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Butch and Buck Give their thoughts on the NBA Finals, the Legacy of Lebron and His Place in NBA History

Jun 15, 2014|

Butch and Buck discuss their thoughts on the Spurs domination over the Heat so far and if they will finish Miami off tonight. This leads to a larger discussion on Lebron and his teammates, his off-court behavior and his place in history. The boys chat with callers about their top 5 NBA players after 1978.

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Little John Cougar Mellencamp on a sports Sunday on a Father's Day Sunday at Fenway Steve Buckley imports Stearns. About just your short very short take on. Carmelo Anthony is a Celtic would you like that or not. While. I would just first impression when I say that -- security immigration yes why why -- of the celtics' Allen. Basketball and can play I'm with I'm with -- and so I know where he get a guy like that worry about the other stuff that. Yes so we safer I'm I'm may have technically posted first impression all got yet it's it's the way to think about it. Is when it's it it's problematic is anything but chemistry and we did the -- and -- western goal -- got to bring in to make it all -- and then it gets confusing. Doesn't -- -- yes. It doesn't get confusing as you know 25 to thirty points a game basis. Let's go to Scott and PB who's next I Scott Dohmann butch and -- And guys are doing good I just wanted to round went -- especially -- start about the armed unit to yeah I think it's one of the best arm. Displayed about why I've actually seen it a long long time and I like the fact that the spurs establish themselves early and I feel like he actually took -- -- -- -- -- from making a little to attack follows it and I did you know you'd think that the actual -- have a chance at coming back. Well let me go back. Go a little deeper on quote one of the best displays a basketball on a lot from spurs prospective meaning. Well I think the public and it that we watched we can handle it disparate little ball up like that the rest. I'm sorry about it to me in almost what it's like the worst -- at risk because I really think you make up calls all the -- agreed. But I feel like disperse them moving the ball so well that is another opportunity for the rest actually be able to do that without actually really looking. Agree despite being so. So might my take on it is this I agree with you I think the spurs are up 321 for one simple reason and this is cliche but it's so true. They wanted it more than heat it happened in game three. When they came out in Miami all all every Miami player after the game said the same thing even Spoelstra. Who said they just. They came out and different year than we were not. And -- did the same thing the next -- after that so hats off to -- what I think about the series is as a Celtics fan I want it to end today. I want -- over I want Duncan to a lot of championship. And -- they don't -- my eyes because exe like down. I watched Ray Allen put his head down run and think I watch sports but the era perhaps sort art sergeant. That was resistant like. And -- like perspective like they're not giving all of them make up calls like they usually do. Can I find it ironic that they keep calling to wait -- all I want start in actually dominate again. Well Scott before you -- waxing politically about a good. The refereeing is -- they've been letting them play wait till this game gets. More about it and I actually feeling that it's gonna probably be because the spurs are wrong and they're gonna play proprietary. Closed it out maybe a little more -- into and -- It a little out of control actually I spoke. I think this president quoted because I do and I watched it eat -- don't look ignore besides Bryant will -- as props on that. It is always a permanent I'm -- topic. We don't see him take shots and actually trying to on the game by. I actually think that they add on penalty extent. The instinct thing buck is that the heater down three games to one no team has come back from three to one in the NBA finals. But the simple thing is we've seen so many seven game series of sports fans that if he can win this game they now go back home. And all bets are -- but if you watch in the series at all that that the spurs have dominated this -- They out into you know listen. America hates the Miami Heat and I don't think that plays in any. Facet of this game that they -- down 31 has nothing to do with that. As an aside though. A couple of years back when when LeBron made the decision and then they had the big. Thing condominium with all the fire and smoke and but got to win one I'm gonna win two and three. Didn't they just a -- which themselves as the most hated team in sport and at that very moment and do it again 31. Is it because fans outside of -- wanna see them -- I I just you know every time I watched the team -- now it's it's. It takes a little something away from it because I would rather root for great basketball and to root against eighteen. Tinged and you say that because Bob Ryan right after that coronation. Rory wrenching article our good friend if you remember saying that. Hated teams are great for the NBA and that's -- Not really an awful. His premise of the article was his promise. And it was a very good article as Ryan always does his promise was it over the history of the NBA they're being hated teams and it's been great for the NBA and this will be great for the NBA so. I tend to agree we have you seen it be in no I don't think it's been great for the NB my point yes and and I would agree with your premise as much as I want the spurs to win I want the heat to lose more. The only reason I want the two when Israel realms and the classy guys ever came through here and by the way for a career. From a great players -- the top fifty players and his MBA or maybe years greatest three point. Shooter ever I'd root for a guy like that and he's been. If you -- career acting if you booted from basketball teams. Previously. Answered you were against teams. You rooted against them for reasons basketball. People hated the Celtics. Kevin McHale close -- -- but hated the lakers Chamberlain -- are people hated the pistons and the year he hated that you know and on and there were reasons to hate certain teams Celtics lakers pistons. Sixers. Dean dean hated being mean we've -- calls. People eighteenth for reasons basketball. I can't help the other people hate the heat the reasons off the court. Because every time they see the heat they they see that -- -- -- talked about there but the decision it just seems all below capitalism. And boy he's bright lights of Hollywood and I think people hate the heat. For reasons different than they hated the Celtics the lakers the pistons in the sixes and. And this phone will take my talents to South Beach. And LeBron is thank you -- LeBron is the reason he's the focal point here's his comments at practice yesterday. Why not us history has broken all the time when asked about being down three games to one and no team. Ever coming back so history is made to be broken in why not -- he'd be a part of it. That would be great that would be a great story right but we'll see what happens I've got to live in the moment though for -- get to that -- Here's a guy has not showed up for two home games in a row in the NBA finals. -- not show up if not able to match seemed when he was intensity even oaks. For two games and that's why they're on the brink of nomination. So he can talk while he wants but this is another one of those teams where his legacy is on the line he puts up one of those performances. And saves his team and they go back there even he forces a seventh game that helps cement his legacy. I mean he he seeming to embrace the moment or do whatever he needs to do to get himself whipped up for the moment. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- This is how I don't know much -- is everything. Obviously when you and don't be sent them here with this. The NBA finals came onto an album. -- -- -- and they've been there all year and I still believe in them. Sort of they wanna lose tonight does the NBA championship it closed all I don't know I think I think San Antonio wins tonight and you know that'll be that we can all the good laugh over it at Bryant expected it when it and get a break coming up but it -- -- it. When the Celtics when the bee championship in 07 -- in the epic ruling series against Cleveland and the issue seemed to be in doubt at certain junctures in the finally won it shot by. And with Garnett always appears that went around the rim they went -- -- was it was rail with a rail air and. Having covered that entire series. I made it a point. To attend all the -- post game press conferences. Because I thought he was one of the best spokesman basketball was producing at that point. People if they only see -- is that high school kid who went on to play in the NBA needs big star. I thought that he would he had it and I wrote about this a week will present. He was very well spoken. He was. Day 88 top tier player who understood the grand scheme what basketball's all about. And I said wow what what better spokesman charity game into the 21 century and beyond. Then LeBron James and I I had such incredible respect a LeBron James all of it. I don't disrespect him now but I just don't I'm just not a fan of his team off the court as it once was because of the decision in the press competent in an in now when I have covered him now he's got twelve cameras around and and it's just and the Stennis with basketball is -- But something has been lost in translation abroad and -- like from what I understand he's -- -- his teammates all seem to like him. He's a good locker room guy but I I think that he made some bad decisions witness him as a few years back regarding decision -- -- -- both. Faulted for going in Miami that's you know we we live in a world free agency it just wasn't handled right. 8 o'clock tonight in game five in San Antonio Spurs can in the NBA championship if LeBron in the heat stave off elimination. In game six will be in Miami on Tuesday night. And if somehow they go back to San Antonio. Game seven would be Friday night at 9 o'clock. In San Antonio. One hour down three hours to go here at Fenway Park which -- Steve Buckley in a sports Nnamdi B apart. -- -- -- -- -- Because that's not -- on the bottom of our business and we can win multiple championships. If we take care of business with the right -- There's a lot to talk about as always on Sunday. Here on WEEI. Its sports Sunday were lab at Fenway Park idea of what that. Let's get it going at the open -- exercise it. We're not edgy and I like where not on the cutting those that those two guys -- -- next that is right keeping an -- on that button you know -- -- which has always. We're live at Fenway as we are for every Red Sox afternoon home game of the year we're -- -- senate we will let you stop by coming in. To celebrate fathers' day. And -- there it's Father's Day. And we're giving -- time. Two marks and hopefully not the Red Sox the imports. If that's the case but. Report back to -- a -- used to say they would never follows. And he made. The only good -- with the with pop goes the weasel. -- Stock Stephen Drew IQ in Portland -- -- let's talk Stephen Drew yes. We've already established that the legend of Brock -- continues and he's not going anywhere. However get Stephen Drew coming back are available today. When he's healthy. Red sex on a patent and he's -- -- shortstop. And Bogart's don't that are. By -- is that right. Stay in the -- yes so. So I guess there's a couple questions here is the rosters mean when you play the subject to Reno comes back out the middle Brooks is the real wild card in what happens with him. My question is is Jonathan -- along for this team if -- can be your backup shortstop. So to speak well I would lose these people -- -- -- rare mean he was in the witness protection program -- few weeks ago getting playing time because certain of the -- that's not my angle my English who's the odd note -- playing who's the odd man out here for middle Brooks comes back -- Whose mean it will be up to the trade deadlines some nine series saying because. If you get rid of -- rarer. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he's played shortstop days. What is and look that up but no I -- I -- -- -- saying. I don't like the idea of moving Bogart's off of third now of these there I don't like eight years him being the fact that utility infield. To played back a short if that's what -- and I believe they've already addressed that by saying that won't happen. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I called Iraq called stick it in right field are they now know. I mean left field may be mr. right field given its bulk. Like the big guy. There is an old -- old -- relate to use you know these things have a way of working themselves out I don't know this when will there is also it is always a trade possibility. I used to say that I envisioned a red sox' future. -- Bogart's at third or rarely short predatory or second in middle Brooks at first base politics finally happily to aid. -- I'm talking on the road. And in which case Hewitt Andy at all. Farm system infield for guys developed signed drafted and so -- drafted signed development in your farm system. Which then we've -- to -- so there's there's a lot of moving parts. It's go to west doing Maynard -- butch and -- hello still. Able -- -- Father's Day YouTube soul like LeBron James I am not a hater and I don't know attitude. And I I don't know anything about him based on the media persona that's put out there. But and I wish I would become a victim is but the expectations and people talk about expectations and and when you make the criticisms it's hard to put your finger on that he's not like no leadership there's something so wrong with. With so many aspects of what's go along with him. Like that. That the media machine that want him to be the greatest ever is just off it's like the -- media machine that's telling us that the cowboys are gonna win the Super Bowl. And Mike Trout the greatest thing greatest baseball player the Turks -- big game. Everybody wants everybody to be the greatest and change -- post and set the world on fire. I -- the more -- LeBron James the less and less. I believe. What's been put out of that's -- point. The more sitting in the more you -- you -- -- -- LeBron -- game and a bit more he's put into these big games of the more big games you see him and but less and less I've. They're the last and let our belief. His place in the game -- it is place is the greatest slips even further. Are 'cause of -- because of his performance because of the Russians performances attitude that that there's no leadership I mean when you when it's in it's a lot of it's difficult to. Put your finger on because it's not I disagree that -- a lot of it's hard to bar and put it to me it's like there's so many aspects. And what he's doing that incorrect. Or not the greatest. If everything's -- So so I disagree and I'll give you two reasons why -- if let's start with the second or would you point I think there is so much more scrutiny so I think there's a lot more. Room for him to screw up he sold scrutinized and to do a mopping and LeBron James apologist but I think if you look at the results. And what he's done in big games -- -- QB to against the Celtics to game seven against when he played with cleanly was the only option on a team against Paul Pierce. We almost beat that team to game seven where he did commend the garden and beat the Celtics when they won their first championship. And tonight's another one of those games so if you wanna just judge him on his performance. On the court his team comes out lays an egg tonight. He's teamed us then you're right that's part of his legacy and he McKee scored 63 points. He knows better than that now they're not gonna be dispersed without a team effort he's got a lead. So my point TU my disagreement would you wish to main point I think if you look at his body of work in big games you can criticize LeBron. For a lot but he's gotten better and better in big games in the second thing is compared to years ago would even bird magic and Michael. He can do no right. He can do no right in that regard because it is so scrutinized though those are my answers to. Good and anger and and it it it gets difficult and wobbles back and forth and sometimes people argue -- his legacy. And this series. It's two different things and why why we can't there's there's there's. There's something no it's not -- this year has been a failure not know it's not a failure if the series has been a failure you're suggesting that. Well brawn James career has been failure which is just more I figured I understand your point stupid featured exaggerated -- and its in its support or not on the state has been an abject failure well. Okay. You're not being there. Yeah it's like when magic finally lost to burden Byrd beat him in the NBA finals you know or this and that and and that again I hate going on the magic bird comparison because it was so unique. And LeBron doesn't have a a magic or bird that he goes against all the time but the only reason. I just screwed up point two is that this is the only finals it's going on right now this is another opportunity for another notch in his belt. So you're right when it's all said and done we may look at this is an aberration he may go on to win three more championships right now he had another shot at the -- And he's not gonna get. Or. I'm sorry I'm worried that he's gonna treat this game the same way he treated the fourth quarter and the at a game where equal well I've done everything I can. And so and also to be done. You make great points to thanks for the call bucket from a -- -- Miami Heat fan. The least thing I'm worried about is LeBron performance in this game tonight. Yes that's a race yet and I'm worried he plays big in big games title I just don't think you can take that away from. In -- that he down by twelve in the second half most heat is -- the game anyways so who cares about what you think. You were diving into stats to how many each game to shortstop has brought a volatile and. I I thought he would played alike shortstop but the reality is exactly what I said in the minor leagues. In parts of six seasons he has played. 283. Games at shortstop vs only 178 seconds and 113. And -- this -- had never played game in the outfield miners until. The Red Sox decided to put him in the field so it's it's. That's one of the cool things about baseball is that you can go to your entire career playing certain position Indian ninth round draft pick of whom. Not a whole lot is expected to kind of a pro win. In a deal with the Pittsburgh. Pirates. And don't even know Asian game and now. The manager of the big league team is -- you using you in positions you have never played before solely to get your bat and a that's a good story like. Back to -- with Harry in -- Hello Harry Martin Garrick Harry and I don't -- Steve Allan Schroder style you like -- -- About the credit but it title he seemed like a quiet guy don't hear much bottom. Where would you rank him in top five vaults are in top three and it but he was the topic with our idols. I think he would have a lot more -- A lot much hit it as being that guy out. While. I only a little bit like well before Harry Harry don't hang up yet they were before we dive into this when you say top five are you talking about the top. Five greatest players in the history of the NRA. At an eight. -- -- up the bulk. Yeah out from -- -- and -- okay no no I'm glad you qualified you're talking about tonight tiger are not about that. Yeah well. So -- so yes they sat in on now we when you say seven in on those few leaving a Chamberlain to bar. Russ tablets out that it ought to. -- -- I mean if if you go and post 1978 certainly he's an accomplice -- magic and bird and in Jordan a three right there. LeBron it's four. Is -- wrong for -- -- a fifth guy. Absolute. On I think in my but no rephrase -- leaving and obviously I don't you agree that you've got bird. Magic Jordan LeBron yes it's a slam -- top four post 1970. Yes OK -- slam dunk OK so don't -- picked -- Duncan is in the discussion I would I would put Duncan ahead of LeBron right now. I mean and I'll tell you -- first the ball in the argument beyond 78 he is consistently in every article you read. Considered in in the debate for the greatest power forward Mediterranean yeah. He's about when his fifth NBA championship which go by numbers in championship numbers like we did do was financed Jordan won six. Magical on five. Burden on three. Tim Duncan is about to go five and that that's enough that's that's. In his note to. Where does he fall short I guess is the question book. What do you fall short of not being number three number four -- it starting five. We see may educate your point guard Michael as you shooting guard Michael as whatever. -- upfront with Duncan and LeBron yeah that that's pretty good this -- if take that image and a game of pick up any day I think I think there's no doubt and I think when you look at championships. Mean c'mon Bill Russell eleven and thirteen years it's always that the unique thing. But you look at Jordan -- six and Tim Duncan is is in rarefied air already. They don't win until he gets there and now he goes out -- win -- -- away and heard -- time. He says this is losers Duncan I don't know. Maybe it's me and it seemed that who's to say he looked. He had dynamite in my in my thing -- guys who retired and retiree -- simplified use. That expansion baseball Clemens retired at its retired and they're packed -- so you don't expect to see mania at Wrigley Field this year are also I think any expect to see you -- through all the god we'll tell collectively -- -- let him. Quick break we're back -- more people lining up outside of friendly it is a Father's Day Sunday a story about dead horse here that's why not give -- -- -- 6177797. 937 we're here for. A bad moon rise in great sunrise in today outside of Fenway Park on Father's Day as people are lining up. I was forget the date pocket it was in 1970. But as a moat and a father and son went and here and who knows it's their first game ever but my first game I saw the memories are vivid. Sides of the -- it was it was the Orioles against the Red Sox. And we sat right by the Red Sox don't know if you'll. And I remember two things every yeah as leaning on -- -- a lot of fathers and -- but it and now I'm member yet as leaning on his knee in the on deck circle and I remember literally sounds corny but that number eight was bigger than life. His back was to us I saw that number eight it was like Carl Yastrzemski is only being. It's quite nicely and not spam and so it was huge and the other thing remember was -- pol. The -- and my goodness cause your place ultimately you have but he was -- and uniforms like war like now. North. You know but it was the coolest thing in the world a lot of fathers and sons. Coming in today you. I have ever heard you talk about this your first game -- finally. 1964. Doubleheader with the angels angels. The lost the first game won the second game. And I -- War that'll -- on an album whose whose merits and X 64 like -- and yet and Leo there. I remember. It was 64 later -- remember. But my first fever reflect player. Was not yet as with an Election -- was not want me my first fever communion must give as it. Had a major deficiencies as part of his game that he was he's better known Jimmy pierce know. Yet he was better known for what he couldn't do that he could do. From couldn't do. To the degree the -- famous nickname. For his inability to do those things. And extort are okay. Doctor Strange it artists like Dresdner famous story about -- low blow up by graphical I think infield he reached though it is nitpick in the data standing ovation from the with the but he was a -- -- -- -- like. You latched onto -- I don't know why but I just sooners remember because that is like like everybody is attracted to home runs. And he was powered battery at forty -- he was my he was my first. Reflect -- we're talking about time. -- champions right now with Tim Duncan ranks. As you could win another NBA championship tonight we came up with a top five list and Harry from Quincy chimed in and said since 1978. And we can put Jordan. Magic bird Duncan and LeBron I would argue on that list -- two things. To amend a little bit magic and bird I can't like Jordan's number one on the list from top fives and 78 magic birther or two in two B -- there's no. Even the magic won five NBA championships and I know this is part of the green blood coming out of me it's hard to distinguish between the two I guess you have to give the nod. To magic for winning five vs three wood Byrd wouldn't -- Mean objected yes yes OK well then you can't give LeBron over Duncan especially if -- about to win tonight and beat LeBron and NBA final. He can't possibly he's 120 and don't want for a already. And the one guy. That I would add into this list or at least for discussion is Korean. -- was on all five of those lakers championship team and and while he might have been a bit player in the last one are not as he was he woman neighbor mind -- cream -- Jabbar and came. Bill Walton to. No he looked over north came with Cambridge a upland road area but but Kareem. That -- up to a story went to Harvard summer school. One year he still at the box 1970. Well Centre back -- -- might have been non that you screamed then you changed over. 1970 when he won a championship PS six rings but maybe it was 77 once it anyway you -- you of -- Harvard street right around the corner of my neighborhood and and we used to -- mocking him and on the street came by optimism came by senate park -- not to hoops with some of the kids. It's a true story and that an -- and have a new -- and cover basketball but when the Celtics played the lakers couple years back. In the 080708. Finals I saw him outlets in and walked up and introduced myself to him. And always get a reputation as being kind of standoffish and it's an amnesty but in the world. -- delegates that I grew up in Cambridge and a that the prospect street right around the corner in the building you lived on Harvard in the Harvard and Clinton street. -- and he seemed interested in the topic and an -- -- -- -- utilities is I was studying Arabic for the summer Harvard. Account and a you -- that you bright guy. Go to the phones in that list if you Google the list of players with the most NBA championships is a couple of its two point nine of the top eleven -- Celtics. Nine of the top -- Russell would eleven Sam Jones with ten. And as I read this -- think about this because they have multiple rings and no disrespect them. There are guys you wouldn't argue are the top five or ten players in the NBA can be there were guys in the Yankee lately our appeal for at night and -- at the discussion here. Who won a platoon. World Series championship and -- great players but they. -- the right place the rates so Bill Russell of the eleven Sam Jones intent Tommy actually Casey Jones and eight cents and as -- -- John average equity. Lost a tough with seven frank Ramsey -- seven Robert or. With seven to with the rockets three with the lakers and spoke with the spurs. Now he's in the right place the right yeah but he was a good contributor to some of those champ and not know I agreed to agree. Bob Cousy has six Kareem has six Michael Jordan has six cutting -- X George Mike and has five. -- Jim Pollard has five and then it goes on on the line Magic Johnson has five Dennis Rodman has five Colby Bryant adds five all. I know it applies to go to rob don't I probably I was thinking that yes let's go to Robin Beverly calling to say that we -- probably rub. Hello -- So Iran. Yeah it -- great blitzer almost. And out I -- on call and I ever heard anybody talk about Kobe Bryant in the pot -- The -- clearly. That there. Why he'll work and better player than Duncan in LeBron. I'm. OK okay -- -- about -- we just we just said that but let me ask you this. In a list from 1978. Of the top five NBA players. Would you put Colby ahead of any of these three Jordan magic. Or bird. You're an absolutely not I think could have an argument between. Maybe maybe their best player in the Apollo -- -- magical bird but definitely or I would consider it out to do all. And -- will be cured it clearly expressed. Second period you -- -- -- they'll -- attic but clearly make it go and number. Well again I agree with you I agree with you and here's my logic in and it rob. I would have a hard time. And I notes because we grew up with a -- here now fully admit I get emotional attachment. And its -- terrorism but. Have a hard time saying that because Colby won five in -- only 13. The Kobe deserves to be had a birdie naps the defining point while I understand the logic. The fact that bird won three in magic won five this fact that they had eight championships. Between them. To me adds to the fact port or doesn't detract from bird only having three to -- five. If you know what I mean if that makes any sense to Boston fans it will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm yet so -- talk to the -- because we think go to Mike Ariel and Kobe Kobe Kobe. I'm well let's agree I Kobe Bryant and then I think. Dark yet clearly in that conversation. -- our our and -- Madonna and guy and I think Byrd are great at that they're you know he's a basketball I'm I think. To a -- in there about five might be more of a back and forth conversation would be Shaq. Who has you know -- about -- and he also was clearly you know Guatemala -- unfortunately for years. And that. I do think that all the way to win as many rain I think -- Olajuwon. Somehow it's overlooked and sort out who the best player on the planet and I think that. If they would estate agent -- during George respective time well I don't would've given any of those guys -- -- -- better. I think they're all good points that you make Adam really good points and -- Olajuwon probably. You know definitely deserves to be mentioned so buck on this Father's Day as I mentioned we're gonna take a moment right now to draw attention to an organization that really deserves it. -- the mass fallen heroes you can follow on mass fallen heroes. Dot org they had an event at Fenway recently that you events all the time. And big concert coming up in July and joining us on the hotline right now is the program director. From the Massachusetts phone heroes crystals -- hello Chris -- NATO -- -- president to India so Chris what's going on -- -- fallen heroes dot org on the spot Tuesday. Well we got a lot of stuff or -- we've done we -- started -- tend by Boston firefighters and some cost and other veterans and also we'll start -- and we -- It's pretty much been a grassroots campaign who are build a permanent memorial public one. I thought our all our match president of have been unfortunately. Children not Iraq or Afghanistan post nine elevenths so. We've they're not bank announced it was raising money -- that we've been getting bigger now more people start to recognize this used to it and we've had a tremendous amount of help along the way from from the public from politicians legislation and success or not as you certainly we've been doing a lot of events are also raising awareness and from what we're doing which is also they're not taken out some veterans advocate users -- regarding cameras we had our first. The vent their last week the Red Sox were more than generous enough to. Give us apart for the daily had a celebrity softball game with Kevin Chapman helped run the whole thing. He -- a little -- athletes and celebrities a couple of media people showed up as well and. -- was like look it was a great day Willis softball game. Joining -- win was the softball game. The software in the last Friday from six that was our first once we plan on doing an intellectual and action will probably -- not first -- did or anything a couple of blocks but. It you know when all of our waffles -- good time in a lot of so that would change the veterans ankle starting on the on the field together and I'm exchange and they -- had a great time was great today. Who was a soccer game out right field. Works out with a softball game out in right field. Now we have all are actually okay is I was at Fenway last Friday and I saw some stuff going cited -- you guys. He and you read are Christian red Kenny Kasey and Paul Warburg. There was it was a really fund it was -- It wasn't really great time a lot of people came out we a couple of actors on there as well Brooke Baldwin from CNN came up. She brought her film crew they have only just really personal the good times certainly very friendly. And we drummed up a lot of support for it. -- -- -- many sexy Kevin Chapman will primal thing in can Casey from drop kick was awesome he showed up he did a lot. You know who had a lot of help and again to the -- auction of forgiveness -- ballpark and you know that's not needed and you can get and not been pretty much open the gates and consider that it sold. Little variable like for them and their participation in this as well. Chris can you briefly talk about you talk about the history of the organization what what do you guys do what are some of the services. You provide to families who've lost their dads. -- or mom's part to it to mass fallen heroes what exactly do you guys -- where does that money go. Our main focal point right now is raising money for the memorial which is a pretty much like it generally has been grassroots and legal and everyone should and we have this year's event throughout the year. Curious sponsor of that. That memorial going to be at seaports where. The people that are developing novel new neighborhood -- don't generously donated a parcel. And they've also can begin to contribute in a lot of -- -- That's going to be like at roughly eight million dollar park. I mean it's gonna have a fifty affordable structure water -- reflecting pools we have an indoor component cooling unit with an attractive software. So people can walking in and just type the name of the -- residents who have you know. Were killed in action and that they you know parent can put a brief profile on -- -- -- when you're kidding kind of get a whole history I'm not there. We've also just unintentionally. We it's kind of become a very -- true source of veterans that have been having issues getting jobs. Finding ways to get needed benefits things like that's a lot apparently been acting as a liaison. Is -- to get them in the right direction to get them help that they need for a variety of different domains. So -- that we've kind of taken on the mission of of abdicated to veterans angles are feeling as well we've had some programs leave provide some funding for. She -- to travel -- please and we recently sent a gold star light that -- -- -- -- a weekly anything they do every year they have a whole -- down there are Memorial Day. And after few years they stopped funding certain goals are fairly so you know we've -- -- -- -- down there so she could bring her daughter down there and you know keep partake in the activities and things of that nature like that. You know -- tonight -- are proud to say were involved in fundraisers that are meaningful to both of us and you know one of the things I like about your organization the more I've gotten to know all about it as you have. Fundraising events for everybody I mean you just had a Harbor Cruise -- motorcycle run as he came to Fenway you do the run to home base I mean. He got it all covered my friend -- Yeah it it it it keeps us busy that's for sure and in it's it's it's a daunting task to collect this much money sport but. We've had so much help really -- people like that the machine sells itself will allow personally connected too well. You know DM going to executive director Greg Kelly our president you know we've all been wire act we've been in the service we have a personal connection that you just mentioned so its not like a bunch of people that I just sit around saying are we helped us. Which is great a lot of nonprofit most people on. They're they're very effective but I think when people actually need this -- who we are. You know aid it really helps sell because when will be doing extra real and not just China. Do something actually have a personal connection to draw a lot -- -- over this summer friends have been seriously wounded over there. We left a piece of -- over -- left in back home. So in -- -- it's also cathartic for us when we're giving back as we were able to walk off that plane and components. -- -- reduction and mission and we all know guys that weren't able to do that. A -- believe it or well met Japanese several times -- patriots games he's a very very pleasant guy. But yet he play he always plays as real tough guy on TV at. So why is is is that it is that a mindful of you guys to get this like tough TV cop and longshoreman and union guy you know this party plays out of a softball field have the irregular boxing guy. Sorry kind of an animal myself when an opponent met actually at work right now -- consultant. Talk about Chapman Kevin Chapman is it is that is it always plays the tough guy on TV. Is is it is it kind of -- I haven't beat -- regular busting guide these softball charity events. Ya -- Kevin did great great guy outside I really enjoy working with him he he came -- -- set on and do this that the other -- he's he's delivered on everything he really did he came through and he's he's just a fun got to be around has a great ten to -- In his caption to help all of this type of community is sincere it really is you meet some people along the way. Strategists are okay great I'll help all when I can't hit his dedication. And this -- sincerity in this whole cause with a specified population this just through the rules -- -- really their that's what it cheeks. To get things done -- he really came earlier -- the show. Anderson that's at the pageant world -- this -- successful. Chris we'll start as the program director from Massachusetts fallen heroes the website is. Just like it sounds mass fallen heroes dot org you can see all their previous event to concede your schedule events. Coming up Chris what do you have coming up you just had a cruise this past. Thursday right we have to come down hard workers Thursday of the weather kind of scared some people up towards a successful that was a great courage and market. Came out for the second Merrill. What you know how to throw parties he's real -- have -- -- there he he's dedicated to the -- as well so that that went over pretty well our next -- event is down on the cheap. So like slot with a couple local guys found -- Selma says that do this event every year it's called reunion this summer passed. And now they have at the end that chart -- enough. Peter Brown Dan and Steve Schmidt from the naked and where the benefactor this year Ford we're really excited about the need great great time. Movies on a blast that out there and that'll be on our web site any day now its loan and our signature event is our annual dinner gala which is held every December. -- -- -- -- -- -- that the seaport hotel and it's a real it's it's it's a real great car we've never have won't have a -- out of that people show up to that -- It's a black tie it fair to put a ball almost and it really get our message out that's our bread and butter and and that that there's an effort once and -- we're looking forward to again should get better and better each year and we don't have a great speaker last year speak Richard Casey and general -- Now Forestar record -- had been last. Notable -- Vietnam veteran so. Tommy Lyons was without that you wouldn't want people -- he's pretty much yeah go to Darren Fletcher community in Boston accent is great thanks of. Chris we're happy and proud to spend a few minutes to draw attention to your cars your events. That are coming up mass fallen heroes dot org happy Father's Day in my for an epic thought they don't thank you tell me on. Hi Chris --

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