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Jackie MacMullan, ESPN Boston, talks Melo, Love, and Celtics Draft 6-12-14

Jun 12, 2014|

Jackie MacMullan joins the program to talk about the Carmelo to the Heat rumors, Kevin Love's current status, and Danny Ainge's draft options

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And in my prime workers -- the possibly can and I'm hoping and everything just north south for all parties involved -- that Asians speak who work in front most people work. Your agent works for you so you dictate terms and what are you gonna -- -- -- It felt very instead. No matter what the outcome as I just wanna have been a great players about the -- -- have been a bad six there have. As far as me and I -- my hearts are really wants who and I'll be watching these guys -- will be one. Given moments. Or station yesterday on ESP ends joining us right now on good days with MSB -- Fauria and -- it's Jackie McMullen also from ESPN. Jackie did you see that yesterday from Kevin then how open ended their appeal to you about where he wants to go assuming it's not staying in Minnesota of course. Right well I think -- Kevin that display it won't be staying in minutes. That that's been apparent for awhile now the question is. It will begin quickly up and that is chance. To -- you know let us show you let it show you for a few months -- we had gone on and put controlled that's still because Kevin Love is not yet create itself. I think he's pretty determined to move on I've got that all but -- that. -- you remember last time I see someone who's not exactly freed yet pennant. Do this thing the last couple weeks I think he's very get interviewed he's talking about his contract on while he wants to go somewhere and when and he's out in Boston and -- he's still not a free agent -- with. Right there every might be a little bit that the white -- you know. Did the worst kept secret sports was quite Howard going to get out of Miami. And it is you might -- that truthfully the way he handled it and and you know that we've seen this before Shaq will be leaving Miami you know so often to the agents the one that's driving the strategy. And telling him at this coherent -- fiscal -- and don't say that and so I think that's part of what's gone on -- -- here. By force the issue you know that I wanna wait and I don't I don't blame get a lucky he wants to know it's what do teachers now and if he'd already determined it's not in Minnesota. If he wants to get to the next -- And of course with the draft looming and everybody having these decisions to make. About whether they're gonna trade the pick who they gonna draft with the pick. You know take the Celtics for instance and I don't think anything's gonna happen I'll reiterate with about before the -- but it felt -- -- the number six pick. In Julius Randall -- there and that someone that you can draft. And then trade to Minnesota have they had that discussion. Although kinda questions. So let's talk worst case scenario for the Celtics Jackie. So when it came -- worse case scenario plays out and around a couple of real value and a -- let's assume he's healthy. But they they don't bring it they can't get loved it can't -- Carmel 'cause he's gonna Miami now. Okay right so what would be it will what are we looking at here as far as a roster are what are the other possible other any other names of -- -- Does -- have to be Kevin Love. Well. It doesn't have to be but that would be pretty good start this -- there's some good people out there. You know I like little bang for instance. But. Again you pay top dollar to be played and they have conceded there's a future there they go back again right. To the whole the whole chicken egg thing is Rondo -- -- if -- a potential free agent and you're looking at the Celtics don't you want to know who's going to be their. Is there on the part of it or is he not all those kind of things so. It's not it has to be just those two but don't you know done the grand prize winners straight. It Jacqui just record is -- just -- to the Celtics a draft Jewish friend of me because. -- maybe it's already worked on or whatever that's Minnesota but they don't have that talked you know and indeed it does draft Jewish Randall and Minnesota's like you know what we like and we like volley better. If you drafted -- Maybe we could have done this deal like that puts the any real tough spot -- is distracting for his team. That's -- you say and in it has to be some communication before it even if it is after the draft because that's a tough spot for Danny. Well my guess is -- it is only gas. Because I mean there's no question that but you know what if let's say how many -- -- the -- had a sixteen -- and contact them we know the Celtics a one of them. I would think knowing Danny's gonna -- delegates is -- put what I cannot drink never loved before the draft. If I have the -- -- -- markets Smart you know and of course they don't need them they get rubio markets might -- Randall violate whoever is here. We wanted it -- but that would you know pretty bad position if you don't end up with Kevin Love right. It beat that the other guy better elect and we got the. Look so I figured it could be any -- and you don't have to deal by the draft you have to draft. You have to draft what you think makes sense. For your team and maybe trade that pick for veteran. You know commit to start -- the process of convincing Kevin Love and -- this day. You know I mean that it's interesting the free agent decides the you know the daddy I'm not -- -- and a -- I'm not counting bosh and not kind game then -- kind Dirk Nowitzki and -- Connie -- can dunk and I don't expect any of them to change. Places but you know really the next group this -- are you -- to the monster year. In Toronto. Eric Bledsoe had a great year in Phoenix forego -- and I play yeah point back. Okay then there really does become I think after that little bit anger Greg Monroe but it it's up to me like standing that it can do great things he can. He's a restricted free agents so they can match anything anybody off I -- you guys want pocket -- in the history. On no okay now I don't I'm trying to figure out young and Stephen Kim. Not really an Olympic movement is now will be good the talk shows via the equipment now. -- I want lives -- senator Celtics fans want Lanston and that's a different question. Jacqui well joining us. Eight the right group and I -- the wetlands Stephenson has all the tools I don't know if he'll ever get together upstairs but. I -- most think he's still most valuable to the -- because. He listened to bird at least three quarters of the time which is better than everybody else to only listen to about have to talk. Jacqui brought up Randall -- brought up final play. Aaron Gordon's work now today if it is stick in -- is -- one of those three and if it is creepy is the best fit for Boston. The again a tough question because who who you know who's going to be there with some if it. I mean I'm just assuming that Kevin Love it coming here than that -- gone and right of Kevin Love this coming here. And you've got a bunch of young players Aaron Gordon probably the one. That's most NBA ready I would say markets might they repeat of Rondo so it's if they draft market Smart does that mean Rondo is gone. The other so many questions here -- is I think very very very intriguing but he's the least NBA -- he's the one with the highest ceiling. By Jacqui I know that the spurs and heat are playing again tonight and obviously you know that he's trying to overcome that 21 deficit. However Carmelo Anthony is seems to be the topic and the Big Three turning into a big four. Is that even possible I mean what has to happen for them to get Carmelo Anthony down in South Beach. Well this is also that they all know they're all crazy in my opinion elite group remission now but this one at least. You could see Carmelo Anthony wanting it to happen let's start with -- -- but -- the problem. You've got you got bosh James and and in ways they've all got -- the dead early termination option next year OK but here's the good news for the heat. The only other person that's. The only -- other guys that are on your book. Our poll it didn't -- second round and an economy but two million and it -- two million I think christianity and got a year left. -- that Jones is up Ray Allen is that they've positioned themselves fairly nicely here. There's the but I don't see how they can handle all I I just don't think they can handle for Max -- is you have to have somebody else playing with you. So that's the part and I'm not a 100% sure about. -- little to guys like James and bosh and wade they would all have to take that hometown discount to make room in our guy like Carmelo Anthony. Right or they could not yet but even felt it still you know you -- What to 63063. Million dollars wrapped up in those three guys just for starters. Yes this started so if you're gonna pay Carmel. Twenty million also that. That's tricky. And sticky and you know people are I'd I'd get -- Mario Chalmers and again it could -- kind of lousy lousy NBA finals so far. But -- four million dollars a year he doesn't very quietly valuable things for that team down again -- LeBron drive each other crazy. But he's been important Ray Allen was the -- at them money we know that and even added you know and I think it advanced stage. The guy can still shoot it and so -- you bring up look at Rashard Lewis my goodness. He went from being a bit player to a starter in the NBA finals have a major impact so. I don't think you can keep -- -- and I just don't -- it. -- and the one that makes the most sense to me in terms of actually the players of the people involved actually wanted it to happen. -- glassy BA I thought the league came out of Vince and one of the things they really wanted to -- that came out of those positive was that things like this aren't supposed to happen I didn't think you know -- They superstars would get a jump in -- got this Carmelo Anthony team in the Miami Heat themselves. Talking -- a Kevin Love sort of picking and choosing where he's going. What exactly did they think they did that was gonna stop this. Well but it's a very good question Lou and the end of the truth of the matter is you still have free agency and as long as you have free agency players they're always gonna have. A chance to move and I think they should it. I mean they've earned that right the early termination -- the problem get me and that's. You know Carmelo -- bosh had that we had -- and that's because they -- -- for that Max is seven years where they're locked up so. It's. It was sent -- if it happens it'll be I think devastating to the league. If this if this deal ever ever have but I just don't think it will. Jack -- gone from ESPN here on night 37 WEI. I checked before we -- I -- bounce this question are fetuses were restarted is where we began the show you've been covering Boston sports for a long long time. I began to show today by saying we look the Red Sox especially in the when he branched out to some of the protection refer to Tom Brady with people criticizing him. In recent weeks even go back to the Boston Bruins when they lost in the playoffs against the Montreal Canadians. I feel like there's been a real paradigm shift were used to be in Boston where I remember growing up in New England it was all about going after the star players if Boston teams fell short. I feel like -- or more the last two or three years following from -- now coming back to Boston again. It's been about giving the star players almost a pass and attacking the bottom edges of the rosters more more in all three teams cases would you agree with that assessment or my off base there. Well it's easier to do that is -- it and I think part of that is because you're you're superstars in Boston. Have built up so much goodwill and immediately take -- for instance. I thought tactical -- by the late in the wake. The Bruins losing in fact. I was you know stunned at how poorly he played. What port it's all relative to -- but. And you know guys like Bergeron in that final game saying well -- when asked what their effort was well it was there sometimes and they're not that it's really. So I thought that the Bruins veterans. Deservedly got some criticism. In the wake of that -- a little bit of and tough guy because it is incredible work ethic because -- but obviously it has credentials and because obviously in that case. It would -- you have to work with the offensive line is beat up. The receivers. Give me an inability really the answer I think not so clock with very. You know you can go down the line of all the things so I think people are little protective of Brady and I think he's earned that right not only because it is that the way he's per performed. But also because of what he had to work with number one and number two he just can't question his work at just like you can't question -- -- -- And then you know and in the case of that the Red Sox right now. You know you look at Pedroia had to me was the undisputed leader of that team and has been for a long time. And if anybody doubting that he indicate trying to hit better than 271. Trying to. Provide a little more punch for that lineup and so that's why they get the past because. Not only have they worked hard they were tied in one -- awfully so there's there's no and a little reservoir of goodwill. For the superstars in this town and frankly I think they should be. Jacki thanks to bush are going on great talking began all the best and noble talk again next week okay. I died had a good week --

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