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Shawn Thornton on his time in Boston 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

Shawn Thornton joined the show to discuss his time in Boston.

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As ever to Dennis and Callahan and me in the hand and I think even -- -- would argue that he was perhaps not one of the most skilled members of the Boston Bruins but he certainly was in the short list of most admired most respected and most well liked. In his career seven your career in Boston anyway people close yesterday but the meeting with Peter surely -- joins us on the AT&T hotline. Good morning Sean I do this morning in the -- today. Martin as well ought to a little -- about religion -- -- I'll -- permanent burial. When he walked meeting yesterday with -- surely. -- -- Around a long time I assume that. It would have been. In -- late Monday afternoon. I mean he walked in there right create news well. I mean there is solid but yet it is coming into here. We'll be ticket holders wanted extradite the next -- -- put. -- a pretty much. Knew it was coming up but. On Sunday put in front of them myself I get back on Saturdays and on Monday. But at around. Two part question here did he stayed behind the desk just in case should badly and didn't elaborate on his reasons. And -- that the business. I better yet if it is that aren't really very very fortunate but I have to do it here -- here that are happening more guys on there out of one market. The airport line. I -- and be a tough guy picked yet moved around a lot more of there's a builder in this city for seven years. I'm really fortunate. I think that that this I think that -- problem they're just ready to play you have to see you know last year. They got to make room for these guys and I can understand that well. But he didn't have to tell me early you can happen public face of it. But again I'd probably play right up more -- -- -- -- -- guess if everything about the organization. When they -- until yesterday it was. This first possible I appreciate it. How much of a factor -- is the game the changing of the game the evolution of the game where there might be you know a movement away from fighting and less of a need for fighters is that a factor. -- -- -- Look I I think that. Well I don't like quite annoyed -- -- -- about my job my bracelet job because I see it. Let. Lot of people. But although lots of -- so that we can agree. Or client and that. Doesn't come from me despite epic that. You know to play it helps. Aren't trying to get the league obviously it. They're trying to say that note we'll leave but. -- ordered by next year I mean there. Still a lot of top guys in the league that have jobs next year and I think that. It's not going to be gone the next few years saw. I talked with. Egypt did about I -- that you know. I think what literature whatever team whoever's on I guarantee it won't come off of one -- -- -- -- as a hero on Dexter and Libya. A topic of editor of the mr. But you get the sense so I side I think -- your -- this -- a couple of the people do you get the sense that you're sort of the last. Generation of fighters do you think 1520 years from now it'll be completely gone. It I hope to be completely gone I'm not sure if it's -- -- -- meeting with Carolina won't -- back in those six. You couldn't find a job offer a tough -- the next -- that it happened in and we wanted to now I don't seven. Guys -- billion dollar deal -- out of it because we're the biggest fattest in the league that year. There's been an eleven -- we wanted to hear that next year will want to. How the biggest fattest in the I don't. This year Montreal it. Buy out the minutes oh my god we got her outward so I think I think in the game and a -- it built up and down lose weight. Articles but I adult ticket going anywhere now that the won the national to sit on the bench and take up space and all that -- I'm gonna tighten you know. But we're gonna pick up a lot Arctic here I agree about the at all that he. Fighting and as I've worked hard to try to -- the players at all. I know about that as their properties are pocket where it can -- it again. I think parallel. -- if you were in the studio looking at the AT&T -- line it would do your heart good one text after another we -- authority will never forget -- -- -- stance for everything I try to teach my young son respect hard work local team and -- we appreciate you -- genuinely. And Joseph Hagerty writes today or rot and to pay attention of these adjectives here and tell which one means the most to you. Attitude swagger. Work ethic character leadership and good humor into the bruins' dressing room last seven years particular order. -- You like I think -- -- -- that that I had swagger before. That. Air they're probably yeah or. I think that. You know what you're talking boat. People are all white top vote. People's character more literate and also. I'm glad that people think OK care care. Eight -- winning the cup obviously what we're lasting memory not -- you know it just a general thing like the guys with a passenger -- -- lasting memory of your seven your stay here in Boston. There's a few not -- on. But the point what are they loaded walk that you know what -- -- to people behind. The tour. It'll help 30036000. People out there as an act as opera aspect of it but that is that is. -- -- -- Sort of -- up against these you know he immediately figured I was -- law. That that -- typical picture at -- Read speculative familiar to do that well. That there is a lot of -- those seven years. -- beyond what. What should happen for bikers specially you know coming from. -- -- here in the NHL who. And miners the miners as to what happened and people are seven years and it's. But it made it out it breaks here and and just in terms of visceral satisfaction the revenge game in 2010 we -- Matt Cooke. It's. I didn't I note there's the right thing to do so note. A lot of people appreciated that at my job I was I was meeting on. You -- always knew this might be your last season he had did you think. As a team you're gonna -- -- -- last year you won the presidents' trophy. You were one of the favorites to go to the finals if not win at all. A little disappointing the way it ended as a team. More than a little eyes are out here. -- out and walk through but I do hate talk and indeed and -- -- and you know what went. But yeah I I still think. And that is that they can -- it from new Yorker market Berger RI -- reveal. Could -- competed at a couple looked into the last putt on the final and again just a waiver belt. Or golf with you know Saturday and and hope for better popular guys that -- everyone says the same thing is Bert. Project much shopping and also what you -- playing up until last week. So what in your mind what went wrong. Well I mean there -- a lot of things we we -- player and I think it is believed he. It you don't hear me. We weren't aggressive we -- gonna talk a little bit. We're pick analysts' outlook that we don't hit fourteen crossbar and post a little bit the lucky you need it all you look at -- 111. A writer at diplomacy. Get through. Can you pick a dictator Google will not happen. I can't let it and it went the other way at Rutgers and but thought the shuttle and then they did -- monopoly here all locked out and pick and possibly for not winning but you need a little bit of that. It sure it'll look well and probably we'll call it plan well. But there's a lot that wouldn't do it. -- will say that -- and they're gonna be good for a long time that are. Their guards are all about the -- to go huge marsh scratched all those guys they're. Just coming into the -- -- and I are really get in there for a lot of years so. About the -- They don't feel they need to make last year amid expire shops -- -- -- -- get the feeling they need to do anything significant this offseason to be in that spot again pictures lot of rumors. -- you know martians maybe -- a balk. That. I. I don't know -- -- up until -- extra people call it do you invent it they keep spiraling out of control I don't like. Archie had won five gold -- certificate the picking up power play. Opportunity all year. He's a good player and there's. Just be careful what you wish for if you he's dynamic and Iran talk but -- -- inside. You get that out of the game is built all the best players -- -- -- so. That is. -- to answer questions are now about the GM Petersburg -- which part of the media you know he's doing. I would forget how we dominated throughout the season and you know but it that a little bit of pop up it is different different -- I would be able to not owes me. A shot every time we've changed teams you had to deal with this concept of this -- comparable or awkward feeling that is the possibility at some point next year. You might have to fight a former member of your team a former teammate of yours but you wrap your head around that you think about that. The job I've done it a number of times. Now travel on a Montreal what about what are your friends that are Victor is important for years in the Anaheim and Chicago in the -- when. We don't get up in an underground movement. You just the -- part of the imminent won't hear the one here because I -- organizers had program let in previous years let. It part of it but I don't. Well think about it either. Open right about the albums. I talked it up neatly done -- -- talk here are we gonna but it happens let. It's. But I'll be on don't looking to do it -- any ill will -- The organization or anybody here I love every part of it if you -- -- age old problem here so. -- -- Who would do -- to avoid if possible and who would like to -- in the -- Accepted by -- or that there's no it like lack of note though honestly I get us a dollar goes really -- everybody. -- -- beaches which distraught -- the big big boy. He's. Also help. We're pretty tight who have been here seven years. So we'll go on vacation together we're pretty different result but there's nobody -- -- to play a bit like. Not quite exist no political play. About -- medium member crew which means yeah. Yeah gently. I I think that it all the art but it all the bully of a pick anybody that there also all of you saw. And haggard is a bigger venue in one way enemies to have a that you. Happy and able to detect it it's not bad I would not like you know I'd like they're -- they're great they're -- there's little to deserve to. My slapped it easier or copper -- -- -- -- from. -- and fighting Alia Barnett is safe bet that not a birth but I like catalog at ever honestly great relationship with the media they're -- -- and expect them to there was a lot of under public. Who they didn't. Do you could. Do you expect to have another job soon or could this be the end of the road. Holes gotten -- Not been durable but -- -- a lot of interest that they're. Well. There that it happened yet it to upgrade to drop to thirty. -- minister called -- eager. Rumor -- that might interest here and there but. Hope that the law. The bottom plate we're -- the world and conducted. Political leadership. I'll get to that there's got to get to that the second the first assessing -- they think Sean as you look ahead the composition of a potential new team. The ability of that team to win and the city geographically it's offers that you liked. What to replaces with interest -- you could say here they -- or maybe there. You know -- I was able I -- did not share I think. But I'd like winning the -- -- those of the greatest part of the around here who are now five years and that we always had a CNET. Was in contention. I don't usually show up you the national you're losing everybody's different visible well. But we -- -- the decision not to talk to the spot light up eat you know -- -- -- and see what. If there's a lot of interest and we got the narrow it down the recent decision to make -- bigger problem out. You know packing up you mention -- packing up and moving is just as hard on the family how Roger wife responded to this. And it. It will immediately hit it Q party they're like organized -- -- to be sorted out exactly that -- technically. This area because you -- -- -- alternate side. I think it helped -- -- back here. Whether we've bred her place that look like he is -- president at peace Paula gone. I don't think we keep me up to pick up and move everything we can. Biologists reverently up rental -- will keep there's specific idea but -- one ball from whoever's cabinet. Yet is that when your -- when -- whether it's next your tears valued this is where you're going to live right this is. I'm not a plan nothing changed since well. Or tackle we've. Would love it here for seven years -- actually had a lot of old friends here now here. I'll recruiter he's an old come back when when playing for them on this eventually come back here. So it is that in Iraq now I think. I can't assault on the world should lose that she could go to the atmosphere -- -- -- a few Beers I got to come back. Hey if you -- to a teammate make sure it's not somebody like you know that your team anymore like -- Sagan is somebody had wrote my apartment to. If it and yet. Thanks a lot of you look for all the -- down page editor of the Bartlett. But vehicle would settle down is directly. Everybody assumes when it does then two years from now three years from now whenever there's a media career in your future surgery job -- -- -- Change our. I don't know that I'd like it. See how I -- -- not all that felt good but like here required and shape I didn't build they're. I'm still a long trial she's the wanna get in -- wanna get -- -- the -- -- here every day. So we got a pick up along -- -- if possible but. We'll see what -- those other views on either of the people like get -- and some well. Wolf it was -- that are here as well don't all reader there. Getting into media would obviously be something that. A lot of grocery. Outlet all of a much it. You know try to -- here. We leave you with this question if you go to a new team and some youngster is wearing number 22 how much are you willing to part -- Doctors at quarterback. -- -- -- -- -- -- I never really did superstitious. I've never had to say number any every kind of went somewhere there's like what number. You lot like what you have -- it's an insult. I'm not worried about it. I'm not back I added to give the number whatever bottom of a number of about the I'm glad that people could get a fire was. Might it out here -- pretty cool that it's not not a big. Government well speaking for everybody on the eighteenth he text line and I'm sure your phone has blown up we appreciate your cooperation we appreciate your good humor. Your ability to answer our questions and an -- when he asked is stupid things. And if the setting we can do for you when you get back from the charity standpoint you just say the word and will be in touch. I appreciate your daughter -- yes we are will be either. I -- about that a little -- all right John -- best best wishes to you talk to down the road. But -- drop but -- Kelly on the AT&T. To punch the. McGwire right the last time I -- on in street clothes in person -- this summer games but the he was. -- image of Bowman's room at the hospital Boston Medical Center. Couple of along when amputees. Maybe a week after the bomb yet. No -- grown. Showed up 'cause it was the day after a night and morning after a night game. And he just pops in and says hello everyone take pictures that one just like on his own. It's what he did you not -- to you because -- still lives there that's a method a system yeah -- -- always mad because I tweeted out yet. I was so impressed and you know obviously wasn't doing publicity wasn't in the paper. But I tweeted out any minute parrots somebody said he was upset he's -- that -- conducive. To -- Jimmy -- on Twitter at all you'll see every. Month or so we're always will be there again he'll be doing shielding him down and dirty getting all right for a play with kids. Not one of these things you know we're just -- a picture in and moves on right. He his heart was in it. Appearance and based on his goodness in his ability to not seagate it talked to not be 88 character actor in movies. Like tough guy. Our director when priest probably your -- scientist he looks like -- -- had a role in the Johnny -- what he Belgium yes exactly who got playing Kevin Weekes who looks just like a if he had a fifty mile an agreement or discussion demos to narrow things -- just eaten and and on some pounds. Right that looks just like in the probably. It will feel like that's given week churches like feel like that's what ball so this is going to be good -- 6777979837. Headlines with Kirk next.

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