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Aloha Friday-Lou Apologizes for his inappropriate remarks. 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

The guys relax to the cool sounds of Aloha Friday, Lou apologizes for his inappropriate remarks and Christian draws inspiration from Jim Carrey

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Upon further review the ruling stand further forward. Earlier I realize that -- you. Peace upon further review under the -- you're going real stand. Speaks -- itself upon further review. On Friday upon further review you'll do you Dunlop Friday we have. Sexual needs -- off Friday -- assists for cloning giggles there it actually means something. This person always Christian I needed to make good with Jolie before we get out of here for a -- Friday today and that's that's the back story and aloft breyer's first. Look back stories just it's upon further review on -- Little bit more festive. But the more creative. Forgiving -- -- -- it's going to the weekend again yeah well he did know we get to fight -- -- wife flew only wanna go to bed angry great pitcher. Right you going to kind of let it all a little bit -- -- a little bit maybe you regret it if you want to apologize or cut. Take not a contact yes. Yes. And I designed to step Macdill bomb. Well first up delegates ought to make you know -- put it back I agree with them it was a good. It was a great moment in our careers you know be able to say this is actually did happen it was nice and we talked things out but. I did have a tough day today right a lot of things that were taken out of context but. It's one of those days -- -- in eagle all the way and that they just get the fingers you know so it's it's it's difficult want. And so it couldn't get all the way up it actually went up slow stop started to go back down again. -- got to go both ways and absolutely there's nothing like being on a pile of like twenty -- Let's. -- -- -- And that's that's assault today so I had I had one of those days were some things diplomatic contacts double entendre Friday you do get the full -- all the way into could just get the fingers. You know so it's a different don't want what are you are talking about that between the that the fist bump with a handshake it was nice to have this all of that handshake you. Which -- hand out and God's got your fingers or you know. -- pleasure to meet Mickey Callaway this sneaky sneaky in the Tiki Tiki and others photos and file of the budget amendment and it could get all the way up it actually went up slow. Stop started to go back down again. To avoid long term injury seek immediate medical help for an erection lasting more than four hours. Let's get a -- off Friday so ludicrous to give me good with one another about the whole baseball vs football debate. I don't know are you and I may go to Lou about the LeBron debate yes but I hope nothing but love. Now that a lot it's Friday and you know the -- Friday more than anybody is crystal meth and he. There's actually a woman named crystal -- and me probably normal you guys used to -- Florida Friday yeah -- OK when I was working mild stage read some articles shallow under the gene pool. I bet you if you went back -- in. We sort of a parallel between the stories over the years to be the exact same stories and LB from Florida I bet this is the most Florida -- story of all time. A woman 36 from Polk County Florida named crystal meth -- me. Was arrested any. Were firing a missile from a car. Now a missile can mean just about anything like throwing a rock her shoe were something like that from a moving car it's considered a missile. But. When they found out her name was crystal meth. Any blocker actually did a back up. Story of follow up story to this to see if that was a fake name or a real name sure enough for parents were dumb enough. To name her crystal what her last name was -- and -- What other hole did she have aside from getting arrested for throwing a missile from a car we wouldn't know -- to the parents don't. At the moment of conception well -- -- and again and every six. I don't know is crystal meth even -- you know big time drug back then forward thinkers. You know I don't know it's -- on the -- or -- and lastly Christian. Well listen so I took care is known for a lot of things obviously a dumb and dumber the new movies coming out -- affiliate now so you don't you know Tim cared for this I. Let's stop. -- Jobs that are pet -- yeah. But what you don't know about Jim Carrey is very inspirational actually gave. The commencement speech speech to students at maharishi university of management and Fairfield Iowa. A lot of people are inspired by this announcement to be a little bit at least of it. Going into the weekend. So many of us choose our yours guys this practicality. We really wants to possibly outreach is ridiculous to expect so we never dared ask the universe for I'd say. I'm the group. That you can ask the universe. My father could have been great comedian and he didn't believe that it's possible for him. And so he made it conservative choice instead he got a safe job as an account when I was twelve years old. He was let go from that state job and our family had to do whatever we could survive. I learned many great lessons from my father not least of which is that you could fail and we don't. So you might as well take a chance when do we would. And failed with Dwyane Wade or you can go out and get Carmelo -- the gap. They -- to be happy about Joseph what you got the Father's -- inspiration so that well Paul I think that would really make things up for a big guy who you news. Christian where we're in the locker room at the gym okay and I'm sitting down and so what I am trying to catch my breath and there's I think if -- order to my left -- -- back going to be jacked up about what I thought was yours yeah it is outside the -- Christian just walks over picks up you know the younger and start using it. And then put that down. I looked at him and said that's not mind you. -- used so else's deodorant at the gym. You did did you use it no god no I hope I apologize trash joked that assertion needs to apologize for that poor person who. -- to go to Rutgers I was already cleaned. And there is no fault or smell so. It was what it -- -- sweaty I assure you I should really apologize to -- because I assume packages used your children. -- without asking and I think that's one of those things like putting lotion on the guys back on screen budget ask ask for first. -- broad use -- using his toothbrush. -- positive -- -- that's what I'm sorry -- It was a clean your fitness does this faceless he's an Amal now you put it. Some guy now as Christian Fauria DNA all over a minute is and he Westbrook and needed more people. -- college next it is that it is 97 heavy yet.

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