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It Is What It Is Cast: Jimmy Garoppolo getting more reps

Jun 12, 2014|

WEEI.com's Mike Petraglia and Chris Price break down Week 3 of Patriots OTAs. Jimmy Garoppolo has been getting more and more reps as he continues to learn the Pats playbook.

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Welcome to outside Gillette Stadium as OTAs are wrapping up for the New England Patriots. I'm Mike the Triad joined as always by patriots expert analyst for WEEI dot com. And expert columnist I might add Christopher anytime Christopher price Chris OTAs are wrapping up next week we finally start mini camp. For the patriots. Talk about the transition and YOTAs. Wrapping up is important leading in the mini camp why's that a big deal. Well I think it's about building a foundation at this time a year you want to be able to make sure you know what to do and before you put the pads on before the real work gets involved. You know you wanna make sure that guys know where they need to be predominately the new guys for anomaly the rookies we saw some very interesting stuff today. Out of -- drop below there was no Ryan bell out of the field today for the UT session so Grupo got a lot of reps how to good start looked a little uneven toward the end he was -- the rookie did. You wanna keep the the most attention you would really drew the most attention during the day. But out really at this point like you said with -- UTA's it's all about building that foundation. Learning your playbook going -- need to be for mini camp next week that's from the real elections -- at -- we should emphasize that OTAs are technically voluntary the do you read anything into the fact that -- -- wasn't here no because you did live there was a handful of guys on and off over the course of you noted beauty sessions that we celebrate what fell wasn't near the you know the week before. All right governor and unity Dominique Easley still. Not on the field on a consistent basis but look I I would start to be concerned if they weren't here for. Meaning to him -- -- -- Avaya -- for minicamp and obviously it into July for training camp at this point like you said. It's voluntary. I don't think you wanna take any chances with guys who might have -- problems it would that you Lee's injury history guys we've excused absence is I wouldn't read too much into this. I something we did see Jimmy drop below working with was offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels and mcdaniels had the headset on toward the end of practice today. What could they possibly be working on is that something where you wanna get the fundamentals the mechanics of working with the headset down during the game likes -- Tuition yeah exactly just logistics -- just getting used to a new system for a gimme that's another thing that that the quarterback has to. Did used to the NFL level so that's something you have to get used to doing that those interest and drop those under setter he really didn't go under federal flood over the course of his college career so. I wonder if that was one of the reasons why he appeared to struggle toward the end of practice of eleven on eleventh yet the ball slip out of his hand when he's trying to pump fake -- and so happened last week as well exactly so here's a little bit uneven although last week you can make an argument look it was it was a rainy situation -- that we can -- it's not a great day but there's no -- involved in this situation here so. You wouldn't expect from him at practice today but I think it's import like we said before just the other field get those reps. Did involved in the playbook start to work with a veteran guys in in -- kind of build from that. Point not only got more reps today but I thought he got some reps with the starters obviously the offensive line. What kind of significance is there in that I mean granted this is OTAs like you said no ads whatsoever but he was then with the starting offensive line group. What do you read and that -- he didn't look overwhelmed I think that's all you're looking forward this time a year in that kind of situation with a rookie like drop below under senator. You just want to meet Kim. Appears comfortable as possible nearly any and again not -- overwhelmed not have thrown too much out of you looked -- Indy that aspect of it again. There were times where he struggled he threw some bad -- he threw some very good balls -- what he threw great yet agree connection very early practice Roy finch a passing -- so. Take -- for what it's worth again it's it's all part of the building process a wanna see immoral when he gets the pads on but today was a step in the right direction. Let's talk -- about a couple of veterans here. That were on the field today veterans coming back from serious injury. Two key components one on each side of the ball that were not available to the patriots is they made their run to the AFC championship last year. Vince Wilfork formally took part. In OTA practice today at least for a portion of it at least the beginning of it may be let's say the first 45 minutes or so before heading into the bubble behind us. And Sebastian Vollmer he was back practicing today. The significance of having those two players in this environment not just working in the bubble but out on the field with the rest of the team what are you read in that I. It's big to get him back up to speed as fast as possible look these guys are not rookies beamed over the situation they know the environment they know they -- mistreated -- system sort sonic he needs -- school them in the playbook. But being need to in some ways kind of start from zero again when it comes to getting ready for the regular season when it comes to conditioning when it comes to building up that. You injured body parts in this is all part of that process you know we talked about other rookies are going to the same thing those guys to some extent are having to go through the same thing. We -- there injury situation so it's good to see him out here your patriots -- You have to be encouraged about where they are again like you said Wilfork was participating you ports has been a most of practice today at the next step is to put those pads on for -- -- And when that does happen next week what do fans look for at many camp as opposed to what they did not see during OTAs. Aside from just the -- you wanna see some Christmas to. Would you wanna see. You don't have to be a finished product -- mini camp -- you wanna be fairly close to. Training camp ready you know you wanna be able to hit you wanna be of the build up that condition you wanna be able to. You you know. Execute properly on both sides of the ball that's really what you're looking for that situation. And really at this point right now -- June late may early June their building to a point they're laying that foundation what you have to do. Once mini camp rolls around you have to start executing on the stuff that you put into place -- me engine. Somebody else we had a chance to talk to crest today was a new number 55. Taking the place of Brandon Spikes James Anderson a coverage linebacker that the F patriots signed -- eight year veteran I believe it is. From the Carolina Panthers in Chicago and the Chicago Bears right we had a chance to talk to him he knows he's undersized. For his position especially when you step on the field with guys like Jerod Mayo and Donta hightower he knows that. He is not that big of a linebacker so we have to make up for it in terms of speed what have you seen from him here in OTAs that impresses. Yeah he was about the same size -- these renewals Lester you know in terms of looking at a guy who's a safety as opposed to -- a coverage linebacker. I think that's his job if he can sees it I think when you look at this roster. They're not a lot of guys on this roster at the linebacker position who are quote unquote coverage linebacker types. I think he has an opportunity to win that job he comes in here he plays well. He shows he has an ability to pick up that system for what it's worth also he's a very well regarded veteran both in Chicago and Carolina. Guys -- rave about him guys rave about his ability to. Mentors some of the younger guys and I think it's going to be interesting to see if he has an effect on any of the younger he treats players specific on the defensive side of the ball that regard. When he was asked if there are few things missing from his -- make James Anderson. With a wry smile -- said. Yeah a couple of Pro Bowl appearances and may -- a couple super race yet so I obviously when you come here to the patriots that's one of the big things. When the patriots come calling you know you immediately have that chance the next week. Chris we wrap up the in May and June portion of preparation offseason preparation for the patriots with a three day mini camp. Here at Gillette Stadium WEEI dot com yours truly in crest will be on hand for all three days so. Keep it locked on WEEI am WEEI for complete patriots coverage outside Gillette Stadium. He's -- for price some like the -- it WEEI dot com.

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