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DJ Bean, WEEI.com. The Bruins are not traded Marchand 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

DJ Bean joins the program to dismiss the recent rumors that the Bruins are in discussions to trade Brad Marchand to the Sharks for Patrick Marleau

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I was gonna -- right now we're joined by DJB in his promise we'll switch gears and talk some hockey. DJ's joining us talk about the story that came out that Brad Marchand. Might get traded to the San Jose Sharks for Patrick Marleau but according to what. DJ has written on WEEI dot com he conceded their WEI dot com according to GM Peter surely that's not happening is it DJ. Though it is it. -- I mean that that that -- -- call a local bank AD during all he. Yeah I mean that -- -- doesn't accept that anyway even without surely weigh in on it that. -- older. And a lot more expensive and they've got like ten billion dollars -- -- like everyone on their -- so would be. It would make sense did. Do like a flight upgraded under a -- left wing -- a couple million extra dollars so. That didn't make sense to me anyway and the fact that surely would go on the record of refuting it like I mean that's to say at all. Yeah you know these yes votes in the quote no discussion from our shot and I have no plans to trade him. City just rule that out like Canada. This yet but that's freak out again so. Territory because you're like sorry I don't remember Patrick Marleau. But don't they before the -- now I'm glad he did -- But it gave me it's great but I mean I -- I'd find it very interesting or eat the the off season really starts. You ruled out great -- between as I look at this -- public guys on the -- are really good good options it's great like who. Would you would think net you something good return who -- -- your outlook or -- -- teach Bergeron to wrap it. In March and got what three years as well point five million dollars but he's got other teams should use of thirty goal but score. Enjoy boy -- I would like one year in power take 366 million -- both of the two guys that aren't in Europe or -- -- you're going to make a move. Other teams are gonna want and they'll be out of those are the guys -- yeah I think it. But I think it makes sense from that they -- market for -- Marleau but hurt in the state arbitrator that all. Is very ecstatic that he did have to say that he couldn't have had no comment. So a DJ if you were gonna make a trade you are the Bruins. What's players the most expendable what's guy would be your piece that you would need to move in order to make your team better. I don't think there's a guide you need to get rid of nor can make your team better he knew you look at where -- That are not last these the bad guys but Kevin Millar and about Archos you on their back and and also that struggled. Miller I don't think you worry about because he's the bottom pairing guy and you should be able to take over that -- Oakley rule. Sparkled in the guy who we've everyone's helping secure you're not gonna have -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- are squeezed by an option at seven and so I think that it's just about those guys -- help the Steinberg your last that your much better team but I mean. As far as -- did you could move again I go back and -- and I go back to boy chuck. Which is like -- really -- -- note moving Marcia already. DJB winners from WEI dot com -- calm about the proposed marsh and Marleau trade and the quotes that Peter -- has there. That debunk the notion I will say this though DJ and I agreed with what Lou just said. About the sharp pointed nature of the quotes from the Bruins GM but at the same time he does leave it open on the back and a bit doesn't -- In the sense that I've had no discussions from Marcia and I have no plans to trade Marsha he's not saying I won't he's not saying I guarantee he'll be back. Oh yeah I -- -- I mean I I don't use this Saturday the Bruins definitely are -- spread Marcia I think. But I don't think it is that means are they gonna do it had Peter surely would they eat right now it's 100% certainty that margin in the B. On the roster at the start next season but I think it's good that he's trying to convey is that he's not actively shopping. I think it. You should be you be willing to move any non core player in the right deal and I think to Peter surely showed throughout his tenure Boston. It will do that I think it's the right offer comes along certain but I like it but I don't think -- as Peter surely don't vote is off he's he says all right. What we got do step one trade Brad marsh and the guys that look you let your key goals. A -- -- -- -- He's going into this season I expected either in your -- it would lead the team goals in Jarome Iginla did -- and third it was about these form but. I think that this is the player who you saw him right now after an effective date in the post season and after you remarkably -- it's regular season. Our security get the best return on the guy and again the good young player with a good affordable contract. You want him to commit to not to get something great back. It DJ drama gaelic you mentioned that base salary that he had -- those one point eight but he reached base also have to six salary cap questioned. How does that regionals that does affect their captain this year and where exactly are they cap wise. Well is that incentive to a pretty much this is his name is Jerome at any point during the season that not you'll get six million dollars in -- side you. The hockey stick to any game that you could million dollars -- -- incentives or just joke anywhere. Basically because the player over 35 I think guys though it secure over 35. Then you can take out lower. Salary and apple -- in the -- and then all of the and that is that you get well. -- against your team's cap number next year in the form of art capital -- Let's that they make four million dollars that against the cap this. -- out there about though the brutal death penalty this season. Right now as of this second they have nine point one million dollars in cap space. I mean. There are a lot of parts they've got all the restrict create and most notably rally for -- -- crew I don't know what kind of heal those are gonna want at all. Rich contractor there are a lot of action it's kind of a lower number for something over a longer term but. Really what the -- ability had that -- who drove a deadline is there about that it keeping it. He's that he is willing to do this I caught -- again which is look we'll give you one point eight dollars. And again if you Wear skates during the game that you get -- -- dollars but. That cap number will still be. One point leader thereabouts and that they'll still be paying back healthy from. Last year and then if they do it again if you're they'll pay it next year they can keep pushing that -- these forward ultimately beat your pitcher on the -- for that -- -- -- that year. They'd be paying like six million dollars total at the cap when you consider. What they have from last year but I think if you want the multiyear deal if you want to make something like six million dollars a year. Then I don't know that there is that good chance of coming back because other people to be able to blow the doors off but I think Don you really -- agent who gets what he wants. And I think that it's Jarome Iginla can be talked into going elsewhere or worse chance of winning. The navy he's gone if the Bruins in talking to taking one year one year what you're down the road until he retires that -- with a simple of that. -- DJ so it's gone to the Stanley Cup finals. A game five tonight Rangers kings Rangers finally got a win so you think the kings close them out and celebrate in LA tonight. Yeah I mean I think that that person go into this. Period -- I was wrong about everything this decent article you write about what state they don't admitted that they came to let in five games because you got -- I mean. Look out for the other team to some. I think -- -- to -- much better and I think that -- the Bruins were still a cup final depleted kings are going that I think we became still would have beaten down. I think that one quit. Again have to be an artist had bird that raiders get -- -- world but in order -- -- -- -- -- against these guys what was -- -- not as bad. Don't think it's fair account and didn't do it do that remark times. We help educate locals. DJ fish are gone on -- early get the impression he doubted the veracity of this report or the credibility of the report my right on the. I did yes I did. -- -- nothing -- anyone involved then and I almost each and also you do. And he broke a lot he broke even or trade it happened but. Yeah like I'd. -- you hear a lot of things in indeed that the reporter and you got to decide which. Are worth reading it then -- -- I -- -- I heard that the Bruins in March that the early in the charts for discussing merchant and -- A move would be to go to. Surely you're one of the GM. And -- -- -- into it it would -- early. Like he did today was -- that -- that's probably not true. Or Hewitt said media on background or something like. -- subtitle or whatever you get some sort of Welker. So I ya -- that I heard that I would not have reported to. DJ thanks a -- man. Whether as DJ being WEEI. Dot com and again the quote. From Peter surely have no discussions to trade Brad marsh and no plans to trade him. I don't make it practiced respond reports the social media but occasionally. It is NASA's love medium --

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