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MFB: Do fans give Boston stars a pass? 6-12-14

Jun 12, 2014|

The guys discuss whether or not stars like Ortiz, Chara, and Brady receive enough of the blame for their teams losing.

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Kevin Love his document his trip to Boston. The heat are talking about getting Carmelo Anthony. Christian is gonna talk about soccer and he's dying to do that. Oh yeah. -- what is -- a very. Very simple question here are right now this kind of size of the Red Sox lose in last night this is an overarching question for all New England. You guys played in this market -- you grew up this market Chris you've been around forever. I can look at this from 30000 feet having grown up in New England left come back. I wanna know when we get so soft. On the stars. What are we get so soft. On star players. One week. Lose the edge of going after the star players in new England and bought what would happen would that paradigm shift why is always. About pick -- on the role guys. -- -- certain star. Has given you a World Series. As giving you Stanley Cup has given you the is Super Bowl and NBA title. That's I think I think I think it is young -- that's that that's what I think giving you say that's always in the back your mind did great players not put enough -- -- -- as the Red Sox are struggling mightily on off right I just gave the numbers about how often have been shut out. Did he struggled to score runs for a long time now believe it's daddy's. At this re all star -- pre all star break last year they were number one runs scored another second to last in the American fourteenth. -- -- can't all be about Jackie Bradley. That can't all be about. Guys the bottom of the -- war. That's a lot more about the heart of the order. Upper Troy and or season Napoli -- -- victory in Albion out and guys setting the table and drive -- -- that's top of the order stuff my right about that. You're you're you're you're absolutely right and it is it's 345. Now -- result for awhile but still. Mean David Ortiz in 252. Got fourteen home runs it for him at two days in Minnesota. An -- American solo shot at -- you know I mean so it this -- amazing stat that I I saw elect -- I was looking at the Red Sox have played 65 games so far this year. And and I look at the last five years. Because Alec is -- get healthy right we say be nice it is to Google they put like a wall spot up right twelve runs eighteen to winning its. Everybody get a couple of hits everybody that the feel good about themselves. -- big games in which at this through 65 games how many times has this team scored ten runs or more of 65 games back five years. Little back to 2000 candidates seven times in the first 65 games. 2011 at six times in 201210. Different times they scored ten runs or more the first 65 games. And seven last time last year. This year. Zero. They've yet to score ten runs in a ballgame threw 65 games where they did at 71067. At this point of the -- the last five years. They've never had that game will like everybody to respect everybody get healthy mentally. Got a couple hits each now good went home at night -- woke up the next day here we go. Daddy yes we can put that he can have a big eight. They can't let. Tonight I mean I. See I think you know or even the state of the union bench Harrington -- he mentioned that you know his star players underperforming. It was it was two things there is the star players under reported -- what got me kind of thinking about that and man John Ferrell yesterday talking about the woes of hitting with runners in scoring position -- -- -- -- that may be say let's really start looking at this -- you. Went into the show long -- notice but it complain of mine. Is that I feel like every time we start talking about Red Sox the complaints that come from the phone lines attacks are -- -- only hit two watered. Why is not as good as he was last year. -- Brooks he's heard all the time -- economy's not good anyway why can't Zander Bogart's played short the right way so not to get Stephen Drew what hey we got Stephen -- I don't like him either these are the order guys these support guys that's there's offensive guys. Is -- being able to overcome some of the weaknesses when your stars your stars it's like keep coming back to the analysis of the Boston Red Sox right now are my weird because -- stars are performing they might not make the playoffs because the bottom of the order in the bottom of the rotation. Art as good as they should be to be playoff contenders but they're -- right now. And their -- to win seven of the last nine or whatever because they're stars. Are not performing like stars and that needs to be said. Yes so okay so -- game losing streak. It was OK you blame it on the stars. Because of role players are the ones who stepped up with a brought colts that stepped up their zip steeped in stepped up and that's what started noticing too because that wasn't being talked about it was elected a role players really come through here. It was on now they're all doing -- collective thing and they're playing the race. That was big that was one of the -- what they want and we know how bad the rays saw K go into a seven game winning streak. Some players start playing better OK so now. You've lost. Seven of the last nine after that seven game win streak to itself and on the road trip -- still look at it. You still have major issues tank. Breaking it largest of runners in scoring position went back Lou when I went back to last year. Can you talk about the stars okay here's what the stars did Ortiz 315. Victory you know 315 not 306 Napoli. 257 Gomes 346. Saltalamacchia was 252. I'll get to that later Pedroia was 312. Moving forward to 2014. Ortiz. It's 255. Victor Reno really getting used to because he's not playing so -- automatically. Take him out of the equation but he's at 255 just for argument -- not -- 125. Napoli 188 Gomes 2783 Pierzynski. It's 327. To need to go -- the better the -- market so. Or did he really is the only guy who's doing exactly what you thought he would do better than that guy you had last year. Any wise -- -- but Bogart's and that's why I don't put a minute because he didn't have there was a huge sample -- than last year. But your -- star double ours wasn't a star last series and emerging star we know we we hope that he becomes a major star moving forward. But again this is the doomsday scenario that I haven't talking about. Everything that you didn't want to happen is happening -- that you try to avoid. It's happening injuries are completely. In goal being your team your stars can't perform. The guys we want it that you really -- Iran. That you knew that OK a -- I gotta put Jackie Bradley junior out there Bogart's going to be at short Wilma Brooks he's hurt. I mean you have none of the things are working out like he wanted to do and that is. Basically what Ben Jenkins said the other day. That we were this -- to -- we make moves well yeah I'd love to make some moves but these guys still have to perform better. Last year this line up performed. Up to expectations. It's what you expected out of each and every one of them. Offensively the only guy. That had a great year kind of out of nowhere was Daniel Nava. All right that was -- I guess it takes all the had a had a career year magazine to point you know eight to sixty but shows up the potential. Every -- says the ever -- realist you know I didn't know it and -- -- Jonny Gomes had a billion the year before Oakland but he did in Boston. That year Daniel now was the one but everybody else played up to expectations right now nobody's. An abrupt halt you know I didn't expect -- obese -- over achieving -- and that to me is the difference when -- When you look at the superstars we don't see no aren't performing right now and that is an issue below a look at the big picture. I have to look at art. How concerned in my about Pedroia at Napoli Ortiz. If they're healthy. Will they finished you will they get hot in the second half and with the old three and a half months ago. And kind of finish in June 9295. In that area because they have track record I say yes I've seen it before. So I look at this team I looked around it's it -- doesn't belong in the big leagues. Should not be playing right now in the big leagues. Where can they improve. And it just so happens to be I've got to the bottom of the order. They don't have -- big league players. So 7896789. At some nights. They're not big league players right now and it has been the past maybe they will be in the future but currently they're not. That's why I'd look at the bottom in the order because I got to feel these other guys have to come through. But -- -- that little girl don't you see the argument being made and I think there's a lot of credence to this that if those guys it. If you're buying into at least what I'm saying that yes the soft underbelly of the roster is the reason why they're not playoff contender right now. But the reason why there. As bad as they are is the underperformance of the stars. And -- the star players the heart of the order picks it up. They're not going to be in a position where management is gonna want to go out there and acquire at the deadline. To. Firm up the rest of the roster around them they're going to be so far gone wild would date. Even try to get talent in at the deadline because they're going to be out of the race I don't. A lot of things like three guys can't carry the other eleven other eight other nine. I mean at three guys and they -- -- thousand runners is going to it is and it's altogether three guys aren't doing their job not saying that they all are they're not doing their job. You combine that with guys around them. You know on the 12345. Now -- opens -- -- left field 12345. Feel good about AJ Pierzynski Oak Hill frustrate your buddies hitting. No -- -- we go next. You know 79. Is black hole it's a nationally line. Wise -- depiction nationally he's got to pitch in ninth pitcher on the April guy the night at the Red Sox. -- -- -- -- We just got to tease him a little bit early on a roll or it could be occasionally but that we get the seminal and get the gold in the -- -- -- pitcher on all -- You can't be a great team. -- and have -- Big gaps like that on your roster last year it looked around a field is that we -- big league players everywhere. The issue on the field and say we have guys that shouldn't be in the big leagues. Starting porous but just on the bench but starting that's a problem. Or put the question not that a Red Sox fans know it's not just Red Sox fans of sports fans in Boston the question is are we too easy on the stars and do we pick on the lesser lights of the teams across New England. -- of focusing the attention where I'd be oftentimes it should be focused. On the star players. 6177797937. Is the criticism of the teams when they have failed recently missed waste too much on the supporting cast and should be more focused on the stars. I think it should be another. Perfect example of what I'm talking about his were Christian and I have been gone back and forth about with Tom Brady. -- I have the audacity to say that guests maybe he has slipped from being the best quarterback all of football. All the way down the third report. And the immediate responses. Well everybody around -- stinks. The offensive line is as good defense isn't as good the other players on opposite what receivers aren't as good at the -- -- instinct -- is hurt Burnett does enjoy it but it's never. Our responsibility. For the stars. -- let me asked -- -- that people's action. Area is in -- Fact that it's all true -- all everything you just mentioned it's true it's all true so what so what your problem with it when -- Another problem people mentioning it but independent of who else is around him very few people want all this pro football focus -- game out on the statistical analysis stuff came out. Very few people want to give any credence whatsoever. To the prospect that Tom Brady might have diminished in the past couple so it's a missile makes you think about. All right so. I go out there Aaron -- route right and -- perfectly. -- perfectly. Great. I mess it up it's obviously my fault. If I ever appropriate route and Tom misses me. The last thing I'm gonna do. Is go up to him and bill like you really screwed that up. I almost feel like cornerbacks. This -- why not perception nationally or you know in town. I feel like quarterbacks dislike. Pitchers -- -- going for no hitter. You just don't wanna -- in their head. -- you don't want to. I don't I mechanical to my -- -- are you really screwed up that -- yeah I was wide open you through terrible past. Work Tom bowl will be the first person to go open to somebody's grill and yell and scream at them like crazy. And I'll think about like what gives them the right to do that in his -- -- even levels well it all the young guys he definitely has a point. You know he would definitely hasn't but he he has that right and he should be did not but it in the -- grilled the kind of willed them to do better. You know -- -- -- show them how important it is. But when you talk about critiquing him. What you and I feel like he's gotten a pass. So many times you do all -- I think I automatically diplomats are actually siding with me on this -- all a whole lot except I feel like I did in the past occasionally just because I know how good years. So the majority of the time. Nine it was a time I feel like he always does the right thing so that 10%. I feel like him a pass because. And the court -- -- there's always harder because you can sit there go OK did the receiver run the right route did did he gave protection. Was he trying to save the play. Wasn't a bad call I mean it's popular to other things are going to so I wouldn't normally. Now -- done that a ten. Stand up from evil one he's one for eight on third down like you look at Cincinnati. Yeah I just I just think it's so hard to quarterback wide receiver that relationship you know when you've got to approving guy got a bunch of rookies in it and and known names. You know eighty turned a no name into a hundred gets guys in over -- thousand yards and Julian element. To a new look at the other guys when something breaks down in a ball this -- -- -- near do you think Brady read that wrong. Would you think the rookie -- -- year for Marshall of the rookie wide receiver read that wrongly crew's mistake was it. That relationship. Their performance depends on each other that if you drop the pass -- -- one. In your coach is -- up to you appraisal for one that's is that if you got to drop okay. Pledged that the effect one another in 2006. Before Randy Moss team year or to New England why was he bad and Oakland. Eating hair -- really care but why didn't he. Care to get a cornerback and notes general winning Walter was drawn to football to read opportunities we don't interrupt -- Walter. From Arizona State. Okay so when he was open. The -- couldn't get him to the mosque is numbers exit while Monfils awful last year well -- awful quarterback which made him look even worse and yes. He did quit. You know you don't know with the commit we have rob Parker on certain and one of the plays to your point that rob brings up. Was that you go back to it was a 2000 eleven's Super Bowl where he missed. Wes Welker. You run a play your well for -- so that the medical the seam route was a great what a great pass with a taxable. Yes if you heard a hundred times we catch it 99 yes atomic better pass yes but still wasn't as well as -- that. Now it depends on what's -- offense who once and you could sit you sit blame was welcome for dropping the ball. Which -- that's what I would do that cornerback is never there. Tip 38 perfect pass every single time -- remember this year I don't blame Republican that's an easy point for someone who's a critic to say now the terrible grow. Now he misses -- Dobson -- wide open -- Hopkins. Why doping gold route and overthrow them on to throw the what you did last year when you sit there and go okay. Now the crappy -- that time the time you missed. So. So it's tough to delineate leg what side effect I would be -- now so. A lot. Lot of hockey partner with the Bruins. I was a Jack Edwards yesterday result they'll all and Jack brought up out to be some big changes its fourth line -- the revamp the -- when you lose. The Stanley Cup it's a major shake up that does on the big shot L or illustrating -- -- not a major shake up our casket -- house guys got to go get. That's kind of stop and talk about -- I don't think as much as shot Horton scored in the water into new. He Casey bonds faces an image in a memory and the lack of production from the fourth line is something. Had gone. The bigger deal was that blocks which each disappeared up the bigger deal was. David -- she was a ghost as opposed to what you're used to seeing out of him. Patrice Bergeron good this year it's did elevate the way that we saw him elevate two years ago. The these are the reasons to -- don't show our future hall of fame defenseman dessert. OK but he also wasn't as good it wasn't as she normally -- that's why they lost to the Canadians right it was the Canadians because the fourth line. It was because shop Orton squirt water in somebody's space therefore I -- to -- -- it did completely dominated answer but again the better players need to elevate themselves in that regard. -- -- our -- ski wasn't good. The alleged. More of the Bruins -- that was great about peppered their depth on defense what about the other five guys on defense while we're at that point. You're you're gonna have to deal with the softer spots in your roster. And the stars. Need to get better that felt like. Just recently there's been this overwhelming blanket of protection being grown on every star as a -- is going out there and attacking the support guys. That's been my opinion you disagree 6177797937. I wanna know people out there at saint. That largely. We're too protective of the stars -- again I think it goes back progression bashing Ortiz mortgage yep bashing pejorative they should be bashing -- have a level of expectation as to what Jackie Bradley junior can do. And there's a level of expectation that we all know David Ortiz can reach -- not yeah. And that's that's about it that is primarily makes raised joint -- makes mistakes sometimes Tom Brady makes a mistake and it's not just the fact he's got young inexperienced wipers. Of course becomes where David Ortiz we know what would you expect from him we know where he should be right where is every single year. What you would expect at a Jack you're wishing he'd be. Right now where we're where we don't know I don't know I don't know what I should get -- David what what -- get a Jackie offensively. At this point maybe 230 to forty as a publicity don't even know he's a big leaguer. OK you don't even know we know a good responsibility that's the questions select neglect is that we complaint today in a -- people did blame Zdeno Chara. But we know the level that he can play yeah. When I see Matt park housed -- -- constantly. And cost them games. I don't will be at that level. I don't know -- at play at that level and be part of a championship team it beat top four defensemen he has never shown it before. Though but he's got it Australia billiards boys I -- what game one gave three in a pretty good candidate. 61777979837. Was gonna Dave called from the cape I gave your 97 to be -- game seven. Hey guys did the morning. Well. As far as the big guys in all the different sports. Protected take out the certain responsibility for what a cute they've been their longest time date and the wind on the T -- Ahmad. Do what they do chill in the rookie how to dot. There at a certain responsibility. For knowing. What to do in certain instances in certain game. As far as well it's the you know wide receivers all -- you know he's not there or is that the QBs all you know -- shared responsibility. And whether you know the QB has more of game time as far as the light goes out. -- don't really matter because it is shared -- that the team sport. Right I understand we're going that I'm not saying you only have to blame the stars yes. We were just talking about this Christian and you had a good thought I got off of it but. When Brady had. I can't remember which game was with a wide receivers dropped all the balls in prime time the jets the jets game Gaza and a lot of them share. And it pretty then the next week people start to criticize him for well he needs to have better body -- Remember that at all -- I you know Carolyn as the body language gap to me that was like passive aggressive blame him I talked to break here I saw us. She's sick as you can't say nicer he he's so you can't say. About the crappy brought out the bad read about the terrible judgment call he had to say well. Just control the way you you actually found oldies jags could -- your emotion was just -- argues why jet on radius and you're -- -- nicer guy. So I expect you to be really really critical -- season upcoming season Turk a fact of Tom there's a -- Saddam's own Dennis -- gallon Friday night articles or want history and we got to know. Topic conversation some about a Burr under my saddle for a while now about. My belief that the Red Sox star players have been getting a bit of a free pass because it's been so easy to go after the bottom of the line up the back end of the rotation. That Burr under my saddle got bigger win more and more is this pro football focus discussion. -- up about Tom Brady. Everybody rallied to Brady's defense over and over again by just bashing everybody else the roster and Brady getting a pass and just about anything statistically. That might have been against him look bad upon him and even the Bruins I've felt like on the way out of the playoffs there's blame the fourth line land Matt park -- ski. What about the stars are the stars in Boston to protected these days. And we'll -- you were on to something was familiar opening comments about that when you have these long droughts of championships. That have been busted up. In the guys who were involved in breaking those streaks. I think a lot more credit. We get a lot more build up its not like how it used to be in Boston where the failure to get the championships. Fell on the stars all the more because. They're the ones -- sports to get -- title. Especially with so let's -- yes and especially with some of the people you're talking about. You know when you obviously Tom Brady is Dana Ciara. David preaching. A guy that has been criticized. You know for May -- just going the youngest getting rough patches don't signal -- the motions of being awfully quiet are -- regular season but every postseason you count on. In -- great runs here at the Bruins in camp and you know upper -- You know with the Red Sox. Out. Two World Series right Dustin Pedroia David Ortiz gets a three. And yet you look at him and say OK -- we we know it it perform or they're not performing all the need to perform better. But now I get a look around them is is -- the same cast -- around them. You know can -- be asked to carry it again do we at the -- better around them as they get older. And I think that's -- a -- people look at. 61777979837. If you wanna add your two cents worth on that debate as to whether or not the stars are -- protected here in just a little bit and to give you a star from the Red Sox and I think should be protected. All of -- get to that let's go to -- first calling from North Attleboro highly -- -- 937. They got a -- on the -- Michael Bryant. Good so I had to get. That start might be an am I guess you might be customers are. It is not I think -- at least the only one that is protected -- contractual for the next yet -- -- five or thirty years is our call -- The thing is that you -- and you know like or will catch on second base. When they were reviewing the play and I notice that. You know Bogart and a rare guys. -- kind of like laps and you know -- -- old. And -- -- Pretoria. You insist you know -- -- the umpires you know trying to do because. You know being down by five runs they were trying to you know do you look at this get back in the dugout and giving comeback like this title he looked focused. You know with the young guys -- really think it's. Just ask a question I don't remember seeing -- who was the player that career and -- -- laughing with. There was the new -- viewers picked up I'm linked with cancer you -- second base I'll -- with the umpire called yet. I'm really you know at that time for the rookies. And the younger guys and I think they're just you know hitting slump. You know like hope for a little bit and well that's I think -- debate the other. The stars like they copy in the torrid start really you know pick him up or art has spoken with the exception Pedroia. I think it's time for the heart of the order to come through more crucial since two out of -- fight is key you know with the exception of Pedroia with the exception Pedroia and having everybody. Loved Dustin Pedroia Waite plays the game is no question about it right now when you look at him. Mean -- in -- fourteen guys in scoring position. With two outs. Onyewu went with with two outs and runners -- positions at one point. That's at 30 hitter there's 329. With two outs -- score position. To have so when you look at guys you look you're looking right at him defensively he still gold glove there's no question about it. And deal with the wrist issue. That's just that's just Tim who's gonna play through it you know hear much about it and call which usually call -- -- fact so that is what he is however. He's not performing in -- and there for you. You know a mutual hitter it was in a Bogart's is is having a great rookie year OK we've seen a nice -- slump right now and -- Oprah's sixteen. But as good as she's hitting what do you what guys -- position -- sixty. You know and needed -- Ortiz who Gillick says thirteen fourteen home runs it for two days in Minnesota. So. Now it's it's that -- the order that as much you wanna protect them yet admit that. They're not performing anywhere close to where they really need to be. When it comes to fan and media criticism of the stars in Boston to protected and are the French guys picked on too much 61777979237. Let's ask -- in New Hampshire hi Sam. Powell already good morning. I wanna comment on the let's talk struggle. You know like we are operating at -- I think are a lot of that's except that he's -- -- I'm -- did nothing but got the look supporting -- there I think that Tom. Think he should be red. Not real short but it is. Do the best job that they can apparently those guys around them late. -- but a lot for second -- best job they can is not 255. With runners in scoring position for David Ortiz. That's her best job you can that's not the best job that we've seen him do. Correct and I politically about I think that -- -- happened the other guys. How -- are a little that -- the key to bringing me about those numbers up another each -- and looked individual. -- work but I think that supporting captain Tom what would make terrible situation under. OK but when you look at who's supposed to be getting on base in front of the guys to drive the man rock colts didn't re what is it -- right now 313 Agassi slowed a little bit but. It's a hit 372 of their for a while the top of the order. If I got -- in 378 the top of the order for alleged. Players that are making money to drive in. The guys who set the table that's not on the guys who are in charge of getting on base he's getting on base you just talk about -- -- better. He's been driving guys -- was driving guys in before the swamp. I think if you look at the last month. For instance Ortiz is -- PS is dropped a 160 points. And that needs to be talked about just as much as we talk about the travails of the 78. And nine meters. Issued via mean even more importantly if if you get -- production out of 6789. Managers' data I just don't think the if you look around you look at some of the great offenses. You don't just sit there -- -- the other category 34 holder. You know the last -- great about that team was I think it was 6789. Out of those three positions. -- for the most part you talking about guys like Nava salty. Drool. I think we'll also down about it the last four guys three of them. I think -- the water to as far as like pitches -- trip back. Right so mean to bottom of the order that the media order is doing their job topic you what else is doing his job. In the bottom of the order what the best hitters. But they're grind out at bats -- was still make pitchers work at the guy never had a breather you ask any starting pitcher. OK and you say would you rather have. And order that is ballots were 6789. Or actually 260 hitters grind out at bats at 280 had a mixed in there may be one guy it's 240 but he got like twenty bombs. It would you rather face that top line up that's go one through nine that make you grind. Would rather faced a lot of pats get 34 hitters that it just monsters. It will tell you every single day you would rather faced a lot of but the two hitters or three hitters because they can manipulate it. If tech crime it's never happened to break it just it's never. Never -- an off. Six hole hitter leading off this going to be easy inning for me because it's going to be in ninth pitch inning and then not gonna get it atop the order is if one guy gets on a Barry in the nine older. Finally John perilous talking about this and Dale -- yesterday. Opposing pitchers have navigated their way to a lineup cards not to -- certain guys passed -- and attack. Another another hitter and our lineup either because. There there's more -- heart attack planned there might be some an experience that they can exploit. There there might be some tendencies that the opposition is very well aware that they can he looked sure to use that to their advantage. Yes exactly yes so it even at -- mossy broken down really well. On and The Herald today he talks about coverages and the Red Sox are coming up short virtually every position. So we looks at current OP yes vs career OP gases so to your point attempt where they should be as so they're not. Outperform they're not performing up the level of their lifetime numbers of which gives you kind of -- A OK jumping off point where they should be what you should expect from them. Peso AJ Pierzynski Mike Napoli are the only two players have been fifty points of their career numbers. Okay I'll look you know I talk projected relative but it still not a big and it's a sample size. Ortiz Johnny golf is just a majority of job and her or between fifty and hundred point sell. Of their career portals -- trend and if things get pretty ugly is what top Tomas he says Casey victory ill willed little Brooks Mike Carp. Down more than a hundred points Grady Sizemore Daniel Nava and David Ross have dropped more than 200 points. I know Grady Sizemore was an experiment it's not work out dead or not husband up and down and start to seem like he's -- a groove again David Ross. Nothing there Mike Clark hurt will little brook -- civic -- hurt there's your answer to the story me. -- you know that this new injuries a Christian well but they're not that comes back he'll probably be in Tripoli. You are but you were counting on will -- Brooks -- you -- -- -- unfortunately they wore be the subject. Hitting a season. The Saber metrics guy known as neighbors was recently talking about -- -- he was just gonna light it up. -- ever -- to you when you definitely protected for 104 RBIs it was crazy and obviously can't project somebody's how how badly somebody's injury prone. But at the same time he did everything he was supposed to do to get those numbers -- it projected those numbers projected those numbers this year. It projected the exact same numbers last year didn't perform -- projected in again what do they do I have no idea. Crystal -- all. -- what does this broad numbers and a big big go big and see what number comes out hey well it's 120 RBIs. The Red Sox player that I wanna see protect tool to more than its star. Is -- -- -- put it better like he's a rapper -- -- -- that he's not really coach KOG. I'll tell -- why I'm on the Koji bandwagon for new contract. And Lewis who disagree with me we'll do that we come back is his ninth through seven W yeah.

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