and she stood by him and it's like ruby ruby the Eagles song to be. Kenny Rogers on yeah yeah. He's paralyzed that's about the guys -- -- -- -- noted that it didn't go to your country is a terrible -- a -- it was it right to ban might have been a -- but he was in the wheelchair. Which who have sex with Kate Upton the meant. After which fractured -- It's the recovery time like what is that only months apparently it is fractured Verlander arm no kidding. Three months he can't easily get -- now and one not as many times you. Many dips in the ocean -- -- when you have a fraction Weiner I don't want that. How painful. -- in the pain that you would do but what you already had one of those right fraction. It certainly testicles. Hurt a hell of a lot for a couple of weeks early but yes no I wouldn't want to go through again. -- at alta -- the fracture penis. Cool and it closed the couple -- I don't even I don't know what is I don't I. Are right here's an accuracy of Hollywood news it's that I'd give up -- it is about -- would you. That excellent. Kathryn Bigelow and writer mark bowl the team behind Hurt Locker and your partner there. Have committed to a vote berg gulf -- Yes click it and they've been working behind the scenes for the past couple of years much like rupiah in -- these are dark thirty. You act like this that Jerry is based on the Rolling Stone street which is quite sympathetic. -- -- -- -- believe this is going to be -- berg gulf -- puppies and I don't believe that Kathryn Bigelow did Hurt -- and will -- -- sympathetic -- so what you're suggesting is they're going to leave out the portion where he was stalking the teenagers it -- we find out that he's a -- Going to be sympathy outlets that's the thing it sounds like what they were deep into this movie open lot there and make it. It was going to be about the asserts is woman's search and not be lucky as bad and but its turn at the children really. Revenue are making a movie changed open on the fly. This month -- it was well but able -- elbows with Kathryn Bigelow -- or thirty great to Hurt Locker really good to. Some tickets go. What's wrong with this hall would note the schism in the globe Leah Peter Abraham notebook it's open. Director and producer Rob Reiner was at Fenway and threw out. One of the ceremonial first pitches. Period paragraph who would the other one now that's not the law I'm April it's. Would you ever make a reference to Rob Reiner and his column writer and producer. I mean what T know if you're just hit it on to some local guys today in the New York Times you know as the -- at what's in the first. Needed to -- me. He was right I mean that's who he is he's mean he's old now Sony's success -- these grave but when he was in his prime. He was -- he played one of the great TV characters of all time. And you you reference and without mentioning that I would say on its own he's had a really successful careers rector who is who is these guys like that. Mis directed -- I'm the misery in the few good men repeatedly about act -- Yeah justice producer and director. If we want to bonus mess and the Rough Riders on Leno has me correct as one arena and if you saw him. And you -- -- -- -- head that you either you got your hands and Austria every and what he hates. -- so I mean if cellist Brothers threw out the first pitch with the with the say activist and philanthropist and a spokesman for you know African orphans once they -- people it's not the first -- he would say. They would say Korea -- an actress to actually threat. It quickly the eight year old boy tossed from the Manhattan special needs school for threatening other students for the paper gun. Belongs in the classroom it is teachers insists. Want the -- school. Let me guess -- wasn't -- eyes at the excuse that it wasn't -- wasn't and the safety was on both safety -- yeah -- hard training he knew how to use of paper -- -- school band -- Sure Palmer from attending classes next fall for using pretend guns on fellow students and saying -- would kill the girl with whom he -- accord complaints. Asher suffers from ADHD any communication disorder that's exactly why this kid is in school. Schools these spokes to be having these problems is a school for special needs the exhibit C specially -- kick about -- paper -- Paper guys -- this kid you did have a picture do that policy. Here's a picture of the paper gun. That's like a machine -- It looks like -- I got a AK forty snow was so thick paper towel roll. They -- this kid from public school brings -- problems in the private schools have -- embracing Bogut -- he spoke to help with these problems. He exhibits these problems that would -- kid hasn't made except grant -- -- seventy Graham. Have a degree in the year yes. What I'm glad they kicked him out I got a I that we are probably true what about a rubber band. On your thumb and they're out that's real weapon and put it I mean I am assesses the real now that the actor of some. Harrison the election this Harry of -- comes out of his finger thing. The music of exists the point to -- he better be careful as in Lexington that would get you thrown out. You'll be excommunicated yet -- at Tony's day. Let's look at him he's fine that would reduce that she should be okay that's right that that's that's the plant go off figure could move. Headlines brought to you by AT&T 6777979837. When we come back we will marble. At mine hull time flies.

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