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Brock Holt, Boston Red Sox, joins Middays with MFB, 6-16-14

Jun 16, 2014|

Red Sox All-Purpose man, Brock Holt, talks about which position has been the hardest to learn and play. He also talks about his sustained success at the plate, and how important compartmentalizing the fielding and hitting has been.

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And it's one minute drive people are right center failed back but the vikings or the bad. I'm not but did it crash may originate home -- The drive to let you slice for the quarterback for the wanna let -- slide. It rolled into the corner of the ticket -- has hit. Ryan Carr out like that that crosses the -- Jackie Bradley right behind him straight up the Red Sox. -- his plea for three with three doubles. -- rob wanted to do first followed a pet fireball that again that doesn't idiotic first thing is you've looked at second no chance. Well qualify for the first race like -- Going into the water -- hit first on his way to second he hit you that apparently going to Barrett and brought the ball as good triple. Thank god a ground ball biffle -- took -- for his favorite programs is what -- -- Joining us right now on night 37 WE I. He was discovered by Christian Fauria. Nice playing everywhere for the Boston Red Sox infield outfield where -- -- three. Thirty something along the way apparently it's brought COLT brought Gloria thanks -- joining us here at WEI. Yeah bankrupt every -- nominee gloves you have brought your -- has been able pins coming up a lot. No pitcher mr. million on the par on each -- on -- -- in their. -- figure out and. Now. Let me ask you middle infielder kind of guy -- second base shortstop which. Which one has been more difficult the played defensively of -- adjustment for you -- it. And a third basically a little bit of -- there last year first base left field right field which were to be. All. I think -- first base with the biggest just because you know you're and the president of the you're not used to Abdullah. You know bill color first -- -- -- this year and the little worked up around the bag. You know -- one expert. No lawyer but -- undercut it in -- covered in the so. -- -- -- wasn't as much -- -- in just a bit. -- paper -- -- who -- I thought there and you know don't try to get. The ball eat a -- -- he brought -- and our honest discussion before we ever had a chance to get -- and I was on your side of the fence there are thought it would have been a much easier transition -- on the outfield after playing middle -- -- your senator as much easier for you at first base is opposed. Us created relic the dirt again he alpha men those fly balls I no clue drop I don't want any part of that ball don't get alleys. You know slicing away from you hook -- in the corners get me out of here. Yeah and that I had that you know -- at first but up. But yeah I I like you would like its first gain over first. You know making sure I got back in the bag in on how to you know. -- not be around and BO says it's you know move around around atlas was kind of been at the blood. They -- at that first game not to more balls over there and you also. Pretty -- just because. You know it ought to play anywhere near it till I got your first knock down reports they so I'm not in -- -- -- But after playing over their -- you gain that -- -- respect her career to get her partner -- Are brought to you guys -- 3138 or nine games out of first place. I mean if you can't for the as much as possible what's it gonna take you guys to kind of turn this around you had a a tough stretch three lost -- a row -- other great stretch where he won seven in a row. I can you guys get some consistency week in week out. I'm not the main thing right now it's just you know -- -- at you whether you know. On the -- -- -- -- out and and on like you know let's did the other not a Lackey. You know we -- got it. You know obviously I wanna win and he -- have -- -- -- -- and you know we know what it takes. You know they do that you know we're just not. Being consistent and yet on whether you know the amount of and interpreting out of the of the bar are all. On you but we're not in the big cable we need it. You like our every hour you debate it we did it -- -- inning. They are big big so. On just one of those those things are now you will snap out and you know what but we're start when it back better -- in the Arctic air you know while -- I know you can. Play pretty much every position. But I have as John Ferrell or any other coaches give you an idea where they would essentially like to see you stay for elongated period of time. Are you -- and I had any conversations. I think burnout series. -- -- -- Wherever it may be -- come -- while monster yeah. On and every day taking it day by day. You know look at the lineup and a millionaire and look -- -- can look at -- plan you're ready to play. Trader at Gartner as they go up he thought he'd been on me. You know move around. -- that up QBO that is you know respect bulk. I know I'm I'm on whether or not. You're able ground positions defensively but offensively -- in one you've been at leadoff spot they've been searching for. How is it for you mentally how do you separate that defense -- offense -- and -- -- where you -- You still perform offensively and that is not something it's easy to -- the next jobless. Yeah I think I just try to separate -- didn't you know I'm going to be seeing hitter. The -- You know what it is not plan obviously you -- the first base. I'm not going to be a -- like expert based in long not gonna change. You don't approach to deploy. You know all gonna take it. You know I had that's like like I would any any any other time so I got I try to do that now separate the two. I'm focused on defense when her -- out there and then he spoke on the -- are not all of yet. Rocco with -- here on WEI -- an FB Brock. When I covered in Pittsburgh I know there was a thinking out there that you were nice piece to have your good component good organizational guy that can be counted on to be called up and putting hearing there and I'm wondering if you thought that was the same exact feeling you have when you came to the Red Sox or did you think when you got here to Boston. That they might have bigger goals or you. Yeah I really didn't know what to expect not I've not comfortable you don't look at her organization. Collect data -- a pretty highly of me. I'm not played well wallet there until I traded over the I'm a little bit shocked but you ought to know what to expect it to come however. You know laps here obviously. You know didn't warm outside of my capabilities there you know what I wanted you can't put too much pressure on what happened last year to you know. Prove prove some people that you all of the good player. And just kind of muscle and all but. No I didn't know what to expect but I am happy to be here at structure be in the Red Sox organization and in -- At -- they'll just go lot. And play like -- Alan you know whatever happened happened and you know you're all well -- right now on the net you know keep keep keep it going. You know rock out and all you're -- you're splits -- in the minor league structure career but I know. -- short time up here in the big leagues you numbers against lefties I mean. Have you always been able to hit lefties because that that's turns you into an everyday player because you stay in so well against those guys hit an embedded -- right right now in. It I've always been able to hear them pretty good. Not thing I'm doing a little bit better job this year. But as yet in -- goes back you know come a lot like I'm a little bit more. Dug out a little bit more competent this year and I got the upper big part in in the success you know nobody can go out to the job done. But not to try to get my belt and in good condition you know room whether -- -- error let you. -- you pitches you know earlier picked up then and lay -- pitches and put good and this could swing long enough. -- asked earlier about infield -- outfield what about outfield at Fenway verses anywhere else is there at all and intimidation factor or concern factor about learning the ropes of playing outfield in the professional level of Major League level at Fenway it was so many different variations Dixiecrat he's the wall and everything else. As opposed to Moro national stadium. Yeah yeah oh -- whenever I've played that you'll hear from experts are not yet monster. But you are actually felt better. Let let built here that I did in Detroit you know -- upset because doubt doctor Skinner in the Al who work. Our Detroit you can upload all in the lottery and government. Here look feel that kind of like. You an -- or not he vetoed and it probably involve the law knowing you've gotten old you know. I don't play it blocked it out to -- up the wall bad days and. Or go to the other day it lost -- I -- in Detroit as well and it there's a lot of room recover on got a quarter. How what are you learning you know -- orbit came out the ball there but. I'm yet in lately is eat they actually had a different outlook but you know it's it's pretty cool. You know pretty all the bills should you you went up their play ball a lot about. Pay Brock so your walk a song is a dancer home by the Cody Johnson man. Taking a break break it down why you picked that song. Well you know I had. Timber. Yeah all of our -- film kitten and the black Obama. TV is like Procter and he looked like he. Your client deployment chambers walk at all you had to pick a country song well not not necessarily that that's what mark -- TV made it -- you're an idiot you mentioned but. I always -- our country on mile walk above all -- I've always have my hometown by Charlie Robinson. Did you end up on the big a big country fan like that we must all. Go you know act act on I got tired experience here and -- and timber town hall to do -- I'd go back I'm more much dollar. That's one of my but I want -- there are incompetent bomber of the last places in World Cup. Any interest what so ever from you or anybody else in the Red Sox organization. Well I know -- what. Netherlands. Yes they are -- -- at a dot edu and create guided by I'm not a big soccer fan but. I do like woke up you can't you intentionally kicked out of poverty here's yet that. Got it turned me off I'll reserve USA obviously. I'll watch your game but other Mac -- I'll I'll focus on on how they gave -- You heard he plan -- probably a lot. Let's let the rest of us now. -- rocket -- -- -- a year ago you're a day ago I didn't ask you the money question -- Rockies still in the second most popular person in your own family it is the dog's still a more Twitter followers the new. I'm sure we made in the clear he would he would be that you did not talker that's for sure on -- the every picture that that both of them eat eat eat it if -- become pretty popular so -- everybody act bottom everybody went there in order when he heard -- I want the I would and all. Eight and one on Al. -- thanks a lot better appreciate coming on appreciate that phone call noble talk to suit over the park at. Absolutely well I got that has brought call from the Boston Red Sox here on night 37 WE I in the Boston Red Sox radio network.

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