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Dale and Holley have World Cup Fever! Catch It!

Jun 13, 2014|

We break down the World Cup a little and let the debate about Soccer in the United States rage on!

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-- I think it's. It's. Still a good night's snow okay. -- -- -- -- And Netherlands leading Spain 31 game is in the second half. In the World -- Text the code -- club to 37937. Within the next ten minutes. You'll be entered to win two BIP tickets plus access to the nineteenth hole sponsor club for the travelers championship tournament June 19 for the 22. At TPC river highlands in Cromwell Connecticut. For more information go to travelers championship dot com text the word club to 37937. Right now. It is now 41 Netherlands the rout is on the World Cup. Let's get to the call for these guys 6177797937. -- in Cambridge Europe next on sports -- dale and -- Or as a district where I'm moving out on a Monday through -- I'm -- so you guys. Really appreciate those -- passed. I'm sorry -- be leaving us but that -- check it -- WEEI. The WE DI apt to listen. Anywhere in the. World and its sponsors such as well I hope that's. That was a couple points so that. First thing but I I -- Lou I thought that hey he's been pretty want to watch. But like I am a bit excited when other people excited you know and it an economic and bash. The World Cup anymore -- You know I hope I'm glad they've cured and pumped up -- -- And you -- up the bar district water like a mock sports but I. It is my second point in this success is tangential but. I remain cultures from Algeria -- soccer is always good enough you know once you're in the morning. And are watching soccer it's different leagues all over Europe or Asia or a man who. Then it's a complete listings hit it. And he just fell in love the American football is over in Iraq and I'm like every Sunday he thought the -- mark every Sunday to lose it's easy to. Americans -- also I watched stuff. I think that a leader. Well and and need to bring up an interesting point too because I I thought about this before. If if you had a a guest in from England let's say and you took -- to Fenway Park he sat there through a Red Sox game -- empty -- to try to explain. All the nuances of baseball somebody who's never seen it before. And how convoluted it would seem to somebody. Forty minutes it's sixty feet six inches to the picture but why is -- ninety feet to first base why isn't -- 92 let me. If you drive people crazy -- it then it would probably be the same way. If we were watching one of these World Cup games in reseller watching the Barclays Premier League game it would be a foreign language to. So how I would say never -- -- of this the nuances of baseball just the basic rules. Like try to put that -- that something like I believe score runs like whoa what is abruptly cut do you get around so yes I I agree. With it it's exactly it's -- it was the opposite. -- that it didn't matter -- jump right into American football Stewart and I think that's I think that's rare form both. Perspectives. It is rare for for someone who grew up watching soccer. To swap football for the first time our football involved with that just as it's rare for someone like you know people like us to go. Italy Brazil it is instantly fall in love with that I think it's probably process. If the average the average story is OK I got into it. Five years ago in in the last five years I've learned so much now. It's in my rotation. I think anybody. Who grew up here watching the -- sports. Has soccer has their one. -- soccer player you do you know what brought. Who is a pick. Patriots patriots fan every Sunday watch the patriots. Rewards games you know is heartbroken over -- Montreal he grew up that way it now. Soccer is you won. No yeah it's like I don't know I don't think so -- it's like Vanilla ice -- everybody likes the -- but it's nobody's favorite. -- -- like everybody has the favorite sport that is not soccer now like I at this Paula the -- -- what you wouldn't tell us earlier that. You could say and what I was president this apology to me is one of the people it makes life worth living because I'm I'd like him I don't like soccer. What every four years -- why I will pay attention to the World Cup because it's an event because everybody's. It evolved it's a story there there are things to talk a boat out of this every four years I watched hurling. What short track speed skating or beach volleyball I will double what I and other journalists each volley ball as often as a candidate honestly if I don't and I understand you have got a court ordered ankle bracelet that Dahlia. Daily from the beach and I think they do -- that. But let's end of that what I object to is like the I don't care for soccer but I'm not gonna -- to the Sox -- Jimmy took that Italy anymore than I expect. On soccer fans that jumped down my throat because I don't. Well let's get my feel stupid to a nice way it has to hopefully overstate. Which which part of the. The old ball soccer -- will jump down your throat because you don't like it it's totally overstated. I -- jump down your throat if you -- That's different -- yeah yeah I would fashion they'll jump down your throat if you'd just say as Jerry just it. You know it's not my sport I'm I'm just not into with the way other people are. They're OK with that. That you know they understand that people like different things but if you -- it. Ridiculously. Or or use or you'd fashion when you don't really know what you what to bashing you're talking about that's when soccer fans get their dander up a little that I. Well let's do it right and I think his brother both sides their deal is as someone who has -- the sport in -- to our own -- I think I've had might might fun with it it. Soccer fans in general I think are guilty of not having the sense of humor about it I like some real crap. I I -- up -- -- ironically. Like figure skating. I'm not pocket every four years I've been alleged nationals and what I alleged -- I pay I really enjoy it before reelect not just say that to be likes anarchy. I married -- next figure skater she loves it in that it just kind of you don't awed by -- -- -- a pick that up. I would ball when I was sixteen years old the -- electric golf like TB was the most alien concept of -- -- yet. Yet they do it if someone says. You know. Based on an even Ecuador watching that I I -- I get your point I understand why it's ridiculous the do you that I beat -- you know that I would you want to this on us by Sunday June. I think soccer -- he did just a -- up about it in general. And yet I -- the with all due respect to present company don't. Don't have any due respect I think 6177797937. The AT&T text line is 37937. I'll markets in western Kmart you next on sports radio's dale and -- -- guys are you doing good afternoon good afternoon. Miles per hour call listen every dad merchandising in the car more to have the -- always listen you guys thanks court process have cool point. One the Miami Heat and two soccer -- Miami Heat cannot beat the spurs with a line. Animal Miami -- Russians say. They have -- -- not elaborate on. Yes celebrity that you beat them so what would they need to do. You have to putting problems have -- have to start and then there you have to start -- To me because. Charmer and -- is charmer is not the right point guard at this time in this series. These two shaky. -- -- -- -- if you're always playing terribly having just been off he's not in NFL people. -- as a friend of -- who jumps -- -- all the time called the people's homes -- worse. The worst starting point guard for a championship team history so -- I find myself for the position and times of defending -- software. I got a little Mario Chalmers -- and I'm defending him against historical fact this you know. -- I didn't want that you have to take it exactly -- yeah he's not great but he's not historically bet everything I think that that's O Carly a strong argument I don't know. No I don't jumpers not playing well. And at Kohl's. But indoors only when it comes off the bench sometimes give them a spark. Haslem has been buried in the series. And -- for most of the playoffs. I don't know if that's the story isn't the story has to be. The way that the Miami he deal with the super sharp efficient. Throwing -- passing of San Antonio which has resulted in a ton of great looks you don't want to leave this. Then they're they're missing on great looks every bit. They've got great looks the entire series and I would say it if there's a chart. Difficult shot and others who shot chart of workshops were taken. But in terms of contested shots that degree of difficulty I was in this degree of difficulty of their jobs. Has been a pretty solid five. Or six not not a lot he denies. -- the -- circus shot or two. Well last night but throughout the series been pretty good for your opponent that's the issue for Miami. In another reason alone San Antonio what would it do what. For basketball as a sport is there were up you know they've they've won three games usually by this point is series you know who the FBP is going to be. Who was it on the spurs who want -- yeah I give us an early in the last night at that it was an 899 or something like that like any way to basically. I mean he he just killed it. Approval of appointments last name the brutal worst worst deal I got horse that he is. He was phenomenal lastly do I don't think it jumps -- is that -- but that's the thing the local vote of both the spurs. If it's true that Jamaica Plain as the center for the Spanish community in the Greater Boston area I would avoid Jamaica Plain this afternoon Spain's now losing to the Netherlands five to one. I think now they're the defending champs yes strenuously defend that in fact. This they're the world champions for two years ago as well what are the World Cup the the European champions from two years ago World Cup champions four years ago. They are getting -- Okay -- what's the story that I die then who -- the government's it is good from our great. Well Spain beat the Netherlands. In the finals of the World Cup in 2010 poker is a very talented team with some high profile players there's a there's a great Twitter follow. They have to like Pelé all over the place of Robin van. Percy has got to already but there's a great Twitter follow -- god. It's it's a great follow and and got tweeted a few moments ago. This is Spain's worst defeat since 1988 and a half seconds that's what 777 -- 7937. Its telephone number dents on the cell phone hey Tim you're next on bail and -- Hi guys yeah they put it not at all sure. Are you a column about -- mentioned yesterday about Michael -- about the athletes tend to play like basketball and football. And I was just wondering. Because you know when you play sports like -- you're about that they -- play shortstop and patents that are. You ever consider why I like your doctor about doubt -- who's scoring all the goals to -- usually get stuck in a -- And then he got another chance to keep growing in the sport and wonder about that one of the reasons why it. -- -- -- -- all right Tim I disagree with the -- if if that if the young kid is scoring all these goals he's not going near that net. They're gonna keep him out there because goal scoring is such a premium. I I don't agree that that's up their deal. I mean I don't mean like those wobble light. When you're like fifteen pick on me when you're like our younger kids like six or seven and you're going -- golden -- considered all. And then the parent they're calling out your name none -- they are yet to play goal. -- I don't think that's it I mean as as a guy who's coached youth soccer. All the way up to the to the through the junior high school late for a number of years now. Believe me if I had a kid who could score she was there right out there thank you very much -- just to refute that a little bit. Our goalie Tim Howard was a very vehicle stories of great -- when he was little -- They moved him back in nickel because of his height that played the position well. Add more to do with size and had to do with you know that the great athlete -- look I think the single biggest thing we talked about this yesterday. There's more opportunities here. You can play basketball or hockey or great footballer and football or song or bronze or lacrosse. And in many of these European countries they're really only a couple of choices and it's -- basketball's big deal in Spain but soccer's a much bigger. And I was gonna say there's either a a lack of choices in some countries other countries. -- Richard -- English only other opportunities. But the cultural pressure is. Soccer soccer which didn't do what I would view this is what we're all about this is what our nation is about you really wanna beat somebody wanna be a starter. You wanna be a superstar you play somebody just like here as well I don't know what the sport and -- I guess we'll be football. It is in now with the concussion policy and maybe change that yet but. Cliche. Most popular guy in high school is the high school what were -- back quarterback so that's the star position. The star position here is it football. The star position in many of these countries in the World Cup. Is it soccer. Money isn't soccer. That that the fame. Women. That's what it is women. Listen -- still only I don't have to be a soccer fan still look up the sites that list wags. Wives and girlfriend asked. Which like basically drive in the Internet world worldwide -- the British -- OW were -- anyway you are absolutely absolutely and by the way by unofficial. Survey is soccer players get. The best women in the world it's like they're up there with tennis and an auto racing. Auto racing auto racing did they get it seen. Went -- like Victoria -- written about we have here. All he had -- Amy Adams -- Good call 6177797937. This telephone number and hour from now on our final drive we take care of our means tweets and texts and telephone calls bring it on says Thornton whatever you got he's able to handle maybe the rest of -- as well. Dale and Holley and Terry Thornton live -- cheers Faneuil hall Sports Radio WE yeah. -- It's the. And it is a landslide right now wild game is. Almost over. There in the 93 minute it's 51 Netherlands over Spain the third and final game of the day's coming up at 6 o'clock. And based on the TV ratings that we saw yesterday a lot of folks and in this city are gonna be watching it. Spectacle. -- I feel about. You know we're talking about all of these other teams -- -- the -- down. The neverland is putting on Spain. Talked about Brazil Croatia homeless feeling about the US on Monday. The US vs Ghana. It's still one game in the group that I think they can win. It's in this a very tough group Germany and Portugal in there as well this is the one. I think taking come up with a win and I put it to you this way they have to win this game Monday if they -- hoped commodity group. They have -- it's already a Muslim yes the -- is a vote yes for the united so yeah it is number one because I don't think they can do better than single point in the next two games against Germany and Portugal. And enacted a single point but but if they get the three points against Ghana. Sneak a point out of the other two yet get a draw lose one album draw -- the other one I think four point gets in through the group. Do you know what to noses. I don't know if this this. You know what are you guys might know you know how many people are interpreted the country. I don't know about -- -- I don't know yet just lock up the Google only don't we got a Google's part. How many people are -- All I know even less about Ghana got a huge -- -- is that the point is. We are a lot less than the United States if that's what you're just as they ordination. You know depending on who reported that sense is that they go towards every 270 to the 300 million people like you guys in the United States. So. I I guess I don't understand it we could talk about life not more popular white kids -- and involved -- how many Germans did. Eighty million German and just 125 million and change I think about 25 -- -- -- so we got to outnumbered ten to one million Germans. 272. -- government -- ordered every federal the last sentence that success that the public company I'm safe right there 300 to 300. Three are we 330 now that it's not pretty to throw that out there they don't throw that out there. Mr. Smith emerged from -- -- that that's that's a little message to -- to -- but we got more people than than the Germans now we have -- -- the campaigns have. We have resources we have the world. Why isn't it better at an -- you before that we keep hearing the same store and hear the same -- here. Same -- at 118318. McGuire yeah I guess I should give up no idea but -- but still focused 300 million. I'm surprised I was so far off because I'm good at that attendance thing at Fenway with a given the full of people that get more numbers I get that every single time I'm good -- now legal choice thousand. You have multiple threats out there. Why why doesn't make it better are we poorly coached. Are we me. I don't know it was not enough kids play and or are you kidding me and I know I'm I'm the kids play. Till we get the high school and then they stop play in it because they play basketball baseball football. In in New England -- up the numbers though. We are the numbers you mean it's not me. We we've got. 300 million plus people. God has 25 has dual use it right yet again and how many how many kids in Ghana. Are playing any sport except soccer. -- that'd be none. Let's -- on May be some basketball players may be but still. Even if all the kids Ghana were playing soccer. That presume that all of them are talented enough. -- to this day well that but they're also they still they're all playing and they're playing it from the time they're three. -- and they keep right on playing at all through junior high and all through high school you'll have a. Numbers disadvantage compared to the United States and so understand why it's to the point I could observe whether and why they're better -- -- -- I'm saying that on the radio probably -- I can understand. Why as a nation that's. Committed to soccer has talked about it hosted the World -- twenty years ago OK let me say it another way. It's forty years ago. The twenty years ago when the World Cup was here. And I told you you don't 2014. We're pretty much going to be have the same conversation about soccer there that we're having now you're right it's -- wonder what you. Well let's see if John's got an idea John. Tonight at the right buttons on your next on Sports Radio -- how -- they can repeat my call share. I had quickly I would think we're earlier or use our own education. -- -- -- from England they always and other people here. So I'd be getting whereas my whole life for my -- my gambling. That I can we talk about -- but at least there. I'm telling you they've lived three. Please football are what -- -- -- soccer I mean they don't have a little big distraction or dark. And cricket but really I mean I don't know are NFL ever see -- being. -- because we have like you guys that are -- export. It kept it there for the rest of Europe. I mean I've got burned to -- lip read diaper wearing that it. But it again you know in our country we just -- NFL. Staggering answer I mean. These people -- I think I can keep it away with saying well when I was a kid we didn't have all the stations the cable network that we do now. Like Arnold we looked at me or write to them come on the phone a cute aren't they cannot get it to watch it. I don't -- that you -- more if you look hard enough you can find any sport on cable TV. But at least put my itinerary and in my forties and we might generate growing up you couldn't get hooked on it in this country he couldn't find it. It was hard it it -- the -- this was going on right now to be able see it on TV. Yet every four years we grab it and and we love it I mean every four years it's a huge deal in this country for years ago was a huge deal in this country. Even with the time difference and all of that stuff in South Africa. But but I gotta tell it it's like the Olympics it's like Jerry watching watching curling. You know when this -- over you'll stop watching curling for four more years and will stop watching soccer for four more years but I think Shawn hit the nail on the head. In in these other countries he really is the only show in town it's like the Canadians in Montreal there's nothing else. So that's what everybody's effort Everett Washington -- an -- talking about it would everybody trying to play. And in this country and we got options we got lots option is they have options through I don't think they have anywhere near as much. You don't know that there are options Italy Italy their options in Germany and England question there are solved but that it's not like here. And like you said -- it you're gonna play soccer son I -- -- we've got our nationalistic pride is at stake. Forget about that silly basketball thing you think you're gonna do you're going to be a soccer player. Coming up at 545. We take on the at the top guys from Thornton's ready for that we get right back to the calls we view on the other side Sports Radio WEEI. Fourth and final -- dale and -- Sports Radio WEEI Terry Thornton is alongside as we broadcast live it cheers at Faneuil hall. C'mon down all the TVs are going the next World Cup game starts at 6 o'clock they'll have -- on the TVs here they've got. US open golf some in the Red Sox game starts somewhere near the right time they'll have that on the TVs down here as well c'mon down the. I'm asking is this. The fatal to model is constantly and kind of thing -- example. Yeah I noticed that yeah he's a candle to be its annual I know I say FAM why you well Daniel and I tell Iowa I've always at -- panel. Which is correct -- middle and as I I don't know Anderson but really think you know with the Dutch capital of Massachusetts is committed. The cheers it's -- -- finally had -- every Dutch person in the in the tristate area we see -- tonight and help us. -- fan and he's busy he's got stuff he's he's it would hire whoever I have for -- what do you say battle -- Couple public just Quincy my I always said Daniel there yeah there we -- like you do. -- just weird. I'm from Maine I can't help myself. Back to calls or write them. If you're probably we'll find out. 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. Coming up at 545 or thereabouts. Will take on the tough guys hope you'll join us for that. John it's in Dartmouth John you're next on Sports Radio dale and Holley. I'm bombarded. Got a question I and if you might real quick on why I think we can't compete. We did other countries in the region I know this being a Portuguese immigrant of one of the school. Portugal -- on the heard not one. Graphics chip that they have now a young -- And they go to school not learn. Real -- being mapped Portuguese whatever. Towards soccer could cure all the weapons whole island of Madeira. And went to the mainland to Lisbon at the agency. And for one of these schools. And from then until he broke into the -- -- seventeen that is all it. And they're going to speak for eight hours of math and you play soccer after school in our soccer. And what we do -- map what's real quick you know how to balance the checkbook that's it. Real Madrid got real material pump on their website and we found this nine year old Brooke that we can connect from people flying -- man. It's hotel and the imports while the ship and made Christiane Minolta who reached -- couple years ago with one of the best in the world that's all you do. That's all we can all -- John it's this is fascinating switch your television right -- -- yeah it really starts though. One thing we can learn as Americans is that it feels so bad about being obsessed with sports because. We I don't think we pick up if any of the so any sport we have that we take it to that level no. Cell. I mean if you look at it we remember it used to be in the back in the day we talk about you know 910 year old kids going to nick Paula Terry's tennis academy in Florida and and and turning their whole life you -- we see it would gymnasts or figure skaters at a young age -- it -- but then you know what what invariably happens is they'll get burned out when -- thirteen years all. Sure it had enough when their fifteen I wanna do this anymore. John is exactly right they have these soccer. Schools academies for lack of a better term they have these junior programs Liverpool's got a an extensive. Junior program. And they start working with these kids when they're 101112. Years old. And and they've they've been playing under Liverpool's tutelage for ten years before they ever play for -- out -- Makes me wonder what happens to those who don't let it. How to go to work in the pub in town or something I don't know if rhetoric admittedly we ought to be better at sports because lord knows her kids -- Worried about academics is this sort of really believed eightieth of the world -- every category so we we ought to be better fit at sports and this is one of the things I got. In Seattle this bad at soccer. And I'd see -- where we -- bad. Right is that -- that's just let -- Klinsmann told you work -- that's -- home. I guess we're glad they're okay we're up one thing I've never felt the least bit bad about is also being. The dream keepers to the Olympics it destroyed everybody has sorry everyone this is what we do. -- the only country in the world that feels bad couple being excellent at something that is our attention you know what you mean like. -- -- the Italians aren't upset of -- great you know operators -- -- if they chefs are. Worried at the French are worried about being a great chefs of whatever. But we feel guilty that we produce great basketball player I don't think so. I don't think we know I think some of the I think it's maybe the fans some confidence about what you have to -- the whole -- with the apparatus of the college kids what they are fans let's get to beat up and goal like that. -- I don't think -- sorry. Yeah hello John noted that it was ridiculous what what we just asked all right it reflects so good we are what you Bart police you don't have sky. Well that it's been on about how he got out of helpful. Or what and is now and they were only winning by like eightieth time you get to stories depends spit out of France and that's the branded -- a little girl but if -- Olympics. The -- and they were over by like eighty something in his time. That's ridiculous double and we don't do anything else except play basketball players only let us do LA that big game -- Our bills and land your next on sports radio's -- -- Bill -- bill. Yeah I don't know the right school is only about ten years ago yet a couple of kids to. Played -- all -- was brought up here. Hockey and you got made fun of her for playing -- Eight people who calmly like a sea of like that just because it without the -- the other sports. It -- hit it off and -- soccer available with. Not -- I want or something to do that -- -- -- -- like. They're hurt or a mobile data as -- get older. -- Little League soccer back up I. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like that -- a rally or basketball although what but it got -- I I I think I bill I think you're exactly right I think there is some element of that now there are some schools where that's not the case obviously -- School to take the sport more seriously than others and and I'm I don't know that you went to school in -- and I know you call from land. Maybe it's like that there. I do think it's something to that you know that c'mon play a real sport we don't plant soccer and gets almost get shamed into. Putting their attentions and other sports when they hit the high school level I -- developed. They it -- -- crops. And and relatives that old that's for kids who didn't hit a curve ball at all same sort of I did did you get that but that's it that's in every walk of life and I -- but I think you're both. But I think in both cases. Lacrosse and soccer. Maybe. We got a intersection. Up and comers and dinosaurs. Because you know people look at it that's not a real sport. Dinosaurs because they support both sport to -- lacrosse and soccer and we're shocked and activists earlier. We're talking about the popularity of soccer at the ratings of Boston. Number two in the country. Boston was for yesterday's game just for nice and easy because -- -- what -- -- -- Fifa soccer. The video game to a three times as this popular in terms of sales. Then Madden football. Which is likely cultural icon -- -- -- hasn't played bad but you know aside what did hasn't played fifa soccer. You what I think it's a given to that of a big part of the soccer. Audience are. You know immigrants allies second generation immigrants or whatever I'm gonna say to tell me if you pick up right about this. Just no one friends of mine to whatever urban professionals. We -- professionals are huge at the -- just. Bill when you don't read people's Twitter -- people of friends of mine and whatever I think it. There really into the whole international cultural dated you know people who'll watch him as the defeats from Europe what it's not World -- who would have which. You know some surprises. A lot that we we'd all be hooked if we were there and -- if you call absolute accident here in Europe Brazil. Right now in game you're watching your game your -- it was a it was just thinking about 80090000. I know yesterday Jeremy shaft who's you know one of the reporters that ESPN has in south column. He tweeted. -- in his entire life he has never seen an atmosphere and a stadium like he was watching yesterday. When Brazil was playing Croatia got this guy seems. A fair number of sporting events in his life and is seen them everywhere Olympics and every place else any tweeted yesterday he had never seen an atmosphere like that. Yeah I think that that atmosphere which would. Even if it wouldn't -- you on the sport I would say. Atmosphere would keep you from. From -- it dismissing it that's how -- progress so she probably thought it would just don't wanna hear anything about it they'll hit it just can't relate to it can't get into it. It's not legitimate I think just being there it will legitimize. It and that call is pointless and I've taken a lot of -- my local quick pitch. You know here vehicle -- and I mean people mocked you they don't know how good you are at it and I will say this. That was a Harry Potter reference -- it's okay how are at the end when the World Cup was in the United States in 1990 -- There were six games played in Foxboro at the old Foxboro Stadium. At I had the opportunity to be the public address announcer at the stadium for the six World Cup games that were played here. I'd never seen anything like my life I mean the the enthusiasm the emotion see the what every the -- The way that that the fans of the individual countries were -- locked in. And an -- it was like all that mattered to them. I had a blast watching I've been a Super Bowl have been to Stanley Cup championship NBA championships world where you are. And that was as good as I'd ever seen and it was Foxborough Massachusetts it was that'll -- with -- the aluminum benches stadium. And it was still as good as I've ever seen it was unbelievable there. Chris on the cell phone hey Chris I don't. Safe good guys they. All the stuff you've got the talking about a forty years ago it was a great article in the New York magazine called. How -- stars made and it talked about all the stuff you're talking about a guy did a great article. On a club called Ajax in the medals. All right I'll be honest I gates talked gripe I've tried to watch it but just common form coaching other sports and reaping what they do in there with two main things one. Like this guy called earlier is they get it to the very young age penetrated into the soft -- any time spent doing anything else. They consider ways are. It or leave the US. Are what type of school. The other main thing was the most market players like the guy he talked about when all go. They're all from a lack of about a -- different experience that would strip the areas. Their form notices that one shot to get out of it very hungry they're not like I think it is my impressions -- in this country. It's played by. For the most part of the immigrant kids. It's played by white middle class -- the middle class is this. They know that they don't have stalker laws on the books all the -- -- Vertical Olympic but it's an excellent article in the I think it's a New York Times and they are not reasonable billion people. They -- or expose say on how this club identifies. You're the youngest 67. And train them and that makes all the it's subtle or 42 million euros but the Real Madrid a little bit. But it was it talked about all this stuff you guys are having right now. Great what's appreciate at all thank you very much. I'll Walters in Burlington you're next on Sports Radio dale and Holley. They I -- guys I Walter -- great this week this view is that our radio. Thank you I really appreciate that but -- is still the best but. Yes yeah yeah. It's that it's a little bit on me all of that called it was sports either and regret our report Q democratic. You know the academy's that he was talking about. -- that the lack of better word. It's not black -- about a word it is. -- an academy. And that's what these rules -- do they go to the academy in like soccer. Now I marmalade beating you right now and I'm picking up a sock -- later that they're. With professional and Portugal. Pays 48 years old right now -- here visiting with his life. In traffic doc says -- I decided to call yeah. Arabs but that China let try and and a little bit on -- We approach it oversees. The process. Here I mean I'm -- I'm an American now I knew I wanted to be a baseball player. I really grew to these -- seven. You know my -- who don't shoot that's what I orderly or whatever it's baseball player. I. Might roads looking back -- soccer all the time. Is that the last hour that just -- -- -- -- you know Christiane did not come from a ditto sodas because our neighborhood -- -- -- or family the father was an -- all of any die. As a you know brings the -- he -- Still flat you know the it's what he felt was is right I'm gonna die with this in my heart that I would think -- -- France and Europe sparking player. Well I'd I'd like I I do think that that for folks over there. Played the Celtics -- the Bruins depending what your sport was. Over there. There was really only one option for you gonna be a soccer player and you might have had other things you could have done which you only have one thing you had to. You had to play soccer almost. I think it's it's interest rates are at it -- with that -- that seems like a a pretty big advantage for the rest of the world. And we're not going that was soccer or at least not on that level. Everything before confused. Because if if you have countries that pick out -- to six years old say one day. I gotta keep that you gotta keep up the tradition. In Brazil we want the World Cup Britain and fight exhibited Palin was is gone it's fortunate you're going to be the next -- or get a -- that next game. And the Brazilians are great but if if you look at how they've been training. The US the US should be losing seven don't want. The countries like that and -- not at least it. It's probably amazing that that they are still are also world class a World Cup Taliban -- and that's what makes it's so frustrating. -- And look at them you look at it seems like the US as. There's been some progress. And then there's a step -- what year was it that you probably know enough to tell you what year was that. We finished last little too political six. To finish last in the entire term. In the World Cup. So 94 was here 98 was in France right. Two it went -- to within the Koreas Japan that area it was either vote to work 06. So they can leave it in this is that -- story that makes progress okay. This is pretty good now or on the -- that. Then we finished last making progress. It is now our coach I think it over this I think it over a -- that they can't get over with our coaches say. -- -- -- Well I don't wanna hear. And I have a -- -- the definition of casual. Soccer fan I would I would I have a casual World Cup fans who. Follows the US so watch all the US games yup but it is not the US -- mildly interested. But even as he hasn't -- US World Cup -- -- I don't think you brought in former building plants are what we hear about all -- you were four years to wait eight years away won't be years away. As I just don't understand it I guess. 6177797937. -- telephone number will take on the tough guys at 545550. Thereabouts were broadcasting live from cheers. Daniel hall the fact that yeah it's fair ball as far as I'm external it's Quincy Market either one Ryder gradual flannel whichever way you wanted to do it. Were here thanks to the nice folks at Sam Adams one down and join us and watch all the sporting events down here. It's dale and Holley and Terry Thornton Sports Radio WEEI.

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