WEEI>On Demand>>Fox 25's Ted Daniel, breaks down today's developments in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, 6-16-14

Fox 25's Ted Daniel, breaks down today's developments in the Aaron Hernandez murder trial, 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Ted Daniel was at the court proceedings today and revealed to Lou, Christian and Tim the new names that have surfaced in the case, including Alexander Bradley, and Robbie Olivares, both of whom have testified in the Grand Jury case.

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She just has now been made I think that. I assure you mr. Bradley. And shooting at mr. -- represents some kind of the signature crime that then of course is. An exception to -- prohibition on propensity evidence but it's good to me does that mean to call this service signature crime. There's just it is really frivolous I mean. Because mr. Bradley was a friend. Mr. Menendez. And mr. -- was a friend of mr. Hernandez. -- -- -- there and Fernandez his attorney. Brings us back -- days but Tennessee. Is forever Maloney and meets and -- -- -- -- -- Now by Ted Danielle from Fox25. -- has been covering the Aaron Hernandez. Proceedings today and was tweeting. All about it you could follow him on Twitter at Ted Daniel Fox25. To three isn't what are. Of the three of us were following on TV with sort of the subtitles going by and I'm not doing as -- of -- -- clearly trying to keep up with everything that was going on what we did notice that Ted was the one woman. Who is throwing up the deuces while sitting there in courts and I'm very quickly after that the cameras panned away from her. What was the atmosphere like in the courtroom and now what was what was your big take away. You know I actually did not see our what our producers at the end that patent that moment who do and that that it happened. There are good group of people like I will not that I've seen it. A lot of big earrings and they don't know -- and it's the perfect supporters. And they go to every hearing the word security and it didn't mean. So I'm suspecting you might have been one of those all. And edit model also in -- well today it. Thank -- and you are eating and that it happened what are -- bat but there were a or. Ted you too heated up this the first time prosecution presented. This much detail of one time. In the old Lloyd murder case so what was knew what was knew that they presented in order to basically tell the judge know this should not be dismissed both the new stuff. I think for the most part eagle at the totality you know we can hear it eat it up -- eight now are here now. -- the moral. We've heard it all out dark the old one thing I don't it. One they've talked about the -- and they talked about what led up. What happened in our accurate but you'd never hurt them about you know why they leave -- actually fire out wondering are they old. Or later -- or Eric debate not necessarily have what -- picture how. -- at -- of all the that it. Earl industrial markets -- back but it. Means but a couple of thing so. Right hand man now at a rapid ignite the wall and you're. I'm we now know hole it Bradley at the I had before the jury in the old Lloyd -- -- We also note that other brought the outlook are what are the arbor. He also died in the arena like Bradley or one no one knows that better than perhaps you would be. -- you look at the driver of the boat too hot and the wire brought me out there or the barber. We found pictures. Well it's it's -- it ought to keep -- that it. Why was it Eric you would leave him on. Friday on the Friday night oh what the -- saying an early hour -- one -- and that had that it's in port oh we saw a lot it would have been an error where. At the forty -- it you know edit this try that. All and they can all that buddies and act now get up -- Massachusetts that they have adopt the so did the -- it was a ruling today. No -- -- and I take it under it probably issue of people ruling but it is very very like I say. The charges will be met it's very common. In any especially in order -- it like that. Ordered the defense at the the chargers beat the -- the matter what the circumstance they're back -- eight it's -- -- that the standard. Protocol that it that defense lawyers do. Life and it is absolutely. Very. Very rare that -- I know there are -- here and you can tell you by the judge that juts out there. Questioning that -- it without a beat that she looked like Ebola like I don't. Although evidence that they have any what about that upset about that. IQ ED feeling -- that that -- -- Edgar is that up there. What the probable cause or in this case in the order try. Did dale from Fox25 is with -- here amid days them as an FB is one of those items that you're talking about the prosecution. Telling the grand jury in the Lloyd case that Hernandez's suspect in the Florida shooting earlier is is that the point the defense is trying to make. Well that's one of those. Many things you know it it did affect that the answer saying that basically. That period they were just you know romping against the wall at the grand jury hoping -- They didn't really indicate again and the -- orchestrate everything -- Clinton saying. You know this is a bad man EE EE EE he did -- at that. Yeah I've actually -- Florida incident. That until I didn't. Nobody knew that they have been brought up for the grand jury that indicted -- a -- bought eight. One is shooting about the Bradley in Florida that was February. Ed Bradley the right hand man after -- -- -- strip club. Hernandez Bradley and some other people left the strip club or apparently argument and are. Bradley played at a shot thanks to -- -- And Bradley never want. Actually I've spoken apparently about that and he said that Robert Burke and and edit actually know that. Hospital room that -- today. Check bottom and Bradley -- -- your cool and I didn't I didn't sing it during an and it just kind of walked out of the light. Now probably since at a -- soon and we now know he kept the audience Hernandez. I didn't like from Hernandez and -- filing civil unions that. But so they brought -- -- -- -- and then they brought up another one which we did a pretty lengthy investigation on. About a month ago there was some Hernandez with a freshman at US. There was an altercation between some local guys being built. And so on US football players according to court documents including the house you Brothers and our Hernandez. And one nobody. There were three guys in a car and why on that shot up and one of the guys are gotten smarter shot. I -- -- that the shooter. But they never really moved forward. Upbeat. Statement. And want what we will try to interview and and it's immediate and unit that I'm a freshman at U -- he -- -- it -- -- apple. And the case never really got going and I I. I find it interesting that. Massachusetts lawmakers are -- Howell that to a grand jury as they try to paint a picture there and and that. Why game ball police tell me I'll know he's not a suspect you know it was. About that we of other people. Yeah whatever it is that were shot he said one was shot. Yet they were they'd survive all of those guys survival one are you serious medical chief. What does not able to work. He's. -- seizures and other things related shooting it. He flat line three times are well Hamilton died might -- miraculously bottom back the life. And it it's it is interesting and I just don't understand how they'll be so adamant that -- -- Aaron. And then you have you know he read the Bleacher Report. Of the Florida shooting at you you know -- to the -- it's. -- -- -- it certainly we -- believe that at least police were not. You know. Law and plotting wanting to question Hernandez back. It's good to me the moral of the story is it sounds like you the Barbara Rolls on you than you're screwed up definitely and and this unit hit like we we try as we try to find him I got to -- a problem. And -- I remember like that Juan Hernandez namely being kicked around as a possible suspect in the old old -- murder all the media and myself. That is out. I remember a car pulled in about an hour later pulled out the -- -- -- wrote about the business are out the window at the media you know out or -- over. -- -- and the Oliver L error. And he apparently want to publicly that but he it would report now we think you'd like what. Oh yeah that's usually faded out. And I think you like questioning that maybe need -- -- reporters get a little rusty Greer writes. Some business. Thanks -- appreciated problem it. As did Daniel from five -- five here on knighted for seven WEI. As solar and growing business cards out at me now -- what did you think everybody was there for. How could you imagine this is gonna turn out to be cute thing for you right. Justification of the province area you moment did you kind of commitment that is obviously. Yet he's ignite it ought to get in touch you order is listening right now peace following Joey on Twitter after tweet a picture of Christians -- picked out do yeah refugees and now you get a result of marriage right now in this studio. 61777979370. We come back. Would do upon further review upon for the -- of the -- of the -- stuff earlier -- all do -- next here and -- -- seven -- yeah.

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