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Three for All, 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

The Game of Thrones finale. Jet Blue apologizes for yelling at a 3 year old and causing her to pee her pants. The death of Casey Kasem

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Hey these guys know more than just sports educated well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man in -- -- -- three or wrong. Number 30 yeah it's kind of three threes overall venture. It's three overall these days with him to death. Christian Fauria invents them -- -- days MSC because the story a household last night free for all -- was the finale of game of drones. Christian to live up to your expectation though it didn't I think guys set my expectations are way too high. Like Miami the gap with the Miami Heat because you know it. After. The second last episode this is doing that -- right after the mountain. Doubts and I he's out of the red piper. Okay that was a great episode. -- go the next week all it is a fight at the wall came pouring so everything I'm reading. Has to do with how good this -- so it's going to be how good this season finale is going to be. I sent my whole day. Father's Day mind you can do this can do that Kate did -- have a little bit of this. Case in -- band game withdrawals ought to be a little longer. Arrow Joey it's gotta love being a little bit politics I was expecting more polls show ends. I don't kids. It is the most severe the most surprising thing was that actually -- -- watched you'll notice this room. I want to go on the -- at the end after I guess that that area I didn't that you're successfully should show -- you ended up watching every -- -- Domino's Clinton. Living through you know I saw -- not to get out and -- jumped in. On this like blond guy. Was soft spoken man and talking to this little -- -- the big dude comes out in this out of this -- boy. Apparently was a woman right now and then is that despite a pregnant why this evening get to this -- you know this girl kills the guy. It's she beat the hell out of the -- or -- -- I'm just wondering like why it happened. It -- you know I haven't watched much of that they -- the -- on the boats you know going off what you pull out of pocket only the third quarter yes yet -- as the money edited and money through your notes -- a lot of colliding get a it was -- first but I guess my -- that -- -- in the. Guess I'm just irritated that. What is the next season gonna start a year and a half past march. Next march 2 that the as the -- a year yeah I'll be ready I just don't know I don't watch them all ready by the end version I want -- I think any some closure and it wasn't enough though and I don't wanna wait until March to -- it. It was because she's an atmosphere last season let me. Now if you've gone now I gotta keep Carter's way too much stuff going on in this series so eighteen million people viewed that this season. Immigrants -- almost partly TV shows on right now GAAP net better than The Sopranos it eclipsed the suppressed up there this across our side. Not better than The Sopranos if you're sopranos fan. Viewership eclipse that's -- so as far as popularity goes game -- of all the dragons and magicians endorsed -- else. It's a more viewed TV show. -- couldn't watch games of their -- -- and if I wanted to because I was up in the air on jetBlue and I'm glad I was on the jetBlue. -- that ended up going to Boston. Over the weekend that resulted in 83 year old. Being chastised. And scolded to stay in her -- even though she badly needed to go to the bathroom. -- little girl went to the bathroom in her pants on the seat because the stewardess would let her use the restrooms. And now Jeff Lewis decided to apologize for us because again there's 80 tolerance policy guys all of the Beverly high school across cigar situation again that says you can't go to the bathroom when their -- that was taxiing for take off. And the stewardess flipped out and made little girl sit in her seat and mom. Eventually took heard about from anyway I don't know she guarded about OK too late at this point to clean her up if you're sitting there in aid in soiled undergarments. And what happened was the pilot heard the plane around was about to turn the plane around but it's another undercover and on and off duty pilot yeah. Was there and say c'mon this is ridiculous why are we doing this. But isn't that -- nine policy against a stacked 30. Would you rather have her go to -- -- them out of the bathroom in her plan. They went out so it was during taxiing US actually elect lift off. I think it was -- -- -- you know used to lift thought neighbor with a go -- on the tarmac while as all of -- that's ridiculous to feel the -- that that's ridiculous I -- go on Stewart with two weeks after. I don't know what they are quite. That's ridiculous now if you actually going up in that. Wheels coming off the ground it's only a you know we geeky it now it's liability I don't know. All air flow Ali tackle Jason mind don't allow the reports. There's there's there's a small -- and he began you need empty out tank is much as possible even hate dead on -- -- -- you're going anyways. Because you know. They're gonna ask to go at the worst possible time so. -- pressure diapers. Maybe couple wet wet wipes. Just the case -- -- -- ugly but the diapers are up top and an -- stand up to go to the back -- the tacklers stand up to go get the diaper bag got the top of the overhead compartment. And Angola this is big kid that sat next meet on the jets will play -- I've had a dirty diaper. For the entire flight and it's dogs. It was awful but -- parenthood all I want it was as bad parents -- the kid's diaper for crying out loud that's Aaliyah I. Agree -- you 100%. So it's out of in the same situation miked adds a lot of get out any race I've just a -- note you loan and not you know how much time you have. An every down that you you you get out I was you sit back. OK so if we -- back you would see the stewardess from the front the kind of leaning over so they can feed out I'll so they see what's going on. And shirt -- their company and it got our our approach. What are exited for India -- -- -- -- -- would you rather have the -- -- for the next. 45 minutes all -- and I know rocket take off for another fifteen -- let me get this general Greg wrote him a diaper on on -- -- like that yet -- there. -- over there room but you're right there only notable what you can McCain do you know -- -- -- -- movie seat up it's like listen. We have flown the Red Sox will be a flow like delta okay when -- just its debts that are played the same thing. And there are guys walking around a growing up there are guys walk around as well Atlantic charter grabbing. -- -- But it -- -- -- is I don't apparently you know it's a regular gal 03 across the rules don't apply on a charter flight read what I feel like you innocent missed the flight headed guy go to Israel lashed out at a trailer I was that are currently. To Trace surf break on other lift off the -- for the ego. Sit back when you talk about -- snap back -- what is that a walking down I'm just walking. We get beat of -- things like moving into the trees they get moved the -- -- little money that would fly out betray. The last little while this dwarf. By its story that you've been following since the beginning. The death of Casey case -- democratic -- are are a lot of Normandy disappear. I'll throw off particular case the top forty top forty and everybody. Loved Casey gave some ideas that gentle Manny was never get upset -- -- now woke up very patient that was like a law Fridays on animal. Chase Field. So you come I was up -- god damn numbers man is impossible to make those transitions. And then you got to go to somebody dying. You know they do this to me all the time I don't know what the hell are doing well but god -- if we can't come out of a slower than I don't understand it is down on the phone. OK I want to god damn concerted effort to come out of a record that is not an up -- record every time I do -- god damn death dedication. How do you make and I also wanna know what happened to the pictures I was supposed to see this week. -- had -- last -- time I want somebody uses a brain cannot come out of a goddamn record. That is that that's up tempo and I got to talk about a dog guy. But that was the guy like girl with the it was instinctive sanity here but yes Kason -- has passed the way. Severe case and dementia. Actually so it's just sad day that's the crazy on your -- issue with it was it all this money is to determine if it's not really knows that got to deal with that aren't they in the courts. Ex wife and kids. Yet didn't -- that ex the ex wife. Or not the ex wife the wife was taking care for basic was hiding him for the longest time the kids that you know -- wise. These sequestered away or watching gators Iran's leaders spent half speed ups that. I don't how badly it ended 1 o'clock -- features Brock told Sylvia I don't 115 also we come back straight up till 1 o'clock. The news surrounding Jon Lester is approach to finding his next contract from rob Bradford we'll do that we returns is 90% of the.

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