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Rubby De La Rosa Player of the Game Interview

Jun 16, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Lou Merloni Talk wit Red Sox pitcher Rubby De La Rosa who shut out the Twins today in 7 innings pitched and hasn't allowed a run in a start at home this season.

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Robby congratulations. One hit over seven innings as they get better and throw batteries of the game when guys that accurate. Yeah I think we'll close -- wound. On the opponent that. -- that's what the velocity goes up ruby which also gives you kind of -- really changing pace from net best ball that a change of making even more obvious when you missed it. Down. No it was -- little bit slower than McMillan uncle to look into enough and how -- -- into sole -- Now you -- six -- you went to 30 how's. I'd bet that seem to phase you did seem to worry too much you can back it got that for those -- out. So I'm done a lot of worry about -- feel -- -- -- -- doesn't make it to focus and -- was trying to be so. Right to make that when -- go back in the account wouldn't that be right to them that that you didn't do that it. New group did it change if you have is so dynamic it's so good that so much movement. But they talked due to a lot of both the fastball in being able to locate that and rely on that. Enough be so predictable with the change of but it seemed like you try to go a lot more fastballs here tonight. -- I've tried to little -- Favre also put those other team that still looking for much into the could go on too much different threat to any time and so tried to. -- that I thought kind of its almost possible to do too much into an -- so that can win it for them. We have got -- ERA but it just a little over one at Fenway Park why do you think you pitched so well here. Difficult to wounded -- You know -- I was taken back and trying to count. The key member to -- sliders I mean you pretty much your fastball change up here all night long to get through seventeen in two or three maybe that's -- fourth -- four. Is that pitch that you feel. Can come may be gross -- more confidence. -- as you can go here. So that I don't like to throw right to win his breaking ball placement slider so let's -- plan moments on that team was in the fumbling team that can do to them than. Can try to do it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I had its moments later I can Pomona for us right to. We get a little nervous watching in the eighth inning with the twins loaded the bases no accomplishment does that yeah -- I know you are nervous in the ninth when Koji comes up is nobody is not nobody in the over the guy's amazing. And since -- and be ready congratulations. That was a great performance than you think Pedro -- you again. That was with a film Lewis upon me up to youth at this. Right ruby -- so I guess the Red Sox wouldn't want that thing.

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