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Brad Faxon on the US Open 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Brad Faxon joined the show with the latest on the US Open at Pinehurst.

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It is the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan and it and it's just been an up there when you -- the weighted average speed and everybody's -- The op idea off the air off the Soledad. All off their conversations can be brought on the rule yes I'm Scott hey once and then let's do -- -- As -- AT&T island have -- up there is Brad Faxon joins us -- back so Loria. Dario doing fine you know what I I AM. I loved the reworked look at Pinehurst to a couple of questions the players like it. Do they think it's fair and are we rethinking the idea that our will win Sunday afternoon. Why I've made a huge mistake yesterday gonna the air and saying that. There's been no player yesterday shooting even par in the universe that was sixteen guys out on the park something like that. 500 partly up to 201 hundreds and today is really no different on last night they had. Over half happening terrain in the -- kind of -- -- now it's on -- become output. To its -- all the players as well look at the golf course scored Crenshaw. That are restoration of the Arnold dropped most well known golf course he's ever design you know -- -- Summer or winter home for Donald Ross when he moved to America and the other players are kind of equating to go oh look at a course you might see in England -- or at NORTHERN IRELAND like well for our streak in the Greg Norman to the scandal courses down in Australia. I'm the player like looking at very different. From the US open will be you know grown to see very narrow fairways street -- -- and the date put -- Nearly back to what they used to be in their 50% quieter and six players -- as incredible as the players that all fourteen fairways. Which has never been done before in the US open at one time -- Only once in the last two US open amateur partners to anyone players at all early so. Our players drive anymore either hit it far and well make its course part of it the typical -- softer greens. Right -- facts Martin comers in the league he's a bore Brendon de Jong is second he's obese. These would not be good this would not be good for golf Jason -- is not good for the -- be the best outcome for golf what tiger out of the picture. With. Film perhaps struggling really struggling this year is that no top tens -- this year. What what what would be best for gulf. Probable bet for -- Fran -- yeah. Yeah all about the three of them are you know. It's a little bit heavy you know may be you know Jason Gore remember Jason Gore would lead here. Or close to the lead in 2005. Playing in the group with sprint. Retief Goosen. Another -- but a -- you know there's a lot of guys could play good stricker just. I got into the under par figures as a few guys going out early I mean it's softer that these -- course. But in terms of good for golf wouldn't Holler be that guy and and the second part of the question is. When does it dawn on hold favored son frank when he is near the top of the leaderboard and what form will that take -- with -- -- toppled a sick old outlook -- I am. Largo at the clinic at the first for the reminder that tell you about Jordan he afterwards you know -- when that did them. The most emotional interview ever you know we aired that on the Golf Channel this morning talking about. If I'm six year old son -- with father passed away and you know they showed his career earnings. You know -- forty years the Web.Com tour and and it was somewhere close to 200000 dollars and I think there's. Over a 170. Guys for the past that number on the money list this year on the computer to work well. Franklin -- -- -- if you want to go about trying to play in the Sunday pro Islamic yet charity classic we can make a couple -- and areas now in second place the US opens but it often is off but you know picker can about -- -- -- outlook. US open will be good for golf there's no -- the leader in that category is going to be Jordan speech or twenty years old. I mean the mistake -- they -- dispersed. Professional US open this is the second he turned pro nineteen. You know and now he's out there shot 69 the first turn -- or birdies three bogeys and you know. You know your expectations for people and you know you would never. Think that. You know Jordan's speech at seventy that you wouldn't be disappointment this guy never to. Quite sure all of you need it always on the leaderboard at every turn replay of the units shipped the one about to get a chance to let the players championship. Whether it's a term like the Byron Nelson where he is from -- or or at the US open here partner number could be even credible. -- Mickelson has oddly one of the great US open records and history with a winning one -- of guys who won one or two that haven't played his woes he has he's the top ten million times. As a playable this year was pretty good yesterday do you think some afternoon with an hour ago two hours ago and NBC. He's going to be with -- totally. You know I think it's a good point he finished second six the US open nobody else. I think more than four times. Mickelson is interviews he is so unbelievable -- -- -- interviewed immediately made -- very. He tripped and things that really stuck in my mind that number one. I L and the play well when you least expect you know yesterday's round I just wanted to be -- -- he he he got the morning. I think there was much pressure until Mickelson yesterday and that he shot and I think -- that could pop formed the URL of the you know if he did come out -- incredible low round yesterday or even today and get -- that we'd be better off. You know -- in fact you know kind of out of the headlines for few days and you know we won the British Open last year the open -- -- Amazing last round and all the players policy and he had a back door top and -- back we're -- -- He's got an amazing last 66. -- to win his first open I think that's gonna be out. Wafer Phil Mickelson have a chance to win this week. Is -- defense on this course remaining the teacup greens that are inverted because I just saw. Adam Scott putt up the hill off the fringe onto the green with a I think -- three way Brad. Well -- -- I have got a little bit out. It's part design error the you know -- -- designer B cable from Scotland the -- or not cup -- the Internet and -- as these. The greens but over the years that the evolution -- You know economy in in top dressing and and this and that they put on property to build -- the basis of the greens higher than that you. Well originally designed the intent of them bought. With the US open elected not at an -- golf course. -- hit these greens and you know if -- you know these greens are 67000 square feet but there's only. You know about a third of that who were 3000 feet at least we call culpable Hannibal where they could actually put all of -- -- as less than 3% while. Go -- and the greens we outshot the harm to our that you're here exhibit number one of their -- -- left. Height of the injured. Higher than they normally do so you know where we -- -- get up here if you and you get a little nervous you'll start out these -- The grain and -- height of the graph makes a lot more typical the ruby. -- area and a lot of players have elected to use you know maybe if driver six iron could it run it -- used some -- their. Adam Scott used the -- wouldn't you know Nicholson what an advocate and -- make you green and give you their -- I think that's what -- use that she had really done a good job. Back to the US -- decision -- choice. Apex I saw Andy North picker Dustin Johnson the women think in -- you gonna pick this guy to win and he's gonna disappoint chew them and I know he's. Talented men know maybe it'll probably win someday but I'm I'm out I'm done with Dustin Johnson. XP by the way would you pick -- the state to you can change if you want but who dollar -- I think future attack which are as a great game for this place you know he's consistent -- he hit it in the barely got. Great short and you know this place is in. By the end of the week stopped it would go crazy area hopefully it firms up a little bit -- grain -- -- You know I think which as the patients and he has the experience particularly just estimates it off around your car that you hurt but it wouldn't. And you know. The different strategies all the players and I think W -- I think Bubba Watson kind of freaked out a book on this little play conservative playback up to -- rather -- blanks. You know he shot a 76 yesterday or 78 get -- But he -- -- couple overly amount you know -- and got and here's a guy he averaged 320. Yards off the tees yesterday. Three or treat our longer than the -- and you know I don't get capital. You know players -- -- you know different ideas -- you some of the progressive like Rory McIlroy and summer and -- I'm a little like remic. Dustin Johnson went 362 ugly it was a par five -- went driver wedge. Just murders are far too little cart right that's right -- SN used to be of five. I'm sure you do the same thing final driver wedge but you UC UC Paulina Gretzky trial on the grounds down there and what is she wearing. -- -- saw an honest I think that sounds like the good news to report back. And do you you cringe earlier Chris Berman on the ESPN you watch the coverage do you think what is this guy doing here. I don't know of -- -- the we're kind of laughed as you know he is not a golf guy thirty. He's entertaining some of the addict could use some of the words out. Were you you know Mickelson along time. We what was your first reaction your idea about the Clorox that was your reaction what -- call me direction and believe the story or not to believe the story. You know I think we were all shocked to hear something like. I don't I can't remember my career. Professional career I haven't any player investigated by the NF BI or anything. And you know like I think you -- heard -- -- actually cleared it right right but I mean there's probably. There's smoke there's fire there was. I think he's guilty so ultimately prominent that -- especially basket just before but I want to revisit this rank in order of your preference to win any major. One through four. Well it's funny because I think what I do that I'd probably rank them in the order where I would have a chance to win it would have been. Masters British Open PGA and US open. I hated place he -- open that was my work record you know you're. Was interviewed on the court. Continued on the eighteenth hole. And I think you either Steve barked out he has maybe wrote the format and what he thought about blame yourself legal right -- I hated how rewarding years. Dirk want to -- at open. At Olympia field in Chicago and he's one of those got to pick of the. -- it was nicely did everything is laughing and joking and smiling and cut enough snow was blowing his nose knows it usually good it is I don't know if that's it missed you last night. Somebody's already said that he was myself and Zambrano. The only guy who shot 62. And never smiled once during the round. Are probably true yeah I went -- and -- key and watching them exit you know win another major in his life. Well you know I think he can go with a major likes. Yeah -- -- he -- that he worked with Jim McClain is their noted instructed them for years seven years. Olympic regulations and you know what EPA and became the superstar and and he decided to go to Chuck Cook with the -- of the park and a lot since he has when that these guys employed you know big bodies would case and doctor Edward cook for -- time will Donald on the air and absolutely. Earned him game opera fallen in albeit it's secret Chuck Cook said the -- at the bet that date Keegan Bradley that the ball. And you know it's funny when you -- Keegan Bradley warm enough. You know obviously these particular market certainly here on the course he's evolved and and stuff before the shock. You know it kind of reminds me remember there. -- in -- And you know at that page in their standard cal from. In any candidate Kevin not sort of mannerisms around the ball like. What's going on in the eyes and brain you know can become self -- Over under how many more -- -- Tiger Woods plays this year. I said I said it what does he play one more turnovers -- just done for the year. Well you know I thought when he first had this type -- -- or -- but you know it will -- able to back -- you were done. I -- there he doesn't play a whole lot. And you know. Tom Watson the Ryder Cup captain -- is he gonna pick Tiger Woods becomes back in just plays one of them close to the end the PGA or some like carpet you know tiger. Not a guy that you're gonna come back. -- is backed group that he's gonna come back when he thinks he's ready to win a golf -- a couple -- big questions about tiger would. Elect -- offered 900 bucks right now facts. At yeah it couldn't do more -- are -- -- -- -- where you can save a hundred if you admit that you were wrong he's not gonna catch -- a final question -- all say that my stupid question for last. Sunday with a -- two -- -- to some Sunday. Yes Saturday and Saturday -- will be -- The only way that -- promises let it delay hasn't happened yet in this a second round on Saturday and I'm open source Boller in the final group on Sunday should be fun. Well you know what it if you take away tiger knows who worked -- -- obvious -- of popular American golfers. I would put Bubba Watson -- power and Jordan he. And the most -- Americans after those two and are acting toward the right read get the year over both Lott and he now is the map you can amber a little bit -- -- well. Are his shocked we UB a friend Quinn is still there on Sunday somewhere on the board. I would be -- a lot from all around. It's a great story you know he had all kinds of injuries is back. The bad -- some kind of this stretch and had a back before he teed off on number one but he also. I would be it would be great 49 years old you know -- -- a year -- Bill Clinton and senior tour and can torrent. I got the kids caddied for me it's going to be silenced them up as it lined up burglary or. Injection of the game -- -- always plays on the Web.Com -- the -- of the game the US open kinda -- hang around for two or three days. Well you know what -- swing it well right now it's features and I mean sharp aftershock after a patrol reverend indeed child would require openly and I think he's the number one rated teacher at all Massachusetts right now. And he's on the range with a man. Got to feel pretty good about it -- but he -- you know the -- hit. I don't know how many greens thirteen greens get get only quite hot -- And you know people are so you can't win only gotten about a great you can certainly want to -- -- up. Are you are sure your final group final twosome on Sunday Fran Quinn and Dustin Johnson. Bob and -- the two lefties together and speed than Boller in the final group I think that getting a big number that way. Well -- you you know if this somehow Mickelson and all the software -- around the lead again. I think it would be one of the most popular stories and -- if he could win their. Pull off a career Grand Slam you know of only five players in the history in the game while we need to remember about. I have ever won all four of the major championships you know obviously technical Tiger Woods. The only two guys here's the trivia questions we have actually Adam that that's. That's arsenal and -- talk about you know he goes in the trust and most -- trade to bring up. You know those questions you don't -- answer like genuine answer do you -- right so they'll bring it on the open and it makes it enjoyable to watch. Well he went just think about Clorox stock he can by Monday yet they went down 89 cents it it did that that I didn't. That's good to talk to you enjoy your weekend we'll talk to down the road. -- -- barbaric but it sounds like a good idea. Brad Faxon with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline we don't want him from Bristol talked to -- we get back and. O Reilly. Tees around and I it's my favored. Piece of sound we deeply here we will play trail reminds me so much -- Manhattan us produces screw up something to -- headlines yet banners and yet. You admired him for this don't you yeah I don't blame for this -- will play that we can back.

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