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Larry Lucchino on the Drew signing 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

Red Sox President and CEO Larry Lucchino joined the show on the state of the Sox.

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The front office report is brought to you by -- turf care to -- business solutions and the New Hampshire Motor Speedway. Presidency all the Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. -- how are you. At. DePaul yes it just finally last. Com I I know you'll -- discussing this because you are perhaps what most competitive people I've ever met. But is there a formula Larry. Horry set of cops that ownership and baseball operations people apply to determine whether they wanna be buyers or sellers in July. Is your answer is no business specific. Formula every year's different every year is it different configuration teams. Ahead of you were behind you and so does a form of the Thursday. An instinct the eyeball test of realism that realistic assessment dismayed that but made it at this point -- there. 96 games left in the season it's made them. Generally legislator and an arcade it's almost always. They did there late July not in the region. -- if late July rolls around and you're still sort of you know one step forward two steps back two steps were one step back who in the gang of four will be the last man coaxed off the island. I've been a few. I'm not charity and it's -- that I know I don't know the answer to that I think that there. The did the whole group is intensely. Competitive. Or competitive in two ways we want to win. Short term and be in contention. Every year and we also want to build the idea. The next great red sex scene has been checked and puts it and those so there is a balance because on and I don't. Kevin is saying is that who's gonna take you know what what position there's just -- that there is your right to say. There's -- competitiveness about. John Henry. Tell -- Bench Harrington. Myself and it'll baseball operations like in the many people gravitate to it. To -- sports president as a way to make a living because they are competitive and enjoy the contest quality aspect of FaceBook. Well no one wants to give up on a season it's not a good feel on it's not a good look. How much of a factor Larry would be. The the nests in the audience the crowd of people and there that the feeling that you're given up on them given up on a year. No I think I think you guys are perhaps more fixated on. On nests and then -- -- radio. Favorite mr. rankings. Ratings -- should say. -- more so than I am. It's you know we have a very loyal and passionate fan base. And they also make their own assessments. So it went back in the world make make a decisions about this game. Because we think in a any increase ratings but I had did have some points or something like. It's. You know we -- Granada are unaware of it so we've always been among the league leaders in. In ratings for our telecast that -- that's not a drug enforcement. You know Shaughnessy wrote a couple of days -- a TV the in the last week and said a couple of days ago Larry did you were behind the Stephen -- this -- a Lucchino operation. All the way is that accurate we -- the guy behind bring Stephen -- here. Mr. -- and can read this article I did I like Chauncey upload and I'm not a future. -- it does preferences if you read the article the article. Quite clearly that he hears the canned stuff is that we're hearing on talk radio. About it and see in true. No matter what solid solid as it's exactly would it not true I disagree that's not true. -- -- You're saying is not sure ought to be contentious with -- He did leave the he'd probably stopped being about is that they that this Stephen Drew is a goal by the talk radio. -- had -- things that are being said. We did say that but he also said that that you that you war if not. The driving force the advocate for Stephen Drew he said both things Larry in at least. Well he didn't he. And you had a lot of group which he would -- that you can read it -- -- she speculates that. But that's not the case certain process that works and that's. And the once again and so it is whoever. Wrote -- said that on talk radio was misguided. Terry Francona return yesterday it was on WEEI Sports Radio your name came up the into the relationship with ownership came up here is Terry had to say. Larry's funny Larry I think likes to fight am but saying that you wake up next day and he forgets it. And I got to respect that and always have from the other two guys are really haven't spoken to. And don't -- fire ever well. We all make mistakes. And I certainly did and going to last September when we played as bad as we did. As a manager you need to be hold accountable for. I think I was wide open for criticism because the way we played. I just didn't appreciate somebody when other ways to hurt me. That I was working. Do you like to fight and are you okay the next day Larry. On I had you know that's felt like a distant cardiologist a coherent most of the -- saint. But do it although certainly you like the site. He said Larry likes a good fight me he's OK with that the next base or gets it out of the system and move on to the next I had to. Think that this -- The paper it's part of baseball they say. Dialect Dickey got to have people load. To beat each other over things because there's no. Science to it there's no certainty to attack. And so the started I do and that's the part and parcel of the game and part and parcel of the job those of us in the front office. And so I would say that's -- that's -- We all know now that though obviously the Stephen Drew movement is a mistake and it's not working out but I guess the explanation. From your perspective and I understand it would be things have changed right when they when you made that deal when you made that decision. There was a whole different. Environment today is now correct Larry. I think you've got to protect I think you that are a little slower just a little bit to scale and it makes it. We needle wait and he'd do exactly now what kind of contribution. True makes I think it was a rational. Decisions when it was what it was made circumstances. Where where were such that we need to improve this team. And one thing we didn't want to do was improve the team and lose. Talent prospects of -- minor league system this point that it's. So the idea of paying money rather than paying -- prospects. Was appealing to us. And I think. Will just have to oh wait and see if if he makes it could take education and extended their country camps. But we -- you know your problem is offense obviously score runs -- of this historically bad outfield at least offensively. And you bring in a light hitting shortstop it really doesn't seem to make sense is that is that it's hindsight. Second guessing. I think so I think there was a amid reports injury there's a problem with. How to -- auto -- the the infield and as a -- on certain days it was a a desire to make this team better by whatever means possible. So and by the way LA to -- church that is. Not a way I would characterize them he's solid defense shirts that the east Tennessee is offences. Benefits -- didn't support him. A look at the Shaughnessy here at the -- you're right I was I was I think I'm wrong that I apologize I I I regret I I I'm -- lime rock same. And that was a really late Albert you'll by -- talked about it talked today about that later. But I know that Peter Gammons said is said on the air here and he tweeted out. That the media manipulated. The Red Sox in the signing drew I'm -- guess the only group that that. I just killed at I didn't see the original comment but I -- in the comments about it afterwards. I'm baffled by that time. I don't. I don't know that's the menace of a lot of stuff going on the dynamo aren't aware of I don't remember a lot of the media manipulation and media have to concede it was in the a wave -- media and support and after it happened that. But it -- -- we didn't feel at least I didn't feel a lot of immediate pressure. On that issue with its activity and it seems like it'd been. Resolved in and put away. Was the protracted discussion about the acquisition. Was very large percentage of that discussion that dealt with what will this do to Bogart's if we take you from shortstop and put him at third base. There was certainly discussion. About that subject the -- It immensely talented. Yeah and player who played third base while we won the World Series championship. Last year. So with and he certainly is. Perceived by us to be the shortstop of the future that weather played shortstop replace their base -- Very career. Right here in Boston we're excited. But never need this is not about today giving up on. That on both sides to be sure. So Larry you would anticipate the Bogart's will be your opening day starting shortstop next April. -- Yes -- me right now that I don't think that's probably a fair -- assumption. Don't you think Jon Lester in your opening day starting pitcher and. I certainly hope but do you think I've gotta warn you when -- went back in Iowa. Negotiate to -- Jon Lester over the radio that said before we want him back we've we've we've what a lovely guy he's been. Part of my whole experience here illiterates that's just part of the excitement over signing him. We've had when we drafted him out of out of high school. Solo. I hope we can dedicate to promote a great. We did say a couple weeks he did say you've talked to him this year would you say it's fair to say negotiations have continued during the season. Again played the same government doesn't get better -- No comment. All are all on all of that its system. -- don't create day you know leave. Expectations are a lot of collateral. Debate discussion. You know -- -- Larry I say John Lackey in -- we love you but you're pitching for a half a million bucks because. We paid you fifteen or sixteen million to sit out for a year and and you know that was part of the deal you set up because you got hurt now you're gonna play for a half a million bucks. We would you would you up you plan on doing that coming due to -- -- a -- I don't it. Did you -- and it would -- would take that position that sounds like -- Right. Great angle. Reaction. Sounds like some you would do to -- kind of a. It really depends on murdered these these circumstances. John Lackey has been a tremendous. Contributed to this -- This year and and last stop and we love having him here and we'd like to have him here. For a longer period of time. So we will see when the time comes to negotiate. Whether they should be a just that playing out of the contract where they should be renegotiation -- world it was an extension we're open to. To a variety of a possibility. And he mentioned perhaps in -- known in Japan that's probably just. I'm negotiating right there wouldn't say. Idea that if I ever heard that comment that I'm not sure that's. A viable possibility that the would we wanna keep -- hockey league that we are we do related -- It is -- -- contribution you make it to this team he was. Closely aligns us simply years ago and it is in the media. But I think his teammates and he has demonstrated what the important cause he -- well. A look at a signal -- a good -- right now but use that falsely maligned which circles suspected Terry. What is your overall view of how Terry Francona was treated by this organization on his way out of town and by the media in particular ball will appease. Yeah well there's so many questions there an -- -- I wanna go. Backwards. And and relive. Hold. Episode in the gym and the book it does this followed product I think that. You know. I have -- in my mind and don't feel like the city needs to dissected and and in -- Right now. And heck of a year and a heck of a year last year with that team and that team -- Strong team making me did this year so now I did see him as a as a manager and opposing team the presidency -- For -- to two pirates. Or -- -- you could hear was he said I know when I came here last year Larry went out of his way to say hello with sounds like you and Tito are good -- okay. Yeah I I feel fine about. Of about. Pete I didn't see initiative. Open -- -- dual -- of course the weekend and a little but that's and by the as far as -- -- Larry -- thanks the time appreciate it all right our conversation that Larry Lucchino the front office report is brought to you by noon turf care the -- business solutions. And the New Hampshire Motor Speedway and it's always he joins us. On the AT&T. -- -- them and and what did Johnson say and he's just screw ups overtly wish Alice in short it was Steve interest talk radio gold that he puts -- sort of a bunch of theories out -- -- Agassi where Larry thinks about where am I would think that. These are different theories being espoused about -- on talk radio one of them being that I'll be telling us for summer that -- -- -- -- what what -- don't read it for me and Internet and slowed the evidence can find. It highlighted words. Okay the quiet polite Red Sox shortstop is the most controversial guy on the team. With the SS John Henry sinking slowly in the American League east Stephen Drew. Is sports talk radio gold. Stephen -- Dot dot dot the new cooler dot dot dot -- JD dot dot dot guy who -- and Bogart's AK integrated prospect ever off shortstop dot dot dot. The guy -- single -- Single handedly. Snapping a seven game Red -- winning streak and turned it into a five game losing streak but not the guy who was forced on Boston's baseball ops. By bully Larry Lucchino dot dot dot the guy is only here because of media manipulation banks I am. I I don't listen everything but I listen -- lots. I didn't hear -- -- say that Lucchino that's why -- claim to -- that's what's -- shut -- down -- -- I've not heard anybody say that that the adding don't you think that reads -- -- has different grand and suddenly say believes that I'd never heard that you'd and I know you guys here don't know but it Shaughnessy say something on. Comcast earlier in the week what is that he did it across the street. He set on Comcast Larry Larry force and army traditional grocery. Out. In here on Comcast refinance -- will be good. But I'm -- amid biased that you a question -- read that and considered stated that said and I pitched out of searching when you're wrong -- fraud alert is right panel that him. That was like ten minutes after he slapped around. I assume that were police round to beat me the economy and get into its final wants a while but if -- -- -- wrong but. I'd like my -- totally out front my problem is more with with Dan is that. I've not heard anybody say this very not a partial I've not heard it can nowhere orchestrated by true. I mean I only shot to see you would you would mean you know but I've heard -- 6777. On 7937.

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