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Three For All: Cam Neely Will Make a Cameo Appearance in Dumb and Dumber To 6-12-14

Jun 13, 2014|

In Today's Three For All, the guys discuss Dumb and Dumber To, Harrison Ford injuring himself on the set of Star Wars, and the guys settle on an office handshake.

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Hey these guys know more than just sports and continued well traveled passionate boss didn't Renaissance man yeah police used three or wrong. Number 30 yeah country to -- -- red -- It's 34 wrong. This week and the -- -- -- -- What no gifts no well no I cross my mind. Yet. Scam mail notice Oscar winning performance at sea bass and original dumb and dumber. As we now know dumb and dumber two deceitful with Jim Carrey. And -- -- is coming out and you might have seen this series of tweets that went out yesterday about whether or not came nearly was going to be in at sea bass again. For the sequel. It looked like he was he -- -- the scene he wasn't sure it was going to be on the cutting room or or not but now shot Leahy from puck daddy guys. Has stepped up and said it looks like that they will have a scene that's scene in the final cut of dumb and -- two. Cam Neely said that they came to Boston films something in front of a green screen it was different than the scene that he was talking about before. And it very well may make it into the final console at best and whatever she -- look for camp nearly in the new dumb and dumber two. You actually have to deal if you look bush Harrison Ford. Or not it's not going to be nice to going to be Star Wars episode seven. But it that he broke his ankle. On the set now that updated with a broken ankle. Gaining and hot right now receiving care Luke Skywalker or play through it we should not enough play through this year. Mac 37 out there 75 years old living doing he's 71 years Phil Harrison Ford is going to be on -- -- -- a huge role. In this bill. He is 71 years old movie but we bring back all the characters is what we -- doing -- for nurses to dissect these guys are almost seventy years older now. Then Alec Guinness was as he'll be one in the original storms that come what -- is the is you like a figure that kind of pops in -- But excitement Jett died right at grandpa thought like I think it Jack ticket poppy it is now. You know Obi -- Avila -- you know this is going to be an actual. Baltimore's and he fell off we'll -- or hurt his ankle jumping off the millennium falcon we also put had to return role. So this date this is the what continuous isn't -- prequel right. -- this is that this deceitful was that sequels and exit out of you there yes in the episode seven. So how how. How stupidly and falcon is I think the -- -- -- -- Before an estimated two million falcon can actually -- -- now coming out -- it's been along time for him as well did she -- a lot out of him you can see where it's going here right of the blame -- -- -- back and Honda is back the way this is going is becomes the climactic moment the climactic moment of the sequel whether. They're speeder dies -- their X wing or whatever their -- dies and they need a last minute. Yeah assistance from Han Solo in the loaded walk in its. Dusted all I hope -- put this led him kind of looked up that is let -- -- -- like we have like princess layout with a hole like things and all eyes clearly. How old is she now as we -- gonna try to make her hot lacy and her. With bill. Well that's what I'm saying forgetting take return of the dead -- -- -- -- her job the -- and the whole bikini thing you know take that I had rocketed into your pocket movement I didn't put the hair back and that the electoral unless you're going to decide that ahead. -- -- back in a bikini right now it is that we're gonna do with this -- to channel your inner. Baseball player toughness to it but that's -- back. What's your dog I was so collectively all Boris Joey sweet Lou there. Every morning we got there was they were sub acute of this Bob or the hot five. There's been so ecstatic. To have much or did he seem like a fist bump guys -- you got to go both ways because. Yeah. I don't I'm really not sure it went well and it's just like just look at we've got to collectively agreed. There way I don't go for a handshake or high five you give your fist bump. You know what what survivor you fist -- guy. There's no I'm actually more inclined per handshake a cat five good though. I think response fist -- it's just easier. Just good either so it's not like OK don't -- out that you're not a German folk. It's a quick -- is not a handshake goes any etiquette before it eagle all the ways that they just keep fingers you know so it's it's it's difficult want a sure Republican. Egypt to materially lower if I don't pre yes that's actually what I would like -- what I would like to do I want us to collectively agree. That we're gonna act like a ten year old -- fist -- Or gonna act like adults and high -- this vote. Fireworks afterward -- office for the closures. This -- -- I don't washing your hands. Mean from a basket -- officiating -- -- We don't know I know or my hands are nobody knows everything your -- count I seriously don't act like in my it's -- -- little oily and lotion yet smell like coconut. Coconut oil -- why it smelled like photos voting record -- guys I went out looking for coconut -- Atlanta it yesterday I want to do it replaces I get some weeks of the texts from some guys. Who says -- identified at the Christmas tree shops. It wasn't there and it would Trader Joe's. As a boy -- -- -- I had mentioned Brad and they don't care anymore what are you Lysol ignored at all is so obviously to show what do it's Trader Joe's been picked at all I suggestion. Would be whole foods only because they saw the picture and it's is that the product was that 360 but yeah and it got to have all those products it'll look like 365. Whatever it is you know -- -- an idea though I would try to Africa are left my last stop the auto dial. Sustain it that's -- brief role for today brigades diversity clubs Maloney Fauria advanced. To.

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