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What is Lebron's Legacy? A Spirited Discussion

Jun 16, 2014|

Dale and Michael go at it a little when they find they disagree about Lebron James and his legacy.

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Fourth and final -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI Dale Arnold Michael -- very happy to have Jack McMullen. Join us in studio for the the entire voyage here today I have been remiss just me personally speaking for myself. In not mentioning the up passing of Tony Gwynn earlier today the baseball hall of Famer died at the age of 54. Had been fighting -- oral and throat cancer for years now for quite some time. -- and and it goes back to the exact same issue that Major League Baseball has been trying to address for a long time which is smokeless tobacco. It's -- I see somebody smoke a cigarette and I think. Like yelling to him yet still be the one this doesn't kill right and you think about -- of the people still in baseball -- continue to use smokeless tobacco. The -- we were with last week Terry Francona. How long did he fight that fight before it was finally able to kick. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It seems to be but. He went to and the ball to me that I did the bird seats right the end of any -- that -- that wraps the bubble gum around steps it was like this. This crazy concoction who knows what it is but we thought we were there outside of the office. What they have a curry -- huge tubs of right outside his office doorway -- all of not did not -- -- got a -- of got. Hubble bubble whatever west at a certain member of the media might have actually taken a piece of that off for maybe four or picked -- at a dairy Bigelow tea. There have been right it it is always say an eighteen to I don't -- streak of -- OT put. That guy. The great the great great Tony Gwynn. You you think about the greatest hitters you've seen alive. It would have to be Wade Boggs. Tony who -- Wade Boggs and Tony Gwynn about Manny Ramirez but this is get better in terms of hit -- just understand many -- Marius. Had had the power. In the in the ability to hit to all fields yeah is what does it -- hogs but boxes of better. -- is a better hitter Manny. -- -- power but -- it and I hit a machine and so and so was so it was Tony Quinn. -- Tony Gwynn. There are many things about the 94 season that bothered -- the strike eventually lost the World Series but I believe that year 1994. Tony Gwynn worries that when this strike. Hit on August 11 or twelve he was hitting 394. A legitimate chance of control. Getting 400. -- we're Loney had the stat earlier today and I may be off by a couple but I think in the ball park. Basically. Out Tony Gwynn could've gone all for his next 11100 in eighty impacts. And finished with a a career batting average above 300. That's cool he -- got all for 1108. And still finish it as it was he finished with a career batting average of 338. Mind boggling good hoops player to. Are there are players and Diego stay north of clips of -- is ironic. Violent and -- and Diego state. He com he had one year in his Major League play twenty years in the major leagues -- one year where he did not hit 300. His rookie year. And every single year for every single year after that 300 -- He was hitting machine. And we'll see what we -- at Fenway in 1999 the all star game -- -- that scene of they've they bring Ted and a golf cart now. And they pull up by the pitcher's mound and Tony Gwynn is the guy and you just see Ted's face light up there -- school and Tony Gwynn walked up to him in the car. It's such a magical moment you know I was there with my father. And Michael my husband was there with his father. And I just remember thinking this this is going to be one of those lasting memories and I never my dad's remains as it has this amazing sent. I'm just glad I'm still here NC -- a -- meanwhile my dad's turning 89 in July -- don't we're all still there off for us to set -- as a special special day. And it was an and you think about somebody tweeted out earlier today. That -- finally Ted Williams has -- talked hitting with right -- -- good which is you know probably the way a lot of people are looking at a it's it is a terrible affliction -- -- -- a look at an addiction. For any of these I thought it was an addiction for him he didn't wanna keep doing of course he had trouble kicking it. And and there was a stabbed another video just reminded me aren't you guys probably sought on ESP in this weekend Jim Kelly's daughter. And did an interview with with Chris Berman. I'm talking about her dad it was for Father's Day. And they showed Jim Kelly and he's fighting. Some sort of throat cancer or some yet -- off wrote he's in a bad way and and they showed Jim Kelly a lot and his daughter who was an amazing young woman. But she was talking about the strength of her dad as he stratified this stuff. And it's just that's it it's a tough time right now. No idea that we lost Tony Gwynn today Jim Kelly hopefully. While last a while longer but he's got a whole bunch more treatment I guess he's he's he's in a tough it's a tough time. Tony -- 5454. Years old that's the payment to us it's like I'm 54 the seems like yesterday's plan. Any any. The -- brand. It about it it was funny but the way Iran -- but if you -- really the Andy ones -- -- -- -- big though he ran. Smoothly but. There and how I can explain it I don't I'm not explain. Very innovative thing and that I don't know the numbers who will back me up on this now we see the clips of -- Graham playing college basketball and he was you know thin. -- thin and quick. I'd say it was so like there was this girl once upon a time there was a speed element to Tony Gwynn is getting. I made it may be 87. 87 it doesn't is that 56 steals that we got that totally quit in 1987 -- get a budget triples get a bunch of steals. And -- had been you you're looking at the numbers now. In 87. And then that probably. Yeah you're you're gentlemen 33340. Somewhere in there. It was always -- police. But he used to be fast. Baseball reference today if you go to the Tony Gwynn page not on baseball reference they've got a black. Like the black arm band that's -- over the upper right hand corner is a likable guy in another guy that you don't hear too many people that had an issue. We at 370 O'Leary said only 370 and they -- 87 -- -- like it. PM we did get a chance talked on the it was a -- the time -- Of the 99 all star game here. And you know they were all being pushed and polls and product coherent talk there. And he just was genuinely friendly -- night everybody knows him in Major League Baseball and reading the tweets all that on. Everybody who knew and said you'd just would meet better guys genial sue Perkins about this -- 87 Tony -- 170 -- 447 on base. -- -- -- Thirteen triples. Thirteen Tripoli again a little speed have thirteen trip at 56 stolen bases. Not that plays against the Tony Gwynn tied -- remember absolutely. Absolutely he he coached. Manage the baseball team it's an on college basically sick he coached the College Baseball team at San Diego State. His alma mater ended up having to give up the the position. As he ought to tell Apple's in in later years but that you ask people in San Diego to this day he might be the most beloved athlete. In sandy. I'm and they just love him in San Diego and you know played collegiate -- there you know played professionally there was that it is as good -- person as you've ever met and everybody loved them. -- -- Areas in the Phillies organization. And then placed him on -- -- leave today for obvious reasons store com. And I did it it was ironic there was a picture that ran. On Father's Day in Philadelphia and it was Tony and his son. Offer Father's Day and it was obviously not taken sure you know very recently that that there was a picture that ran as part of the Father's Day thing. And -- Tony Gwynn and Tony Gwynn junior and and today Tony Gwynn -- and be bereavement leave from the Phillies because his dad passed away. Turning completely. Different direction you were telling us during the break about about. Couple turnabout witnesses great felony -- that. Are but there's -- prepares the 515. -- -- executives of the five on five. Basketball tournament. What 100 teams initially yes so it was a hundred teams. With 500000 dollars half a million dollars on the line on the new cars. And if it's college rules five on five. Was called with the -- in all it took the 24 most popular teams and eight at large teams including. And -- sweet sixteen -- for 2010. Villanova 2009 final four team. Few New York street teams. Some NBA players teams with recent MBA players. And other down to their final game. And -- to a fan vote it's a winner take all. The winners get a half a million dollars this is going to be Saturday June 28 at taste is at EUR okay. And one team has been noted in columns which is response Chris Thomas or France but I -- this. Rob Kurz and a group of ex NBA players and toward Francis from here. Yes he has pretty go to -- got a fair. Hebert fare as -- OK here. Dante Jones Josh Boone Dahntay -- former many Donte' Stallworth now with doctors is the due date H and Dahntay Jones. How does the former Celtic yeah Mississippi State -- I don't has just grown from UConn it just moved from look at Andre Barrett and now offs so if you're interested. Go to the tournament dot com I just thought this would be it's kind of fun it's. You know it's it's a ticket to be really really fun event and a swing by -- Welcome to never team because I can't play anymore but it's pretty tell. I've tried and they I'd semen if you can't see it's radio so no one else to see it that. My winning hand make it dislocated districts only times now can no longer put mine gauge ring -- my anniversary -- and on my left hand. And this is so right now I'm gonna have to go get my when he cut off. So you know it just might be an -- say this and still keep going step -- I think it's really I'm getting really close to be. And -- make up excuse for not been able to shoot a basilica you know dislocated fingers of -- -- -- don't have that excuse or just kit. Couples I know why I just can't seem Medicare scandal -- -- and a lift I don't know enough. I don't know usually people who say that. They're they're all -- yulia. If you're right there where I got my entire orbit you and I camp players that play her idol or and you -- exactly. -- sort of play very like -- five Butler a team that you just play for half hour's drive. The million dollars -- It's going to be that I bring your retirement. Opportunity plea for 500 I get Josh Boone daunting -- in my team so I think I just I just. Picture guys go a little crazy that kind of money on the line -- on all of a sudden. -- hard fouls real hard fouls -- spotlight guys playing five on five down at the Y on on a Saturday afternoon all of us and it's like on and there's money involved right. You know money money ruins everything lesbians. How is that fair to have a team a former NBA players -- -- -- debris. The limit. College YouTube played and he played in college. Let's pick on Europe to you you -- you were not a professional it's not Europe its not interment Michael Weber went to beef or is it more. Democratic. But see it's interesting because it's because -- is anybody surprised that an NBA team. It will be. Fun to see him once upon. Actually like that Notre Dame loans that you. Might be fun to watch. It also can be guys you know pollen hamstrings. And non down lived up and down these guys are -- are talking about you know. And that's not right guys that -- there doesn't the only time is game plays out there area. These -- the MBA all star game at any excitement. -- -- -- you -- The old timers game CO. Oscar Robertson right. You know triple extra hole I caught a expelled -- I know -- like the bigger over really fiercely. Don't take it got dark as being no Oscar for a tour and Francis with Rosalind. And you went to Boston land and -- neighbor in favor and Ebert in. 6177797937. Is telephone number the AT&T -- minus 37937. Ala cart isn't -- and -- Our -- You don't -- what's going. Not the -- but on on Condit talked to Jackie McMullen -- decade you do on five memo made from the old time when -- days to have. I'll give -- my -- that the god and sure I'm ready -- a time -- diplomat on the subject won the championship I talked to -- it is quite a while ago but now I did one on he'll. Do little right the Miami Heat locked down not to say it's good that I Glendon Bennett played some -- had gone abroad and yet. Yes he did he did a great job on LeBron James no question about that. I never thought I'd never got to -- like he liked me modular little involved with the -- -- -- when he used to play popping up. Although I love him -- would that instead. Now with the fact is gonna do dish yeah well they do I don't think -- got a Mac is good and Antonio play pick out a white used to go. -- well sure sure this is a work in progress and I don't think anybody expects him to be championship contenders next year it's gonna take a little while I think. With with you know if things could fall in the right way which unfortunately they did not for them with the draft lottery he had a chance to have some real pieces that could get to back in contention. Quickly rather -- over the long haul. But that that didn't pan out the way I guess Celtics fans -- 6177797937. Jerry's and Hollis New Hampshire H. -- I don't go. I noticed that question that everybody loves Iraq but it starts with coaching the spurs could -- one. 'cause it went with doctors here are Q talk a little like the rest and had a good arrest yes. But he never did agree to progress seen in developing his bench so that's my question. -- you know this this. Got some popularity last week and or couple weeks ago. And I just don't see the connection. Aren't sure -- Doc Rivers wanted to rest Garnett and pierce. And Ray Allen. Those three. But to compare. And not as as much design as much as I love. That era. Would dock in those guys. Compare the last team. With all three of those players. To this first game. And you just have to come -- No comparison so let's -- rest and let's say he goes to the entire season and none of those guys averaged thirty minutes a game. You know why why Popovich in the spurs were able to pull off. Because they had such talent and such depth. That -- they decided not to play those guys they still had a chance to finish twit the best record in the Western Conference August say especially when they're playing against east. That's soaked and not have that they're supporting cast well let's not forget Bryant blew out his -- That changed everything upset but the last team that Ray Allen was on Ronald Ray Allen is a -- outrage out there OK so let's say that last year that's and that they played they played Miami. And lost. So you think what the supporting cast they had -- Compared to what this the San Antonio Spurs have right now. Yes we talk about three guys the spurs they're three. Their victory. Does not include. -- -- It end of what works out well now I don't I noticed how you have a -- I'd imagine that a guy like Wyler whose account for the Celtics who is Jeff Green. Jeff Green vs quietly and Jeff Green to the finals MVP. I think Jeff Greene could handle LeBron like that can be that aggressive and that consistent. You know NBA finals now mine. A rocket -- state terrific coach and and Michaels talked about how -- -- is good coach don't most people though think that. Gregg Popovich is the best coach in the NBA right now. Yeah I think people thought that allowed because of the consistency because of this Long Beach deputy fifteen years. Of they've never lossless and fifty -- see it though billion -- check of the NF DA might have been and it it all the way through with with personnel you know. That same core of personnel essentially. Filling in the back when your when your routinely drafting when he when he first 25. Late in the first round late in the second round. On signing Tiago Splitter is it had before and been patient have to understand we're gonna have to run a draft we're not gonna see him for two or three years. You know taking guys off the scrap -- like Boris -- a guy like Patty -- players that. There were not there where other places in -- round. You see Patty Mills missed a shot -- over to mr. Scott Garrett I want a -- so good last night was great it was so good last night. 6177797937. -- dispute like it at 37937. Are coming up at 545 our final drive will give us a chance on second thought to go back over something we may have set and changed our mind about. We're not -- and -- and Jackie McMullen Sports Radio WE. -- spoke -- down right in front of us here. Chesley she's not sink in this time now to -- -- into -- dead center right again I did already sort of Virginia and wrap this I will not again. 6177797937. Jack McMullen is in the house with a by the way are third tomorrow Michael and another person maybe you've heard. I don't know if you know and -- and Ryan. Brian god not -- asked about his book I just finished it. -- Analysts are -- it is it's not out yet officially all of no I have seen forget that it is tell him that you heard it's -- but I hope that the rumor. I thank you we'll hope that -- -- and on the what are you gonna accomplish. -- and we'll find out tomorrow we'll stop it it would take. -- and hang Immunex that sports -- dale how. That say -- a couple quick to say about the you know -- dioxin. You like you know get green who was -- export to other areas rod Derek you know a lot of what I you know victory in the arguably our best -- of the -- See you when you know -- was there. But even so late I it's in this Burton maybe that backed him. I've actually seen an -- Six years seven years. I agree. Beautiful time capsule as it's done with a capital tees are moved the ball the way they play team defense the way they share the ball. -- the way they can score inside and outside beacon score off. Turnovers and score off the break the one thing that I thought was interest about the series that I feared. Was going to bring -- doubtful spores honestly was that they -- turnover prone. -- various parts of the post season in particular. And of course turned the ball over against heat for Canada it's two points on the other end and nano second and not only that it's a demoralized two points. But that never even the games they had a couple games and it turned the ball -- never manifested. I think also what was impressive about the spurs how much better they got during the post season it seems like. Five years ago that they had a seven game series with the mavericks right. In the first round one vs eight. They went seven games with the mavericks. In the end it looked like. It looked like Oklahoma City. -- like Oklahoma City was gonna even this thing out in the in the conference finals where it's to a zip. I've been blowing out Oklahoma city Oklahoma City to bring back Serge Ibaka he's a difference maker immediately if it 22 series here we go. And now they shut them down an even in the NBA finals. They have a certain they weren't let's call their level. They were playing at a seven level seven and a half eight level in the first two games. In the rest of the series ten. I don't think they can get better than they were in game one but look at them in game one and look at them in games 345. And they were better. So we just we talk a lot of account and they were the most talented team in the deepest team in all that that can't we all agree they were also the most mentally tough. And mentally determined team and -- I know people I know you have to have talent to win I get -- but I really believe this and have always believed it. The mental acumen of your team can easily separate. Those who are in the finals and those who will win. And I think the -- the Red Sox last year I think the mental acumen that team was the overriding reason. They won the World Series -- you had a group of people coming from all the from places some just returning. Some like Victor Reno coming from Philly -- something to prove. David Ross all these people Jonny -- -- take a while to get he put them all and they all become worried about themselves and their -- stats because they all had to worry together about making a statement. And and I think the spurs you can not. Talk enough. About what happened to them in game six the year before -- and how much that motivated them moved them. Drove them. And kept them together on the same -- You gotta think they're the best example. In seventeen years since so 1997. Until today the greatest example of trash talk. That Tim Duncan had in his career was in his post game interview after the Oklahoma City series where he said. There were dark where we'll take your bit the system that we're gonna do it well -- don't mean it was not it was an in the grand scheme of things that some of the things we hear. Players say I just said yeah we're gonna go way up top -- -- -- gonna go we'll take -- Rick in Atlanta I think you know and I and that. Women drove you crazy one before the game last night Chris Spock says in the game the relative -- Response. Tim -- Oh. Gosh I mean when. I want everyone I -- elites to say I don't want Chris Bosh had a it had. -- don't look at Michael. Coach -- I thought. I don't like to he was responding to a question probably not. We what do you -- -- I just had a moment where it was in the back portrait view that was just -- rated drops and stuff so they kept myself. Ultimately that's Chris -- Chris Bosh. Damn thing after this series but he had -- had -- -- before game five but this series he was happening. The first four games Chris Bosh saying we were gonna do this if you if you wanna be accurate grammatically accurate. -- say they're gonna do it. My teammates are you not do that you're not there. Michael let it a little sick don't say that different. And following a playoff win series win. Oklahoma City and week together we eat together we're gonna go -- Miami and we'll take your business this time. As opposed to Chris Bosh down three games to one. Doing a damn thing. Visibly afraid of Tim Duncan don't wanna go to -- the deal with -- thing. All we're gonna win this thing like no heat now. That we is different from the -- This -- I don't I don't -- I don't think. It's on the he didn't hit all earned the right to -- in the right to answer a question and stopped defending -- -- without answering a question. How do you think it came we're gonna look at it like. Study the context -- contact and he's somebody asked him argues are you guaranteeing this. Well give me an opportunity to back away from it are you guaranteeing a win I don't know I just know we're gonna win this game. I honestly when you when you were upset about it earlier today I didn't understand false bravado. While house 08 usually years when you're down three game but I think that's not Michael -- is it any case against Chris Bosh and her gay and Tim Duncan who doesn't engage in much. Gamesmanship and if you will or chatter for that matter that was just a very startling I thought. Comment to make on the. And I think you did to put the pressure squarely on himself whose team because nothing else was going to be how to work out for Chris Bosh wanted to work effort to -- Obviously one won't get one but now you're being unfair I am refereeing a fight between the two Southern Africa -- You know after originally act -- Patrick Ewing never gets the rockets -- said we're gonna win I guarantee we're gonna win -- thought to do with the attempted. Has he meant it and it was it's not his M -- -- -- that I had. Game seven yet but patent dealing. I've carried that team -- he had nothing to come in I -- to carry out academia after a year and they're not they're not in a game seven without. Patrick Ewing Chris Bosh -- actually don't even hate the the Miami three and LeBron James it's not that I just look at their comment. They're down three games to one. You're having a series. That is. Questionable. At the very least we'll save that we have a questionable series maybe you could say. I got to play better. I guarantee them and give my all. I'm gonna do a lot better than I like have I like our team's chance I'll let my team down. Yeah it was much more offended by LeBron stuff. You know I I had a pretty good and you know I I did everything I could do I mean. And much more and as I've asked about it's only not no we did not dale that now. He said that win. After game. War he said. -- it gave you look at the numbers 60% from the field 60% from three point range. You think I've done enough we'll obviously have to do more he -- -- -- they'd have to score 3233. -- gotten more and what he missed though went to LeBron missed was what he had to do more -- involve his teammates. And make it get -- easy shots. Because that's what he does better than anybody he's actually a very good passer but in this series start to feel like I have to do more -- got to do this on myself. And that's why the assists went down and the turnovers when. People -- -- what do you learn to -- I think it's okay. So they ask him that question don't answer. This isn't okay it's not and that's Twitter. In this Twitter verse with Twitter era. Were everybody into Graham everybody feels like Pepsi for its structure now you'll have to figure -- -- that. Not saying why it's okay why we -- its okay he doesn't have the right to speak out. I don't know why does have to be quite practical capital there on an -- Michael -- when he asks when he asked to know he doesn't like the deadline to the United States of America. Don't take -- -- why shouldn't answer. That aren't why shouldn't he and can't answer and he did what he opposed to say what -- said don't say anything you don't have high you don't have to. I don't understand what problem is that he did. Because he wasn't up to you wasn't heated apparently knew there was LeBron he was. The brawn vs Chris Bosh. Apparently nobody on the heat was up to pick up before games and everybody was up to what it was LeBron James LeBron did his big rebounds for the most part yeah. I gotta be honest sit on the bench the last seven minutes when you're down fifteen. I'm thinking it's -- made up data points and seven and I was curious -- nobody's ever made up this kind of deficit before and it's like he's that I would. I've had a. It's a very odd thing that the problem that the heat the it is it evokes so much emotion because I think. When you look at Chris Bosh he's he's he's a nice -- and nice player that's what he has Andy's. Trying to always. False bravado I don't know -- he's always trying to be tougher like LeBron like -- wait that's not -- -- -- and that's okay. It was their second best player in this series and complementary -- -- hit shots but he's not a. He's not trash talker he you know so he's better off now sticks stick to what you know. Up about it a matter of everybody. I'm mad at everybody in the and that says that dale smoking pot not on all our manager for not given how good you are but now I'm mad at the texas'. Geniuses. Ewing didn't play against Iraq if he was hurt. Did you tell apart against the spurs -- not and I didn't play in nineteen party for get your permit Estrich I've met. Ice and well although he was hurt us up to you what I covered answers he would please. Knees in ice before the. For 45 minutes they play put him -- after a dude with. -- -- it was not on its credit that was the whole Jason Rosie says that went game seven jobs are what dot com. A little Gaza acting ever in my life on center covering this NBA playoff game we -- those little tiny monitors and my car. And then all of a sudden. That's all anybody is -- I think we were the only people. Who were in Madison Square Garden that they will own people that's not liking start to finish as a -- -- in almost every major market of up to the white -- -- an awful. An awful finals. It was really it was so grind it out there but I was happy for team because he's one of the two statesman. Wonderful to see him in although Patrick and a very special place in my heart for Patrick Michaels in Cambridge you're next on Sports Radio stale and holly. And crackle and unchecked it will play that -- a -- between him and some. I have a couple questions I like to comment about that school basketball IQ -- only group and not so I -- questions person. Think it on the average treatment about -- like you've gone up or down since they're the 89 he's a great game and spend a second question is. If you want to build a franchise in each and it got healthy 22 years old or to take our dollar bond James Tim Duncan Kobe Bryant. It costs and thank you -- are those are good questions that when he -- and LeBron James Duncan or Bryant. -- -- Bryant would be third and atlas routing comes down to Duncan and now. Don't get enough LeBron would be hard not to take LeBron James -- noticeably so they're all the same the Abbott on Tuesday night and now assuming that 22 year old LeBron especially is a special special -- I would like to bronzed body with Tim Duncan's mind set and I do -- -- -- But you'd have bill writes -- curry -- killer instinct gimme that all of the best play that are taking advantage the advantage of LeBron right now up 29. So -- eight years. The bronze went to championships in his career you think you win three championships in the next eight years three more three more. It's possible three and eight years it's possible. It's not like how all right are you -- today Tim Duncan he's won five -- crash of the LeBron throughput and he's also 37. A it's a really good good question but the you know the basketball IQ question I find very interesting. There is this idea that. We all feel this way it was better in the old days everything was better in the old days and you know today's players they don't know the fundamentals because they play a EU and don't teach fundamentals and teaches. But the the fine players the really good players like clipper on like the -- like Kevin to read all the top players in the league. They studied became just like the young players it and now they have more weapons at their disposal because of the analytics movement. They can sit and watch film breakdown in numbers so deal if you go to the last post I know that 64% the time. You're gonna turn left when you get -- -- and when you do that you shoot 42%. So they have so much more information at their benefit and I do think there's a there's a cadre of top players that it's working as hard as Larry Bird. Or Magic Johnson or any of those other great players of the eighties did. It's just manifested itself in different weight. And I think also and we were talking about this earlier. You know some -- some of the guys. We hear about them seeking the advice -- seeking. Council for not going to work breaking great greater players mean. Kobe Bryant going there to Texas. -- was like a farm in -- is pretty much like isolated area. To work with the team now as drastic as LeBron James doing that. Kobe Kobe Phil not cronies Bryant you know stealing moves from Jerry went up and talk in the -- and -- I did that's what's with the Kobe we sat down and broke down tape together about Oscar he says here's where it. We had doubled Kobe joining and then he said -- I saw this tape of Oscar and I took it. And and Jerry West it took -- took this from Larry Bird the stepped back I mean you know. Real student of the -- in -- -- and that pops -- that's Elgin Baylor yep yep. So there's there's that's that's still happening that's still -- I sometimes think that the advanced analytic that you just described in basketball I am and hockey is well. It almost leads to vapor lock well it -- like that you can't even play. YouTube is okay if BP's over here I got -- overplayed its hand they have to be used properly daily voice at this that the analytics are. -- supplement. To. Basketball game of basketball there's still a field every game baseball basketball in baseball is the one that's most effective I think by in -- -- you actually sit guys down to based on the numbers of Manhattan. In basketball it's it's -- feel it's you know that's still matters your heart's still matters all that things we just talked about. But it enhances your ability to make some good decisions who for instance is particularly who should guard LeBron. You know when Danny Green guards LeBron this -- would -- Leonard arts abroad this is what chassis that's different right that that right I. That makes sense and not only that but with why Leonard. -- guards LeBron he shoots this. From the three point line he drives this many times to give you an idea of what the bronze comfort level is when that particular players guarding him and one of the things they discovered was. With -- Leonard was on LeBron he drove to the basket less and anyone who's playing the Miami Heat. That's what you want you don't want the -- james' driving to the if you got a guy who can to -- letter and it's not it's not surprising at all to meet that Tim Duncan -- Chris Bosh. And Chris Bosh never -- And don't -- that we think that the the officials. Played a role in this and I'm not saying if about the officiating overall in this I don't it was not a starter was pretty good but on -- practice. -- letter -- -- great job on LeBron. He was permitted. To do a great job on LeBron no one game this does not mean more than any other ones was gained for the that was Joey Crawford game right. Where they weren't calling. Anything. -- go to the hole. -- a minor contact -- look at furcal nothing. Dwyane Wade that's when we drove to college at the hour right and -- -- -- I think. The fact that the official allowed them to be a little physical and usually that doesn't happen with -- on James. I think that was a a factor in this series well on the front travels -- four times out of eight -- They didn't call that either it all worked out our I mean I folic. Very wonder sleek yet officials had absolutely nothing to do with it out of the way in dale Ali's final drive coming up next Sports Radio WE yeah.

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