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Terry Francona : I still haven't spoken with John Henry or Tom Werner, not sure I ever will

Jun 12, 2014|

We speak to Tito live from Fenway about the past, present and future.

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Dale and -- back at Fenway Park the last time you and I were written. Terry Francona is office at Fenway Park you were standing on a couch screaming like a little girl because a mouse would run across the man's floor. We don't have video that. There's no proof of that so you can just be telling stories I don't know that mr. Tito noted that. Are terrified and I don't apologize sort of not ashamed of it you like mice -- you have got miles resolve the growing up a pack -- Book publisher Rolen to load either the most of my feet really I'll let you know how -- is all about it wasn't about -- It was a -- -- it was I think it was a -- miles. Gotten bigger over the years good -- for your courage is not the last. After the Cleveland Indians Terry Francona is our guest it's great to see you again. He looked very relaxed. In -- in this job you actually. -- We have challenges we -- our record is where we want to be and things like that but. When -- -- deuce on the place where relief you know. The people all worked for. I couldn't ask for better better working conditions and I enjoy our team. And like you said doesn't mean we -- challenges but to go through stuff with guys you really care about news. Probably especially where I'm Matt maybe in my career even life meant a lot to me. I wanna get a sense of the dramatic difference from -- is -- I want to give me example of near the Red Sox. If you want a player you wanna be players and free agency. Nobody says. For the most part we can't afford. With the Cleveland Indians there are some challenges that you have when did when did that become clear to you or. How many examples. Of that you come across on me. Weekly monthly basis. In the interview process crystal point blank. He says we -- we have some challenges and here's what they are. Any particular ball I don't think you wanted to try to convince me and it may be coming under some unclear circumstances -- He and he was probably to a point where it was brutally honest about it. Alas I'm not told Masai -- -- worry about that I wanna do so it was some people might align myself with with people and don't care about me and I care about them and to the right way. Soul I knew coming in where we war and what we know what we could maybe do what we couldn't do. Blood so what does -- basically users more baseball. And less off the fields off -- mean it's it's like ID IQ don't wanna go there to go to pasture -- lose -- competitive juices. But we spend more time talking about baseball now we can't make mistakes or we do we can't cover -- we -- -- trade somebody your record contract go away. So we can make mistake. You know when when you guys were play in the Red Sox and Cleveland a week or -- -- it struck me. How many former Red Sox guys are on and off the field for the Indians and how many former Indian skies are on and off the field in Boston. I think in this game. Everybody just to bottles everybody and when you've had players. And whether they go through a time whether injure the move on your non tendered their free agents. You remember the guys you can count on and for whatever reason and when he got to -- spot like Kevin Cash when he was a backup catcher here from Boston. Wasn't very happy when news in the batter's box because it couldn't hit always thought to be great coach -- audience and use. Moving on and you'll see him being a Major League manager here pretty soon guys like Scott Atchison admitted he was a freeagent. We once stashed him companies go 17 ERA mean disguising you know you can count on -- -- ever but don't always play great. But if you don't you can trust them and do the right thing. You did you do tend to try to go towards those guys. How about coming back here in the feeling for you now coming in to -- he remodeled. Visiting manager's office. Always the eight we Fenway Park you're there but for you mean you've been back here since that you would like when you do -- You know if it was kind of soul rush today did did the first day Ian. I'm always have great memories here. And that'll never change. Mean. I've told you guys probably once a week for eight years. You know if you like baseball there's probably no better place to be a part of baseball and in Fenway or in Boston. And it didn't end the way I wanted to to award of a -- written the script like it ended. Not sure a lot of people can do it that way. Com I'll probably never. Changed my feeling that that bothered me I don't wake up every -- think about it I think as time goes on. And the more comfortable you get some more belts it's easier to think about the good times and the good memories as a post may -- when it was overall. And pretty quick soon after that those technical it will be. It's funny should say that because the Red Sox had a great ceremony here recently. Honoring the World Series team. And it didn't feel right to me that you weren't there and you're working you've got things you've got to deal but I thought -- the damned. Thing ten days now I'm actually glad but from from all accounts they do a wonderful job. And I didn't need to be a part of it I mean again I got invited to -- on one. And guys on this -- and criticized. Blood and they and they knew I would never missed a game nor I want to. Blog. I always I think I felt as a manager that the players are supposed to be out front anyway. Soul watching from distance was okay again the guys that got honored let them get longer let them enjoy it because -- ones that deserve. He did get invited you made that clear when they invite you. Actually don't remember it was -- -- who near and dear to Meehan who you just kicked out here. That's really crucial pictures are hurt her out she named her daughter after me and that's it for debate. My daughter's -- I'll -- that's and that's not debatable is that. She did give me she she called it is noticeable 11 where it. You know knowing your not -- commas and it kind of forgot about it but. But I'd just so it never dot com -- -- -- -- -- call was overly nice bowl week we can't miss games you know how much we -- bought. Every game replied. You know barely missed a game for my son graduating. It'll college while loan. Bullets -- like that we just Q do you know I would have done this made it here made at this -- But I'm glad they didn't they need to make that about me that's -- actually whatever works for them. I think is great I think that's doubts -- I'm -- there was wasn't intentionally. It's they a lot of things to work through payments -- formal counseling to -- -- agreed to. We had the chance to talk to a paper that night. And he was in the studio with a sense and I had asked him I said that game in New York Yankee Stadium. Did you know you're gonna pitch he said no not -- Tito told me I was gonna pitch he sounded surprised that you digit. I think our physical revisionist history is different. He would actually come to me before the game and we've -- now again he -- -- Muppets in the seventh. But I was so excited that -- rules all board. About pitching that game. And the other big thing was and people tend to forget it is. You guys probably knows from talking to me I'll always care about the end of an inning not the beginning who's gonna put the yen about -- and we had a lead. -- we had a -- bullpen. And Bronson -- was one guy that was pretty fresh. And if Pedro couldn't get out of it we had a place to go if Bronson couldn't get out of -- we were in the world over. And also set -- -- for the World Series so there are a lot of things were taken place there. I never quite understood what people took quite so much exception to that I -- -- Your report yeah adult but but why we had some ideas like what we remember. When one. We got Pedro release of some Bob. Eagles you'll who debris and an idol Pedro -- -- up -- it's an -- like a third guy got on. And the place to go crazy go -- way to go man you did it. Work yeah. Beauty of being a bench coach. You know manner and -- is coming back here for the -- celebrations. Saying he apologized Jack McCormick for for what happened 2008. And he said. -- -- -- I wasn't very nice it's a bad things here what was your take on hearing both those things. You know what. So much of the time mania is pretty much. Like a goofy young really likable kid. When you're in charge of an entire team. And making sure that team's going one direction and your charge of responsible for discipline and make -- postings right. We butted heads sometimes. And because it's in Boston who became -- public like everything with the Red Sox does. Iranian diplomacy in the top spot a few times. Again -- you always try to do things the to the best in your ability and what you think is best for the team and sometimes that didn't always. I mean he didn't see -- -- -- with that with me cancel caused the problem. Argue with him now you haven't seen him. Now again -- deal again -- a lot of guys that played for me that you just don't see. Home but I doubt -- -- is always friendly always laws he just did but it sometimes goes you that happens with polar. You talked about the revisionist history straighten it out form at what point during that year did you think you know what this could be championship team in this town. Hill for yet. I don't although ever probably allowed myself to thinks like that. I I do remember when we were struggling. And everybody was brewing war and I remember thinking -- if we could just -- bowl Butler. And we -- -- we could be good. An infield when I'm -- trades and that's exactly what we did. And we used our office toward marriage and we make changes and we put her defense team and and that's -- -- When your best friends in your view both say this. This guy's not just my best friend in baseball is my best friend and like he says about doctor -- Perot says that about you how has that. His job now in your job I was that effective different none. Zero eyes when he Nazi's and you talk about. The job you talk about the Red Sox and the bomb something. You don't what is more those types of things were you know because we are. There's a handful people in my life that I consider real best friends and he's one problem. So what's you know I'm sure baseball comes up is really all we do but it's not. Should you don't we just we kind of kind of morphed into it. I mean -- were friends. And I mean I care -- Camelot. And I don't return he's been great to me. I mean that it just it is difficult because you show all and these games are so important laws and they are. And you'll cross dug -- and -- somebody you really care about what you wanna beat the brains out but the same time. It's your best friend told it it's a little it's a little difficult. And I wonder if not you guys balances and they've been inconsistent this year had a ten game losing streak. Seven game winning streak becomes Uga has you guys sweep them in a start another streak in the other direction. Do you text him and all Ortiz just stand back and say I know what he's going through especially in Boston me how to handle. You don't want that that's actually good point come after the last game I just said -- I'll talk you -- some goes to like I care about so much but you'll want to hear from me. At which beat him three I I get that. They big -- post last year. -- well we're good enough friends where we both know. Debt and we have to try to win that's our job and we both want to win desperately but that doesn't ever take away the respect of the care for him. John did tell us yesterday that he enjoyed making the phone call to you and telling you that you're going to be on his coaching staff for the all star game that was one of the biggest surprises. And I've ever had he came out of nowhere can the can actually happens is the winner. And I lose I wasn't expecting it to them I get calls from all time. And took me about a half a second to say yes. I wanna hung up. It was one of the biggest honors I've ever gotten and from come from him. I got the managed to All Star Games which I was it was awesome. But managing it. I only remember a lot of crucial busy trying to get stuff done I'm actually looking forward to going to be enables him back and watch and enjoying it. In in what's it like men as the just going there managing ouster of who we know we -- one it was a great game in New York Switzerland New York. Going to be true 801. Fiasco. But it turned out being a great game but it's a lot of responsibility because. What's been placed on the game responsibility comes with a deal uncle -- -- You have to take into account you trying to get guys in games -- it's not an exhibition game but they're interviewing guys in the dugout. -- trying to -- pitching you're trying to make pitchers giving -- trying to get people out it's an unfair responsibility to the manager. An -- on -- particular fan of what it's morphed into. But ID law of the idea -- news article to a and to go to as a coach on world. I don't wanna ask you about one guy in your team in particular because I remember. When you Wear the Red Sox manager and we talked about Justin Masterson leaving your team you weren't that fired up about it you'll like this -- a lot back Dan and I assume that. Feeling hasn't changed much for you it's ultimately a number of the day we traded him for Victor -- are. We were cited his can be you do Victor but loosely -- mastery. That's not easy especially you seem Kamal and now he's a veteran these won't lead to mark -- and it's part of probably wise I feel the way -- duel over here on I have so much affection for so many of these players and I haven't been here along. And it's a good feeling. Because we go through our doctors. Put his bicycle through it together and it's what told these guys alt a mortgages together. And I really feel that way and I enjoy that part of it sort of makes my job a lot more fun. You know it's what ask you about you you said this script the way you laughed he wouldn't have written a script that way. And I guess a lot of fans what the fairy tale again in this guy won two championships a year. And even though I didn't in the way he wanted to -- Eventually cooler heads will prevail and they'll be nice. Beautiful relationship between Tito in the front office and in ownership. Think they'll ever happen or is justice the relationship is what it is. You -- Michael I don't know. I IE IE I've. I don't think I I. I know when I came here rusher Larry -- -- as -- social Larry's funny Larry I think likes to fight am but saying that you wake up next day he forgets it. And I got to respect that and always have. From the other two guys -- really haven't spoken to. And don't -- fire ever well. You know it just being totally honest. We all make mistakes. And I certainly did and going to last September when we played as bad as we did. As a manager you need to be hold accountable for I think I was wide open for criticism because the way we played. I just didn't appreciate somebody when other ways to hurt me. That I was working with -- battle forever stay with me. And because I don't appreciate. There anything they can do to change that if they come to you -- say whether it's I'm sorry or we're still looking into it or we know. How how devastating that was you -- that changes. -- you know why don't -- probably -- a couple of years ago because that's all I really ever ask him to do. Is it when I talked to edge on the one time when you went Tulsa -- called back called back. I think the story changed a little bit with time. And salute. Things that I said. I just wanted them to find out. -- and once I didn't ask him to call back called back the promise musical but I think when you make a promise you fall through. Final question you come to Boston with a smile on your -- If we win a -- -- -- that right you know what I I come with anticipation. Because. You can't spending years in place and not vehicles to people. Mean the other night we are wrangling and in about Cleveland Jack McCormick came over Tom McLaughlin Kimmel. I can't wait to -- -- BC kooky and more from the guys from the clubhouse because that's who you're -- you're close to. Yeah I mean you get I mean CC the guys stand out the gate oil walked -- Is it you can't help but have great memories I'm glad I'm in a place or -- and how those memories to us for a while -- are -- It's great to see again thanks for taking the time it's good to see you guys to thank you. Red Sox -- now former Red Sox -- I completely Indians manager Terry Francona joining the Dele Ali shows Sports Radio WEE.

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