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The Bradfo Show: Jon Lester talks hometown discount, trade rumors

Jun 15, 2014|

Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox starter Jon Lester to discuss his approach toward taking a hometown discount when it comes to the lefty's next contract. Lester explains his motivations heading into negotiations, while also touching on potentially having to deal with trade rumors as the non-waiver trade deadline approaches.

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It's nice. I'm Bradford talks all things that interest. Wish -- trust -- to sit there and still another episode of this and to be award winning show. -- rob Bradford. Well through the draft show's sponsor and I'll always -- school distinctive close people who make me look so darned good. It's what life in here we have Jon Lester shaking his head right now he he's out of a waiver wire or is he does support my game -- This you have to call that a step of -- well who Barbara Lester -- will will keep trending in the right direction what I wanted to are few real quick about today is just. About why you like Boston so much why. You've said before you wanna -- in Boston bonds curious why it is I'm sure there's a few reasons but worth some of the reasons when you say that recent I want -- in Boston. What are the things that jump to mind. From. Commenting. On could go to like the -- -- side of it is -- to the city in. You know like we just enjoy a kind of the small big city feel. In the Boston has. You know Elvis and -- this has been -- home the last you know eight plus twelve years you know. The years appeared in actually in Boston twelve years with the organization so solid really known. He'll say that it is it's more so long lines of of the Red Sox it does -- -- And you know you don't see many guys that. You know you're drafted by team and in the stay in their whole careers. System that that I always wanted to be apart of him and wanted to do and you know so I think those are those some of the reasons -- -- kids were born here you know we got a lot of lot of roots here that that kind of grown over the years. A lot of great people appeared. So you know I mean I think the list can go on and on but those missed a few things. You you talked about being drafted here and staying here. Are you a guy who who really like certain he doesn't like change flights -- take this is what I know in this what I wanna continue enough. Yeah I mean I think. You know we all kind of feared. You especially something like this is to be such a big change. You know. You're not only go into a different. Know of -- does happen you're going to a different team organization how they run things and how things are run around here know how. From what what the front office expects. You know I've I've known most of those guys really for the twelve years and I've been here so. You know than you at a new city new people. You know new teammates. You know my life -- to get. You know accustomed to that city into those people in and meet new friends there and my kids the same thing so. You know I think yeah I think we all fear that we all don't want to accept that. You know but. You know that there's times -- I guess you have to -- but you know I don't think we really want to. So you know us some that. If it happens a sick other and the deal where you can't think about it right now and you cross that bridge and get their. You know we we don't want across that bridge we wanna be here and continue to practice for those -- out here. We talked and the guys who have had to make that trip changed for you this and other guys here who feel the same way you do. I've talked other guys say you know -- I went here in this is the adjustments today had to make. And this is what it was like no. I think that some that you know if you get put in that position. You know we get into the offseason and some. Some doesn't happen. You know yet -- then you'll probably start reaching out to guys and you know kind of put feelers out in. You know you start getting offers from hopefully offers from other teams in and and you kind of sort of questions but no I mean that's the furthest thing from my mind from our minds. You know and I think anytime you get a guy from a new team here you know you always ask him about the teams regardless of your free agent and -- and -- and I've known. In years past you know -- first appears at best guys about you know how. Florida was or how -- overlook or you know whatever. You know so -- I think that's just kind of a general conversation topic and but no I think you know I was appraising across the bridge and get there and then I think that's something that. If it's presented in front of you and you have to make those decisions than that so yeah. There's -- you start doing your research them. That part of it though always a part of when you ask guys around and especially guys who have been here and they say well you know it's pretty good in Boston. Is that part of the reason because you you have heard about what it's like other places and you know it's like here on I think. You know I think exposed to is progresses those green on the other side. But at the same time I think you know all all 29 other clubs probably you know. One of them -- a couple of -- whatever might have a few other things to offer. And then. Those same clubs might not have some of the things that we offer here you know I think there's give and take with every club guys you know like -- -- I know -- a runner on here. I know what to expect in Ohio so you know we do need something and let -- know you know who to -- and stuff like that so. You know he he goes you know don't you know it's it's close dues you gotta figure things out -- figure out. Their operation works in their -- you know you may end up like in their operation better you know it's just. If it's everybody's personal deal personal opinions and what they like and how things are on. You know that this is this is all I've ever known him. You know. -- -- something happens in your and a team remain -- -- and I really liked the way they do this -- may find out that I really don't like with the you know I mean it's. I think that's the the risk you take if you do. People in the lead in. Witnesses things are businesses this is all I've known as well with -- it is like him. -- preacher. And lose misses this has been my habit -- for twelve years and you know not a lot has changed colors. In the way things Iran and an organized and what's expected and so I think that's what makes it's obvious he's so attractive and obviously everything else that goes along with it. When when you say that the hometown discount thing at -- at the writers' dinner. And awful what you just explained its -- understandable and it doesn't surprise you the reaction because I guess the reaction was because. A lot of people don't say verbally in public what you said. But a lot of players do think exactly what you describe as well suited that surprised you the reaction from them at all. What will react to feel like home to our -- police -- he's gonna take a hometown discount even though everything that you just said makes all the sense in the world. I mean I think. Or you know what I just said about you know what people's different opinions people do what what drives people. Makes them happy. You know I've always been the people who believe him when he does that make me happy you know I make myself happy my family makes me happy. Comfort makes me happy. Stability makes me happy so presents of those things was for those reasons. And you know I think everybody can take that statement right there and use it. In and phrases in. Changes to a whatever they want. To believe. You know I'm sure there's some people we turned on the first offer from some people think that that's a hometown discount -- should take it. You know that's their opinion and but for us that wasn't that was right there was -- the right time. You know that's our opinion so. I think. I think it all comes down to to what we believe in and what we think is. A discount and still fair. And then he comes down to what they think is the discount what's still fair for them and that's part of negotiations. That suck. They're businessmen were businessmen at same time and you know you have to. You know you have to take that consideration and try to work through some things and you know we just with the timeframe that that we were given. We just were able to do that at that time so. You know to move forward and continue to play and we'll pick it up when when time threat to. But here's the subject this probably not realistic but when the team goes on the seventh or -- -- game losing streak it it enters into the conversation which is. If the team is out of it to the trade deadline. Who who might get traded. Does when you look at that and I'm not saying that you guys are near that position now was it does does that factor into your head at all saying. Man in -- -- in this position my name could be brought up in these sort of things which is something no one ever thought but the -- in the year. -- I mean I think every year when you get to the trade deadline it's always a possibility. How great a possibility is I don't know if you're not in that room you know make some phone calls. I think obviously this year with with. Kind of a unique situation we we could be in at that time. You know I don't know I mean a couple of said. If if they feel like trading mean it is who's gonna make the Boston Red Sox better for the future and no hard feelings I mean it's it's been a -- business. That. You know still go back to the same stamina wanna be here I think they want me to be here. But like I said the same time I'm sure they still wanted to know Adrian Karl on Josh and nick to be here. But they needed to make a decision for the greater good for the future. And that's what they had to do so if that's what they have to do that that's they have to do on the practice at them there's not going to be. There wouldn't be any hard feelings there would be. You know my my I would still think of my time -- graded. Cherish every minute. Ups post here and go about my business wherever I go you know so I think. I think you just have to learn in this profession that no matter where you're at its followers. Know how good you think you are hollow piled on of all time list -- you or whatever. They're still always a possibility. The scheme is stable and as much as we'd like to make it stable it's it's an honor. -- that if if they if they get that position and they feel it's necessary than it is I mean I can't stop it in. It'd mean I can do anything in the same thing and no I'm not going you know I mean that there's nothing you can do you get traded you traded in. -- try to make the best of it and obviously it's not something that. You know you walk in and -- -- trade me. You know so I mean it's it's. It's not a whole lot. -- to be probably pretty sad time but at the same time you know exciting and -- talk about foreign. In. Always try to take that mindset going into the trade deadlines because. If you sit there worry about it and contemplated. Get on the Internet and trying to find out where you think you're going you know whatever and thinking you know find out all these things it's just the -- unneeded stress and thought that you don't feel lost. You've been through that before eventually. Mean going back to Iraq treat him. So there has been other times in -- if you think I think I've actually been treated twice. And then. Either you know one didn't go through and then the other one at the last -- pulled back so I mean it's so. You know some have been a part of it some. I think that's why -- have. But. Mind that I guess I have now it's like -- lifted -- -- been traded than go back to team that traded mean. But. So it is what it is which which one was that Alex those. You know get a call eight you traded to the Rangers okay great you know -- -- Day later -- -- back with the Red Sox fielding go through so you know -- a lot of mixed emotions and spring training was a little weird but it. And then I think you know the -- on Santana thing. You know they're trying to get him. That got pulled off the table at the last minute. You know so. Except for reasonably sure that I do but don't I don't mean I'm gonna continue to take the ball and go pitch from here. Of -- even better. If -- if with another team that you know obviously you get -- -- probably going to team that's in it and you know give them hopefully take the ball for them and give him a chance -- I -- -- there's not a whole lot I can do to control things and with -- and controls. Basically that -- starts and another person. Question is were doing this on Father's Day and one of the things are always. -- look at is as you're going around with the Exxon and or any of the players going around their kids. And you talk about being a member of the Red Sox are you able to start of that of that kind of image. -- You going out there with your son in a -- -- little Red Sox uniform and and where you are in your life and and what he's thinking and what this means to them. And you know I was talking -- my -- about you know like that that doesn't mean you know obviously another reason why I wanna be here. He. You know goes through last year and -- down the field you know in here and spraying champagne and no idea what it means. -- remember I hope you know I hope bill. When he's older remember days ago. When we talk about 2013 in. You know what in the World Series and hope he can go hey I remember getting to go into the clubhouse and getting to go on the field. Hold the trophy here whatever. Yeah I mean so closes things that that obviously go through my mind you know I want my kid to. Both my sons to be able to be a part of Fenway Park and they'll come here and try to hit balls over the green monster and play catch in the outfield with me and run around and really appreciate. The fact that you know that place for one of the oldest teams in baseball. One of the oldest park in baseball. And you know that's that's that's the stuff that you know weighs on your decisions. You know if you do get to. To that point where you have to decide between a couple of teams yet to decide whether or not -- stay here you know whatever. You know those are all the things that you know like my dad always taught me you know. You can't decide between two things you know sit down piece of paper right all the pros out for this one -- comes out that -- You know the pros outweigh the cons than you made your decision. And same thing goes to the other one. You know on Nebraska in the -- -- -- if they're equal. You know kind of useless means -- -- group you know so hope. You know that would obviously be some that's on the pro side of him and want him to. Experience this. Not take this for granted and and some that -- For example for in the -- would remember coming here and you know balling him. You know enough to -- stadiums you know he gets -- -- can be your birthday party and you know I mean so stuff like that and it. You know being around the guys and you know like a sense that that stuff that you -- think about you know it's. Weigh in in in the decision making process of as far as what. What makes your family happy what makes your kids happier. Where you think bill bill do the best and you know -- are lifestyle for them and you know that the cost of moving the constant changing. Like this at this offseason he still thinks that his home that is Boston because he really. That's where -- grew up last year. You know I think going from two threes kind of big age as far as what they what they remember what they what they know. So you know I think that's -- this is a big part of his life right now. It's one of the reasons why I said some of those of us in January you know I mean. -- -- all off season obviously -- World Series and you know you can't beat you can't be playing here when you win in. You know armistice. This place on the -- play. And like you said to have them here would be. Would be great you know have them here in the locker you know like he'd gotten all his kids uniforms hanging in here and you know that coming here and change with him and go out on the field play Enron. Did in. That would be as a -- Father's Day note because ultimate field. Injury. Claude OP had a good Father's Day in and I will did you some of my clothing. If you like I'll give you release a -- Bradford -- -- today. -- -- -- --

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