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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - World Cup Opener Edition - 6-12-14

Jun 12, 2014|

We tackle four topics to get us ready for the FIFA World Cup, the largest sporting event on the planet.

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-- -- Well it wow -- Time. Big cabinet of soccer associate today's candidates -- And that's can get -- know starting ties. Any opportunity for Andy to play any of that stuff it's okay by me. Fourth -- brought you by AT&T AT&T coverage more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Via the game is on we're watching it here at Fenway Park as well as people are in bars all over the city of Boston. So then I guess it's time to talk a little soccer on fourth. I was invited to one by the way I was invited just down the street here I know not to that would help is that -- -- -- would join him but. On Twitter yesterday was invited to me and World Cup -- -- he's playing you know -- bill. And I'm playing for a guy when you're -- you're invited to a World Cup tournament. World Cup party label however I don't know replace them got to expect it to show where we're gonna -- question number one month. You're infants and as we've talked about says they can't win it is unrealistic. To think that they will so I ask you where will they finish. Michael I'll let you start. Where would they tradition. But. I've done some research here. You know what -- highly dangerous it is -- You know the highest ever finish with United States of America and the World Cup. That's right young men start -- And it happened when you were just the -- And 1931. Nineteen there -- finished third place. I'm not looking for third place before the final four. Watch the final four. What the united you'll love America they don't -- what your country ideologue -- I'm all right final. Not gonna win it smoke my cigarettes. There are cigarettes there. I don't know I. I would love to see them get out of the group but I don't think they well. I I ultimately think that this is a three and done tournament for the United States. -- but if they get out of the group right with that said you know that's the group of debt write -- group. Imagine they get out of the group. How do you feel about the US then they get it somehow they emerge wedeman and I think that question might be coming up. -- our history our Michael. In 1994. The World Cup was played here in the states and everyone was told soccer's going to be the next big thing in America and that didn't prove to be the case. That's scored twenty years later. What needs to happen to get you invested in soccer the on just the World Cup. I'm kind of invested in it anyway I mean I am a fan. Played at my high school not very well and accurate keeper does that really count as is playing here. -- -- -- -- Get off my back OK -- gave you -- -- we're actually pretty good I mean if I would have played one year -- -- -- -- -- soccer. Until exe program ourselves. -- You know all things since it. I so I am a fan already. I think -- I can continue to see a progression. How many of this is what the sixth or seventh World Cup in -- -- that the United States has made. Whatever the number is I'd like I said I'd be thrilled they could get out of the group stage which we've seen them do before. Just continue to progress that they did in -- doubles final eight. I mean if it look if Michael's right in their in the final four this year soccer maybe you will sweep the hub. Derek yes. I think for it and not just. Not just me I think for casual Wear or what what what we'll take -- casual live from being casual you. Pretty serious. About soccer. I think it would start with something like. And I'm at and -- community. A guy like. Help your your -- -- Adrian Peterson a high school level LeBron James took the high school level. Russell Wilson. Eric Decker I'm -- -- a very good athletes top athletes. Basketball players football players in your high school. And they can do anything and they play soccer. I think that would get people that would that would. -- your interest. When your top athletes -- and I think that soccer players are not great athletes. Already. But those guys who can play multiple sports. Most of those guys go to basketball football and hockey. I don't cover -- thought. I saw somebody wrote this yesterday the day before and -- but they have an element that if if LeBron James grow up in Spain. He'd be a soccer play. Soccer player now well basketball be an option for a moment soccer's a much bigger deal. It would it would be -- you know be more of a conversation not like we don't have. Spanish basketball players in the NBA -- -- know but it just takes soccer's a much bigger black. But at least there is if there's if there's a consideration up out of consideration of so I guess what I'm saying it. What if we get to that point and what the motivation would be but it would have to get to the point where there's a mainstream. Element. It's -- soccer in the doesn't exist right now how do you make soccer mainstream. I was thinking okay. They have more stars and what they wouldn't have started in soccer. If -- televise it televised ESPN has all over. How do you get. Casual people into the sport in the wake of the casualties -- for the sport if there's some dynamic. Athlete who you know could be playing. Football or basketball they say they'll -- thought. All right -- three he. We're all cheering for the United States of America in the World Cup but sometimes we have that second team that we root for. So we -- able. We'll follow yeah all lead over Brazil and -- go. All. Of them mean your team is Croatian you know second team spirit if you know are turning -- this. This kind of relates to the I sound. Beautiful because that's where and a thunderous sound cynical because and I don't mean -- mean I don't mean if you -- about the way. In Croatia. Is on a second team Detroit and I thought you know. Brazil they're not second in Brazil. And I think it goes back to the second question what it takes to get US invested in soccer. Well the US have to be invested in soccer. You're all there -- people all over the city right now some of them are rooting for the US some of them are rooted for Brazil some of them. Are going to be rooting for England all over. I think. We see. It as a nation after that point we're really take it seriously this is our team you -- for the US. The US is my team that's my country and I like my coming article I'd and I if our report on what I I don't care if I -- -- where another team. I pick the team just went. To Croatia. This first of all the it would it would mean so much to the people Brazil they could win a World Cup in their in their home country but second of all. They've got the best names in the all star -- Hulk though is the best names in the tournament that's -- -- how how it is -- have a -- Not that Brazil are now supposedly. Are they are they better than US relations about how far apart Hewitt too because every public pizza or shift where he. Yet this -- can refer Italy like every other fraud -- I -- -- -- -- Sign -- -- question of the day simple question. Cool we'll win the 2014. World Cup. That team that's down one deal right now. And Brazil beats Spain. In the championship game and when the world. Rob on the go with with Spain you know why aren't they -- -- -- on last time -- from a growth -- where it but the US. Product in the country they -- probably your your equipment. Made it to the final. You decrying that contract -- we got a couple of days ago. It's a two year contract extension that's the bad that you make -- He'll be he'll be. Here. I'm not sure that's what you get mine done badly the and young and I don't know the time you're like yeah. Come on round like that being shown -- greater announcer on board for now Europe and in Oregon. I don't witness. Of the soccer podcast on W dot com I predict accurately and those before -- that the injury. If he does not in the group stage I am doing will be with Brazil but until I see him enough playing in the group stage in your way it will go public appearance. I don't have to pick six or seven RT that's right Welker also like England. Are also likes frame and the French are tough to. Yet though on some of -- always surprises. I'd let you spectacles that you guys 6177797937. AT&T text minus 37937. Sunny and North Carolina Sunday night. And Brazil are you. Don't Johnny could you take us off speakerphone so we can hear you and you can hear us a little better. I think it is oddly enough. But. There -- on the plus side -- on -- You're outdoors are at the but how Atlanta much better much but it was in your mind that. Hey man I -- guys were talking about all the different culture today from different mayors like -- I was sources that -- different colors. Interview that you guys whose whose well Larry thank you. And tell all wanna say -- first summer of the -- he was on the DNC show me worried there. You know that's a long story sunny but I'm very happy to be where I am right on and I appreciate task in the you know it. Yet wander in the in the wilderness for a little while for you to come home sometimes it worked out that way Chris on the cell phone Chris you're next on Sports Radio stale and. How. They -- played don't Christmas up. Our guys who caught out the World Cup and -- are also rocker and the actual -- in the -- Socket you know organic yet. I gain they go to shoot out. I would look I played aren't they doing playoff hockey now ordered skilled hockey guy -- just thought -- Well but first the ball. That there are ties in soccer when you get in the playoffs World Cup's things like that they -- label they play overtime before they get to peak days. I mean I do think there's a limit I mean you -- you played ninety minutes of soccer that you add thirty more minutes of of extra time. I mean how how much longer you gonna ask them to go back into certain about names in the sport certain about hockey he says anything about hockey. I I think it got I think that's an realist that there are no shifts is as that would do you look at -- in Europe there are eleven guys brought to the whole time yeah. The World Cup dubious that penalty kicks like I said at casual they have. I just don't like I'd like it to be played out in or go -- hockey games go real -- oral arm. I've told about the rocket then now we're gonna get. But it -- I don't think it's gonna happen on the under consideration. -- hit the nail it. I mean there's a difference between Shia a ship and playing every after every defense there even though even though that suggestion probably being considered by anybody's feet. Number one disk rot and considering how is that yeah they're just trying to Ottawa electoral for under. And millions prominently operative for me and I'd like it arteries. Nobody's calling for soccer. But they hit his appointment if they if you didn't outweigh the wedding. Because what it would come down to its its op END a test of stamina a test of will. The team would be the reason -- the better conditioned team. Would most likely win. A penalty. On and on and on and off. And I I will also say this I -- and I've been on record is not wanting to see. Penalty shots deciding Olympic gold medals -- Stanley Cup final and I understand that I do think soccer is a little different but I'm a bit hypocritical because I will also say that. When you see a soccer game decided in -- case. It's it's emotionally wrenching I mean it's fine. And I I know people don't wanna remember back this far but you know the brandy chest dame. PK goal that won the World Cup for the US women's team I mean there -- it it was. Unbelievable emotion -- Even though unlike hockey most -- case score. In hockey believe in and out most penalty shots don't score but you know supports are big net and most the time they put in the back. I -- up in Maine debut next on Sports Radio stale holly. I -- on our day. I'm let's say we Michael it is said something about gotten. The most directly playing. Ready less popular sport bringing it to the forefront -- -- just. -- -- Certain something to think about your seat back. When I was in college I watched Jim Brown -- you look at Ross yes yes. And the -- -- fabulous player Hewitt so intimidating on that field but what Christ is not a major sport. And I'm sure there are other. Examples of that. Yeah I mean it's it's a good point -- Bill Belichick talked about this many times thing now. -- -- Jim Brown grew up on Long Island and he was dominant a dominant obviously football player government lacrosse and I leave it to and of course we look at that side of the NFL fullback he's still be considered a big back. In today's game. But lacrosse. Across then -- lacrosse now is not equal. To soccer and in soccer now worldwide. There is naughty. Whatever look at that the best you have a lacrosse there is no equal to the World Cup. So maybe in the United States. You look at soccer in the cross has similar. But on the world stage. There's really -- there's no comparison. Lot and I'll say this. For the most part if you're a a dominant high school lap leader college athlete in the United States. You're not gonna consider soccer just for financial reasons you're gonna make much more money playing football basketball baseball now if you if you become. You know great name Omar are -- Ronaldo. You know you were not those guys that you put the earnings of American professional athletes to shame. But the chances of an American kid becoming that seemed to be pretty slam for one thing you'd have to leave here when you're 1718 years old. And go play over there you'd go play in Europe. OK so 1718 years old instead of and I know the rules don't allow it right now let's just say. Instead of at seventeen or eighteen Kevin Durant. He's playing goal by him -- that's where you need to be let's go to federal Kevin Durant going from. The East Coast to Texas. Play once season college basketball goals from the East Coast through. Italy. Is that out of the realm I mean does not seem to be deal breaker eighteen year old kid going overseas to pursue a professional. You get kids to -- now wreck there so I think there's that kid from from North Attleboro. Who played I believe at duke who's on the US team. Who plays for Stoke City in the in the British premier early in the markets from merely and I apologize to I don't remember his name but but that's what's happening now an up. They're not the big stars over there I mean Clint Dempsey. Who's you know one of the great American players. He does play in the Premier League or did but he's -- Yeah kind of an afterthought and Geoff Cameron -- I was trying to think up thank you. Yeah and you know you think about Brandon Jennings rangers' Brandon Jennings. Played overseas and then. Became a draft pick of the Milwaukee Bucks. -- Tony Parker. Teenager playing overseas. And then gets drafted by the and it's. It's it's not that unusual. I don't think that would be that would hold back -- your exceptional and exceptional athlete and I just it would take. They have the ability to do it. But there would be it would be a revolution of the cultural revolution -- somebody did that match and LeBron James thing. I'm taking my talents to Paris. I think -- -- toll on the team it really it's at a high school. -- best high school player in a country. You're not gonna play basketball a place soccer that would be revelation not something that we think. If not now and maybe not ever. 6177797937. -- telephone number AT&T text line -- 37937. It's dale and Holley live here at Fenway Park Sports Radio WE yeah.

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