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USA finally beats Ghana 6-17-14

Jun 17, 2014|

The guys opened the show discussing the US win over Ghana.

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Well I'm reluctant to do this but I suppose in the interest of full disclosure. I must admit at 2 minutes after 6 o'clock this morning. But I did something last night. I've never ever ever done in my entire life more accurately and throw things last night but it never done before in my life. Well we -- paying for sex is not one of them you've done that all time out regular basis. Because Jarrett a bit afraid to ask about what you last month the break -- -- and it's. I suspect an obvious that let me guess you had no we really had a panic completely out yep -- yeah facial to Joseph the facial. Are. Never had a facial at the couple. And you get a beer he drank a beer and also -- to. I'll never do that. Skip Matlock. Nadal got sick one day with the -- and I skipped the evening news with -- came to America and after a chance to Utley Wrigley. Com again. I watched. Not only that I watch an entire soccer game. It was the first soccer game. I took -- -- -- I took notes on a soccer game. Last how is that possible -- watch the whole game other than that you know goals and that kicked in the face. Losses on you always carried a guy off the casket I thought that was in a Pall bearers that you go overboard they packed him an ice. They packed him an -- to keep you know him -- via either way they do wouldn't you know people sever the spine. I don't think you know like I think -- -- got quite as much yeah treat attention you're going to live for sure it was this concede here is going -- his -- that was the proof I think sometimes after death like he didn't hear your body function without them up and -- You moved his finger to oh that's right the bowel movements what you saw was the -- going to have it accurately I believe after watching it. Please -- let me get this straight before we get on -- notes details he -- his -- This is strained while he strained his camps ranges and yes that is -- just sprained his stamps right. Quick question chasm of soccer novice does this happen where guys pulled muscles and go off on stretchers. Cry. I don't think I've ever seen a player in any sport. Pull a muscle. And requires -- that may -- bronze crap game like something the Navy SEALs they asked LeBron if you -- structures that look like a -- it just carried me to the bench. I hate lady Gregory Campbell card but I mean Campbell decrying structure that's true forget -- Nvidia. Gronkowski. -- that is ACL and didn't make as much of fossils ever my hamstring obviously fairly recently it hurts. But the idea that you lied down and wait. For stricter come out Harry you outlet is only like ten feet away you can just pop you guys -- -- -- you guys -- comic -- to. But if you if you if you can't get off a bigger are accessible to me senior football there is this code in NFL football. If you possibly can you get off the field on your own it's kind of manly -- yeah -- thing. Guys get carried off where they have to bring the cart out absolutely. Practice. Right not soccer. We get some mean maybe maybe someone has seen or her football player or basketball or hockey -- all yours being. Second extra on a -- been a wheelchair -- for a couple -- I think he did that for dramatic purpose yeah this -- according -- Wetzel that was what some some hero he was cry while this happened I saw was run was we capable org. These guys you know there Ehrlich Merrill's street and the crowd Q. It's true it's quite a talent. You see that -- guys. Who get fake injuries and then they can't decide whether they wanna keep they can see it holds up bright looking around at all I -- run similar but a fine if it's as comical as part of the game I understand it's a beautiful game. But they don't know even know which. -- happy beautiful game perhaps. He was crying. Not because of the pain. But because of the frustration all the time and effort work you put into this and he now knows he won't be ready. Sunday as Portugal says he says doctor Caplan that's too. Dirty outdoor was running full -- When he told his left leg and had really college strain of his hamstring muscle which is actually caring of the muscle belly. You can tell by the way he grabbed it that was in the mid substance of the -- -- -- by. Which is really a pretty good -- to the extent that he didn't pull it off the -- this is not something that's gonna require surgery or not sure the severity of the care. All of the early reports are that it cannot. Too too bad they'll do an MRI scan of course he's going to be a lot of pain at some swelling in brooding. But I think it's a long shot that think that he'll be ready for Sunday against Portugal. Even the following Thursday against Germany's gonna be tough these things lead they're very sore initially had a lot of weakness. I think is going to be Paramount down time at least a few weeks. Put him down. Just Leo gracefully yeah that was the -- different for the and -- want us -- -- offer on the witness who wasn't stunned that he returned like five minutes later in the second half. I was shocked this GO ZGO the Z ruled that it's very often a coffin your ultimate iron now I was and yet still. You know. Boning up on my rules but. I was shocked that he didn't come back. I was shocked you know that they meant to win without chose the Jerry knows this story. But I'll tell you and I am not anywhere near as stop the -- soccer players but many years ago. In a WE the -- WA AF celebrity softball at -- -- -- yeah yeah rivers -- I tried to lag a single into a double. I actually did it. And tore my hamstring. That was early in the game like third inning of the case maybe I was catcher. They gave me a folding chair -- -- -- boldly did -- a lot of again I'm -- -- other efforts obviously that showed he would chair chip shot. And it was all black and all I was -- it'll -- I remember Europe from mom. In the cube in the same sense now it was a double what's good it's it's good yeah you'd you'd marketed these in between games -- first place Sunday. After playing last clip that gives us the chance to fly home jerseys you know if you -- us through -- -- And they'll it was back in New York Rangers too -- for months in Vietnam and it can all play for Joseph can rally Elvis like it'll its a rally -- I think we should get its first -- need to know the rules of our Chicago. A week. -- and we couldn't redeem this may -- an exit -- -- it up a putt like that thing you did last is that they -- there and number -- doctor. I was the doctor Perry's hot dogs -- At. Doctor -- and father didn't it. Okay with the protein injections and a little cocoon of a do you under the you know clinic. -- all the girls I know you're not one of those you know -- I don't know I don't know if I could hear sexually attracted to that. -- -- -- The the you have to make a choice as a member of the media. You -- honest and objective or do you play -- pretend because that's what we do as real patriots. As supportive as our national T yes that was explained to people why homers and homers and in the media -- I'm inherently. Not honest. You know you -- him as a fan you know you look at it through. The -- as a supporter of your team by management at. By definition you know objective correct right into you it's like. Mike Adams talking about Derek Jeter and write a broader. And that's inherently hosted dishonest but disingenuous. To be a bit which it's okay you mean we're all fans and some form or fashion. But if you gonna talk about this game I need to do and I need you to tell me whether we're going to be. You know wearing a red paint their faces red white and blue with we're going to be honest. And objective and point out that they get their asses kicked for most of this game yeah. I'm OK with that but if you wanna play -- pretend like Alexi allow us. And I love Alexi we used to have more on all the time then I can do that too yeah so you just tell me whether you want to argue wanna begin Wetzel and and Alexi -- -- much of the media is just gonna. Playmate pretend like the court accorsi sporting news in my Mike of course -- -- we'll get him a little bit to him but I want to just talk to guys and if you wanna stick. On this station all day you'll hear some people play make pretend. I've -- actor Taylor Twellman on today fingers crossed your. Gamble -- actually he was and he wasn't bad and they got the Irish Tommie Smith I like it. He's Axl is that's an example of a guy not play and -- released into. Objective right and he's Smart intelligent way to. It was funny what was the other ago Alexi -- -- -- in the gauntlet to Oregon Landon Donovan Kasey Keller -- two days reverend I'll hook. Atlanta -- and so far -- yesterday we talked about WM dynastic bush now we talked about helmets in Iraq yes -- we now have a poster boy. For this movement we're starting to -- helmets and softball but what did you think of the US says performance Landon. While I was happy that we won -- Greece scored more goals in the team -- win. Yeah that was were you excited for that header by John Brooks. Thank you wanted -- -- -- -- Christmas and I don't think it's a satellite you get to sit out a line of credit. A win in the last sentence I suppose that soccer people exaggerated had problem because they exaggerate everything yeah. Landon has convinced we have exceptional. And -- yeah. -- number terrific but you do that over and over again for 34 your precious it right right and -- -- harsh practiced with helmets at least that an -- -- do it soft helmets you know like the old football helmet yelled yeah soft. You don't look like there. -- Am an entry that definitely can you got issues audience's questions we asked this all the time ESPN or whatever network -- got an ever think. Chance I might suck before harmed we ask that question how famous is right that's all -- -- they think it's a big -- because the news controversy -- matter he sucks right he's on it's he was all I mean he has all of Paris back Bob and it's like you know you're. Well if -- be delicate here but he doesn't sound like he's all right now -- Maybe there Siskel diminished capacity. That was dishonest about it says -- LA by himself in the probably in the field these guys have done this all just waiting for questions and things like. Bob on the outside these walls all. The Bob a UN that. -- -- and no I don't see the before we took our first break this subject. Would come up and that is -- how're we gonna respond to this how are we going to talk about this what did you think about it. And frankly I had a sleepless night trying to come up with what I considered to be. Part of part of part of one of the thing to divert them back. A sleepless night trying to come up with -- the exact accurate opposing not -- and not embellishing the exact accurate response. To watching my first soccer game last night in its entirety. I can sum up in four words and -- for office. I didn't -- It's fine I didn't originated it but whether you liked or hated -- beside the point is how it was -- how did the US look at it as compared again and other look -- got to couldn't get the ball away from -- They were Dominic soccer term for that and I don't know what it is -- They were dominated. And I know and they got lucky and they stole one as. I think Taylor twelve most of the play by play. To view it in well right and with. -- tournament said they stole. It did and then immediately. You know you heard this analysis is that they did everything right -- -- Could they if they ram -- and they didn't. Mean if you watch you'll have to know anything about soccer. -- -- -- to know which team was was better which. And it hadn't answered the question yes that is. As the US -- criticism -- saarc scale hot and the answer clearly is bowl. -- mean when the Pentagon. Is very dust. They got lucky -- as Taylor Thomas said they stole one and that's all well and good. But if your goal is to win again and again you're gonna win like five or six times. Is there any chance in hell that you see them doing that again Germany's rolled past pork to some. But there's there's there's no way it may be -- -- -- My being all about this. I'll just say this move over makers. You've been passed. And a vote and a Brooks Brooks Brooks that's the biggest goal in American history yet -- out. Absolutely absolutely I mean it was inspiring Alison this Toledo rallied the nation I'm Latino in this -- 1015 minutes were pretty exciting when those two goals scored I was at that point. Leading I was action. Yeah I was there was eighty minutes of boredom back I mean word on the injuries but in the end if it's a one goal it's like hockey left right and one goal hockey playoff game is great entertainment great intensity. And this is the same I mean but between the first -- And the second goal. It was tedious do you disagree. That there was like eighty minutes of just. Okay what it was a ruled the US model of the touched the ball it felt hopeless didn't think this -- is we're keeping us away from them and Tommy Smith Ian Kinsler whoever will play by play guys were. So did they just can't control the ball right -- he's at the very basic part of the game but they cannot hold on to the ball and guess and that. Does not portend well for the next game of the game -- until the 86 minute round. The heroism and that's that's -- dark right doesn't he and something dark. Ian dark. We need the it Marc Anthony. -- An element of and he's right though the only stole one they were -- played for eighty something minutes and they stole one at the end which is all well and could. But if you look at how they played how they look attractive than the news get a gauge their chant yes. Going forward would you say they're not good. Marcus. You could say. It if you wanted to get a bucket at say that they they you know -- as a slew. You know Third World hell hole that doesn't even I'm not well enough electricity. Allow other people watch the game. And they outplayed us. Convincingly for about eighty minutes right I think so yeah just how -- it was supposed to be objective we play and make put them on epic got outplayed them. Pretty significantly this was what I saw they want -- Talkers like -- right catalytic that's how we -- game no doubt and it was a great win and everyone jumped around went nuts and all these remote locations in Chicago and here in there in the army guys the military guys had a blast but what happens when they play Germany. The probably lose. -- does -- mean is there's some variable that mean that that -- in here now probably not. Don't know I let this country's moved on the wire the heroism that John Brooks demonstrated with that goal. And he was overwhelmed my first thought. Or -- when he kind of just started. Like almost fainting. And fell down on the turf I thought it was just he was so overwhelmed with the role he just played in helping the US win their first game. Turns out he had a paper cut two turns out he fought through a paper. Comfortable with. ESP and essential outdoor injury he now has enough to have seen that enough that seem like that's right I mean you don't -- -- doesn't -- as well or not just don't show TV gruesome. It is and watching him down main gates. The family must have a tough times a year ago -- easy okay well. And I I. I don't disagree that was the and -- last ten minutes -- exciting. The first thirty seconds isn't it true ultimately -- minutes can drag everything. It's and I look forward to the next game which like three weeks from Wednesday -- I got a -- -- school uses that. -- -- great pass the show was great and so was the -- -- That was an -- you know initially it's on the scale and missed on two more on the local school he back he learned back and -- that I and I got hit on the -- right side the -- items left a sports and I assume he's right -- -- left foot. Yeah totally that it would go outside -- -- spot away. Back and intent they should have done that more often on the one button I should talk to Oregon coach but -- they each of them wants place. Mean there were better and they just couldn't put it. Couldn't put the biscuit in the basket -- coach of cool. It and cleans his necktie as good luck while C. App BCF. Two outs -- apnea is their coach to feel bad for Oregon mean this is all they have and what happens now. These guys who people lose their lives and -- if those work out well. But. I'm and so the whole country was watching right it was all these people absolutely yes. What's the game is over the and the electricity electricity no running water right there are probably. Open watch children. Sure -- -- couldn't normally haven't gotten in jeopardy with the economic progress. It's as a country in this group of -- -- programs that aren't. 300 million people just stops this little. Third world health -- -- part. We're supposed to feel -- and is active players recognize accomplishes great upset and crying weeping and they have a hundred million I don't forget he's got these god -- mild right off. They said we're going to win and we guarantee UA -- -- so there are asking for. -- -- -- -- -- Warm here. It's warm all year but it's hot has bugs. Lies 140. To try at least -- he just -- -- you tell me -- Fordham a departmental watched the whole thing what -- -- abuse I got list. When that guy who was with Alexi. Says that Michael Bradley had a bad game Kasey Keller you hear that yes she can model for. An honest to god. That's my. Example right there this guy Kasey Keller said. The obvious enemy eve and you and I yet -- Michael Bradley sock yeah -- and he dared to say -- post election automobile at a bad game while. Mean I I know that game. I know he gave the ball away I thought was he's he's the guy it was fun it was a coach yes. That's why he's on the team last icing on the team now with the likes now via -- at the idea that on the decree tomorrow. That was recently so so there's not someone better than Bradley. Is Alexander Bradley -- No it's Jackie Bradley Judas -- about -- Actually Bradley the thirty he looks about as good as Jessie JB Judith Light but you know they dared -- Point out hope that he looked. And that's -- ball. Will have none of that here right in the world in this together and what it's like you know it's a war right girls and -- capsule history and it's up on the what you're was registered. World world when homer all of republics like us but just is here and you -- -- Wetzel writing the guys who were there covering it mean here in the radio guys in news. There's a fine line and I need to know which we're going to be and you tell me do you run your chart we get them. It's time to make that decision I want to read to you from Mike accorsi sporting news when we come back. As we go to break we're going to hear -- losses take on this when we come back Bobby Smith. Will answer your question how does the US advance out of this kiss of death. Group that there and we will try to put Joes c.'s. Like threatening injury in perspective yes I yes -- not possible. Don't think so not don't know what -- I want of course he does top the list what's worse. Think it gave dramatic keep skim. It right now maybe Wilson used to put his soccer team. In a room. That was only like four feet tall. This yeah that's repetitive they would lose they could never stand up to the sat or stood up and -- -- -- week three putt right or tendons that -- out you put -- in the papers stars. He really was -- and beat first beat first -- if they know Austin Metallica have fast team like the US exactly feet first. So this would be will put respect we've just courageous. That's the word yes -- tomorrow I remember I read it. Page for 52 bond -- neighboring pulled a hamstring yeah try to kill this one time 6777. -- 79837. And by the way shot -- will join us at 705. That was not progressive could afford a new way and you know what bubbly I don't care. This US team won it in a traditional way that was America that was an American performance. All the best parts the -- Yes sometimes the ugliness the set plays. The recovery even after problems arise. That was beautiful.

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