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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Epic Collapse Edition - 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

We tackle four topics all sparked by the Miami Heat's disappointing showing in the NBA Finals so far.

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Yeah. Yeah. I mean he's the only thing yeah. You know. Eminem leads us perfectly or ignore what you -- AT&T. Take everything more than 99% of all Americans feel that you look better network. Were talking about epic fails then him. That's right today for a we'll talk about teams that had high expectations. But collapse when time came through those lofty goals. The Miami Heat please those expectations upon themselves once upon a time not true not group now. -- -- He should've stopped after cannot tell you what let's just not right. That doesn't play as little human actually I don't run not three apparently the weapons are gone now okay. Now the Miami Heat are failing to live up to their own -- Was outside this -- that the buzzer. That game -- is history and San Antonio has taken a three games to one series dead. They I. I sure don't like most of America put. And when they -- off the court was there kids don't. Good job the military's don't ask and maybe it. I think what you don't that it was really. Well yeah I was right what that against the Celtics and he gave up welcome it's -- -- He he might have been right it'll Ehrlich a little they'll get a birdie on like they want experience. Everyday I do that what I'm going to do football Pitt on the other team makes a good and that's not a good way to -- we don't -- Because kids don't you guys. How have they get humiliated at home I don't. You if you agree with this sorry. I don't think since it was in San Antonio wins this series looks like -- got to win it. If they win this series. This doesn't go -- jobs over to some other all time failures this is not way up there for me because you are talking about. -- two time champion that loses. To a team that has conducted and he'll have his fifth championship. Now it's a little bit surprising because. This is probably Tim Duncan last championship. Who would be surprised at all that -- championship Tim Duncan goes into a locker room. And you know it gives his -- he says good -- to the team event during the post -- press conference is just strange enough when he says are you by the way from the time. This is the guy who last year was gonna -- -- celebration party that everyone was invited to when he lost championship and -- sort of don't know the that your business report yet it isn't excitement. That they lose yes. Is it any. Big time the show I mean I would think it's like. If Miami lost to let's say Dallas got by citadel in the first from a series went seven games. So if Dallas wins that series and they come back this Dallas Mavericks and AT they've knocked off Miami. Okay yeah that's a huge surprise party is anybody. So I'm surprised at how what's happening. But of San Antonio winds can you legitimately be surprised to San Antonio -- they lost seven. Labor right yeah favorite decades not that they days will help -- did not -- We can't say lost yet because let's put out of 31 times a team has been found. Three games to one of the finals -- -- -- -- 31 it's never whenever he got married and helped it grow is yet to tumbles -- -- terrible team yet. Blake again with saying it around there and their packets amity you don't feel like an Al pitcher as there is -- I think about all blonde. Not to do and it wouldn't noted that he finally get up to like with separate letter that said the owners. Now 43 years old enough I. They'll break up but the Big Three that's the sense here that if they don't win that Miami's got a late. If not blow it up that -- that -- police wanted to these guys. All right Andy. Yes Michael just a quick update adamant that the 21 lead over Spain. It 2003 the Yankees made the World Series loss to the Marlins so they brought in the best player in baseball at that time Alex Rodriguez and yankees were expected to make the World Series and win a few dozen or addition and then the this happened way back brawl ball. There's just debate broke it. Thought I thought about him. Bob -- and we got a the Boston I thought. Up all the right it. Story about what about the war -- for the Boston Red Sox this is. Most important of all it. I want them. -- -- -- -- Lost the first three games and but it capital equipment -- -- at the championship. Well over there at the Red Sox -- America great champions. Look in in this regard I would say that's the single biggest epic fail the ministry of illicit because of what where the word yes I mean. And the Yankees not only have the three nothing lead remember what game three was like here -- -- only scored nineteen runs here at Fenway Park in game rate. That's the one he used and I know other teams have come back from three games to none down a lot but it it has happened that's got to be the biggest epic. Baylor I have I have one regret that this life and it's after that nineteen to eight game. I quit on. For the first time in my life I quit on the Red Sox ace Adam -- on the embarrassed about him. Had a -- -- reflects license plate if Mike I like it is the -- like wallpaper of the cooperative with -- I rest I just think I have it I didn't really know what will admit. The feeling at that point everyone. I thought you know I thought they would still had to do you have residents -- but yes I guess I guess that you I was back -- by. You don't. That those -- -- -- receive regular the next day and that that did they pull me -- him but I was I was done I was animal I was saying. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know if it's a pretty big -- it's never happened before that was because the Red Sox. I don't know if it's the biggest -- -- -- talk about the biggest real we have to break -- -- we just have to face it embrace it. And 83 greens. 2007 patriots steamrolled the competition on their way to the Super Bowl. Then it all went wrong. -- like a basketball player here. Since then and now. Any -- and I got there I thought it was on the ground. And many came out with a smile and just lazy. Welcome liquor store the. We're north your amateur -- let's -- right you're rocking of the oil Iraq is important -- learn English anyway Andy sport needs a shot or two over here at all. Anything different area got it's like you're going back -- in a moment I'll look the public range mentally realized deeper in the baby elected. -- not hopeful that he vehement. It does it. -- completely kills -- that it. Seven years the giants have had two good months. And they both -- the patriots championships that thought -- might every -- stuff. The retired military dorm room with apologies to the poet Bob Dylan. We were tangled up with who and what I go to Barcelona whatever they always sit there so rounded. By giants people that I could hear them all over it in New -- kid you know the -- that they were all right they were doing their running commentary the entire game. W Burris the WSVN crew stood up and cheered in the yards -- press box out of Iraq that important to -- Just -- -- we have. Hey -- we kept with Tom Brady is an important one point we kept -- it -- it -- a the commentary the entire game is every big play every completion. It was like New York in the middle of the desert. And so you're here at all. You're eighteen you're going to win one game and that's perfection in the history don't want him. That you have dominated the competition inquiry here. Did you lose that I know coming back from a three is it deficit or losing three that's what -- go negative part of it. -- -- -- deficit that pretty. But losing the chance. Of being a undefeated in Europe double digit favorite in the super. Oh -- had a lead with. I'll fourth quarter Andy -- get a hit but before sparkles off the deep yeah I needed dark place to just sit there. Blake you know it is a better Tom Brady figurines that agency is that he used at times it is to give myself comfort. I -- once. Time now for the AT&T collapse of -- day this year's Bruins team ran away with it all with the regular season. There are expected to make the Stanley Cup finals on the so all those are all now -- Well thank -- about -- then I don't know British Canadians got their way. And now I got side. I get up. It was all it was epic fail because if you get by the Canadians and you should you didn't play well enough they played better than new. They earned it they deserved it generators but your play in the Rangers and I think you kill them Rangers. Your play in the LA kings for a Stanley Cup. Was it epic epic fail will be -- to breaches of and I knew it compacts avoid villain -- seven years of it by fiat auto repressed memories. It is -- -- -- down deep deep down inside yourself and helps them day. It doesn't turn to a rotary accidentally like mine is that some. I can't I get nothing for it was awful. It was it was depressing and it's not just that you work the best team in the national hockey right and lost in the playoffs. It's exactly all that we'll -- -- Montreal and it's. That's where it falls into the category of another. That you look at the you know historically. You look at the Bruins. In the playoffs vs Montreal. Evidence. Even if even if you are ten times better in the Montreal Canadians. Just looking at the historical record you should never wanna play. And then that is so it is so long outside what was -- -- Was it thrown. Before they wanted it was 88. What was that Reggie lemon this this game. And that the streak of of futility. When it came to playing Montreal. Went up when I was a kid the too many men on the ice penalty 79 yes because that was put in a BC Bruins team. Get all they would they would look though the lunch bucket team through you know inside the built in they really didn't have a superstar. And the Canadians will loaded that was although it's great to -- team took full floor Rick Robinson. And it was there for the and they just made one error that enthusiasm. That cost them they would have been at immortality they they would have critique of what Elliott had to be activated to that here it to happen. You know -- we can talk about failures epic fails and that let me let me ask excuse me you guys -- No matter who wins the NBA finals here. We'll be talking about an all time great -- you think the winner of this series. Is an all time great -- and not necessarily. -- once he's in practice he's out but the guests that this group the group that that Duncan group. Because this will be five championships if if they win five championships in six appearances for Tim Duncan. Okay now I got to about three -- four -- five titles so they win and you know another hole. Duncan Parker Ginobili. But Duncan is the centerpiece. -- -- -- We're talking about the Big Three era is three championships. Four consecutive finals appearances last year they had -- point seven game winning streak. And probably another day when it probably another finals MVP. For LeBron. You're still talking about. An all time great and they would have beaten San Antonio. To have that the at three roll or your fifth with the same group that either way that I as the honestly would you say. That's the only thing that that. Get -- they can hang on right now is that if they come back they've got a chance to be special historically because I don't see. The way the last two games have gone. I'm really can't come up with a. I can't come up with this scenario which they wouldn't. I I thought sure after I thought sure after the -- LeBron got cramps game that he was gonna come back in the next game at home in Miami it's more like fifty. And nearly played pretty well there's little -- Right but he got that -- -- -- -- -- -- back home and go back I thought he was gonna come back in and score fifty or something and then he played okay. Got to feel that the comeback last night that you guys made the point I agree with you completely. It wasn't as impressive it wasn't shooting seventy some percent from the field in the first half a better last night. Give me one thing that Spoelstra and his coaching staff can hang over the heads of his players to convince them. -- going back to San Antonio on Sunday night there okay. Only thing they can go with its history. You can he history that they can't make. And history that they've they've made hey we're the two time defending champ we beat this team last year. We do this again and that's only thing you can hang it -- but in terms of. Matching on Ray Allen miracle really. It's I would bring terrible aren't to say they better beat us tonight but I don't think it -- I had and he had a bit of denied there was at a given his team that you get a -- play to win the series I've got to pick -- arsenal winning game five shortly game five. 124 games against that when their plan. I I just don't I don't I don't see. Unless it can you put enough faith in the NBA referees to try to extend the series is -- -- -- -- that -- you think you'll Donald game. There's almost say this though. I'll say this that -- about the NBA about the FDA officials yes. Last last night. That was like an -- NBA finals approach to negotiating. They set the tone early and maybe that through Miami off. Maybe they're used to getting a lot of calls a lot of -- you know borderline calls. Questionable calls not last night they were driver and probably they probably deserve a couple levels didn't get it. They drive the -- -- one. ABC get this out of Dwyane -- hit that's got to be something all right right right -- -- -- found itself that we're not gonna call it they set the tone. We'll let you know I embarrassment to actually talked about it or do it if we're going to play. And sometimes you won't like we're not gonna call a lot of touch balls and let's see what happens in that was to San Antonio's advantage of last night. They think of Santonio. I think it was Danny Green one time travel. They call it of it was beyond the NBA your normal NBA travel do three steps -- like five steps. In -- when he -- ever in LA it's called. LeBron. Gets filed a couple didn't call it. Let's go play and what they found out last night that the officials let him play it's even worse yeah. There are worse for my -- 6177797937. The AT&T text line -- 37937. That Dutch putting on a clinic against Spain. It is now a 31 lead now remember this is the rematch this was the World Cup final 2010 Spain beat the Netherlands for the World Cup. If this is the rematch right out of the Netherlands are leading Spain 31 in the second half. He could hear people cheer and in the other part of the the room here because we're down at cheers if Faneuil hall. We'll hop back on the phones with Hewitt 6177797937. That the main text and mean Tex coming up -- five to four or five. Tee off on thorny flies doesn't handle it what do you got dale and -- and Jerry Thornton Sports Radio WEEI.

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