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Daniel Nava Player of the Game interview

Jun 12, 2014|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talk with Daniel nava, who had a strong night at the plate for the Red Sox going 3-4 in their win over the Indians.

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They have regulations you hit the ball very hard denied even the last time out when it didn't drop I mean I think that I was good -- for all of us via. You know how to be a tough road trip you wanna get things started off it's on the right foot so I was -- it today. Daniel and a lot of hard work you are -- tell us what work you've been putting in to get -- to a night like tonight and hopefully succession of nights like tonight. Oh man you know. Sometimes does simplify things and -- do a lot of other aspects that impact is bones are really trying to do. Just do lesson work with obviously hitting coaches and to China I think too much into baseball via. Hard -- -- -- -- are you starting quicker you seem to be back to where you were last year no no no I'm not. I'm not really doing. Like it's a really not trying to. Complicated. The process I was trying to relax the ball gets mean. Take a swing which -- -- which is nice controlled swing and now that's. Results out of my hands I got yet result whatever happened but I need to go there put myself in this position to. At least but with the experience so that's alternative I think before I was trend that will the ball ball and everything and you know Q would you that -- -- -- that. Dan Hewitt what do you think this club this is that right night -- game tonight but their means or sexist silly games behind Toronto and a long way to go yet almost a hundred games remaining the -- -- -- do you think this team's mindset is or should be right now. Wow where is that I don't think there's any. They losses and the things that we definitely that we know this offseason we know. How that he's going weakness. I've had some tough breaks to those little nights were to start if things don't turn to get hits and we wanted to do it it's going to do so. And that's which you really needed Q it we can keep this going. Who knows well I can do is hit the ball hard it. We hit the bar early you guys did that without a whole lot of lock but. You keep hitting your -- that changes as we sought to -- when -- yeah exactly -- eventually it'll change and a we we know this can't last we know we're a team we know there's a lot of season left and that's what we're optimistic about so. It's not for lack of effort and the clubhouse if things are falling and keep working hard and keep working harder until we do get things also. As you know this -- -- nothingness you taking these. And finally. Maybe the best closer in Major League Baseball today in game coach Ian I was watching as he walked off the diamond if you guys did a high five. Mike Napoli and he were having a conversation. -- have you had a chance to spend much time with Koji. I realize the English is not his first language we've been working on. He's been here for a little while -- both in Baltimore and in Texas and here. What is he like what -- most Red Sox fans don't have a great idea other than some of the funny lines he had during the World Series. All of that that's pretty much with -- -- he's like he's a lot of fun. He he's a guy who and I like you said obviously this is his first language but he is a great job communicating with the ways he can and I mean it was a lot of fun with it's it's impressive that. He's able to go out there and just it's almost. Machine like -- you expect. Ten pitches lesson. He's a few strikeouts and pretty much delivers all time easily -- yeah I was close to perfection as you get exactly these terrorists thanks then there's been a little late August -- all right Daniel would not vote now has nine hits in his last 22 at bats so -- -- to be coming back as the Red Sox win it here five that do.

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