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Talking Stanley Cup and Red Sox

Jun 14, 2014|

Danny Picard recaps Kings wining the Cup and then talks Sox news

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And I woke up today a little disappointed. As I don't usually every. Every time this Stanley Cup is given out. The night before the 'cause I wake up today and I come to the -- realization that I'll never gonna win the Stanley Cup. And that's that's -- realization. That that it all. Always good days after the Stanley Cup is handed out water it ceremony and it doesn't get any better bids in the look on somebody's face. As he lifts the Stanley Cup the Los Angeles Kings got it done last night. I feel terrible for Henrik Lundqvist was not the best goaltender in performance you've ever seen from a losing team now I understand that. Losing team's goal. -- losing team's goaltender has. Won the Conn -- before you remember John Sebastian you get I mean it's happened but Hendrick Lundqvist I know I lost in five games. You go back to the third period of game -- you go back to last night. In overtime alone if you want I mean Erik Lundqvist put the Rangers couldn't get it out of their -- John this guy. Stood on his head but he couldn't come up with the extra save Alec Martinez put an end. Kings when the -- it's always a special moment it's there. It's the most special moment in sports. And I don't even know if that's an opinion. -- get -- that maybe if you -- a hockey fan you might not really be paying attention all wanna be paid attention to his game last night. But I do think that even on hockey fans look at the Stanley Cup ceremony. You -- if you'll. That's a special trophy or if you don't think that's a special ceremony especially -- -- in the reactions of the players who win then. Not I don't I don't think you have any soul whatsoever so. Last night a special moment. I love seeing a but the next day you wake up in your allies say on that that's that may never -- The Stanley Cup. There's some Bruins no -- get total Bruins before a closed out the show today and hit to about 320 -- And then we'll get it they'll get into Red Sox pre game here on the station again the Red Sox today first pitch of oral five Jake Peavy. On the mound against -- TJ house. Against the Cleveland Indians at Fenway. I am -- -- again hit till about 320 shell open with Red Sox now because last night the Red Sox did win and win their second straight. -- the lineups are offered today I don't like sort of teased it in the trendy knowledge of beautiful lineups. But today against the Indians at 4 o'clock Brock COLT is in right field we not. Is -- a bold shots hit and second at third base Dustin Pedroia hit dirt at second base. David Ortiz and cleanup spot as the DH Mike Napoli behind him in fifth at first base. Jonny Gomes and sixty is in left field because of the lefty on the mound for Cleveland. AJ Pierzynski is behind. The play hit seven Jonathan -- will be at shortstop because we still trying to figure out what's wrong with Stephen Drew but even so against the left the. I'm not sure drew would have been in the lineup anyway is an editor Jackie Bradley junior. In center field with Jake Peavy on the monster there's the Red Sox lineup and it's the Red Sox. Now have won two straight. John Lackey gives you solid out in -- sort of settles down after that. You know the home Ronnie gave up in the second inning and let up another run in the third but he was still pretty good and good enough for this team if you could come up. With a couple big hits which the Red Sox did. Especially. Baton Mike Napoli doubled when he goes the other way. And that's really what it was all about I thought with his offense at times that when they were present when I was struggling trying to do too much at the plate. But you see the approach now and will not just him a lot of guys in this lineup you see them maybe shorten up the swine. Whether it is two strikes or two outs taken at the other way Napoli did that last night in the third and then I mean you can go back the night before. On Thursday night in which you got a couple huge two out hits the David Ortiz home run and the Brock -- Right the Brock -- hit. Down to left fielder takes it the other way that played approach would throughout strides in a couple runs. This Red Sox team right now is Dick coming up with a big timely hits. I have insignia for a month and a half tell -- these hits are gonna come I'm not worried about this offense as much as some other people -- What I thought needed to happen was if this. Rotation could somehow. Pitch the way they capable pitch -- like Jon Lester pitched two nights ago like John Lackey pitched last night. Blessed that Lackey BitTorrent they had asked but it was still very good. And you got to win those games in which they give you dose types of stocks. And the Red Sox come out they get to add some big hits that a mix and here we on now with two straight winds and if you look at the standings today. On this Saturday June 14. Over a month and a half away from the Major League Baseball trade deadline the Red Sox eight games out of first place in the AL east. And if you want to look at the wildcard which I think you got to do this through spots a wildcard and I know it might seem a little scary when you do that. Because you have a lot of teams you got eight or nine teams ahead of them put if you look at the the number of games behind. What are the Red Sox right now. Today. On June 14 they're only four and a half games out. And it leads us to this conversation I've had I've had with you every weekend on the show and every weekday on my podcast which is. I wouldn't become a -- just yet I know people of. In recent days -- recent weeks have brought up the idea of maybe move in either a less than oral Lackey. And I'm not there yet. I'm not there yet. It's not there yet I don't think the Red Sox in their yet and I don't think they should be there yet. Because. As a sort of told you last week and as we've -- looking for answers for this team. You know you can't even make that move yet because there are some other teams that don't a lot of the teams don't know what they're gonna do put if you just wanna stick with what the Red Sox should do based on how of their performance. Eight I'm not gonna overreacted to wins the last two wins but also knocking over react to be an eight games out of first place on June 14. When I do feel like this team has the potential to go on a little bit of Iran you'd get off that tough road trip to come back home. Obviously the home -- his work out forms plant at Fenway has worked out for them. Especially with a couple big hits that they've had the last couple nights and I think you you -- the reliable Stotts out of guys like less that. And Lackey the last two nights not you look at Jake Peavy -- euphoria. And you sort of wait for balk called stood to figure out the mechanics. In the minor leagues and vital away don't. I'm I'm glad. And everybody should be thrilled that. Buchholz as agreed. Not that I don't know if he could fight -- or not but it didn't sound like he wanted to make a minor league stock at first he's gonna do that he'll pitch today. At 5 o'clock his last night's start got rained out for him. It sounds as if the issue here is he's fallen off the mound. Towards the first baseline during the follow through. And -- to fix that and now he's saying he's understood it is part of a mechanical problem. He's -- that he's able to fix it he's able to notice it and fix it after the pitch that he notices. Instead of not being able to fix all the Major League mound for anti it for anti -- that's what they're trying to work on and we'll see if it will will see if it helps him. But think about this if you can get stocks like Lester and Lackey last night which I think you will for the majority of the season all the rest of the season if you hold onto these guys. And you can somehow get buckled to -- to show you some life and -- At least close to the form that he was last year and the first couple months. I mean I think that this team given the way the offense. I believe it is at some point got to come through consistently like you see now. I think that this Red Sox team has got to have a shot you look at Florida half games out of the wild god forget about comedy teams are in front -- Tell me this is that not realistic that you can get one of those two wildcard spots. Right now June 14 is that not under I mean what what what do you think that I think that's realistic. You can make that up in two to one half weeks but. Yeah need to sort of goal -- -- on a roll and not just going to roll put. If you hit a bump in the road let's say tonight Jake Peavy goes on the mound he gives up what I think we expect him to give up which is 34 runs. Goes five maybe six innings. And let's say it'll come up -- any offense tonight. You know bounce back the next night make sure you bounce back the next night and make sure that if you lose a game in hand. When you return home don't let it end his season bounce back Brandon Workman on on Sunday afternoon against -- clue -- the ready for the Indians. And and and figure it out on Sunday afternoon and get back on the winning track and you can lead the series against the Indians at -- saying hey we won three of four. This is a good thing I know everybody wants to take a loss now because there's so far down in the standings and. Where -- where we're gonna put the microscope on a single loss but the team can't allow that to happen. It because then you're gonna go undefeated from here on out. There are going to be some nights in which this dot pitch doesn't show up but there's going to be some nights in which. The offense doesn't get the bigots like you saw last night. It's a long season but I think for the most pot. -- encouraged by this Red Sox team Null and that they have the type of rotation -- the talent at the top of his rotation. To be able. To be able to stay afloat. And maybe even mortgage stay afloat more than tread water wins some games not a they return home and send a message that it GM which is Hank. I know we haven't made that decision yet I haven't made up your mind yet about what you gonna do with the trade deadline and you shouldn't. But. What we're gonna do between all and and July 14 July 15 is we're gonna prove to you that we're going to be still in that wild card on. And as long as we're not wild caught on you need to go out and get something to help us went. Don't send one of these pieces away and you don't brings up the conversation. The people who wanna sell. You know Jon Lester contract year. John Lackey it's not contract year but we've got this whole he's threatened retirement. Story on which by the way. Is. Yeah well if US John Lackey about the 500. And let me let me preface it is my opinion by telling you that I'm John Lackey guy. -- I am a John Lackey guy I want to the Red Sox to sign on. When he was -- freeagent. And even when they did I say wait he's gonna turn around. I never knocked I never would want to knock John Lackey -- a huge John -- guy I love his attitude on the mound. I love the fact that he never wants to be taken out of the -- even last night which -- situation elected at the plate. You know one you know you get two outs in the seventh inning. The big lefty and -- why not cut it that's the right move to bring Miller in that spot. Lackey didn't want -- he wanted to get out of that himself that's fine. But I love that attitude public John Lackey -- me preface it by saying that. This idea the John Lackey has Rick Hendrick time. Is to me the most outrageous thing I've heard in a long time OK because have you. God John Lackey a room and you asked them. -- -- If US them last year at this time about kitchen for 500000. Dollars. Next season. You have to all he would respond to that the same way that he is just recently responded to the way this all got started with a Ken Rosenthal. Major League Baseball notebook. On foxsports.com. In which she. Sort of just Rosie and the bowl. Good the sub headline is something along lines of -- don't just worry about less than -- or about Lackey to. There's no quote there. And I know some of implied that Ken Rosenthal has such great connections that this is probably John Lackey said in the message and off the -- manna. -- the deal well. If this is my problem clearly John Lackey not afraid to talk about it because he talked about it -- WEEI dot com -- -- -- did go to WEEI dot com right now and check up quotes really not afraid to talk about it. But let's say at first he didn't want that may create distort. And and that Ken Rosenthal woods was ready and John Lackey message is that it. Is that just a middle east of a Major League Baseball notebook or is that its own story. That one of the best -- is in the American League. Is is ready is threatening retirement. Because he won't play for its contract next year. That to -- -- its own stories I know -- it's it's its own story and it it's not a sport it's the lead. Even bought locally nationally. -- like he's done last year and this year. This is what the best pitchers in the American League we're talking about and. We've got to threatened to retire to right so why is that buried in -- look at committee. I don't see it the way some have seen it which is always threatened to John Lackey is their time. As he threatened retirement. Or is it just logical. That one of the best pitches or one of the best players on this team. Doesn't wanna play for 500000 dollars is. Is -- the threat of architecture logical like -- we can restore it to be bigger than it is I think we ya. Because if US John Lackey last year the thought he did the same Nancy say hey. Well I'm just thinking about right now I won't get it obese and things that think about. -- -- OK there's some things to think about. Their right mind. Wants to put a 500000 dollars. And especially if you look at one of the best players on this team. But he won a championship last year you're the ace of the staff of -- World Series champion. And not all the ace of the staff and yes I think John Lackey is the ace of the staff. You want to play for 500 no of course -- -- want to play for 500000 dollars -- ever got on property but he missed a year and it -- all that money when he didn't pitch and it's my -- gonna play a contract. -- this isn't the first professional athlete. That had a clause in his contract that it it was something like this and didn't wanna play for a -- You'll every -- -- -- want you'll want to play for 500000 dollars either I don't care what happened in previously in the previous years of the contract no nobody that -- would play for that. If you're the best player on your team. You -- what a -- is happening and the people wanna say black is come out and unselfish in -- retirement I think that there are some people. I have a tough time. That have a tough times all of the fact eleven with the fact that. Wrote all of these Red Sox struggles this season. One guy you could not point the finger. One guy you can't put the finger. John -- John Lackey is no one guy you cannot. Point the finger at throughout all the Red Sox struggles this season. If there's one guy you cannot land it's John Lackey and I think that drives some people knots and now I think we're just looking. Where -- to whip people some people have been begging for something like this Al maybe almost have been -- Because again and now that we get. Now close to the trade deadline to get -- sexting to take games out of first place. This is all of a -- a timely story to us in the media and the fans. Is it time we started to get the job much I think you just answer the questions. What -- well I'm gonna help I'm just thinking about pitching right well and but you know I'll have some things to think about. I don't think that was him threaten or -- I don't I don't look at and say John Lackey he's threatened in retirement. I'd look at and say that's a logical answer to question that was asked of him about his contract situation after the season as one of the best plays honesty. -- -- John Lackey back on the situation because I paying. I don't think we should make too much of the whole written in retirement stuff. Who went there right on wanna play for 500000 dollars nobody and their reaction is just logical it's not a threat. -- -- in have a press conference and and -- say yes and get a lot. That I'm sorry that fits in wit that's not gonna fly. On the upset with the organization -- so -- the front office I -- I can't believe we haven't come to a deal yet he didn't do that that's not make it to be that. But some have because somebody -- weight in the -- honest. Because out of all the things that have gone wrong this season for the red shocked what's the one thing we haven't been able to say. Land John Lackey can't do that you cannot do that and with that the instead. Why would -- want to play for 500 rent an awarding me 500 grand -- be something in long lines of what 265. Grand after clubhouse. These agents these clubhouse -- you name it it won't even be 500 -- so. -- -- -- that why would you want to play for that money if you the best player on the team these guys want to reward. I have no problem with rural water and guide to just help you win a World Series last year was the ace of the staff and this year. The only I can usually the only reason the Red Sox. Our only for a half games out of a wild card and on -- calendar that I don't think they should become sellers just -- -- because. Well. John Lackey has pitched his behind off all season long. So. On the John Lackey guy. I think they should give him some sort of expansion in people's it will Ken -- came up with the idea of the two year extension. -- -- -- That's just logical to me. What -- -- it's a great information absolutely. The guy is a guy has connections like you couldn't imagine what does one. Is is every single thing that he says in that notebook. Based on something that somebody told. -- -- -- which one quote from some -- the bottom line is the meat of the wacky thing. Is Lackey -- to somebody at -- Gunner I'm I'm not playing amen to retire if this is the case. That is not -- that's not a minor piece in some sort of Major League Baseball notebook that's that's the lead story in fact that's its own story. So and it wasn't that -- in the sort of varied and. I don't I'm not gonna make too much of it. And I sure don't I feel the need to defend the guy because of that I have heard some people come -- -- -- -- be unselfish teams don't run he's threatened retirement and I don't think that's the case. Because I think he'd be answering these questions the same exact way that he would answer that if he was asked the bottom last year at this. It's just a logical answer it's not a threat it's logic at all. And Lackey pitched well last night. You know we had a had a very tough to bat against. Against Murphy he can't get Murphy out right for his life he just can't get that guy out. And then let's have a home run a slide it up on the up and his own as a bad pitch but he settled down after that settled down nicely gets into the seventh. Puts him in position to go up against a lefty you bring and -- And you don't you got a couple more runs and it and it went again. And here we are not -- straight wins look I think it's reasonable for the Red Sox to be able to. Do to win three of four in this series against the Indians got -- tonight. I think you're gonna need some offense tonight with peavy on the mound as as you usually do. But that's not to say he can't put you in position to win you know the long ball as -- Jake Peavy. The hall and -- home runs have heard Jake Peavy. So be it other than that you know he has shown some signs that some good stuff -- but he leaves some pitchers hang an you know some slightest. Don't slide -- stay up in the zone. Some fastballs a little flat at 88 miles now. TV's a guy 56 innings he's got a lot of debris four maybe five runs you might need some offense that. -- -- had to act as far as we've seen all these Red Sox team LA. You know they get some timely hits against a timely hits in big spots and to go along with with solid pitching. -- win some ball games and Brandon Workman will be on the mound tomorrow afternoon it's all of the lineups. They're out. And you're gonna see Golden's in left field position ski behind the plate Pereira at short. Jackie Bradley in Santa. -- does not play in right field we Nazi keep in that -- atop the order intact and rock call I mean how a ball. How about this guy right I heard some people saying that this is it was gonna come back on Eric and I never understood that. Conversation because you basically tell me that you don't believe an opportunity. I believe an opportunity. I believe that this is some players out there at the minor league level that might not be getting lifted their fair shot. All. Not everybody gets their shot. But when you do get your shot you got to see the opportunity I think that's a -- Goldstein he's proven to be a very solid. Ballplayer and if you don't think so you not watch him play the field in left field and got bounced around position to position. And he's making some big catches up there as well. And tonight. I am going to be over in right field but I expect them handle it well they want on that leadoff spot I've no problem with in Vienna. 6177797. 9376177797937. Phone lines are open for yet I guess I'll amen to take -- calls based on the Red Sox now haven't won two straight. I told you what they are in the standings eight games out of the division four and a half games out of one of the two wildcard spots. What do you -- -- what are you leaning towards seen this team would you want them do hit. -- -- -- I can tell you this I don't want them to sell. If they do end up -- -- Seles that decision should not be made just yet you got to let this team play and as a that you see in the plane argued you let the offense. Plain and they get some big hits to. This is the David Koch shows Sports Radio WEEI back at this time.

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