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Dale and Holley's Four at Four - Motivational Speeches - 6-11-14

Jun 11, 2014|

In honor of Jurgen Klinsmann's ridiculous comments about the USMNT not being able to win the World Cup we teach him about motivation.

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-- -- -- -- But yeah. In addition to the fact that it's from rocky and that's the absolute perfect song for this segment. A pretty cool -- to open up anyway doesn't it. For a -- brought you by AT&T AT&T -- more than 99% of all Americans building you a better network. Well if -- in Klinsmann didn't fire Elop. Like rocky might -- we're gonna try to find some folks who might fire you -- That's right now we're gonna play back some motivational speeches to teach. Jurgen Klinsmann how to approach the US team and we're gonna start. With any given Sunday because any game. Life or. Football. The margin -- -- is so small and I mean. One actress -- late or too early really you don't quite make one half second too slow to fast you don't quite catch did you. -- is we need are everywhere are around us. There and every bring -- game. Every minute every second. -- We fight for -- On this team we found ourselves. And every one else around us to pieces but outage here. Awful enough. -- man is doing okay. We now. When we. I was gonna make up -- -- -- -- -- -- President Kennedy's fine. This thing die than those women and diet and who's gonna win it. Not exactly your game. I've been -- Clinton and the thing that right now but I thought I could tell the media. People like Michael Holley. Idiots. Who know nothing about soccer. -- not think about me even know Martin a it's like that that interview and sort of crime. -- December -- tell -- that we thought but -- number. You're gonna win it shocked the world. -- Yes we are Michael OK maybe American football's not your thing your game but. Maybe basketball's -- thing. I'm sure going to -- finals and beyond your wildest dreams -- people. Forget about the crowds. The size of the school. They're fancy uniforms. And remember what got here. Focus on the fundamentals. We've gone over time and time again and most important don't get caught up thinking about winning or losing this game. If you put your effort and concentration into play into your potential to be the best you can be. I don't care what the scoreboard says that the into the game it might well we're going to be winners. -- in my. Okay. Jurgen Klinsmann needs -- act knock those out and you're telling me way. -- Watson new people into the -- blow after another rapper and never thought anything else and three. Right here and let's try some college football. From we are Marshall. -- -- -- -- -- They have heart I mean. When the soles of your feet. But every ounce of blood you've got in your body lay it on the -- into the final whistle blows and if you do that. If you do that. We cannot lose. We may be behind on the scoreboard at the end of the game if you play like that we cannot. Be defeated. We came here today to remember. Six young man and 69 others. Who will not be on the field. We -- today. They will be watching. You can bet your -- That victory tea with every snap of that football you understand. How you play today. From this moment on is how you. We'll be. Remember. -- opportunity. Derives. From the ashes. We know. Then today. Somewhere right now Troy Brown has got a tear coursing down his -- -- -- But it -- good dollar -- good Matthew coming days freaking awesome young and I know you. I know we're not gonna get before. Without. Star reference. To perhaps. The greatest. The greatest most inspirational. Sports movie ever made. Time now for the AT&T motivational speech of the day. That's right Michael it is the greatest movie speech of all time ever detriment. Great moments. Are born. From great opportunity. And that's what you have here tonight. That's what you earned here. 18. If we played him ten times that might win nine. Not to -- Not tonight. Tonight. We skate. Tonight. We stay with -- and we shot down in doubt because we can act. Tonight. We. -- the greatest hockey. You were born to be hockey players. Everyone. That you were meant to be here tonight. It's over. I'm sick and tired here about. What a great hockey team missile hit. Scroll. This is your time. I go out there and take it. I. Actually serious. He choked up here. I get choked up that because I know a lot of the guys who were in that room -- -- and some of -- our friends of mine I get choked up when I hear that speech. The -- in the what Paula but after that speech. That's why I get choked up because I don't have athletic ability of doing things about being so fired up there aren't what do you know sort. About play -- but what do you would agree. Just that I advocate sectors checkered. Yes maybe. Monopoly. Well. -- doesn't quite reach any of those levels does he -- your beat got a chance to witness today finally ended without -- guys have poker games -- invite me to. Invited this poker game and take all the money isn't income -- to a -- I'm sure I'm shore I did an article that our goal -- about it. Both were good night's idol lob though it's we are actually is -- discussing this this morning we are trying to figure out you know what we what we are gonna go with. And and we decided Hollywood doesn't that are. I mean some first -- cameras on a withdrawal OK there was no camera in the locker room for her speech. So we only half. Retaliation fiction out it and and by the way guys were in the room say that's pretty -- I mean you really became herb Brooks -- that he really did it. But. And -- real life examples. You play to win the game. It's still but that there weren't about wasn't for before big game that was I think that team was bad. Is it just. Yeah we. -- -- Now her Herm Edwards example was they were a bad team right -- the two were reporters were asking him about. You know the the the level of competition the intensity because that I could give him and maybe I'm come out wrong on this but I thought they were out of it. And he was saying -- you still even though we're out of it we're playing to win. And Denny Green and you -- crown to crown him now that's not really inspiring was funny entertaining. And in Bill Belichick you. You guys Tellme Geist tell me that he's he's understated he's not -- but the examples you brought up early -- Saturday before the Super Bowl. And one where he was going through the holes suit the. It's just before their last won their last Super Bowl win thirty yes yes of Philadelphia played Philadelphia. And it's got a parade route and he's telling them okay this is what they're gonna do and that's how we covered and then go out there and Victor and be ourselves and honest. It worked in a speech before Super Bowl 42. Well let out a couple anybody have a speech no -- I imagine it was something weakness. I. -- Super -- 42 don't think they can have done. -- -- thing ever come across this occasion again to be eight you know. Going into their final game. They embrace the stupidity don't embrace the stupidity embrace the month. Breaks when you are -- Talk about talk about the past. Talk about the past were eighteen and all we have a chance to do something that has never been done in the history of football. I don't want to be overwhelmed by this to be excited -- hit the accurate that position. Let you know when you're the best team in the world. Understated. That let. It. Now I I will say real life seems to intrude on our text line -- -- somebody who might hold some sound as Michael. You gave that speech for sports against the return room in the globally in 1998. Act that was great you guys only lost quite lucky that I. I don't work out that -- I don't now. Now weak link to your organ -- -- He doesn't believe that his team. But ESPN has come up with a -- campaign I guess in in complete opposition a year in Klinsmann. Yeah it. -- I swear they did this just because that looks. Like it's good. Now you're the most contemplate that -- uncle after rumor anything. Not techsters got some good examples. They're talking about rocky six. -- I'm a grown man I'm forty it was a more that was. -- the commentary on the media. What we've talked about all of this morning but I was different that was he was gone after. You journalists and -- in the editor. And a hybrid garbage is garbage and -- governor of the great range of detectors and Doc Rivers always father. 2010. Up. Well let's go let's go back 2008. When he gets all those guys together the Big Three. He takes some forty days say it's a he says to them beat me at my hotel. Meet me downtown macondo whatever is by. Marriott Copley Square the -- -- duck boat -- go on the parade route. This is what -- playing for that inspirational probably wasn't rob rob but just the idea of it in the missing banner. That he focused on the address I think it's better than that we're -- now remember 2010 and think about that. But they didn't win it but but he. Eat a lot about like I got -- the money in the Staples Center during your regular season game. We're going to be playing we're going to be playing for the championship we'll be back here in gonna find this money so they found the money that. Still there I think that's an indictment of the cleaning staff. Well I don't think Judas early clean up Obama it's -- -- Karl -- get their blood that for now all they checked that stuff out so he did that. Would remember that speech is too bad -- and at thirteen with a thirteen point in the fourth quarter. They didn't win it but he said before the game one day we'll have a reunion. Will come together we'll talk about this -- Let's make sure our ratings. Are ratings and we shaking. If you heard. These great speech I don't get to where you wanna go.

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