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Jun 12, 2014|

Ben and Russ preview the World Cup and talk about some of the storylines that have taken over the WC in Brazil.

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Welcome into another world competition -- WEEI soccer. -- -- -- -- Young Ben Ben just. You don't always show. -- -- -- -- -- The -- -- It is and we actually have a real good matchup that would operation when Brazil. Here's to see how the Brazilians come out. You know at home for the very first time it should be an interest in that I believe it will be very interesting matchup and for. Knew where soccer fans -- soccer fans you might in Croatia has no chance but that's really not true that's a pretty damn good team right there it is it is it's gonna be again. To start off a real tough match for for Brazil because again they're gonna wanna come -- very strong and I think. Croatia could be a team that can get out of their groups a lot of this is going to be. This is not giving -- I guess it's a very easy matchup for the this will not be an easy match up -- -- a pretty good team they've got some quality players look at Marc -- of one of the best midfielders in the world and he can surprise you with that actually how athletic he releases. I totally agree he can control the match and if he starts control not the midfield. And you could see a very different style that you could see Croatia -- some of the play but I do expect Brazil to really. Carry most of plus. Well its interest in speaking of croatians. We have a man wearing a Croatian Jersey right now. WRKO's. Own Jeff coroner. Walking around. It's a song turn around. Royce is gonna do it. Yeah I know you just told me -- You would who's your guy look a margin drew just talking about. Welcome outrage central midfield if we had -- -- huge point. I'm telling you Brazil. Would be literally shaking in swap. -- were stunned the world you heard it here first it is going to be the upset her around the world even if these. Cooks had written and produced. If Croatia beats Brazil. Jeff who is getting so drunk. I'd say I'm not doing the show tomorrow -- -- actual. If Croatia -- beats Brazil Croatia beats Brazil Shia. Am telling you the entire nation of Croatia every Croatian American and he denies -- every Croatian and even. Everybody's getting nobody shall. I love it I love the passion enthusiasm I had no idea -- Croatian until ten minutes ago parents that's correct well. Well thank you for joining -- soccer cast. Were in. Croatia. The fifth at you may trivia really easy. That they're at at at. -- -- death. I will see you tomorrow you'll be stones over it. Well that was a weird little surprised yes it won't accept that I didn't know he's Croatia to somewhat by ethnic Croatian Jersey I was that was Douglas -- -- was like a bonus that was a nice little equipment is so you heard it Jeff could there's going to be getting. Really drunk if Croatia wins he predicts -- tournament. I'm predicting he's gonna be wrong I'm from Framingham I'm going for present. Appropriate to -- to -- that we have been through that so we're both pulling for bizarre I am I ample ample for Brazil the last name like Goldman and last -- -- kitchen. I don't think either answer. And we're trying to -- I have no idea or a year ago without something along lines of being awesome and being Jewish days possibly. But -- most -- -- we still must have written -- that this. Are right so who we've got that match up later today and listening to this later maybe it'd match of party happened. But Bruce I believe Brazil will win and new possibly result. On -- -- but it but an interest in doctor and all -- -- you've heard about the -- has been the grass I don't know if you heard heard about. The grass isn't always greener -- sometimes it's Browner and other so there's some issues limits so law. That might be a factor especially for for a club like Brazil you know the likes to play. FBI grass is not up to snuff for you to put -- -- they could have a little bit of an issue that could be to Croatia's. Advantage. Slowed numbers -- 88 year pitch isn't highly maintained. No slowdown your speed skill players and if you got the bigger stronger team. I don't know if Chris is really bigger stronger team -- Brazil's got some size to them but if you're. If you are bigger stronger team it's going to be to your advantage to slowed down a faster more skilled team in the Brazilians console. So and we've seen this all across the country and move we would solve the whole. To buckle an announcement that 280 million dollar stadium that's -- four times -- home computers extend its. Crazy it's crazy whenever I see that I'm like what were they thinking about building it there but they did. It made no sense com unless they eventually plan on putting a professional Brazilian team there which they don't currently have on. I don't Janet -- you'll see the American -- up so I'm coming up on Monday afternoon. USA. -- -- not USA out the last two World Cup's. This year everyone saying they need to -- -- Ghana. And somehow -- drivers Portugal. They won't be Germany. Do you agree that. Did you pull for so do you think they can beat Ghana. Sure yes I do like in that they can be gone -- -- got to look very impressive than a lot from -- I have to give that give it to them by. The way -- -- the US has built up then we've watched the street from -- and it's difficult to -- to really take too much about it. But it do you see progression and I happen to see a good amount of progression now last match against Nigeria. I'm feeling that they have very good chance of beating guys they don't -- they're done. They have to get all reports that I don't -- -- does that they have to win this match so. Ghana has been the bogey team and we keep talking about that they have to be -- -- can they -- got a yes but got a stake in this exact same thing. Well I gone and you essar and the same exact situation. They have to beat each other and somehow -- drivers Portugal to advance. And obviously this only some help from that. Germany and we've talked about this before is the clear cut favorite in this group and will be coming out of this group. Unless something major happens right Portugal. Has arguably the best -- in the world. But not a lot. After him not a lot they've got some quality players. But not a lot and you say as a -- chance against. They do -- now what's interesting in and I believe you went to the match on on front original accident and dot. What did you think about the Portuguese and they were missing what 45 key players so it's difficult to really judge. Militarily good Christiane wasn't playing it and if he's not there it's a very different teams so again when you said it's very hard to judge. Because you're not filtering through that guy that is gonna be controlling everything for you. But they looked pretty good it took them long time to -- and select the ninetieth minute to get the game winning goal. Hum. Mexico I believe was that almost full strength teachers who came on later in the game. Com but Portugal -- decent but again it's hard to judge without that world class player there where place and everything kind of filters through him right. I totally agree with you and -- with suggesting a ball. Portugal and others talk about the sun the preview on on ESPN yesterday's -- midfield is really strong with movement to you know moralis. That's gonna be the key if they controlled the midfield especially against the US. It's going to be tough on but it but it wasn't it comes down to Renaldo -- and all that and apply. But if you can stop them in the midfield. In my nuggets are Ronaldo said to me that's really going to be the major key is trying to stop the service -- now if he gets in the box score it's as simple as that he gets the ball on the box. The US are in trouble. Was -- -- Portugal is their scarier looking player than Rome or else. No scanner -- can do is this I don't hear all of the young dark -- I would not -- if he walked in right here I've probably run in the other studio because -- be afraid. He's scared -- it or two also has one of my least favorite players in the world who's at duke and throw her knife. -- hate that why do you hate him so he's just a whiny bitch. I can't stand I -- here here's why Erica I used to really like them when he first came up -- -- 1819 years old. Think she's who has since left backers is bombing of the field and it needs just abolish energy it's fun to watch complain I really liked him and I enjoyed him. And then tomorrow watches and -- as he got older -- dormitory for now but as he's gotten older. He's done so one rainy and it's always does this look on its face of that though I wanna punch you in the face. I don't wanna punch him in the face. Or he has a little bit of Suarez in I got to love it. The quality that you know Suarez is a player again with -- Europe live as far as the supplier that I think -- real life. Or you really can't stand because he he has a tendency to possibly a dive. But he has incredible skill and he does you know he does uses and that does not make a lot of gestures about. After placed -- -- race so we is that template that I guess it's a can come off as -- But he has he has on his -- -- back it up so is he's a difficult one. The players talk about that also has the skill you know I guess I guess it's even maybe a little love and hate that when this -- -- Contra -- hey it's it's eight and two straight days later that -- advocate. Have you been keeping -- EESP NFC dot com has been doing some interest in -- leading up to the World Cup and they've had they've been ranking the top fifty players. Yeah that are participating in the World Cup some of them obviously are not participating because of injuries like front -- not playing which is huge loss. And this -- top three that -- -- was from yesterday. Christiane it was too little -- history that was one who was three. I'm drawing a total blank and is while you talk about Cristiano Ronaldo and real messy. I will go to the computer and look up who is number three OK who was number one message. -- of one and I actually -- that. On the message guy on you know again not not not messy messy if I see your car and you are now OK -- -- -- But blow that message for me is the best player in the world. Ronaldo is is obviously. I you know listen you could you -- chronology of the be your number one guy as well that it's fairly cause I dislike messy because -- -- that -- That's ethic has more of a complete player where Varnado -- is legacy of your complete goal score and someone that you can control -- game. But I just you know again I think -- is just more about more -- a team guy and Reynolds more about me if that makes any sense that. -- -- So that's why it open is because icy icy messy as someone that. That is like the the last piece of the puzzle when it comes when it comes to Barcelona you need -- to finish the -- Ronaldo is more of not just the puzzle you know -- You know he's he's basically when when you build the team it's all about now it's all about for me it's you know it with -- went. A team like Real Madrid he's not. You know again it's not all -- bud and -- But for me. Cristiano Ronaldo is is that not not just the final piece it is you know Real Madrid is really about now though whereas. I think Barcelona's is more about a complete team and that's is just the final piece and the best place. Well messy right now has. I spoke to Andy Dorman earlier of the new revolution and he predicted. That Argentina would in the World Cup and to -- and part of his reason why was he believes -- the wrestler. And who knows he's had his speech struggled this year but. The score 25 goals and that's struggle ha but he struggled with the New Hampshire remember and I -- January's out for a little while because he he couldn't get his legs right. And 25 goals is struggling when you're used to scoring thirty plus -- seven Indian a year across competitions. So that is struggling. Bracket look this up there is skimping on this computers broker peace crap. Let's just say rivers and a Catholic news fibers and the one that broke now you're correcting. Why should it did it at that at a -- -- Roy's right I forgot about that I can. They're always right. That's not true but I'll take -- -- -- com. Absolutely outside a little bit about Argentina a -- on how di Maria play the game of his life in the champions that. He's going behind -- current and he's a very skilled player. That can move the ball up the field kinda of almost a box to box in that in that. In the midfield upfront you're gonna have you blame. Anywhere. That's a scary scary. Top half of the field yes. They don't have a great defense that's always been their weakness right. Candy -- such skilled players up front playing. Basically at home. Because they almost -- -- can they be stopped. Well it's gonna take a special team but you know I would say the same thing and again. Go to club level -- of -- public Liverpool. Liverpool war unstoppable. Going forward. But third their defense at times the suspect. So if you shut them down. You know you could probably beat them because you could probably take advantage of them defensively itself. It's gonna take a special team to beat them you know but I think it's possible. That sounds like you're you're really high on Argentina and it's. I'm starting to get high in Argentina and usually lower on Argentina because they always crap on their shoes at least lately you know I'm obviously not talking about Adam. You know 8678. But. Since Messi has been held as the best player in the world. He's really EE he's underwhelmed. In the big competition. Well that's a whole thing that's why that's why this is kind of a a statement terminated for hand. Because I personally think he's the best player in the world like we just talking about difference between Renaldo mass. He has talent around him he should you know again I I see your point why why your leaning towards Argentina having a strong run here. All the question is will he be the player that I see a parcel. Or will he be the player that we've seen -- -- World Cup's. It is it seems like it is two very different messages us. You get on one -- get the most skilled player in the world and get a player who just can't seem to. Figured out would do it with this country. But his country now I mean on time out you just named the -- mean this is serious amount of talent it's not Barcelona. Because he knows those players so while. Moan don't have. Midfielder -- the sporting midfielders like they do Barcelona and they don't play that same style. Yeah that's out sick you know and and he just fits in perfectly without may -- -- part of the issue that. Is that it's an adjustment for him playing that type of style and -- A completely different type of style with his -- this country yet Saddam might be why he's not as dominant. Interest and interest to think about it because because some players are are better in certain. Certain not situations certain formations certain. Like you said with with Barcelona that is really a machine. And he has the final piece that engine and Mexico. With -- Argentina it could be a little bit different machine. Argentina seems to be a little more. A little more selfish in their style. Than Barcelona Barcelona is very past us and keep moving the ball keep moving the ball keep moving the ball let the other defender let the other teams offenders Wear themselves out chasing the ball around incentive you. And few of the ball it's easier for them to target on -- when Argentina plays. It seems to adopt more of that style of our I need to bring it up and none of -- dumping often set have gone. And indicate -- and get it to you in the midfield then you're gonna get over the -- and when is gonna bring him back into the striker he's in ago. Whereas the winners to scare vomit up the field and Argentina. And then trying to make something happen from there. Right it's just a different approach and he's not a sort of the wrong approach now and he means -- like no no no it's not the right approach because this approach does work as well is just different. So when your player like him that's so entrenched in this Barcelona style and must be an adjustment for him to play for for his country. -- maybe that's the reason why. He's not the same -- that that we've seen in the World Cup and maybe he'll figure it out this time around because I I personally think he's the best player in the world. And I'd like to see improvement. And I don't think you will I don't I do not think Argentines winning at all a cup final four mere idea of so I don't even have been my fault for losing your final four my follow for. Outrage here. Then I have and I have Brazil and Germany. I have his presume Germany your final. The final I have mr. Wednesday -- means -- I have I have Spain -- my favorite one of my favorites is. In Houston we've had disagreements are real and serious disagree with the Belgian. And Omaha and Belgium so I have Billiton has been the one one semi and I have Brazil and Germany. -- com. I think now I have some along the lines of and I don't have the -- in front of me so I'm just trying to go off memory here that Germany. Brazil Europe play Argentina. Obviously very south American Nancy. Now into a buying into a whole notion that no European teams ever ones I'm not. I'm not buying that I -- -- stuff. To interrupt you but I keep hearing this -- keep here while you know again I have Twitter followers and FaceBook friends that keep bringing this up while no. No European team you know about what happens in South America. And my aunt and my thought on this that is at some point it's going to change yeah. You know I go back to -- -- with a New England Patriots here in that they were never won a Miami and eventually -- date they did. Sell so at some point someone's gonna break through and if there's a team -- breakthrough that's it for me it's Germany. Because Germany is built to do it this year even without market Royce I. You know again plug and playable whatever the -- if you want that they have such a strong team. That I think they're -- team that is built to do this from from Europe that can actually win it. And that's what I've predicted Germany as as the champion that's why I'm still -- I when I filled out my bracket it was about two months ago and I prediction yerba it was gonna win. Look at the time Soros is in top form now he's a little banged up. The rumors he may miss all of the group games would you be if you lie low for them and they're in a tough tough group. England Italy coast to reconnect your way that's an easy group to get out of I think that's a group of death. I agree with regard talked about -- and and we'll talk about that later when we bring on one of our guests Marco from. From Milan Italy. He will tell us all about the Italian squad and what we need to know and and if there legit team that we're gonna get to good to see make another deep run in the World Cup. But let's talk about some of the injuries that have been plaguing this World Cup and to -- and again every four years it's tough to remember always the story lines that are going in your member of the major ones but there's not a lot a rash of injuries. And it's affecting some major teams. His France have a chance without reverie is. While back that really hurts that I mean. Yeah argue -- one of the best players in the world on top five players morrow right. I I think it's going to be very difficult. And I remember the last World Cup where they just they just imploded could implode again it's possible. They could -- Anelka is not around to stir anything up anymore -- database head case ever in. -- in the last 1015 to one years of professional soccer he is a nut job odds are against any place ornaments seems like six months now. Can make you can they get over that I mean they do they still have talented players it is. You know Korean -- amount from The Who is a very good score very good goal scorer. And he's not afraid of anyone who go out anyone doesn't always win it but he will go at anyone he's not intimidated on any stage. Now listen I I agree with you that they still have talent. But on. If you take someone like Gregory out of true what does it do to France I guess only time's gonna tell. But sometimes when you bring out what is your star players the whole thing can just fall part. I don't know I guess we'll find out with friends accident happened time and time again. Its either gonna have what are what are -- affects either going to implode or they're gonna go on a -- -- -- it's the you know because you can rally. You know we've seen several several teams different sports rally when you lose your star player so we'll see which direction France takes but it. But for me that really hurts. It does really hurt England. One of those teams that. Is arguably the most frustrating. And national team there's total. -- over the talent is there. And this go around actually the talent isn't as good as it was in previous years now it's not but it seems like there might be little more optimism. With a team that's not as talented. Ball I think the you know again are among the people I talked to. They're they're down there there I guess you could say they're not their expectations were lowered in hand because like you said of the of of the talent. It's lord but that might be a very good thing for England because the expectations over the years have been so high. And it's been basically an all star -- and that goes over. There are and they never mesh well together and I've been watching a little bit and I'm hoping that that some of these young players a while then too. To want to play more as a unit as a team because that conducts the problem that they have they have all of these. Huge personalities play and get that this is that -- and passed with -- -- I'm hoping that that may be. You know players that don't know any better you know on talking about you know players like if it's -- -- -- like -- Stirling -- well done. Young cleric and and someone like white Daniel start can step up where where they don't know like -- -- where. Where -- you know obviously they live and and and they understand the history. But this is their first World Cup that maybe they can block -- The expectations were lowered this year so the pressure for referring and I think it is down what it usually is. I'm telling you I've you know I predicted that they get out of the group. And on still -- by that because I think that they. This is a different team and and listen I believe I believe in the manager people make fun of the manager Roy Hodgson. My former former manager form but plea you know again he has a reputation of law. Of all -- real I guess you could say a style that not many fans like because it can be. Defensive and it's -- shape you know he wants a good shape I've seen in the lately and this is in the Roy -- team that I was expecting. It's more open it's a little bit more open it's you know that did this more fluidity to. So a lot particularly in gonna gonna surprise people I think they get -- the group. Let's talk a little bit now about a team we have yet to talk about and I feel like nobody's talking about. The Netherlands well. They were runners up in 2010 to Spain. They put on a great show but the last gas at the end it's sometimes happens. -- remembers his four years older but still incredibly good. Wesley Schneider had no idea. I never get to watch him. The what he's very talented players they they have talent up and down that field they -- this is a scary good team and I feel like everybody sleeping on -- including myself until this moment. Well I'm glad that you brought that up because I watched the special last night courteous pinned to our specialists it was actually fantastic of recommend everyone. You know a few reporter and watch it again because they've really given excellent preview. They focused on on the Netherlands and I was not aware that I believe was Roberta Martin has brought this up that he saw them practicing three in the back. And and basically -- a while they're doing they're doing three in the back they're gonna you know they're gonna do you know that they go through or new wrinkle here. And he said he saw the midfield and up partnership. And then midfield. Working tremendously he was impressed with what he saw practice from the analysts are fun and interesting. The coming from someone like Martin as you know actually impressed Mehmet OK. Maybe maybe they have a new game plan this time around that cannot get them get them all over the top winning it I actually predicted Netherlands we're gonna win the last World Cup they did it. Yes your right people are sleeping on it because. Everyone's a little bit -- But if Wesley Snyder Robb Rivera Percy and rob and all work together and this is what he was talked about there are all working well together. They got that thing going on they can be a sleeper. -- Robin impress me a while I love watching him because he's look like he's 37 years old for the past ten years. But he's so -- in good he's one of those structuring players that if you're an American and you get to -- Netherlands game Icahn who is this guy. Why is he always diving -- on the field that is very frustrating -- but the skill is on the wrong repeal the skill base which he possesses is amazing. It is and end many Americans might not like rob and I happen alike column I I think he's a tremendous fire. Beyond the diving will be an issue with some some people but the speed the athleticism. And if you get him on his favorite foot. It's going in the back of the net and I've seen it too many times -- remember watching him in the champions league final not this year have been the year before. And he was the difference -- and he got them over the top heat up Byron Munich over the top. And I was so happy for him I grew from from a year prior so happy friend he deserved that moment. Need maybe he he goes back four years again. You know think about what happened forty years ago this is my last chance as my last chance to get that down to get Netherlands that opportunity. And done they might surprise you won't let you brought them up because I wasn't taken much of them until I watched this. Show last night I'm like OK because I I respect Martin has a great deal and when he's talking about them I start to listen Michael -- in the tried some different. Okay. Com. Cool of a gallon of what you do little prediction here who'll come with the golden boot. And who's gonna be usually there's always one player that kind of breaks the rule that is not necessarily well known to mainstream. -- to non mainstream fans. Who's gonna win the gold moved Scoble and who's going to be that breakthrough player that all of a sudden now we're going to be like -- man I can't wait to see him in four years. Again and and and he's gonna be four years older he's going to be more experienced and better who's going to be that player free. OK let's let's start with a golden boot. And that's a tough one because I'm not predicting that they get all the way. I think it's going to be Luis Suarez if he's healthy if he's healthy -- he was he was playing at a high. Level this entire year I think Luis Suarez could be applied. But again. His health is an issue and if he's gone I tickets Suarez. You know I'm I'm try to stay away from the other the other names and comical you know again nothing nothing against. You know the Ronaldo as the Nazis you know I was trying to think of someone from Germany that that might be that. Up Plavsic and but now I go back to Suarez because things wars is a dominant player. Break up plan so I'm talking no notes to speaking of the chair well. -- could hear it -- match slide into it and OK maybe I just had to sit you know he yeah it's out of instead of law moving around because because I am a very innovative personnel if you haven't noticed a pretty and and I've noticed yes. But a break up plan yeah. That might surprise you first I'll -- the US. Michael Bradley Michael Bradley might not be someone that you might think of as a brick apartment on I I think people -- and really appreciate. Michael Bradley coming out of this World Cup war. Then they have in years past I say it's Michael Bradley break up -- overall. What I'm I'm I'm gonna throw an and that's gonna shock he honestly break helped wired data stirred how about that that's. Not gonna shock because that's the exact name I was thinking cut. I I was -- matter earlier and I was hoping we can get back there and he broke the exact guy who I was thinking. As the next. England's next hope you know I'm saying that hang in their hopes on and storage moving forward I think its search he's fantastic player. Already. All watched the three three of them on talking about for Liverpool when you have stirs Suarez and you put -- sterling and then there's that there's a place to account for small. Even though watching him play drive it does -- not the way he holds hands and it's it's just one of the -- goes like this like it just drives me it's -- we will not split. But beyond that. Sterling is another player its public health for Brett in Sturgis you break up. All right fantastic at a time now for us to welcome into the show. Mark DeRosa from Milan Italy. As time part of the show when we welcome in our one of our experts. All the way from Italy. Which is actually rare disease like two floors below us right now Marco I don't Marco. Very well thank you just let our guys good good just -- audience know where exactly are you from. I'm from a lot I was born and bred in Milan. Is it about twenty years ago. And have been carrying on the flag as he Italian national soccer team respects. And you're a big -- -- I am a huge giant Norman wants I was gonna -- Q and say AC Milan but I I knew you'd hurt me for now. Yes I don't know we're fine -- sales. On. Oh. All right let's let's jump straight in -- talk about the Italian squad review obviously hearing in the Bob's error we do have a huge Italian fan base. And so. Maybe you can. -- foremost a little bit about the team what's going on -- diamond. And what expectations are for them so let's just jump right into that -- what are the expectations for the Italian team at this year's World Cup. Well -- really know which shows up court -- also shows up at. At the world or. Big -- so in the final in Europe 2004. They won the world capitals six. We don't talk about 2000 too much because they went out groups stage. So the expectations I think our. If they get out of its engines is not an easy group to begin. Then they'll do well. It's absolutely in 2004 they've buried an outdated. They're group. And then made me make it to the final and Spain which which unfortunately once the the -- apparently from reading Italian newspapers is pretty good. In Brazil Brazil right now -- getting ready for their first game against England. And if it all depends on what squad shows up first couple games. They just choose the climate to travel -- something that most teams. And so of interest industry. Marco I want to ask you about Mario ballot -- he really stepped up in the European championships but it again has had some issues. With his club teams in the past do you expect him to be the X-Factor for these times. It'd be interesting to see if and daily -- put women in in the starting lineup. Days where. Looking at either wedding. She admitted to -- Sino. Or. The other guys -- and cheering mob hit them very well in their respective teams this season but that is one of those classic. You know American the American public is it very clear. Icelandic. In the football and basketball. Much. In Europe is no different accent. He's phenomenal player we've got a nose for the -- and he's at target allergies like you -- that shouldn't Sweden. -- -- And it depends again on will be if they want to build it around camp and and all he'll get it. He's played in England so he knows. You know which -- he's played with gentle arms. At Manchester City so. That's going to be also a key factor. Now Giuseppe Rossi was left off the team. Was that a deserving omission for him. Could give been a player that could have made an impact for a more or was at the right move to -- team altogether. I am looking at an early choices. -- for one and clearly disappointed in not seeing that penalty. At the at the World Cup -- He hit it probably is coming off you know another knee injury. The -- -- he was almost almost there are a couple of as much as before naming the squad. He didn't make it. It seems that the American public and the sharing eager fans which is where they now are the most outraged. About him not being there. It's. That I am pretty happy with who he's he's brought in he's brought in an -- and beyond in your diet and better. As opposed to the last woke -- cycle. Where it was only you know old veterans -- were brought. So. Again. You know the American bus stops and key players so some other teams what stops and key players. Unfortunately not everybody can make on the World Cup squad actually response and you have the trust that your approach. She's written about -- possible. So being an Italian. And growing up and living in Italy and being more familiar with the European culture. If Brenda Elliott said publicly that Italy cannot win this World Cup. What would the reaction be like in Europe in Italy specifically. Although the -- You you know they just renewed his contract through the next woke up cycle and we'll just Jurgen Klinsmann. Yes exactly so a whole lot. You know they've built project around -- and rich and have a specific idea where they seem to go and in you know Italy is one of those teams that you always expect to do well on the world stage or the European stage. Yes that would have -- may just resist. Your current and certainly he did recently say something to effects. In in bit. Unfortunately and in soccer you know people pay attention to soccer once every four years in this country. In. It's harder things that is it would happen and you know you've probably. Immediately. Marco -- comport to a Saturday without Italy planning went what are the keys for Italy to getting all three points against England. Toll from a from a time perspective what they needed to to win. They need to in the midfield. They definitely human battle of the midfield and quite strong -- If you look at. If you look at England are England lost a couple of pieces on the way just like again every other team this -- like the more. Notable injured absences this year than any others. However. They need to control that midfield with people and hopefully they're raping a young guy. In and truck hit the ball to those balls go scores. The one thing -- he likes to do reflect the tired he liked Sarah. A target forward -- -- what they like to -- Plus one can create and invent those those great players that were known for. And we score goals. Some people you know beg to differ network known for flopping we don't -- we tracked. That. That she knows -- we -- and it is important that makes. Young guys inexperienced guys. One of the things that that I'm very happy is that they have the court the defense is all from your into those who won the championship here. And they're great players you look at you look at Cindy look at those guys. -- is also one of those guys if he's on your team you love and you kind of I mean. Defender. And then if you got -- you know you get -- EU get your in the mixed view you get. I don't see who the American public knows quite well. If you look back at 2006 slightly when he goes out there. Groups agent against US tour. Touching. Actress who was from the -- Brian McBride a much and I believe with his elbow. You know. That was actually pretty egregious -- that does someone like that you need to be able to control forcefully. And being able to get the ball had. Prediction time. How far will it -- go and if you don't have them winning at all who's winning at all. -- this is this thing in 2004 record every barely made it out of groups in general. Italy is known to do extremely well in those. Direct elimination. So if we get out of groups stage. I actually than going to. File. And then it's anybody's game. If Italy does not win. It to pops up between Germany and Britain. You're really you think it's Germany -- Olerud the two top dogs. I think that Germany has is with cart and vote has been -- building a really good squad throughout the years. And there are also it's in the chosen very well on the world that your day it comes to these internment. Brazil's plane home so they have until that tonnage. All the teams that do not play in this part of the cup and part of the world. Have been training. Trying to mimic the climaxed. And the long travel and everything. In their training camps so. It -- be hopefully in -- Cents. But I believe Germany's a very strong team some really talented players. There so I think like a lot from an admin. India and and I believe that they should be a contender I don't think Spain as the player strike that they had four years ago. Does America make it out of their group. -- -- process. You know -- met -- -- the US has hold much players who are used to playing in the conditions. They're used to these 3000 mile cross country. Can't cross country trips so that won't be a factor. They tend to get it I believe a little bit -- times and quite certain teams. And that's probably either their biggest it cute but they are strong and athletic and they can handle these. Conditions so. If they don't it'll be -- -- scratch. Well thank you very much for joining us Marco were really do appreciate sharing some of your knowledge and your expertise from the other side of the world. Well thank you so much and I look forward to hearing in this greater contact. Absolutely thank you -- In those Marco -- he's. Securities from Milan is a big interest supporter he's been following the Italian team for -- forty years now and he knows what he's talking about. Absolutely I've found it very interest in what he had to say about. How Italy can beat England and I'm looking forward to that game ban on on Saturday that's really for me one of the marquis on matchups coming up for the weekend. Let me just ask -- this right now is I have been dating miss with a couple people the group of death. I believe it really is your boy goes to Rica England Italy. Other people argue would mean I think this just American's saying of the Americans are immigrant or death and it's kind of an excuse. -- -- I totally agree and I think I've heard that while -- is right and that. We decided to ask -- decided this you know I just have dissidents over his right budget but in this case you are. All right well that includes another edition of the World Cup soccer casts on WEEI dot com has always I'm your host young Ben. Alongside me -- my cohost Ross Goldman you can find him on Twitter Ross underscore Goldman you can find me on Twitter at young -- WEI think US for joining us. Enjoy the game this afternoon Brazil Croatia it's going to be government.

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