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Jackie Bradley Jr Player of the Game Interview

Jun 13, 2014|

Joe and Dave talk with Jackie Bradley Jr after the Red Sox 10-3 rout of the Cleveland Indians at Fenway Park Friday night.

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Actually he had -- big night for a year away and last night Terrell yet a booming triple a solid single and robbed another time my. Got to be feeling a lot better to play. Yeah again seen. Just they go -- a team out offensively today. Jackie would adjustments you feel like you're making particularly against left handers in the batter's box if you're looking more comfortable against itself was a little. Get back to doing things that I normally do and not trying to do too much. You know just trying to make small adjustments and just. You know honestly just see abolish the easiest and deceit about doing an excellent contact. Certainly a hitting was contagious tonight and it's nice to see the club did that at -- went seven straight at home now. Comment and you know that definitely wanted to. You know when the night like -- had a great performance tonight and I'm most of the Arizona and down. -- really -- -- game -- -- got to ask you about the throw you made last night from the warning track because it was a it was something deceit. And something we've we've seen your arm strength before but I don't know the rest of the country got a chance. To see that played before how often have you done and we think in double play when you made a catch. Actually what I -- did. Now actually was drafted -- but I wanted to actually see where he was with before making ill advised throw. So not. So I was pretty far off. I figured you know I've been in the cut off man all year I wanted to try to -- -- Ramon and I don't know now and so you know I just know. Launched it on that -- you know keep it down enough to where -- could handle it and you -- it. -- just like assessment is that a different direction. Right right yeah I'm I'm glad I made to play first the ever pitched. And not a long time it. Nothing Mimi and I'll do whatever. Now what do you think he'd get hit on again Jackie honestly we we -- in 9293. -- -- the matter unless I'm having clock was. High school annals and outfield so this isn't written from the mound. But. You know and find out -- you out and I did it may happen one -- -- let's hope not in the near future be accused I think the pitching -- like July that are out there in center field and -- -- your -- becoming legendary we've heard from scouts that as simple as well hopefully that just keep runners from running and I won't have to show you guys -- congratulations and very nice night. Thank you appreciate us right Jackie Bradley junior had a big night at triple and single and -- a game at a key spot as the Red Sox took the lead back in the second inning. So they bought a 500 at home at seventeen and seventy.

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