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Headlines, Headlines, Headlines: Bergdahl arrives in the USA 6-13-14

Jun 13, 2014|

The top stories of the day as recounted by Kirk Minihane.

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Headlines is the highest rated and the favorite segment Jenny -- by the way WNB. -- wanna patronize. -- -- -- in LA waiting tables yeah. BJ's -- to -- -- beaches are still -- Hope and get that big break I would even do that though I'd be -- cubicle somewhere and discuss what's gone on great game last night. Duncan the yen probably hate nice people yes I do the the worst. I mean really get unorganized people. The visual because you want you don't believe that they're not -- it believe attended last night. Everyone tells me she's that ice which is never the moment Bradford it was a real accent that two -- -- along here -- and -- is you know. We have heard a negative word about her as a person now. A female month. Right but that. Beat up. But that's true money is a great guy the greatest. Of all what do we reflect GOP were -- on -- We work under that. Headlines has brought to you by AT&T that cover more than 99% of all Americans building a better network writing from a Taliban prison. Both bird -- urged his -- government to wait until they had all the facts before judging him for leaving his basis from the Daily Beast yesterday. -- explain at least in part why leftist -- troops in 2009 quote this from letters. Leadership was lacking if not nonexistent the conditions were bad and they were. Looking to getting worse for men that were actually the ones risking their lives from attack he wrote 22 letters sent from bird dog whose parents -- his five years. Held hostage in Pakistan. If this letter makes it to the USA tell those involved in the investigation that there are more -- -- the situation he's not -- great speller CIA TTU. WAT Iowans and we -- situation. Please tell -- to wait for all the evidence here and ready proof read an. EV -- DE -- BI and CE. To comment evidence economies both actually so TT. So why leadership we know that that one that leader it was is sergeant was in hopes ago removed right -- and that conditions and so he wants -- herpes can improve a lot here dot and he went live with that in a cage cage with -- -- -- a bucket. I'm by and it is totally full last night though part of what part of the tournament yeah with Megan killers with Megyn Kelly last fox. So now we know that you deserve perfected he just admitted. In these letters that he deserted -- -- as excuses go they -- not excuse his actions it was all rough on everybody there. The rest of us were still on the same conditions he was and we decide uphold our roads and still fight for our fellow Americans and not -- well sent. And bulls got as good as code wells said. Bloomberg dole is now. -- back in the United States returned early Friday this in Tony who was medical every Friday evening again I'm Friday that -- night that's true data points. Never a question to be answered Wilbur don't receive more than 300000 dollars in back pay owed to him since he disappeared in his term developers creating or is also. Could receive another 500000. Dollars or more if recommended and approved are you suggesting he get back -- Well he's a note back pay because it Yzerman Chris Richard Thomas hey Rachel mad I don't think and I noticed an idea what -- feel good no he's in Texas like he flew in the Boston all gaga over in Cambridge -- -- -- -- that tonight's point. These new lover of honor him. They -- M by strange story. A burglary defendant who won his freedom because of the injuries mistake. Lost his life a few hours later when you stabbed to death and fights happen Fresno. The jury in the trial of Bobby -- Pearson 37. Mistakenly signed not guilty formed Wednesday. In the flabbergasted judge said he had no choice but order him released from jail because the verdict or to put on the record. The jury been unable Richard verdicts on an eight to four favor vote in favor of guilt. Prosecutors would have -- -- Pearson. But by then changing the verdict formative exposed -- -- -- you -- can't believe the judge says the time. You're some left went home -- -- In belongings when he got a fight with his sister's boyfriend in was healed and it is a little busy day and I don't believe they busy part of that happening. -- Rectify that a lot of -- -- -- is. Okay we've man missed the clerical -- little tight ball. It seems strange that can actually that actually happens yes. You've heard. If he committed murder with 110 yes definitely said it was -- now that's I've sought sort of legal expert lessons that yes though they say this app before. Cases of -- -- John -- and let him. Now the gonna find him on the way to keep yeah well opinion about you with the -- about the crimes it is a good luck and bad luck evens out doesn't mean that's the applicable lifetime right there habits and idiots that. The fair trade off those burglaries on the other for killing an exhibition stole some. Eyes -- swell guy well no question. You can not an animal. And later in the story. Harrison Ford. Injured on the same -- -- -- Spring is -- don't light -- getting off the millennium falcon which is back that's of console shipped via. He is 71 years old now he still -- in the -- he is. Twelve year jobs -- ten years older than Republicans was maybe the first or. Really seven might wind blowing is. If he used newsprint tricky. I can watch to a government. Yes -- these are the rules but it is a jarring of this the five -- but that little jarring stuff excellent. But like you should be my problem movies like that is they may check -- up until he's Jesus Christ. I was probably I think he does he wanna talk about this he restores or Robinson I guess he was -- -- but he had. Took home just tough teammates -- like him -- it fights he's combative. Doesn't win auto big you'd like it was a big it was a big guy right wingers and to -- guy. -- -- -- -- that Americans that are you sure government fall. That's how we heard exactly what. Got off the millennium problem with the falcons are right -- -- that if that's his chest is crap to spacecraft is what it is articles and hyper drive the millennium. -- millennium -- when the album you've never seen star well I just block it out among and his -- came -- seven cents a gravity. Elected not not what I asked you can -- star would know he came out spaced out that's all that she came out yeah. If you like about motto. Might happen to intercede with the if you're corona. There. The well like sabre into the popular that you know I heard -- into Laurence Fishburne said and me in bills online news that. Make an Apocalypse Now and they were in the Philippines for two year old boy you know what happened and it's and Martin Sheen had a heart attack out and had to wait for him to get better what does rod and his brother from Ohio to shoot some scenes -- you know as a lookalike thing to do the main scenes. Martin Sheen which is like almost every -- the way from that recover. City you know smoke three packs a day and then go running. And he'll go for heart attack or. So also Harvey Keitel was originally in sheen's -- shot like three months he said publicist now does it work and sent him home at cashing. Figured if you're there for two years so I deserved yeah I would -- I just quit. And I said Brandon showed up. That role right had no idea what one has had -- word that he Koppel on the boat -- three or four days just talked about the seat. In the middle of this movie should out of -- on that -- yet where that's that thing was all filmed in the Philippines yet the whole movie. I wouldn't do. The great movies and it's awesome but the greatest movies ever made Dennis Hopper. The sub was brilliant ball well is awesome Brandon Lawrence Fishburne Fishburne. -- -- Helio doesn't receive it was so -- you're seeing it work. Yes great movie Curtis. -- about -- That's criminal BC the golf front from one into yes rocky. Logos that in the notes that it outs sir Alec. It's no I had given -- say that -- forgiven -- -- -- movie -- made. -- let's not -- Just like to hurt you like you don't like not forget it's okay it's not nearly as good as the outlook -- whales are ranking publish what you gotta be kidding guys absolutely absurd. That's the circus that's absurd. Outlaw Josie Wales the event that is now a much better. I -- I ranked my clinics of movies I wouldn't put in the top ten or Jersey boys. And I think about it let's -- that's -- appear now let's increase for directors was this a few grand Torino and for record Pritchard is a terrible. Lastly I'm thirty ranked at one. He was ripped loose yeah that's a that's well. And they're Dominique I get home at Christmas count Japan and it's your story in our Columbus, Ohio alleged. Rape victim dials 911 this is in Columbus twenty year old girl just after 4 AM last Sunday. This from ABC affiliate WS why actually the sound of the call all right let's play. Moments after a twenty year old college students at a gunman. Broke into her friends come off campus and brief tour. Small airport where were the weren't sure what. -- I mean we're left and okay ignorant. You're gonna have to quit kind -- get the information from you. -- it would be on the panel. We're. Like one year old are you and I don't know if it is a big recruit them -- you go better. Yeah yeah yeah yeah it's. -- are not understand my fault that I didn't have -- mean and the producers. It was a missed I thought it was is that a man in world -- about like Jack man I want my cutter and buck stops here buck stops here like O'Reilly now. -- I want you guys is some none out in the open for that one at all. Can we get the O'Reilly because it's fully assess the that's my favorite and we finish this segment this I know this is be a little real quick before but -- -- forget that the Christian view was that phone call before. -- -- Did you think that was good audio. I thought the part she said it cry it was a pretty interesting that the story excellent command it sound like I did it a forty year old. That's a woman rate for George -- sounds cool -- that was on ABC news. Do you think he's still stand by that was good body of a play would you would you recommend this we go again -- OK go to begin Monday no. I mean that's as some believe -- nice guys here. -- -- Well she got done. I want done done just that sponsorship and I was brought everybody regular guys segment -- this now Jenny goes to Texas them out. We're done -- And we play he'll -- or Casey case summary of the Casey case one which put the right. The O'Reilly wanted to good and we should also get into this list about what you've got to look at are able to the world's highest paid athletes don't turn it over. Because the compilation of the top ten is very very interest Stephen Drew on -- not beaten number eleven I think. -- soccer players think about us and identify top ten highest paid athletes in the world. To a soccer players to tennis players. Golfers to basketball players. One football player and one boxer when we come back.

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