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Minor Details Ep. 89: The ceiling edition - Paul Abbott on Trey Ball, Tim Hyers on Rafael Devers

Jun 15, 2014|

A case can be made that the two highest ceiling Red Sox prospects are both to be found light years away from the big leagues. Trey Ball is a left-hander with an ERA over 7 in Single-A Greenville; Rafael Devers is playing in the Dominican Summer League. Yet both have shown the raw materials to suggest the possibility of a huge future big league impact. Greenville Drive pitching coach Paul Abbott will discuss Trey Ball (and other pitchers he's worked with in Greenville), while Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator Tim Hyers will take stock of Rafael Devers and some other top prospects who are playing in short-season ball this year.

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Trading -- That's with a minor leagues are about in the sense of enormous possibility from players we're years away from the big weeks. Think about what it would have been like to look to -- -- -- -- is sixteen year old in Aruba. We're Jon Lester is an eighteen year old making his pro debut in Fort Myers and then imagine the distance that both of them a cross between then and now. That's what the player development process does it takes raw talents with enormous potential some of whom become stars and some of whom never even come close to the majors. This week we'll look at the two Red Sox prospects who arguably have the biggest ceiling in the entire system. We'll take stock of the amazing pro debut of a seventeen year old in the Dominican name drop failed -- -- but first we'll check in on the progress of last year's first round pick. Lefthander trade ball all as you may or call with an athletic pitcher and outfielder. When the Red Sox took with the number seven overall the team's highest pick in two decades out of high school from Indiana. The F potential from the rotation stuff in the kind of -- to support. But right now he's making it difficult transition to pro ball through eight starts he's one and five with a seven point 12 ERA. In almost as many walks -- strikeouts in a vacuum those numbers look horrendous if not disconcerting. But our day. Take stock of that we're joined by -- pitching coach in Greenville Paul Abbott who starts with this what importance does he plays on statistics at that level. Very little to -- also -- you know you talk about young that's cool kid. Out of Indiana. Intranet belong in particular. Two on the -- -- first full year adjustment it's what you want to respect they definitely to bolt. That's what we. And prepare them as well he's one. Big time hitter and some adjustments and interest sensitive Washington Tuesday field. Typical two to make that adjustment. Natalie to make that transition into the pitcher so. Without also the other hitters accountancy and that much better later in life in pictures. That he got away with. He's -- until you're -- -- and so it's just. It's it's -- time in the adjustments and and that's what -- so that. Typically the utmost of importance what's in it better from them inclusion. In in terms of five in terms of the decision about right out of the gate -- he he was kept an extended spring training for a little while longer was that a reflection in part of the fact him. This is a guy who's never been a full time patrons like before this year. That -- you you know that we some other prospects that where. Started out in in Greenville. It. On the back a little bit of idea lately. He's been development and needs to tighten up in this. -- instead of -- change. And and that's what the reasons. Yeah it didn't do so so much less pressure situation. When Jesse we're really working and then. Called Troxel in order for you. And it knows about it post this. Of this until the age. What have you seen from Trey ball in terms of his stuff at this -- this young juncture of the season what do you know as a in you know and if you can kind of put that in the context of you know of what that what that makes him as a prospect you know like how you know what what -- what kind of fastball plus series seeing -- is it done than usual fastball. Or is it you know or are you seeing kind of explosiveness to -- that would that would separate him anything along those lines. No we don't have that upper ninety's fastball he's he's no more than ninety hopelessness and swore. But he's got a brain you know that that in itself saying that he's he's he's in insurance and grow into -- it's going to be a lot more there. That's always a great extension. The word is it resistance -- -- -- -- -- Quickly. Couldn't Secretary Clinton and -- But yeah. -- an intangible. That you'll see a lot of young guys who succeeds he's. Tokyo cool demeanor. We just saw little to. You know -- very mature. Age. That actually lends itself to question obviously this has been he has had some outings where the results have been something to which she's. Wildly -- right I mean when you're dominating high school pitcher like he was. You go through basically he's been in which you give up maybe a handful of runs and punch out two out of every three guys are facing. How much has this been something have you had to kind of sit down with them. After after some of those tough are outings. In some of which I might -- were related to. -- he had strep throat which which wasn't diagnosed until after a tough start early in the season coupled other hiccups but. I'm that other side. How much of you just had to sit down with him and explain. You know it's it's OK to have these rough outings or is he has he kind of already had an understanding of yeah okay this is this what player development is. Yeah and I think they are -- storms in the that is the only. He -- was your first rounder and you look around and there are some older mature guys. -- it is so -- and they have. Just. Above average shot all. That's breaking balls that are that are developed already in its. You look you look so special. That he did a year ago you know and then so. He's learned that. But you know I don't learn how to -- And and trust what went up my stuff and I didn't I don't lecture -- development changeup. In the secrecy served as a regular high school. It literally needed. That is due to develop two to professional level. So that eclipsed in the sense that this development and you or at least that's what works and -- It's you know I'm not worried about him because he. He worked with the spot to get better and make sure that initial signs are already. And you know that's a couple of anecdotes you don't want it to your thoughts and let -- -- and you know early so alone -- nearly which we do all the it's made some things -- You know. You know the lines -- -- some options are and have understood that and unity will still don't want to have an incident justice rather -- it is as well to be. That's something each you know each and that's a little bit to -- -- Greenville drive pitching coach Paul habit what are you seeing in terms of you talked about the need to further develop the curve ball on the changeup the curve ball to pitch that trade himself said that. Said that he didn't throw until I think his junior high school because he was trying to protect his arm which is you know to me -- that seems kind of far you know that that's a pretty impressive thing its own right. Meant to kind of have that sense of how to how to keep yourself healthy as an amateur but. How much he is so that's a relatively new pitch for him the changeup. Probably when that he's something that he didn't need that much in high school in in terms of thought in terms of what those pitches do right now what their action is like what he's seen. -- -- -- -- The truth the intelligence which -- Long Island -- pictures. But -- you don't -- -- -- of the -- footprint to go through all of this -- the corporate world are elected and a year ago with just since not a -- in the year which included two years. Old herbal and but there also a little soul man known as -- -- And it is -- the field or in kids today are being you know those protected. And rightly so maybe sometime over protective. But the -- time in the got a good -- into the they're not out of the zone that. You know that you will later. But he's shown signs the city's east these students that's civil war and it already. This children's songs sizes in being plus the and if they can't change their. -- financial level in the -- in particular. Purpose so there's actually welcome. Q out toward. -- that it and it's not. There. On the change and he pitched -- muscle loss in well. So he also kept up two spots in the -- -- which prosecutors you know the states and ghastly when you -- And a one and on the job. But instead to change to. Wrote us let it the and Angela in the social substances -- or it's can get. Hitters are up. Cities. Norton and things of the world and quickly in the world suggestions. -- -- -- just an athlete. You know as useful social. And you know and even within that context some that was continent and in some of that was down without strep throat so you know so for him it's. Yeah I'm very early so I guess that's the broader question about about a guy like -- You have a nineteen year old with an with an ERA over seven as we talked about the importance list of statistics. Fairly limited at this stage of his development if you're just kind of having a a baseball conversation with someone about what. But this guy could be which is you know part of player development is about you know is about recognizing how guys can we can improve in some player development an important part of it is looking. Far on to the horizon and saying this is what he can become. How do you explain that part of it what you tell people he can become. Well obviously there are. You have to be some Frontline. Treatment starter that you don't have the middle middle. Built in and nobody's. He is also the slopes. A little bit right now he's never dealt with the war. At least he's not wavering -- he goes out there and such you know we see guys -- -- as -- change. You know lots. So South Park -- there. Competence within Angola frame you know eat eat eat in very different -- starter we're actually go audiences it's fastball. -- as -- as it is now very. That the issue. 1492. In that war. And because -- extension. Briefly mechanics which sensible up under pressure which has all the -- Long period of time. You know and and in some down the road isn't easily. We want those guys and you can say it was awarded means he's. But rather selective approach that we. And in birdie those guys usually seen that -- You know pan around and when you're picking picking gains here. -- girl you know it's it's. Continual time. I'll see you see -- got stragglers you know things get erode quickly but he is he making. And you know it -- you know. We're going to in front of -- rotation. Talking to Paul avid Greenville drive pitching coach into Melbourne to talk about a couple of other guys you've worked with him in these last stop both in 2013 and 2014 in Greenville. I'm I'm particularly curious about one. Brian Johnson is a guy who you had almost all of last year in Greenville he missed a couple months with the children Freeman right at the end of the year. He was saw he was promoted -- how high a Salem but. You know he was a guy coming out of college so for him to spend a almost a full season in Greeneville are you surprised that he's really just kind of hit this fast track seemingly. From that point where used promoted the end of last year at Salem. And then you know as as consistently. Excellent to start -- the Red Sox system is seen this year. -- Well. I'm not surprised. Because again it can do. We already -- manned an -- pitch there was couple saying she needed to tighten up. And again he's been very social very open and you can best. They're realistic you know concede that they -- that are out of the war there move and he stopped things in the news if there. This changeup is currently in the -- And not want but it won't change because now. And it's sufficient to go to close the system. And technology or switching to avoid trouble. Spread out some some damage control and it is not what it is what -- -- past all the that's what -- -- But it's important. It would curve ball and speaking and was you know also and so very nicely it's next the though so we'll be getting another guy. He impressions rhetorical series they'll. But the crowd or low pressure is he didn't back down and step slow and CE. A somewhat surprised at all that it's. Well I'll say it yeah. You worked both lasts all of last year and in the early stages of this year with Cody -- -- who sounds like he's pretty. Fascinating fascinating guy in terms of just. Talent but I do the results. Will just the results will vary widely. In. Perhaps even more dramatically than they have been with god and heaven with -- You saw him last year. Having some some crazy outings in which basically he was unhittable. And and others where he was seemingly blocking just a ton of guys then this year he really solidified some things at the very start of the year moved up to assume quickly. What kind of stuff does does Corey -- parents have how rare for an armed as the. Let's see you have electrical and so it's normal. Is -- allowed him to. Potentially do some special thing that would wow. You know consistency right now since it was a con -- with young kids. Again -- Campus. Small. Baseball community. Will not like your -- Californians. Yeah he's he's he's a moral. Yeah yeah there -- -- rather than it. -- over in the gains but some professional. And they wanted it. And then put the work of the or put the salt or. Early pressure but it sectors as -- in five days ago but also afford it well. What is their work and they get an arm in shape and ready they'll let that day and you know Raj and kids to -- To really. Rack -- important that they wanted to -- three or. And in the past but he he he. What is it still -- by that local service consistencies. I don't want more. Move the -- spot on the console but to structural so. But -- wouldn't and it's electric certain. Three. But I restrictions on political -- in these are exciting -- it and then when it's all the other. Where does is up glossy top out at. You from England at least. And some nice -- or -- news in saw. -- and there's just secondaries -- the slider and a changeup -- is one of those more developed more you know more of a consistent swing and miss offering them the other they both kind of work in progress today it flashed potential but aren't aren't yet there. -- last. -- -- -- -- -- So it but it is still got some inconsistencies. And changeup as citizens -- -- wipe -- citizens. It's instances of as the devastating there and win this changeup that he can. And in world war spending time when he was here of course when -- struggle over the past or let it -- -- his hand. But -- he's he's -- and so -- an instant. And being experienced and know how to how to. -- emotion out there and and the six himself before it but it and that's that's that's what her over lunch except to learn. Haven't actually. -- the back on track whether -- local control. Since whereby a since I've I've only take you through left handers are as far as feel like I should take it out when more of them you have another one whose son who's very young. That led to but my my impression is that he's. He's some more polished despite being very young nineteen year old Daniel McGrath. I'm -- what have you seen from him and he's he's a guy who's interesting in his own right because. He is he was a baseball obsessed Australian you know group who who had a of course named -- So. You actually look forward yeah yeah that's right break that -- -- I am I the bright were rounding up the left handed portion of the show. Okay I'll get so involved or more yup and then this season well you're you're you're. -- classic. You know crafty lefthander. He's not in a fully aware it would -- Yeah. -- a soccer ball. And the excellent changeup. It's the real compliment so very well when he goes into -- out of options here. -- -- -- In an effort to go outside. And let what you know it instantly and and go in those six incident I would support that -- which are a few important agents. This press. -- -- jokes -- support Larry King. You know really went. For the -- so basically -- -- -- they'll let you know when there's. -- -- -- -- Probable. How to deal. Some damage control and what which is there are. Recognized it -- the sort of play in the end what weapon it is you used. You get out of jail them and means you look -- what he. He needs is another guy that is I like it doesn't want. As a professional suicide it and you see what sort article and a and he's got -- here to move up -- you know a lot of -- Now finally give a little bit of attention some of the right handers so. Starting with a guy who just came off of the best outing of his professional career. Teddy -- 2013 second rounder just -- seven shutout innings a couple of days ago. But doubt what. Others that my understanding is that he has a pretty the first pitch makes pretty McKay and and a pretty good feel for pitching what went into what is best. Most dominating pitcher if there is one at this point. Well -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He's including in which are seen as her ball outside or were were very similar in the dark. -- -- -- You -- separation. Between the two room. And the slider early -- where -- -- city and so. All. That it. Looks like it's out there and lenders got it nicely late breaking records actually missed it but it's it's really well well. We also can put that curve ball up there and keep them up now and then. -- they're tossing it back and that's been done -- spot into the changeup which you know I didn't really have a war in the last game was. Frustrated he's got to date you wouldn't listen for a play it down. -- -- -- We'll -- that -- 11 and the last you do. And so if you put -- little. -- -- -- So he's got that the strong local MP. Ortiz -- well -- -- out there. Will look at life. Another guy who's kind of -- -- dealing with some statistical struggles along going to -- ball is is Jamie Callahan. A 20122 -- who's also very young he was drafted when he was seventeen. Is just nineteen now. On the Callahan has I think and Gary in the six is a government but -- you know very highly regarded what have you seen from him why has he been struggling and why -- you see. It would suggest that those struggles. Are are not a reflection of who he is. Mean what are most excited cross swords in and these yellow police he's also also just are learning also -- ball so. If it's efficient development it's been consistent what's on the good weapon but. There are some sort ducks are wary you Maxiell or it also. You know go to social. -- changeup and then when do you audiences and and -- So the -- You know the most since its own if that's not law. -- -- -- -- A 106. All out and then he needs to learn to you know instead of themselves and sometimes. Harder and better and he nobody gets too. When they -- -- -- it is they pitched great warnings this -- -- But since you. This it didn't seem to be or there what they they've been struggling and he -- You. Looking -- -- not working satellites -- foreign opinion be a problem. -- and that's what those numbers are -- -- It's really what picked -- feel one heck of that are as a little bit over the east really the slot. And yet he. Or -- -- -- our workers. You know he's he's not afraid at all. -- you have this kind of letter sent their coaches -- better equipment and learning how to in themselves and pitch. Not -- The less I'll ask you about who's in a bit of a different class and everyone else you know most of the guys that we've talked about have been were pretty high profile amateurs first rounder is second rounder is again like to cook who signed -- you know I'm for. My early round money even though is drafted in the seventh round you McGrath was pretty well known coming out of Australia. -- In relative terms for the Australians of course. So you have a pretty intriguing guy who kind of came from out of nowhere and interpret this -- cornfields or what but -- joke uncle. Who is who's been striking out like everyone who has faced. And you know would go a couple of weeks at a time when he started the year at the bullpen without anyone being able to -- the ball out of the infield against him. -- what is joke uncle and you know how -- he -- and having. These outrageous results now -- cities he's seemingly sustained really good results for you now even in his move over into the rotation. Now he's been let out and we saw our socially Lester no I I I was sort of let's level and socially and politically -- -- last year -- currently -- -- it go run out here. And this just rotated over a thousand. And get their bodies. 6667. From the other really. Barack wouldn't stand in unity some from behind that righthander here -- Stay in there and in. Let's look -- all go. And he sees. York's -- or quietly is now. That the low nineties. Consistently and haven't seen. And in these. Record guys an exception. To it and we have. I would not feel well side and then inside and and protesting slot. We really -- he really. He's hitters who you know to pick up what secret agent it and also. Gupta suddenly change to go what. Corey left and as you can grow in time as well and he's also. You know -- Really sociable and it beat the value of these stations you like hackers -- work in the gulf -- where they want to force their outlet is not there. And the these younger actually -- really impressed with how they've bought -- or seek a spot they took -- -- -- you. Bernard changeup and and -- they're breaking ball and and so as of that well and he's just. The great control secret command and -- it's promoted directly in the. Can a guy with that. Arms slide you know and it is it is kind of a -- three quarters and it's as you say coming from behind the right handed hitters here. And continue to be a start you guys are obviously developing him as a starter but can that arm I can that arm angle work has as a starter. You know you don't see very many of them it -- he -- he's a strong guy. In the last. We've got to come in my mind when I think those those type of citizens -- Kevin Brown it was another strong stronger. And so. And Victoria introductory courses -- the most rational or however. But they're here there's basically 22 -- -- -- also -- -- broker guys and they don't need it. I -- -- You know he's he's got three -- and strong and durable. And so they eat in England there's a lot of holes -- Hindu and it'll be very successful. Paul this has been great thanks so much for taking us kind of threw the through pretty interesting group of pitchers who you've had enough continue to work with these last two years in Greenville. And I get very important and very lucky a really good group -- guys. -- good guys on top of that no hard workers and I'm glad that stock because. The other you know. Good we've gotten some strong on the way and it's exciting to watch. Straight ahead. We'll take a look at the -- ultimate feeling position player Rauf failed -- It's almost silly to react to the first eleven games of a player's pro career nonetheless there's been something extraordinary about what Rauf failed -- has done to start his Red Sox career. There was seventeen and was signed out of the Dominican last year. But in his first eleven pro games he's done things the prospects simply don't do with that level. Getting hits in eleven straight games including three homers -- to the opposite field. For the sake of context Zander -- hit three homers during his entire season in the Dominican Summer League in 2010. -- is years away from the majors but he's offered a glimpse of something special that -- had team officials ratings since they signed him last summer. What has he been showing as a hitter at this stage to answer that here's Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator Tim hires. You know. First of all you you've got a kid that. Has. Very special tools and he he he comes to the park ready to work as a great attitude. Good work ethic but also he's physical guy that has really good bat speed and hand eye coordination. And kind of I'm Mika to compete at the bit in the batter's box and that's especially from a young guy and and so we're really excited about it. -- he's the guy that it's it's fun to watch. His tools really play on the baseball field. And so he's been able to carry those tools like bat speed and raw power. Canada hand eye coordination and bringing in this game actions of part of very young age that. You know it makes a lot of guys they're excited about it. Where you there when he when -- when he when he went deep to the opposite field in his first game I -- I I flew in the next day bit. The coaches and some of the other players are still talking about it you know but it doesn't surprise me him he's a guy that can stay on the baseball. This really strong hands and so it doesn't surprise me that I wish I was there. I mean just to give a sense of context of that though you know Zander Bogart's who is he's pretty good from what I understand. He hit three home runs -- the opposite field in his year in his full season in the in the academy. And he was you know he was trying to pull the ball out. To left field and that was that was a pretty tough challenge in the Dominican academy can you explain. How difficult it is to hit home runs down there. And it it is typical to me you have young guys that are still growing still maturing. And the fields are the same I mean they're big fields you know Major League fields and so. Or guided do that -- -- I think it is -- display his kind of -- power enhanced hearing that things that he's capable of doing. But you know and it's real early it's it's a time where you know he has to keep maturing and become consistent with that but it is a fun to watch and it's. He kind of does have problems in that small in a snapshot of what this kid that has chants of don't. Well that's that's sort of the crux of what I'm really interested in the idea of seeing a guy at an incredibly young age who who gives you a glimpse. When you encounter someone like that and you've done so as a scout you done so you've done so and coaching capacity. You know what. What is you know what immediately stands out in what what you start to think about in terms of you know due to focus more on the immediate developmental steps that he has or how much as how much in those positions coach and scout do you think. What can disguise ceiling be. You know way it goes back to the scouts -- -- they did a really good job of finding talent and find -- guy that has some tools that we said before this turning the raw power that -- Ability to swing the bat. But also that kind of you know there's another step in my opinion is taken into game action you know we've got guys who look really get him batting practice -- and you. You know taken against live pitching and and make those adjustments of first of all scanning has done a great job of finding those types of players second. You know it's it's our jobs put him in situations -- he can learn how to be consistent -- his strengths and weaknesses. You know and take that schools that he had since and try to develop the city -- you know -- -- into the game and be consistent with the pitchers as a -- you -- final hole with it. And they're gonna try to see if you can see Stan can catch -- the velocity. So it's our job to put him in situations tried to help him mentally and physically be more consistent. Have you gotten any answers about whether or not he can catch up to -- -- -- not he -- -- them. You right now yeah he's shown glimpses of been boosted to do both. You know as you move up it gets harder in enacting the question is you know can he do it consistently and when they start to figure him out a little bit of you know here's some weaknesses. You know which direction you know -- a player like that go you know so you know there's still a long ways with him you know as far as. You know getting here to Boston that it is we have a guy and that several guys -- -- that it have a chance to to get here one day. When you see a guy you use these guys with raw power at a young age you know you see guys you just have. Uncommon strength for -- age whether -- high school whether it's coming out of coming out of you know an international sighing he. In they'll they'll pull the ball deep. What does -- say about someone to be able to go -- to the opposite field about about what kind of swing they have and what they're able to play. I think you can see you you know a lot of guys in batting practice you so much effort consume much. You know they try and generate and muscle the ball and a lot of guys can muscle to the -- -- But I think you know a guy like -- it's showing this that you can hit the ball opposite field he has a short swing that he expects quick bat. And a quick back to generate the bat speed. You know real early and not have to muscle the baseball to get to the polls -- And I think one thing that allows him to do is let's let the ball travel. Get a little bit deeper so that you can an opposite field and at best this separating factor between guys that. Have to pull the ball -- -- out of guys that can generate that. The bat speed that out opposite field and then that it's in me that's difficult. Today and that you -- see a guy that's doing that at an early age and makes it really really exciting. With him you've seen some interesting things even last fall in the instructional league. I imagine -- there are no statistics available for what he was doing an extended spring training I'm going to go I don't know women and -- but he was hitting pretty well down there. Was there a temptation to have him start his career in the states or why did you guys determined to DSL was going to be the right level from the start. I think there's a number of things. You know this -- plays a part of that but I think we have a young young guy that's. That some very talented but I think in you have to take really baby steps with them and not get ahead of ourselves is where this kid can go. You know he's not going to be here in Boston tomorrow. He has a lot to learn about the game and and I think you know we don't really need to flood him with so much information. You know him and then also the living conditions and speaking English and you know coming over here to the states that I think you know we we -- slow. And I think we've made good decisions that aren't and I you know he's a young guy and -- a lot going on in his mind and on the field and off the field and right now early in his career a lot of their their kids down in their careers is let's take it slow. Then once they start -- you know get the momentum roll and then that's when we can go faster. Is it important to you have to kind of at that level especially when guys are making their pro debuts. You know they're much they're light years away from the big leagues but you have to ever remind them of that fact they wouldn't devers is when -- endeavors goes through here where he's able to kind of achieve. Some early hints that he separating himself from his competition. How do you go about the process of reminding him about making you know using productively to time but -- down but. I think one thing there are pitches really well it's just teaching him the process how to be professional it's more the process every day prepared yourself to go play Kentucky. And not get ahead yourself -- that I and I hit a couple of home runs and now I need to move on -- -- -- the next thing you know I think it's more. You know I learned today learn how to get ready for game can he. Make some adjustments and into the next day and I think it's it's more being consistent through a period time. And not just -- -- I had a couple good games and now let's move on to the next thing. Because this game as always -- hitters always have to make adjustments and they if there are always learning something about themselves. And that's where protests are really good job of reminding him -- this process to learn about yourself and then you get your chance if you keep being consistent and producing you get a chance. Since I -- him. Well welcome world. Or chatting the last time we checked in was -- the end of spring training. I'm I'd be interested in hearing about a couple other guys are getting ready to make it to debuts in short season ball. Or in some cases have just started it with little season now underway I'll start with the guy who hit a home run and his son in his first game in lol. -- RE CO DuPont about whom not a lot is known. He's kind of the opposite -- devers came with a rescue with a profile because he was one of the top international -- last year DuPont I think was like a 23 25 rounder. Whom no one had really ever heard of and it's a home run that's that's interesting for a nineteen year old kid and lol what you see what. What have you seen from him. -- the SE a guy that has really good baseball instincts and -- this is like baseball smarts and makes really good adjustments. And he loves to play the game and that's first you know about his name and his attitude he comes to work every day. And he he's he's great to be around I mean he's so contagious about his energy back but also. The surprising thing and I think one thing we're learning about it he's just a quick hands of the -- To the inner half. Easy yes quick hands and I'm sure that. You know that's. You know something that I don't think we -- at the very beginning right now you know the united you know smaller guys -- you know big physical guy. And to produce and power he had two home runs in spring training and did something. There's some things that really you know kind of surprised this witness I would just pops up. He's a guy you know really looking forward to some good things come -- Yeah and he's so he's kind of been more surprising as opposed to a guy like Javier guerra who you've been we talked about in spring. About his ability to it's it's kind of drive the ball line drives GAAP the gap guy from from left senator rights and our. But what what kind of things you -- from Javier guerra and extended spring as he gets ready for his side for his -- shielded. I think he's another that would. Really good baseball instincts he has a that baseball clock about him everything seems real slow to women can slow the game down. To me seems like he's again this one step ahead of everybody else. He's got to still keep growing getting stronger and and and you know that the physical side of the game back with I'm happy with his development so -- he and he showed us a little bit of pop hit a couple of home runs and they can extend that. It's in doubles he's just learning how to manage the game and figure this going to be consistent nine out. You know hesitancy you know -- aggressive at times but when he learns to strike zone learns what you can do to play. You know you have two guys you know potentially too short steps that will be a song about one day. The guy who's very young who just got assigned to -- the Lowell is McClung. And he's young because he was drafted as a seventeen year old he's just he's he's still he's going to basically play all this season is an eighteen year old bowl. There aren't a lot of guys from the state you do that. What what allowed him to be on that kind of aggressive assignment schedule. You know if they hit the double and triple as you know first came out that doesn't surprise me I mean. And we we have a kid that has really strong hands and he has a short selling in my opinion. To be able to drive the baseball it's in doesn't manufacture those big linked to get the barrel there. And it's fairly short and the ball sounds different -- that so he's another guy we're very excited about its it's Fonda to watch those guys. And you're right it's very young and he's still learning about the game time you know his strengths and weaknesses. And you know when he figures it out you know he's an avalanche that were excited about watching you know him progress New Orleans and further. It's interesting because you know there's kind of this chicken and egg question about approach. Vs power you know whether or not you wanna see a guy with a good approach good understanding of the strike zone and who kind of understands American barrel things up a little bit. On pitches in the strike zone. Maybe growing into power vs those that flashes like at a very early states like to differences like the long -- You know how it from your vantage point which which is the more common path to have. Power and then developed the approach around that or -- or to have an approach to develop the power. And you can go both ways but we see more often the approach and in the power is gonna learn how to hit in my opinion as far as. You see there's guys that did and make solid contact a lot you know they're up there and making solid contact. More often and you'll see that their power -- start to. To increase. You know and the guys they really have trouble Macon -- contacted makes it more difficult for them to you know progress and to learn about this -- so. I think when I see you got there hit a lot of line drives and square balls up. You know and that to me as a guy that we can search projects and powerless in the face as many sources read pitchers better understand is the strike zone understand. You know his pitch to swing at more often and if he squared the ball up and that's a guy you know he can be really exciting. And as opposed to seeing both at the age of seventy like you're seeing kind of glances over Evers is flight. Is why you suddenly kind of put him in a an atypical class of the kind of prospector. You're right I mean you're exactly right and those guys that can do that any young aides are so far ahead of the game. But you know we have to remember they're very young the -- things that can happen. But you know their work ethic you know the the passion to play this game is gonna dictate you know I think a lot you know -- for their career move for. If you'd like to view the complete interview is with Tim hires on -- devers and other interest in Red Sox prospects in Indian can stage of their pro careers as well as Paul Abbott -- ball in the other -- pitching prospects. Check out the minor details podcast at W yet dot com slash podcast. Thanks to producers Saturday and built yet to -- and thanks to all of you for listening happy Father's Day and have a great Sunday.

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