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Kevin Millar, MLB Network: Baseball Players are mentally tougher than football players. 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Former Red Sox First Baseman Kevin Millar weighs in on the Football vs. Baseball debate, discusses the Red Sox continued struggles at the plate, and the John Lackey contract situation.

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Christian Fauria -- Maloney and -- immense. There have been large segment of the show or -- just -- hang in hang out on the other side of the blast would Joseph areas we're un Christian have gone back and forth about the debate between football toughness and baseball toughness. It's Christians assertion that I'm not mental toughness. Yeah not resident physical arguably white towel the physical like edit yet. -- know you may declare but you were upset -- -- Bogart's for taking -- day off yesterday yes. Not even him taking a day off having AD mental help us stay on him. The manager sat him down and you're not happy about that record I want to play through I want to play his way out of results won't allow him to play 163. -- have a policy asks is 62 games yes. Why not. You attempt RS says about this today let's bring on Kevin right now as promise former Boston Red Sox favorite. Now with the intentional talk show on the Major League Baseball network. -- -- -- Boy this is a great great discussion right thing right now Christian real quick. -- it came up brought this hurt. Ron Amadon common lot robbery and other -- -- like on one little it's a week. From our problem let's turn it guaranteed money and oh my god you're here in -- at all grind it out sixteen games broke out mugger bring it blows. In game as well wants that we are out Sunday. At 1 o'clock. Could the problem might be borne out. It's about -- and 62 game. Marathon. Every single day coast to coast city to city you're out there on the field. And there such thing as a -- told they got that meet clear line of the slider that they -- that fail fail fail you know -- art -- the year. You -- 350. Times. I think it's fine writer that the plot doesn't -- fifty negative -- -- that now they all. Yeah I just I I don't buy it that's I guess Ron Amadon has a different way of looking at it you know I see it as you guys I see you guys and just baseball. Players in general. They don't volume. I get the volume there's a lot of games. But if you're gonna be at the bat and you have a hard time dealing with a situation. Like it stresses you out so much that you need a mental health -- Then you need to kind of look at and see what the real problem is isn't is the fact that he had a 160 games. It is maybe you can't take it. Well so that that that's a false statement what is. You're like when you're two for thirty -- -- what's -- -- for thirty -- Michael good outlook all David Ortiz. Eric Jeter frequently for thirty. It's been manager's job it's the player don't go in the opposite later Nancy by the like oh I am -- -- -- about it. It's commander job in all you know what. I'm -- I got it. Cricket you're you're you're on the back and relax come here at 6 o'clock. We're not a -- hang out I don't want you thinking about -- -- -- that means it doesn't mean that they were Eagles and raiders are all parts of the great aunt. It's such an app they might -- Rangel right you can't tell you know anarchy that bag games you dropped passes out. Yeah end DL are not given me a bit there's an ill give Saturday's mentally regroup. You say it aren't we have volume -- the ball -- the tiger got Mort you have more time to make up for your mistakes whereas in other sports you don't have as many opportunities so you. Your chances your -- -- copper 345 times as much as the baseball's grow but it's not dismantled tell Kevin what you said about the oblique injury for Steve and her a look at my thing is that if if you're not. Dead if you're not on crutches. Bet and if you can take the pain that you need to go out there play. That's sick I don't I'm not gonna change mice in my stance. On that period giving it your job -- what a battle bleak duty your -- to explain to -- what a battle bleak due to your swing. That's the ball all the -- you know what cricket bat extra player now you wanna go -- excited -- -- -- Other players talk like you got quarterback under assault linebackers their are they all Wear well. I got that important between an injury but when your anger -- and you you went back with your. You got all the also which is an electorate galactic -- I don't have hopefully I have great all by Alice pack. Hot dogs. And I had a -- -- -- like and I get in shape for -- all day long and in fact are now. British rip it looks good or shirt off but they got a boy -- Now when you haven't yet expand them look like a man and a -- -- -- -- -- are. As aggregate cost if you're injured finger you order a lot. Policy that's dismissed did that discussion is I don't we don't know what his injury is I don't know how bad it is some -- I can't judge him for whether he's playing or not. Based on the fact that I don't know what it is. And the thing is I don't know his pain tolerance is some got a hot pain tolerance some guys are willing to say screw it and played the were even at that hurt them in the future. That's just the way it is my thing I ever -- -- -- So if if if but if this discussion start with Bogart's in the back to like I think here here's a young kid 21 years old guys that Islam. I would like to see him work his way out of it. Especially now it's 65 games -- a lot of -- more opportunities. Let me see if he has the ability to is to work himself out of because the next time he gets into a swamp. Maybe I know I don't need to sit -- -- -- no listen give one more chance given two more chances and he can work his way out of it. Call a track record right we are -- so he needs the -- -- a young guy needs to build a track record. And by sitting him already feel like they're not allowing him to build up the track record. And buying what he's willing cable doing. Maloney got actually wrote short got by reporting that the players -- -- -- I've not personally that's correct well -- I'm not -- which you -- right you thought about it I. -- -- Your job is to play. And baseball are part of baseball right so that if you don't get any thought because you're coming up like coach if the job for a look what you -- -- -- And wondered -- -- -- back. -- -- program we'll talk about baseball. You have to bring up. Say no prob why would have a day off. OK but my thing would Bogart's is that it was too early I wanna see it plays way out of it we don't actually he's off to a guy that's rating given day autographed flair our second unit -- around. It bring you the only thing it to Kevin Tuesday. And -- earlier bill that some sort of injuries in the game baseball's more big picture look you know me if you. You tweak -- cap each weekend -- you go in the next day you get treatment that night you feel pretty good the next day maybe tweak it again at the next night you play through it. And eventually that turns into an issue. In other risks and play a game no matter how physical it is. Let's take 346 days to get that muscle ready -- is how injuries gonna happen in baseball will also this more -- Pre injury a guy sits tonight because they get something going on the treatment all day we get better player to three days. The bottom line and guys we've all played. Copy of the guys I think that if gain easier dollar gain treat you well. I'm really well we all got through our Ralph adamant. We all read a little insecure times we ball so that's the thing here that -- now we sit on if you look at our microphone and we make a lot require that we -- I. Understand. That track. -- oblique injury. I don't know the Google not a called block Goodell I don't Pedro content he would opt out I'm looking at itself all that you'll be out creative and think oh. So I had an -- -- normal player they're preparing our. Out -- -- I think he is awful hope that you would get all around apple quietly out of but the problem here is that if that's a big league level you'll have time as a manager expressed Iraq -- When I got struggle that's okay you're -- -- it exactly right let's have a good that it back on track or else might he might make that happen at -- Tim alarm this year on 90% of VI Kevin baseball wise as a relates to drew being out what is the smartest thing for the Red Sox to do now is it taking Bogart's after -- well that. And putting him back a short and I hope I declare it more like -- Pereira plays short and then keep Bogart's at third and hold in the outfield. What's the smartest thing for Boston to deal. -- have to find out how -- -- -- is mentally or NC you can play third base or shortstop what he set out but now I'm back. They've got it figured out I mean I think that -- -- with a -- -- of -- very identity of the border illegally back at like you know your shortstop second great all children. -- this is out you know or locked colts and -- get to keep giving -- -- -- left me. I don't know what we're -- I know certainly with the Red Sox all right now I don't think they all want the world champs laughter we know that. But commissioner mellow but not let them and they went and it moves I'm I'm -- went black eye popping out really heroic track. Now we got app back but at and that the back into play better write papers out like that whoever wherever wherever whenever wherever. They got look at and it got to play better as you. God damn we talk leveled the superstars radio talk so much about the the French role players that we're not looking at joy yeah Ortiz and Napoli. Enough not -- I'll look at it now we -- but the other day. I would rather have one through nine grinding it out. Then three full of great hitters in holes all over the all over the order when you look at lineups what are some of the best -- you have seen would you rather have. One look at immediately -- gonna talk about luck advocate you operate our all star right let's respect grind it out. Routine that got annual Bernard and Pedroia has been on golf there's absolutely and you know all these yards in losses. You come together victories that brought it out I think the big -- this year and that's not let them Bradley here. When you go without Elster. Attribute or else very a notch above. Accurate player right he's not a superstar but he he's the star he still. If -- back it 300 it's and the homers. And I expect I think we have a prospect that they'd be just try to avoid. Trying to figure out. Who barely got areas. And -- acting -- here you know when it bought me. It's popped that a lot of pressure trying to get there in front nine that would want a sale that we -- under. But that's a huge gap and they haven't been able to grind want -- and I like you use it. -- are -- -- here on 937 to be I -- your name came up a little bit earlier in the conversation before he even joined us about John Lackey. And his situation. And the did you 01 point almost go to Japan or sign a deal would remind me what went on there with you. It's why I agreed in principle to go to Japan at the 2000 Tutsis and they're -- basically Red Sox quite. And I had a player go over these urban down report below earth here. -- -- -- -- -- -- Before -- out you go to Japan. And -- -- -- but now I want -- third -- -- camp so I never actually went. Over the fan I'd agree in principle on the year the article and -- never happened and thank goodness now getting it can't play a little low orbit can't. Well that's a good point -- vehicle everybody in Japan HU. Quick look at record in Milwaukee can't go back there and he never an exit at the moment it's. It did you ever tell you about as Mickey Callaway situation. We have no way the only time -- Maloney. Largest amount ever charged the mound giving here did you ever tell that story that I am curious and -- When he told you this story that he changed it and he didn't throw that on October. No I've heard Makiko. Was nine dollars and Maloney show up and down Michael Coleman and the home run. In front of me and -- drilled me. -- happy about it just gets it down any mates comic -- don't get the box next now and extend the real me again. And it -- amount -- pitching coach for the Cleveland Indians and you get Terry Francona upon which it looms as a bit ethnic propagated that. But that we set a Monday -- a technical witnessed the scene again that was nice memory for both of us. Are you are charged around right -- it's much friendly with everybody. Lots Garrett Clemens that he threw it they don't count every -- you know did you ever you'd probably want -- -- of the -- on -- -- It actually has someone ever hit rock America -- -- like anyone to a lot you know. It's been a bit but -- but swung at a pitch. Oh all try to go try to homer right edit an old -- step in the box that it's semi inaccurate regret cycle without a lot. The purpose you know because -- that. Right here what can it get away trying to exit over the next exit and it's somewhere around there like I'm the American yeah. Really publish -- short amount. But you're not -- to -- scared. I. -- -- -- -- -- Lastly ghetto where I was going to -- the use of you -- deal like he has replayed for 500000. On the back and would you what would you try to do to get out of that situation that would you be satisfied playing for what you -- for given the circumstances -- -- just suck -- up to deal with -- what would you do there. -- they hate you know I've that your restructure debt situation on our guys a candidate got work so well I don't think Lackey. Has any doing any representation of that I will do what the Red Sox but -- from -- I think great. All bring great Pulitzer outstretched when he -- -- -- rich -- and hell are -- happy or your rate could stick a -- Well not elect John Lackey -- reminders Odyssey orbiter foxholes -- that's your restructure. Kevin thanks a bunch for joining us really appreciate your time -- debt thanks to -- stickers to straight look at I don't know work but I love improbable where we are broke. -- that is -- -- from intentional -- on the MLB network he's brought to you by ERS restoration specialist and Brennan's smoke shop.

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