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Tiki Barber discusses Stevan Ridley's fumbling problem. 6-12-14

Jun 12, 2014|

Former NY Giants running back, Tiki Barber talks about Stevan Ridley's fumbling problem and reflects on what he did to fix the problem while he was still playing

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Joining us right now -- -- -- -- -- as promised he's doing morning radio Dana Jacobson and Bryant's journey with these CBS network is Tiki Barber former NFL running back is to bring the conversation back to Steven Ridley a little bit. Tiki all right thanks lot for joining us here in Boston how are things. Tire -- -- Arab League at eight Tiki you know it. Stephen released we didn't really. Bad rap lately specially for the last couple years even though. He rushed for over a better yet so if you know how much and I talked to him before that we kind of work it out. You know if your if -- -- in the doghouse like he really is and there's really no trust. What's the best thing for him to do. To try and change that his trades not only the coach of perception but the media and the fans procession of what he's capable of doing. What it is what this is what worked for me it was showing a concerted. Effort. -- in the off season correct whatever the problem as an it problem here unfortunately that is -- one at what -- But it is holding onto the ball until I haven't covered Satan like coach -- telling having him tell me what you want me to do and -- working added. Every single day to predict how good I was going to. Not be an issue not be a liability company after their game day fall. An -- it's. It's it's easy. It's several easy to do because it really is mechanical mean a lot of it is illegal fought to the ground you're reaching for that extra yard or. When you're going to the contact you were about one guy and not thinking about the other two with those little things the public awareness. In Google so -- you to correct that problem the way you get out people -- else it's sort of a concerted effort. The problem that executing it day in day out what people are watching the only way to defeat and you know media. Are going to pick here in the end -- what does goat is that when the games start happening and pre season -- happening. It doesn't become an issue at all. -- OT -- notice something about Choo went when you did when you did fix this problem. That you totally changed the way you carried the ball never received something I don't know who was HBO but you and your brother you guys are working out. Instead like the whole six points of emphasis on football keep it right next to your side you guys started -- it almost towards your chest. Now -- that -- an area and I feel like I see more guys doing that now I think you were really the first one ever saw on notice that doing that. How did that come to be like what -- or some sort of science -- -- sports science trick that you guys did fear out what was the. You know it it it it -- -- questions really. So like my running back coach Jerald Ingram. Ask me what we went comp first came to call on our coaches. It's very similar to Belichick battalions approach toward the game work your liabilities not a political -- -- -- -- a big god came to me instead of water. How strongly argue with -- ever thought about it and to. You know why do you carry the ball away weeks ago so we exit too -- want -- working out of power Lester. You'll careening out security who you know world struck me at I looked Olympic lifting that I extraordinarily. Strong from my side so that was that Wednesday. And then to the question of why -- here at all that way is it accurate at all about myself but -- -- -- -- a lot but in actuality. If you'd -- And Alter body culture together picked sure sure I don't really expect to be people think you will. Did you actually have more control changed directions about yourself with armed. It's about controlling yourself. Which your feet it when I did that. If -- be more compact as -- will be able how awful. And I think at the end of the day -- the ball in front of my body to allow me to keep awareness Ayers when contact was coming. -- would even try to duke somebody at -- an edge. Cover of the book that clustered around it would come loose. In front through contact edited it and collect comic that was coming out of apple better that way trying to duke but. It would it change how it happened for me. You know luckily deployed my career what -- really needed it -- held what put me on the parents. You ridiculous I played baseball and on the weight on deck circle by didn't close the means they do whatever you do don't strike out. That's probably a good chance I'm gonna strike out now more and there's that fine line between making you aware of the issue that it becoming meant to one year -- Pop up is there. Got yet it did that the great great point because. What I what I didn't have the solution I always thought about it you know is expecting that the crowd of people politically or you know I could. You'll be anticipation. 00 whatever -- it touched the ball people or -- Pellicano who what could happen you know type thing and it'd be called self fulfilling it away PG over its. So much. It you don't do you'll Eagles pull back on the good principles. You combat that by training and I have -- said that about about sport that train train train train train -- during during. When you get to the ball you don't have to think about it you could just try. -- expert -- and untreated these guys are having issues with ball security. It's about mechanically changing your mind in the -- -- -- when there's no pressure to do -- if you try to duplicate the ball well all of being gay or or you know back. Is it is notes entered it all back into the habit you'd hope that he -- the -- yourself. When there is no pressure so that there is pressure you don't think about it. On at the lack of a contract right now between Steven -- in the New England Patriots -- Maloney Tim -- Christian -- with the united through seven WEI being joined by Tiki Barber talking about car overcoming his. Fumbling problems during his career. And I wrote analysts and he talked seeking an uptick in myself I got to ask he'll what was. Would you ever think to yourself how my running I think it's an athlete especially in output of your caliber. When you run that's got to be the most natural. Thing about your game and to think about running did you get slowed down at all thinking about running and. Thinking about already all you epic epic records as well and and yes you do because you didn't think about. -- want it to be as comfortable and natural as possible that when people are you know less. The less restricted you earlier about not over thinking it but at the same time you have to realize what's important and as a running back. That in a position that is. You know change significantly over the last eight years. The EU happened not be a liability you have to be as as. We're liable a personal feel that period you're the only other person making the entire inning on back. You're the only other person who is that. You know the last line of defense. Are so to speak for the apparently prospect passable. So under a way to be on the you'll all the time it is the best way to increase your opportunity. Got a big contract that you talk about Ridley here. Out for me that fought about grunting and how -- run that was -- was it was an exciting want to go through because I watched film of myself. If you think I did good things -- -- batted -- and have an open mind changed. It's it's hard because we all have egos and Chris you know this. All -- you know as well Yemeni ego you think it would what you're doing to try. The guilt that -- realize that the game is much bigger than yield it come -- probably have a solution if you have a decrease the and accepting it and I and I did in the and I started to have a word game again I'm really really -- advocate public about changing electorate you call at the yard rushing. I did my first set until something to that is if you put the effort not just in being physically. You know prepared for the confrontation at about. Giants running back at the piano -- solace or not. -- Calvin prior rookie strong safety free safety out of Louisville sign with the jets. I know -- -- New York City saw maybe you did hear about this he basically came out October -- did you ago OK so you know the whole thing with happen is that just his personality he basically said listen we. Where they tell me we need to hate the patriots I hate the pain he comes in there he's -- he knows nothing. About the robbery you know nothing about the competition or Tom Brady yet he hates Tom Brady already -- hates the -- to do -- -- -- and you -- those. He didn't subtle -- -- the -- locker room and it would immediately and -- the New York actors they say that there outlaw pork. But it is too little premature Canadiens still rookie coastal has so much to do. But you know I -- adult seat that I actually -- that because. -- that you want these guys. Who'll literally go wall he need that kinda. A tally on TV started on the proven that says. But I I don't I don't I don't buy it yeah I know he -- -- Colin the company -- -- -- a little bit too much stressed that the personality Beckett he'd go oh yeah -- -- you've been. You know rivalry develop between -- -- pages or use it even -- heavily one sided toward the patriots. Here in the security. It's yet rivalry was enormous and so either that it fits into it -- Rex Ryan and I'll hear good Belichick I don't care about injuring -- -- like that it. It it's it's how they motivate themselves and that permeates the entire organization -- the Calvin prior. It's just it's just told the company -- and that that I think it works for a lot lot to see you know if it actually works on game -- we're gonna matter most. They Tiki -- on the Steve really had some fumbling issues get -- him last year. What where you as far as you know you've -- commodity Gainey bench to rest of the game or stick with the -- shows some confidence. You've gone through with what kind of approach did you appreciate. -- it's interesting because I actually had most of my -- -- I was still under. -- fossil we just hit. Mentality was so different. That until all but impossible sake they would ask you keep -- you regain the heat heat heat the liability. That were required. It's true. You would say about -- but what a bitch. You know who's replacing it would who's gonna put up the production peak years where fiscal Coughlin it was. I'd rather have controlled the ball. But it didn't it lose my best player ever best player and and and and curveball wolf forgive easy access to the owner. They feel like I had it both ways I actually appreciated. The Pope called for way more because it forced me to get better for it forced me to become a complete player. As a post to lob it figured out on my you know I'm I know I know my job. That that it leads to complacency in the game of any fell early in export. If you get complacent and you need to be replaced and the and so. Hole and I think it did because Belichick -- kinetic effects that that exact. Was -- real because vehicle player. At every opportunity before -- great. -- have to correct. It gives people pause about putting it yeah. It users say goodbye airlines give us your prediction for the patriots this year I said ten and six winning the division lucid twellman for Christian was pessimistic by his standards and said only fifteen and one winning the Super -- I. Think he could be that a law that that our people are. Look. I'm curious what you think. But I still do think that the classes the division despite the bond there. I've heard the policies -- Tom Brady now being political elite anymore and -- and that's Italy let's hear. Get they get beat in that he -- a weakness. In the -- want to be off. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- big rock Murkowski has helped the undefeated because he's such that he got to correct. As a as a wide receiver and that in the guided. He is absolutely -- and it is but will we saw it without. They were able to to get all the way to the game I think they continue that I think they think we'd at least twelve games this year. Common with -- division and you know it received robbery. A continued develop between -- -- -- where he would seek to make the AFC. You know one of the most compelling storyline. In football. Tiki thanks so much bestseller on the radio show we appreciate it comes down to join us talk about the Ridley situation all the best in the future OK appreciate it well. That is Tiki Barber of CBS radio and formally of the New York Giants are 97 WEG.

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