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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Lopsided and Surprise Beat Down Edition 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked or revolving around the Spurs DOMINATION of the Miami Heat in 2014 NBA Finals.

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-- -- And one didn't. Excellent. We'll have. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- four brought you by AT&T. AT&T covers more than 99% of all Americans. Building you a better network as you can tell by the music. Tour without Freddie Mercury and hopefully play. This tournament not at liberty it would be hard for women. I know what that's my. That they shouldn't tour players but it's not exactly I was wondering if that's what those songs like there are -- third certain songs. We're just kind of -- -- that the lyrics. If -- change very easily or sometimes misunderstood although I don't know how many people would misunderstand these players. Like for example. Elton John. Tiny dancer. You know holding hands -- -- I what I tell my favorite life straight at around all the time -- delivered the beast -- burden. I'll never seen your pizza burned -- right up like that it happened well as you can tell by the music were talking about the us. So I think. Surprising beat downs in sports. As we talked about last season the spurs almost beat the heat in six games the -- came back him on the finals in seven games. This season the spurs were favored by Vegas odds makers yet. Last night they completed a surprising finals beat down over the heat. Okay why didn't elect Bill Russell say something. Look like before long our grandfather up there yeah like gave him the trophy they're all kind of look -- -- about it says this is really sacrilegious. -- like Hawaii islanders know exactly who this old guy was given him the trophy. I think it was just overwhelmed at the moment yes it did I mean and then re trying to shape and -- -- just apparently his face but -- but Russell I mean. That Russell -- -- -- he was trying to find the right moment but there was. You know we could you really there was a little bit of suspense about the MVP -- miles with tropical island but it couldn't deal could have been generally good at -- It's about all that stuff that's grown sort happened in Russell came off and I think he knew I find it hard to believe that our I know when he threw. It's hard not to double Bill Russell is when you play and when you play in the NBA. Right I don't know why I've always -- -- so I think young young players. Don't necessarily have made a proper grasp of the history of the game but that also seems to me like -- those the only two you really now. Yet they keep pretty much know Bill Russell but mile you're talking about beat downs this is this is up here this -- The lakers. The lakers in the pistons and no fourth the five game -- garment. Where it was a star studded team and I -- acting Coby Karl Malone. -- -- -- on that team to Rick Fox ranked shop and the pistons had Chauncey and rip and Tayshaun Prince and both Wallace did receive all of that while she lost is the whole key yeah they're great. -- by Larry Brown. It made no sense that you want and I think what it's spoke to this idea. Just how messed up the lakers work that there's a case of importing stars. Too many of them and that and never jelling. Funny how works out that way sometimes all to off. The fact that I got it. Okay well it's not just young basketball players I don't know -- -- build well. -- all Brenda wade who just. That was that was during the don't during an inauguration you remember that now. All I got monopoly thing in this during the inauguration and it is more go to -- Freeman Bill Russell -- at eight Celtics kept. Morgan Freeman. You start -- -- it. No banners or correction now Bill Russell the cradle Bill Russell yeah the whole clip because it like three or four seconds -- -- come back at sale or whatever are now let's. Bill Russell only heard from Morgan Freeman Bill Russell almost never confused for each other. -- -- -- -- Yes we are we've seen some finals beat downs before. But none have may may have been as surprising as -- to Detroit Pistons destroyed the lakers in five games in 2004. Right. There was the end of it. -- -- -- correct -- was the beginning in the end for Malone and Peyton. And check. Right but I mean it was like -- one has done deal for the and it just it was a confluence of aging stars let's from a lot of -- and of course it'll work. I thought another beat down through lakers again just in in a particular game of the series was competitive. Through five games lakers Celtics and 2000 -- yes big games six. A girl that did you think I know -- two persons. That's been the original carton -- there's a knock off that we have right now right. But in the knock off guard. And I can't remember. A basketball crowd being loud it was per game on Celtics know there was. There until it's unbelievable always maybe the only thing was close with that great comeback with Antoine Walker and Paul Pierce threats in New Jersey Nets in 02 miles -- Well what about the original allowed -- you ever heard the original garden for about one. I was probably -- every 1986 feet you know actually in 87 there was a lot allowed -- and you win that year. But there were so many things going wrong so when. And also in bird came back one -- -- -- as a member came back up against the pacers when he smacked his head. That was all watch -- run and out pretty that was pretty. Three. When the Bruins met the penguins in the Eastern Conference finals last year many people thought it would be hard fought seven game series. While that was not the case. And little -- we know that we were listening to the beginning of the end for -- Sherlund in vials but didn't you know I mean we should've known. They -- so exposed I felt. The Pittsburgh Penguins in that series with the Bruins. Very little tenacity. Very little -- I'm Heidi I'm old attending an issue that. Ratio -- never -- networks at. If I didn't Pittsburgh Penguins after with the Bruins did to me huddle like come back with almost exactly the same team which is what they did I couldn't believe it. Couldn't believe that next year when I thought again you get swept by the Bruins out of the playoffs. And in in the four games is -- what. One goal earth through holes -- some silly low number of goals right but what we did the -- powered offense and the responsible players with ABC OK now what do we think it's gonna happen. -- general manager now we're gonna have a new coach. How how different that Iraq is gonna it's gonna need it OS-X. -- unfortunately and Jim Rutherford target set this. They can't do a lot. Because of the salary cap and where they are. You know we'll know what I don't know they can science they can science on the that's what they can do a cut yet he -- -- pretty -- -- -- and -- on the same -- they need a little -- Are so the general manager comes out and says we can't do that much. Played by about freeagent editor Belgrade thousands primitive up like oh wait a minute now so well what am I supposed to do what about what's good for coach. If you can't make significant moves and what -- no -- -- -- -- they need -- different minds different voice that's that's my take a look at that -- look at the numbers that he put up there doesn't matter pretty impregnable Democrats. So saw. You covered that series didn't ask you were so soft I was so shocked I covered it -- with. Never once superstars so she's -- -- -- what I couldn't believe it and the Bruins announcer I -- to -- your team. Yes that and that's just how they're. That's how they're built they're more you got to change you -- here and we were definitely. More from -- -- -- -- what would you do -- move on from -- -- you I'll move on from him. -- don't that was Arnold and the problem is with those guys making huge amounts that are. You're kind of left with roster ciller's well like in a lot of Miami and then and then look at their OK so you look at their defensive players. -- gonna have -- there corporate no no. -- no let tango so it's just who they are. -- Time now for the AT&T beat down of the day the Seahawks -- defensive juggernaut heading into the super both. The Broncos were as good as any offense the NFL's ever seen. What happened in Super Bowl 48 surprised most ever quick stroke. So what does -- yeah. CN. Another woman for the. Yeah. When it starts to slip away in the championship game. It usually falls right off the clay and it's amazing it's so that's true but it's just you just. You build yourself up to this right and then when it starts to slip on all my. I just river you know it throws that first pick right in the games like two seconds old and the Broncos reminding me so much of that safety debris. Opinions of that's like Kevin Harlan from a -- I Genoa I didn't even listen closely and our own I was surprised -- Hard to believe and and in Super Bowl. -- -- The radio for guys that I don't know who did radio I played and I don't -- the guys it's littered into the end zone vessel that's different kids. You know what that serious liver into the end zone at the end -- -- that dot camera thesaurus. By the way. -- This is unbelievable. AT&T Texas says are you out of your app reminds. Mike Emmerich is the worst play by play announcer in sports exclamation point oh god I wish I could get through on the phone. And talk sense into you guys. The worst announcer in sports that's a -- Mike -- It is a -- if you believe if you if you sincerely believe that trolling. No no if you sincerely believe and I just don't know anybody who does. Sincerely believes Mike Hamrick is the worst play by play -- well this is subjective. Sure you know so. They're always pretty -- Yeah no matter who it is having you can have the greatest. The greatest broadcaster out here and somebody's gonna say I hate it. He he just won the national sports play by play Emmy for like the fourth fifth time that he really he was also just named -- sportscaster of the year. Again busy good guide you no -- enrollment -- -- -- tour. He was -- Tommy Davis -- I don't know and I I came right out of college vote and then the main mariners came to be in settler. We want to become the workforce we got this guy Mike Emmerich who's who in the games right now but he isn't going to be here very long. Right I came in worked with doc for a year he taught me the ropes and then -- right now -- accurately and and a he he is he he's actually has undertaken -- task. He has begun the process of writing. A hand written thank you note one a day for an entire year for people meant something two minutes. Current and a great idea and he's he's going through and he's writing one a day. For an entire year I I know that one that he wrote to was his next door neighbors when he lived in Cherry Hill New Jersey when he was doing flyers games. Because he said they were the Wayne Gretzky of neighbors. And he just never thought that he would. Sufficiently told them how much he appreciated them and and what they meant that he and his wife Joyce. Any wrote the my hand written thank you now and thank the -- beat on the whole process. He keeps this huge notebook. -- birthdays emails my birthday it's in his book. And you hear him on the telecast they'll often say you know June 12. The birthday to sell its assaults and -- -- -- twelve guys. Joker and their all of his health care survey can -- it doesn't take extra bacon but yet he is he has as good person as I've government. And I mean that sincerely he. Much better person and most people like now -- he's also brilliant. And to the text people don't like something's -- like others that's fine I understand that. I just don't know anybody who sincerely believes that Mike -- is a bad play by play and. Listen. You've heard me talk about you know Joba not -- actual book is his famous people level. -- -- that I'm sure word -- and millions of Joe -- obviously enemies and and I and a high profile position for a long time wherever it is people in like John Madden. -- the people here are like I couldn't stand dear to me either. Nick. Chris Collins were -- Michael I love Chris had a true but I think -- some great. Al Michaels is one of the great you know -- -- report by Al Michaels. Al Michaels really makes his money. What his next project. Al -- close game. Two minutes ago a halt all -- -- Al Michaels perks up to it. That's got Al Michaels knows better -- a little bit and Mary Carrillo better than your coaching staff how many possessions are left. The timeouts OK when they --

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