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The Red Sox score 10 runs for the first time all year, 6-14-14

Jun 14, 2014|

The Sox had a big win last night against Terry Francona's Indians and now have won a whopping 2 in a row. Craig and Larry talk about the offensive outburst and whether this team is capable of making the playoffs.

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He swings tags on all of play. But Pedroia leaping to his right leaving his feet and making a marvelous back candidates down. For a guy who has not slept much today. He was awfully alerts on the second play of the game the new pop up. Daddy Dustin. A laser show returning to Fenway Park last night doing it wins the -- doing it with a bad as well a couple of RBIs and certainly Dustin Pedroia has not had which you call an MVP year Red Sox haven't had a a year for the highlight film the last night might have been there it was technically their best offensive game of the year. Enron's first timing it double digits all year. Beat up on Terry Francona in the indians' last night ten to three John Lackey. But another great performance seems like every time we're doing it showed John Lackey. Has just didn't turn in another solid 16 and two thirds seven hits and three runs last night good enough the Red Sox. Win their second straight game and this the other thing if it's Saturday it must be a streak for the Red Sox. We've had ten straight losses we've had seven straight wins we have had five straight losses and now. Back to two straight wins the streaky this continues where it's interesting appear Red Sox fan man is my question of -- -- -- you not my keys might brought to you is do you think the Red Sox are. Starting to turn the corner and -- of that as I said before in all fairness to. Two chairing two and it originally this is not the team he intended to be on the field they've had injuries and middle pork went down and they had to move some people around so we still have not had the last year's version complete. On the field I do think putting Napoli out -- and on a couple of hits last night behind Ortiz. Makes it by a much more effective lineup in now Ortiz has some. Protection behind him Napoli got a couple of hits last night I think when they get victory you know back in -- in right field. Hopefully that'll slow solidified that a bit. I was very encouraged last night as Jackie Bradley came up with a triple and and another base hit and I -- if he could just be a little bit below average hitter between the -- -- did you know -- whining into fiftieth something I think people would be more than happy with that. He made another -- phenomenal. Played the other night Lester was pitching in -- side he picked him market for makes a great catch deep deeper -- Deepest -- -- sent a field pivots turns around. In in Scott I discussed an incredible I'm on him in just picks up for Venus come back around to trying ink and get back -- first race. And it gets tagged out takes Lester out of a jam on a runner on third day close out that inning Lester goes on to win. So if there's any way you can keep him in center field I just think he makes. It would take it for granite that number of plays that he makes the puzzle that they have. Is holt is is still -- the guy plays everywhere phenomenal outfield. Third base. I'm but when they bringing -- act in this is certainly debate I can't wait for that to -- debate of my obligation and I heard wait Harrington having -- -- throw around. -- to argue about the other day and now is that he was he standing behind his decision to have the guy. This guy has to be in any G. Drain OK but the ball got goes back into the dugout he's been moved out his dream position shortstop and in -- has moved all over the place because drew is still sitting on the bench the guy is a woeful hitter. And yet Terry Jones wrote I have from I think he's only played four games since may 21. He said I want to run one hit one out BI. He's hitting. A point 71 and I mean it's just -- it's a solid points it is not just serious though about this. This is you know he might come back -- might redeem comes -- -- great second half. But right now this is the following India's side it really is. Well it hit it terrible right it's hard to get a real and it's it's tough to come on and we we only do once every seven days and it's nice one to her eldest of four and six -- -- last ten is still well under 500. In about 45 games out of a wild card spot eighteenth behind Toronto. They played better the last couple of nights the problem is it's the over arching issue. -- this Red Sox team. Is they really haven't put anything together as yet. Last night was a good sign that that could happen. They've along way to go Stephen Drew doesn't have performed -- you have aquarius about that about my career a long way to go they are quite accurate as a matter of fact. -- I think I'd be very accurate here. About the Red Sox teams I still think there and I think that Red Sox fans sensed that. In spite of all the mediocrity and that's a euphemism for what they've been mediocre. There are not really out of it. I hear all of these proclamations. And and as you know the great line from Mark Twain reports of my demise were greatly exaggerated. I think that a lot of people of very direct -- And I'm not saying based on the fact they scored ten runs last night for the first time. I'm I'm based in the fact that you know you have to pitchers at the top of your rotation. Who can be. Very very good we saw both. Pitched excellent baseball down the stretch last year in the regular season. Certainly terrific baseball even better baseball in the post season. This is a team that is not out of it by any stretch but everytime I turn on the radio after Red Sox lost. It's are right -- Red Sox 2014. I don't buy. Well I think again in airports at a very different composition. Assessing this team are you a buyer or are you are sour and -- as you're saying you know like give me another week. Now I like what laughter seems to be coming back to where he was Lackey as you said has -- is meant to arrest Barack you can ask anyone riding him. The guy on the hill today PV. If you've got to find out from him but he is he's just going to be -- okay. Pitchers summer in the middle. -- -- -- -- Roger causes the banging into. Euros a busted tees in I thought the first game he pitched he was is phenomenal. Butler -- was pitching against venue part amendment that a real team. He's only got two pitches for the most by any Ian having trouble with the third so therefore on hitters have figured out -- So he has not been that effective his last two outings. That's. You noticed Greg this last couple lived games that they've won in the direction they're going and they've gotten some very good pitching. They've gotten some very good as some great hitting opera down the line up the guys it's gotten a wake up a little bit. And they also have defense is nothing Pedroia made two sensational plays last night Bradley made a great play that night before. You've got to have some defense and and so are they going in the right direction. It's not it's how they're playing Cleveland. Didn't matter if you feel about Cleveland anyway matches and this and it is the place you rather be flying out of an idea to -- -- rocker hall of fame which I would love to see. So -- buzzing about that -- feel about that right now I still think what you gonna do in who's gotta go. When they bring the the incredible Stephen Drew back. How -- lying counties might be out even longer got the oblique issue. I mean who knows in in in bench -- is not looking. Particularly good ideas -- the worst decisions. He's made as a general manager -- c'mon say that I'm well aware that I have I want no I totally I -- have always -- could understand. I'm bringing throat when he effort ten million. Any Keyon hit. And he can give you defense but I just I that was a bad decision I'd rather see him spend the ten million some browse. Right and I had to make an -- -- everybody I don't know the particulars of it and I don't know what they're gonna do about Lackey next year and is undersized. Contractor anything but I heard people -- -- from a golf shoes which is something. This guy came back he pitched had a horrible year and we found out afterwards he was pitching with -- I'm just about following up -- He had the surgery he came back to his credit he came back in much better shape he's been a much better pitcher for them. End Craig not that this is that important. He's one of the most popular guys on the team he tips any tips about bartender is a lot like I do that says a lot about a project apart Tennessee I -- anybody anybody -- cheap. And and probably can tell us about cheap people who use that up there in order around all night. And in the end the night -- -- -- -- Now I I can't stand that I can't stand it right but enough about -- -- I'm saying is internally. There's just my theory. As the -- as a ball player and teammate. And I see this guy going out there and pitching the way he's pitching producing the way he's producing. In the air rumors and stories out there about giving him high time about next year and and then you'll look over the next locker in you get J. D. Drew city. Well TJ and his brother -- and -- say they do play like John -- he's got back next year 250 -- ahead with an obvious bogus equipment. Visit her dark pitcher who's busted his but I know he's getting paid a lot. Here's the irony Larry -- one of the guys who want Steve in -- year they want Stephen Drew for the defensive reliability they want the stability. At short they didn't feel as if they were getting it for you -- are getting production from the corner outfielders. Somebody's got to hit it -- say but you got to remember at the pitchers. Love Stephen Drew. Fans understand these are very solid shortstop doesn't make many mistakes. With the glove gonna give you a little popular than any we saw in the World Series. It's the pitching staff wants -- for some last guys can be upset about that his job Lackey maybe think and you know maybe a little bit longer term about the contract next year that up front and act Arthur Roger always -- his agent. The working out some deal where he are all against minus ten days -- you have to come up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 77979837. We've discussed -- NBA finals LeBron and the heat. About to be disposed by the spurs game five in San Antonio the kings are the champions of the National Hockey League. We've discussed little soccer Larry needs to tinker and tweak the game. To make it more fan friendly to take listing -- just what must be a lot you get voted teacher of the year are right and you know you kick it allows the opinion on Yucca. Do you like soccer great right now. I do. Why -- to watch it. Don't watch -- -- -- because you're right some social gathering last last night was not a it'll play that'll play ignited soccer dude a that I thought a lot of the afternoon he obviously -- and that I notice and soccer game -- I have watched it -- -- live in waiting so you I don't remember plate. I do because it's a pure game it's an athletic game that anybody really pure what does that mean it's pure because it it it rewards wearing out there -- -- now it rewards. App -- schism what I coordination size isn't necessarily a factor. Any anybody can play the game anybody from you know five to. 26263. -- you don't have to be -- huge physical specimen you don't have to have followed genetics working in your favor would you like some more scoring opportunities that's my only complaint. I like the game as it is really yeah I enjoy it and I think just like anything else in a -- alive from my buddy Gerry Callahan. Is it any game is interesting when the stakes are high. In the World Cup the stakes are high they don't get any higher it is not there is no game more significant got a. Not how anybody but you see in your ears so we get probable cause -- stat. -- it is like the Olympics from hockey. Outlets as great as a hockey at its finest that's fine. If the NHL -- like this in the playoff series we ousted at the NHL if the playoff series represented the season. It probably would be one of -- in the top sports of the big one right. Think that you can't compare to -- World Cup soccer with what they're doing down in -- and I you're ripping the revolution and now crap family anybody here that's -- -- know you'll want to see the -- you want the vast right right well that's Harlem -- though. -- if they had games on like this every week. Yeah I would I would why -- -- -- every -- you can you can watch -- -- -- those games on NASA has like man -- and almost in Liverpool and arsenal all those teams over in England knows that that's top flight. That's world class. Soccer Huckabee don't -- it because I'd rather went to Gary -- -- at 1261777979. B 37 is our telephone number and get some of your calls. Masters denies the runner at third and delivers. Swing and as a high fly ball right center field at Sidwell hits it deep Murphy on the run to the track he can't get it it's on the warning track. Our runners in Jackie's rounding second he's setting for thirty slides in with a triple -- Red Sox lead it's rated too. They Jackie adept ball a long long way Murphy went lunge in Florida on the warning track not a Hedo warn could get it. And it drops in for three bases. How good was that last night for the Red Sox offensively even Jackie Bradley junior hit -- triple in the 103 -- highest. Offensive production all year for the Red Sox double digits and runs John Lackey. I did it. For the for the pitching department in the Red Sox -- to there. Second victory in a row -- -- go tour in a row. It's like still a keys behind in the AL east -- -- Pretoria is I know big happy is appeared to bring up some good guys like at some greatly used him. Pretoria -- -- was so right about him and you watch him any moment he's not hitting power. He just plays fearlessly. Finger he and injuries doesn't matter. -- he gives you everything he has congratulations to him on the birth of his newborn son. And and I hope they do turn around I think people tend to think it. Park radio you wanna be negative all the time and you wanna hold the team loses some stuff to the contrary it's a lot more fun. When they're winning it really is that negativity guys off quickly and and you won this topic now so when they're winning so other Red Sox about to turn it around Larry Johnson. I do think Napoli makes -- different to the middle of that lineup I really do and number two. I can -- that you better Craig after another week. To see how the pitching holds up if you get another stellar performance from last year in lacked key. In the end of PD again if the -- to see if the bats come -- union not asking a radical -- -- give you six innings and keep it on the three runs you'd be thinking about four lines when you get the hitting that they were getting last independent ten runs the most they've had this season. We'll say. The techsters are quite convinced don't share the optimism. That some of us might have -- just stops its attacks during the 978. You know as well as I do they caught lightning in a bottle last year in the will be lucky to hover around. Any thing close to a playoff spot all year -- the texture in the for a one down -- -- he says how many years of the Red Sox aren't great guys and totally fizzle. After the all star break in fade gentlemen another one out in western mass or operate. In my opinion they won't be back until they actually -- good team he can't keep beating on bad teams. And then saying they're back. Attacks during the eight also Ira Lewis and the bad teams right they played Atlanta -- played camper now that -- how that work out against the Indians in Cleveland as a matter of fact think about that Justin Masterson completely had the baffling Cleveland couple weeks ago we got. He didn't make it out of the third inning last night. Text during the 86 doses I thought that Jackie Bradley -- was gonna be a superstar. At this point he's defensive replacement. And -- yet -- praising JBJ. And denigrating. Drew to this point their careers drew is a far superior. Hitter so face up. We're seeing now at -- that's what he's done for me lately almost 71 yeah something like that and an end and I think you hit on a good point and it has been observed. That. There were some sort of stipulation from Boris. That god Jackie -- not Jackie Bradley Stephen Drew -- come up after the after they sign the new deal for a 101000001 year. They come up after ten days. Now -- he's pretty obvious that he probably needed a little more seasoning down on the farm before it came. Well listen we've got to go to the phones. This is a Saturday so we just point opted desktop. This is one of those Saturdays and I share this with you because we feel that were wrong family -- these shelves anyway. Com is no one set topic that you could say okay let's just talk about this. I think we got the Red Sox on hand do you think they're gonna turn the corner around IU optimistic about or anything I do you feel about. Drew who Michael on the DL again they have to have further examination. I'm what direction should the Celtics going should date trying -- that two picks at all what should they do that's going to be coming up for his own Craig. In the playoff series of LeBron and Melo and the like are you enjoying it -- well everybody around my -- Enjoys. LeBron losing but in this case. Echoing what I said earlier in the hour it's not the bronze failures that has resulted in a 31 San Antonio leads the this is playing great basketball. Well remember Pete Carroll when it was bank and prost cells in the patriots get my thrashing and -- the reporters said the process owls like did you I'll quote him. And Parcells was curious about it the stupidest question I've ever heard that in reality I don't know if it's so much. Popovich is out coaching. It's much has. Parts just don't scout them together as well I think that's gonna come down to I'm. You look at Ray Allen out there and and Dwyane Wade look strikingly similar every time it they just don't have the pots. To fit together San Antonio was Barca machine -- There never have ten players all contributing. All Lex accusing and it is an impressive performance -- say at least and I think that if Tim Duncan retires and some people say he will. After this year you have to put him up there. We have some of the great players of all time we always say oh LeBron is playing history not his opponent. Each and every time he goes out on a basketball court particular playoff but Duncan. Is right there is he one of the top five players to ever play the game no. I wouldn't go that far but he certainly belongs in a discussion of the top ten players what he is is he is the -- is non charismatic. Player who's ever in them but not a place that day you don't you know I'll tell you know what is it always baseball equivalent was about forty years ago Hank Aaron. Hank Aaron yeah I was overshadowed. By Willie Mays were brutal Coleman today. All the superstars in the nationally in some of the of Mickey Mantle all those people. Bomb were always considered better players Ted Williams almost contemporaries. All the players were better allegedly. And Hank Aaron. And Hank Aaron kept plugging along plugging along did everything very well in a very dignified. Very stable fashion. It was all said Don -- This guy's pretty good so I think Tim Doug is with -- Hank Aaron yeah of the NBA is on them makes a -- Nine exciting it's not just a growth and says yes the ball in the browser I need a whole problem yeah. And you actually don't know what that thing with the key with a great basketball player in my opinion is. Watch him when he doesn't have the ball. In -- -- Duncan when he doesn't have the ball in how we can make its cots and how we can split between two players in east. In he makes himself available for the past. I don't see that at all on Miami not at all but I browns -- tomorrow. He's struggling he's struggling he's not holding position to take his first step and by the -- the clock ticking down. In it's just it's just an -- is expert honestly. It's painful to watch well that. On the other hand the two years they did win particularly the first year against OKC they were doing that they were making the extra pass they were finding the open man particularly in the quarter you know what I thought -- he knew I was watching and I have no idea what you're doing -- He enactment. Gene Hackman in hoosiers look at how everything -- count you. -- an extra pass Dario make out of that you isn't Magic Johnson fit that they're great for all his greatness. To me his greatest. Point that I hang his hat on is his passing. If you've got guys that that. Yeah but -- was a better -- -- a magic was a better passer in transition he was a rising great XEQ drive fast brown just saying -- this team that's setting up in. Half court do we see what I think their closest element of about a lot of enemies and allows them half score well. See this is where this is where I would say that San Antonio team reminds me. Of the Celtic teams in the eighties probably the 8016 although they only did if you remember. With seven players web and went down in an eight man rotation whether went down Walton could play ball power forward and senator. That was an offensive clinic. Every night I think what you seen in San Antonio especially now on the in the finals. -- seeing some of that execution that I'd be blasphemy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's the passes that he made he he had that he had that killer instinct and he could drain a three. Lot of game winners but to me it was the past that made Larry Bird rate. That's what separates and I know Jordan's a better all round player Kawika played the other random Larry is more about a center fielder than anything else on on defense play play zone and a man from Hillary. Jordan had better than anything else everybody goes on and on about his in this is why -- thinking about it last week and and I wanna submit his name. And in the arena for one of the all time greats is Kobe Bryant. What Colby Bryant in Jordan have aside from all the other obvious skills. Is they had a killer instinct. Quote we bright EEE. The ACL in his -- a thumping and say he's still hasn't carry about the foul line takes a shot. -- is eight. Can see a lot of these guys get the bad rap because people get mad here from Boston. And they don't like that because they don't like the lakers and they don't like LeBron and everything. But you gotta look beyond that and you gotta look beyond an interview as saying that like Iverson it's just certain plays that just has a killer. Instead Allen Iverson could you know he got to a final ones with Philadelphia but could violently challenged got a chance not -- game out you can depend heater that's right the Celtics make me nervous everybody -- -- I saw the kitchen sink to get one guy and. Kevin -- we'll talk a little bit about that we'll talk some MBA when -- brought -- on the phone three -- yet we'll get to those phones 6177797937. And up laughing from us as one text -- a few months ago puck enough chitchat with that art from the -- regulate -- attack us followed its.

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