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Re-signing Iginla on the radar: what else will the Bruins do this off-season?

Jun 11, 2014|

Dale and Michael discuss the cup finals, which leads us nicely into this Bruins off-season and what changes will be coming.

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You had some supplements -- -- What they're bringing them. -- And and and and I do understand that you know people have different opinion got you don't got a guy had somebody and -- importantly the text isn't there anymore but and it's on -- -- paraphrase but I credit to Michael services. Up fairly close says than the text said something along lines of once again Jack Edwards is taking the company line. Of the Bruins need to add size at skill and speed. The -- this they don't have anywhere near the -- -- speed at the LA kings have. -- like kings are the fastest team in this series. The New York Rangers are a much faster team in the Alley king's wife are. The LA kings are not faster than the Bruins a bit after wanna -- anymore -- fine command and that's fine. I actually think the Bruins have a fair amount of skill but they didn't have enough to get past the Montreal Canadians. But the idea that an edit it it. Has become a cliche in the east parts per -- in the same what will Bruins won't spend the money to get the extra player they need and it became a cliche and that became. You know Wallace received Pak withdrew withdrew 4 -- and when it wasn't true it was still it's being spotted today. Because it just. Well today doesn't do it today it doesn't doesn't hold water but once upon how they'll say at the all boys and girls what's -- on mr. and the people still say that you know the Bruins don't have the speed and skill of these other teams. -- they have more skilled on the Rangers. They might not have the speed the Rangers have. They absolutely. Have as much or more speed. Than the LA kings now make your argument -- don't think they have the skill let's. Well what the kings have. -- come with. Do you watch these games three games. -- a lot of hockey gone extra time in two of the three games. You can see that the Rangers are faster but what LA has they have better players. Done a better players. And they have more experience -- about the experience that they have and that they have eight I don't know how you would measure this. How which shows up in these games think about how many times the LA kings have been down. Like every games tonight -- it -- -- I mean it seems like there's nothing that you can throw at this team that will rattle them. So does that count for something short the the Rangers. Haven't been in this position. In twenty years. America completely different generation. Of Rangers players the Rangers fans. As opposed to LA kings -- tonight. And right at home when their second championship in three years well I don't know if it's gonna happen tonight in an upstart get a little nervous because all the story while there's. Look things are steadily up the Newark Star Ledger. -- -- -- who I know who covers hockey for the Newark Star Ledger. Posted a picture of the champagne being delivered to the New York got to the LA kings. Dressing room for tonight's game. By the way every team up three games to -- on would have champagne delivered to the dressing and that's how you have it ready. If you win the cup but of course what the Rangers will turn this into his all of I don't think we went up. And then there's a story that the -- steep the franchise itself as a plane on its way to New York right now with a 150. Family members. Just in case there's a celebration in New York time. And and generally when those things start to add -- after awhile. If I could talk to LA kings out. Let me be cocky. -- -- that are being handled all the barking about -- this -- this theories. I don't want you guys to be flying in family members could witness. You win this thing tonight what do you do. Gonna go back Alley will be back tomorrow. Wednesday's game I'm sure but I'm where I'm David -- went -- went right. Don't necessarily have to okay well we're gonna win it tonight and we must celebrate with our family tonight -- be nice. But. You went and York. You go back to LA. -- parade in LA. Is celebrate with your friends and they'll have to fly in for the. You know what I would have done by over the kings. I would I wanted to -- ordained birdie to keep the spirits of American and her skill games. You don't give the impression that OK they're gonna win tonight it's time to get everybody get get get that playing dollar we ambled out. You bring him in for both games and it cost selects for money to house them in New York for a couple of nights and that's fine but funny hotel rooms in New York you'll find room to it. Keep everybody. Usually when those things those kinds of stories kind of add up. Usually the team ends up losing that game -- gonna win the series I know that you know that everybody knows. But that's the sort of story that if you're the -- you don't necessarily want out there. But now it's out there and everybody knows that they've got a plane. -- this family members this must really tick off the NHL and they must they must hate this right now I'm not talking about the stories that bring in and family members and friends. But the way the series has gone to game one. I'll -- I'll sign up for that all day on overtime game. Indicating when it holds great reaction great television. Game to another overtime game this is great. Now okay now go back to New -- -- launchers in the classic -- LA protect your home ice go back to New York the win game three spot. Now. -- shut down in game three. May just lose game three wiped off the ice in game three gave it give it their fans have nothing to cheer for an up and cheer about. It's just this is going to be a disaster. When this week happened democracy -- -- -- they win. You start -- start to feel you are feeling a little -- I don't got spokesman. Really shots and got his multiple multiple gods and this is what they wanna talk to you -- stop is that I didn't. I really don't care what you religion whatever your religion news whoever your god is her from -- got her from multiple got cut the -- told me. We're told me that this is gonna happen. A very confident that the Rangers will will lose this year and there's another outlet but -- gonna take a -- and NBC can take Batman. All they they definitely would prefer Verdasco. You know the -- -- great ratings here you get two huge TV markets you're doing great numbers believe me NBC would like to see his -- little further so with the NHL. Stop with a conspiracy theories. That's not what I mean. And enter the text here who says. Where did the one about well Jonathan Quick is the best goaltender in the world so much better than Tuukka Rask could be honest with. He's -- party Monday pain in the east play on that not in game theory -- game three and it was only was he was really really good -- -- cal really. Sub giving this a Tuukka Rask in the regular season there's no compares to regular season. Tuukka Rask vs Jonathan Quick are no advantage to. Why are about to art but in the playoffs Jonathan Quick shutout that was his ninth career -- the -- the other night out. They're gonna win their second cup in three years. So it's kind of like the argument we were having yesterday. Regular season post season. In the post season. Because his team has won this is something that -- is is gone we're going to be talking about this until the Bruins to win it again -- two -- -- -- the goaltender. He's got. Unbelievable regular seasons that he's gonna win the best -- the he had he had. -- playoffs that it's. But they didn't win and now that everybody wants let's go on out that's what's gonna come down he's got the best goals against average in the NHL for the playoffs this year right. But they didn't -- cause of Tuukka Rask but it. It's unfair -- the hardware come back to the heart I understand -- name's not on the finally got an economic up but not -- and jungle game win and the cons -- feet by the Justin Williams is probably one and the -- might may be announcing what happens tonight. CPU let's see what happens to -- -- 77797937. As telephone number AT&T text line 37937. Right back to the calls -- -- coming up next. Male viewers talked to homer that hurts not homer. There's no way. Jonathan Quick so much better took -- to your local draft. I can talk about his goals against average up 30% it out all wait to go get Kerry price in Montreal are like totally outplayed them. Start to read the accuracy one after another -- -- right torrent. You boy going into tonight's action in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Took a -- asks goals against average in the playoffs is second in the National Hockey League to Steve Mason. Mason played in five games one point 972 grass -- twelve games one point nine now. Jonathan Quick fifteenth 24 games two point 69. The guy who's your outlook for goals against average -- percentage that's the one that matters to all -- to Rask fifth. In the National Hockey League save percentage of 928 Jonathan Quick fifteenth. Say that I -- ninth and art Imus got Jonathan Quick is the goaltender -- very good. Hockey so -- to correct yes. Imus are channeling the textures. But I did enjoy him very much you -- censored more and out channel those texts. Is -- the very get go goaltender and a great team. Yes super -- very good goaltender and a team that was supposed to be great was Greg Gregory didn't play well enough in play on the policies and that's what that's when it comes down to the Bruins. Were better regular season team. -- LA kings. Brought Tuukka Rask was -- better regular season goaltender. The Jonathan Quick -- better numbers. In the post season and Jon two quick but the team didn't advance and that is going to be an excellent. But the problem was written advance because of the play of Jonathan Quick sure did it -- kings. Like game three Jonathan Quick was great I think 32 saves got the shot out all that stuff they got outshot 32 to fifteen he got the win absolutely. The thing that everybody was talking about. Leading up to even the Stanley Cup finalist -- going on with the goaltending -- Jonathan Quick Cory Crawford cannot play in like they normally deal. Here's here's the great thing and we talked about that's what the patriots. Red Sox are different category we'll get to them I mean I think they are dealing with. Honeymooners disease right now from the fans nobody's going crazy that the Red Sox aren't very good. I don't know why maybe you know a baseball this whole sport a sport and ordered it maybe just satisfy the -- championship last year. Didn't expect but talk about the pay with -- but the patriots and the Bruins. They have both reached the stage. Which the very enviable position of being in an and a pleasant problem I have been -- that stage where. The teams and individuals on the teams are measured by championships. And so Tuukka Rask. A backup. On a team that won the cup up his name on the cup as a back up now ever played a game now he is being he will be measured going forward. By getting his name on that cup again. As a starter. And Jonathan Quick about to have his name on the cup twice so that's -- that's -- it is a problem with that is it it immediately just assumes -- Jonathan Quick -- Stanley Cup. This year I gotta be honest with Jonathan Quick quick tally he hasn't been his normal self. He has played much much better than this in the past and part of it was injury early on in the year he didn't have his normal kind a year. I'm not knocking Jonathan Quick he's a great goaltender in the NHL. But the idea that the Bruins got beat by the Montreal Canadians because of Tuukka Rask. Is solely to the Bruins get beat by the Montreal Canadians for a whole bunch of reasons and Tuukka Rask is on the list is about -- on the list. While these -- Jonathan Quick hasn't been as normal self but he was this year after it was his normal self at the most important. -- maybe wasn't his normal self we're down three zip. Two. -- poor. Joseph Thornton in the San Jose Sharks. -- is I'm so they come back -- four straight looks pretty good. Right. This critic he's looked he's looked good. I've seen Jonathan Quick much better. Much better than he's been this year I guess it's not it look he's about to be eased but to have his name on Stanley Cup for the second time he can't take that away from him. He deserved -- his name was on it he was other worldly a couple of years ago. This year he's been a good goaltender on a really really good team. He he's not the reason they're winning the cup. He's one of the reasons he's part of a group. But he's not tenth on the list either -- just like Tuukka Rask is using to get his tenth on your list up for what the Bruins didn't win. Jonathan Quick is not going to be tenth analyst for why the kings will win tonight. I don't know -- texas' case that you're speaking to all of God's. Can you ask my god what's wrong with the -- We ever -- or why you're just the talk until we are at work I'm talking sports with God's. How we haven't gotten a baseball yet we haven't gotten to the Red Sox. Maybe that's -- in a couple of weeks. So. If you mind her that up and I bet I'll put that on the list if you wouldn't mind just didn't do it let's get back to call 6177797937. With telephone number. AT&T -- line -- 37937. Jason Pembroke -- I don't. I territory right you know I wanna make a real quick points you know I think to perhaps -- sure and he will win that trophy. Also in the you don't eat play. Played great in the play I don't think it's weighted bat. Goaltending that that -- able to but he played really really well what's at stake if you're watching game and I think. The real creature in the early last year went off the -- they struggle they could not score a -- that we're not really took a -- all. And -- stay in it kind of beat bashing him right now is it is really ridiculous. Remember we were all saying I mean I could -- just finished a play. Could they could they'd just put a puck in an empty net but thanks operating I don't know I mean. An open net net net I I look what we're talking about that we are -- and you know for its -- and you know you know you just -- folks and a part of our Jonathan Quick -- a gradient economic and directory only Stanley Cup and and really immediate end and then you know. Step back up between YouTube and Overland to outnumbered -- quick in the playoffs that year. And and -- knowledge -- that it wanted to trying to make that or. And elected people think come knocking Jonathan Quick when I say this Jonathan Quick -- said he's not played as well as he has in the past. In fact that was the -- story out of the Western Conference final for everybody. The heck happened to Jonathan Quick and Corey Crawford to great goaltenders. Who wouldn't look like soft goals weird play is. I mean both goaltenders by the way neither guy could seem to stop the puck. But the callers point about. You know -- in I know in the haze of forgetting about things go back to the Bruins Montreal series -- rest of what was the story what was everybody saying can't score can't score -- -- And that was what was driving everybody crazy now part of that credit you gotta get Carey Price he he played very very well. But you know when you do hit twelve posts -- and I don't let me finish let me finish and you have beaten Carey Price and -- those twelve shots you've got to finish. Put puck in the net you had him beat twelve times then but didn't put it where you needed to put it. That's what the ratio was. Score they couldn't score remember although I mean look you're leading playoff -- score is got to try to re signed right now. And you know I I want them to get Jarome Iginla back here and and I know they're trying to get him back here. He was cheerleading playoff goal scorer because -- went two guys who didn't do anything. Brad marsh and dinner and not thing. What happened to those significant -- crate cheating not. Good nor any talk about those significant moves remember after the playoffs. Apple product in the playoffs playoffs still going on after the Bruins got eliminated. And -- came on this station. -- He expects some a significant move. With the Bruins hurting say that yeah you think that still works at the total works out who is -- I mean there's there's as the story out there that I've read there's a a hockey website called fourth period. -- date reported -- week or so ago that word was the Bruins were actively shopping Brad marsh and around the NHL. I would be surprised that's the case. I wouldn't be surprised if if at this point they say you know what. It's time to try something different here. In Africa. There are the only problem with that is. -- -- You know you're you're you talked about drama -- my -- -- leading scorer in the playoffs and he was the perfect throw -- -- one for them last year. He played well on a regular season for Pittsburgh the year before. Not so much against her once and that sweep. But it was a good trip for the for the penguins do but delicate drama -- needs. Vs marsh and age is it gonna get it likely to get better or worse. For Jerome Iginla and the next two to three years is likely to get better or worse for Brad marsh and and the next two to three years. I would say and in in both cases. They are who they are at this point. And and drama again like you know led the team in regular season goals. Led the team in playoff goals is that likely he'll drop off a little bit because -- -- -- may be a little bit. Why suddenly expect a spike in scoring for Brad marsh and probably don't. Well -- throw -- a spike in scoring what he would do I think he's going to be a forty goals are no I don't think that's that's even in the car much Richard got a guy. A legitimate thirty goals were -- You would think that he has that ability yes are so. I think as as frustrated. As Bruins fans are with them and maybe Bruins management is with. It's a risky. It's I don't like moves out of frustration is there. -- they're shopping him around NHL. That seems more likely frustration move and a sensible well let me think -- let me ask you this if -- -- please write in economics some significant move of some kind. Who would you wanna see them trade. What -- what a threat -- That's I would I wouldn't say that. I went -- -- that want to see them trade. Well it out if you want them to make its way and it went -- maybe you don't got to make a move ya gonna make -- -- out and you what the largest return on. To encourage. When I had my choice and I was gonna trade one album can be art out of this book -- that the logic behind yup. You trade -- -- -- right now. After he gave you nothing in the post season expect to get back for -- -- trading. If they if the classic example of trading guy when his value is on the floor. I don't know that I mean that he had a decent regular season regular season I'll never -- -- needed -- great -- by the art but Krejci. If you want it to -- and I don't they want to that's -- one is. Is there is a tricky work. If they feel like they have to us but that they'll have to dust up efforts for they have changed the dynamic of their team may wanna trade somebody significant. And then get alcohol in return or give at an equal player in return. I think David Craig she'd probably have higher market value right now. I promised he'd been Brent -- absolutely but there's a reason he has higher mark. I don't know to prickly point out we really have the flexibility to do you're not going to let this be realistic you're not -- -- to caress your lawyer. Not -- to correct -- yeah. You're not gonna trade -- La Lucci. Why not. No -- you know mariner. -- a man I've heard. That this is this is young cam out -- that that's compared him. He's -- because because he's -- power for good guy and people always wanna do that then that's not fair to young player. Has potential that is -- La Lucci is going to be in hockey hall of fame at the end of congress no probably no I don't mean it's not a literal runners -- but you're talking about a guy. Who is is a powerful player I'm passionate player up. Most of the time Smart player that time yeah. What are you accomplishing. What accomplishing by trading on -- If you're looking to make. In replace words a significant move to meet there are three untouchables on missed only three Bergeron. Jar jar -- I'd consider anybody else. I mean I'm not gonna be stupid and I'm not I'm not trying to I'm not trying to -- law old guys I'm not trying to unload mile -- teacher Brad marsh and -- David -- cheap but -- considerate. I would just think if if you're trying to. Changed the you're trying to change the feel of the team you try to get something that you don't have right now. Trading meanwhile Lucci takes away something that you have that a lot of teams in the NHL don't have to bring back something else that's not -- So don't make a lot of sense. Trading marsh can. Argue it changes up the team a bit. But -- the value issue -- -- have a good post season and he's got that reputation of being a jerk. Taking bad penalties. While he's got a reputation of being -- -- -- -- -- -- saying that the issue on the ice is he sometimes takes dumb penalties. So maybe he's a candidate may -- but then there are some issues there. And then there's the issue of again. I'm not resigning again. And you can you get a younger. At a younger again clearly a -- regular at this stage of his career not his body of work. Who we is right now a younger version. I mean I think I mean -- you my my point -- really think. We really break it down. They have the ability. To make any major. A major trade a major shake up and still remain buried -- yes. Now you got to get comparable talent in return. You were one of the best teams in the National Hockey League and -- if you're gonna trade away a significant player you've had an doggedly and I was gonna say -- -- -- settler. Ryan Ryan Kesler -- -- Well to get back to get a guy like antlers are probably Brad marsh and -- part of it. Anymore and probably a Matt art house ski. Wouldn't take warden that. No it would take more and I don't think so. And I do that by the way. I think the entire Boston Bruins organization would do. And they might martz in Rhode Island you're next on Sports Radio dale and -- Many Howard -- Wanna talk a little bit but I would say waiting period. This is significant move they made. That bulletin. Louis Ericsson and Smith did absolutely nothing in play all did not have more children to use it -- a couple of goals. But that trade. Killed it chances to win the cup the static you look at debts that and then put them up again stake in that it's no contest. -- maybe he would independent side absolutely. But. It's smoke -- that -- -- -- -- you've been number two pick in the draft by far the most talented player other than creaky that they have on that team and they gave them away. I disagree they gave way on. I I don't think they I mean -- tonight will play Riley Riley served. -- -- They're both OK but they do not want what Iowa City take a look at the stats -- -- -- that you know. I know quote blows plays to plate and urged him and play like that -- didn't score a you know -- the guy who puts the puck in the net. He says they don't score the team doesn't score I mean -- then scored host nobody we don't I don't wanna go back -- I have to throw travel date they score they weren't going to keep Tyler -- -- -- -- list. Now if if your argument is. They didn't get enough in return that's fine but his argument is they should have traded. That wasn't an option and I understand. Understand why they traded him. Makes all the sense. That it hockey since the trade. But his point where his point is pretty good and you can come up with an example probably you guys can probably come up with with a few examples where. This is not always the case but I think. Most of the time you've got a guy like -- say if you got a guy like my adopted son Philip Michael -- Actually developed that's -- Got a guy like that big time score. And you make a move when you say. Our regard trade the score. In -- -- -- at. A guy who does this and another guy who does that guys does that and you put it altogether and it equals the production of the guy we lost. 95%. Of the time may not happen. Doesn't work that way. I also -- if you get a thirty goes according got a thirty goals scored and you can't replace them with 310 goal scores and looks good on paper but the reality is. You didn't win that. So I understand it now. Tyler -- and that in that specific case. Yes he he did he needed to be treated I also disagree with the notion that you know Riley Smith is saying look at -- the player young player. Very young player 2223. Years old. I liked a lot what I saw from him -- Eriksson did not perform to the levels you expected or the Bruins expected. The fact that he at three concussions during the course of the season probably had a lot to do with that. That's just the back but that's also part of the of the evaluation to -- what you couldn't predict he was gonna get called -- and John's not. You can't predict it but when you're talking about a trade and how it worked out -- year one. Know a guy gets hurt -- guys can gust. Oh what do you know he gets to spend whatever it is you just have to deal with what she saw so when you're one. It looks like you look at Dallas in what they got from Tyler state and probably a little more than they expected and for whatever reason. The Bruins got. I think slightly less than expected to be breaking down -- Erickson wasn't who they expected to be because of the injuries and Riley Smith was probably more than they expected him to. -- fair that he was more than that -- right. But the idea that the Bruins should have just kept Tyler Sagan. I mean I'm sorry that just wasn't dealing in reality here. 6177797937. Its telephone number dale and -- right back with use Sports Radio WEEI. Final drive coming up at 545. Those of you who were not able to hear. The manager of the Red Sox John Ferrell in the first hour of today's program you'll hear a condensed version of that come right out. I texture on the eighteenth -- text by dale says there's another untouchable that you've got their three untouchables. You mentioned Patrice Bergeron Zdeno Chara and took or ask Texas as he should've mentioned Doug Hamilton the public to call. Met and I won't say untouchable but pretty close I mean you'd have to you'd have to really bowl me over before right. Deal -- It's detectors probably right really grow fast the second half the season and policies. And and is only twenty years old now. Another hockey insider texted me. And said don't sleep on Johnny boy chuck. A big piece that could be moved by the Bruins. Pieces don't sleep on -- -- the big piece they could move for something technical. I could see that. I mean they've they've got Adam Quaid theoretically coming back side you missed a lot Seidenberg. Hopefully coming back although it was gonna play in the next round if they got that far -- build some Warwick Heytvelt. Hello bill. Their bill what's -- man. Yes like I did not like to Miami here on you're beautiful you're gonna. -- very public and I didn't really feel that. -- is one that should be treated I mean I always says he seemed to be. All untreatable with most of the young hockey the end and -- but let me tell you something. The one goal seek out this year I mean about five to six who opened it. I mean not -- -- actually and -- one particular. Pop -- then I would never -- I'm killing penalties. At the end of the game. I mean I think he should -- detriment I really do adopt. I would definitely put it up I think -- get some without form and I need to treat it before I would much. One other. State. I -- we're about -- hockey blog. It's I'm not I'm. I I I know I don't what is right I know the guy who writes -- all right shot that's not false -- No he writes for the he's. Almost noted with the -- ER one article entitled to luck out in Rhode Island -- -- that. To go top tight and I really think that most Europeans should take a look at that not the Internet it can be enjoyed your article. I doubt it but I've if they wanna read -- they certainly can I think he's pretty tough guy. Other times when he lets his emotions get the better of him. For some reason the handshake line thing just took on a life of its own for people after it was over. Why wish he had gone to the line and shake shake people's hands and just kept brought -- don't want -- You know the fact that he. Threatened -- Amylin and dale Suisse in the handshake line was probably not which are looking for. The idea that somehow that's the reason you should get rid of come on man quite equate what about as somebody Texas the day after -- sort of handshakes. I heard that I shared sixth topic. Yeah I am I I mean it if you wanna trade him that's fine but let's not do it for that reason -- in. Quincy Harry Harlow are very I don't Michael Perry -- doing great great help. Opt out there and go outside to -- and Patrice. I mean I think the only two on our girls wore one when it Yonhap -- -- Try to get away targets girls they would not trade him he -- you've got guys who were untouchable he's untouchable. And he didn't tip but should be he's untouchable. Away at welterweight. And look at Harry he's untouchable. Idol. Well -- you pregnant and I are glad I want to eat my lot in the elderly I love Steven -- -- L but you know it's I looked out and MIT there's a lot of in a city that nobody cared about and hip whereas a lot of yet all I -- that's the way I see somebody -- should be planet bigger market. You know and Lucic I -- -- -- you know I agree with you only get it out here trading activity that bump and in the -- eat the ball. It really don't it didn't bother me all that much about something a lot -- and then hearing Quentin go get them ghosts sure I like -- -- Patrick Kane her -- Jonathan Toews to -- at them get Sidney Crosby. -- -- Honestly think those teams are gonna trade players like that you've got a couple of guys who you think were untouchable here maybe you don't but may be disagreement. There's nobody untouchable on your team that's fine. I can promise you there are some guys in this league you can't debt. And Steven Stamkos might be at the top of that list. It just it made him the captain of the T -- After they -- our sail away there are no what they're doing to increase -- trade -- out of -- -- -- you think it would trade our captain -- and offer. -- It go ahead got elected via text is as did your TV guy not a hockey expert or GM. All right I'm not a Jia you play well on radio you know maybe you can talk dip into trading is Stephen stamp goes. Past the black tee because I don't like it's gonna happen but -- didn't try TJ's in Nashua eight TJ I don't. Couldn't you know. As a rendering and I would love if you -- and in the current perhaps respond that the way that Pittsburgh press it correctly. You guys have a charter a team. You're built solidly you have arguably the best player of all through a lot of the the of the entire ice surface. So you don't need a major overhaul a routine he got just -- a neck if you do it next year. And you got to respond like Pittsburgh and lower and not because. You mean you guys want a copy arguably the best team in the entire NHL -- Our values that you got your Montreal firms -- now -- read -- red -- -- I. Do you really you know you're really agree that the Pittsburgh Penguins that the right thing I'm still not sure. Absolutely -- about -- fired they fired it their all time that the coach who's got the most wins in franchise history. A guy who wants to give you look at you look at the resonate -- look at the production. Let's get Robert to -- Basra and then and then your fiery GM. Who's gonna get is gonna get another job. I would like it to be here -- customize aka fireman -- -- -- assistant GM for a couple of years for a year to consult with a broad but. He's gonna get a job and he's immediately got to become a top five top ten generally NHL and they are both those guys how that the Bible. Let me ask your question yes. If you have that talent. The other end and goal -- you gotta get that corrected. But if you do not change anybody like dale just saying you're not gonna trick or are we did just -- and Malkin are. You're not gonna get guerrilla tang and I can I get rid us on the good defense and -- If you do not change anything. Lot TSA what's important about franchised out. Constantly be good not mean they got humiliated. Two years humiliated. That's true but abstinence. And ask you -- question to keep asking that question they elect of conversational get. Art always a bigger problem. For the Pittsburgh Penguins in the post season was by those. What was -- Sydney Crosby Sidney Crosby have we have one goal. Of one gold ranger series. -- -- I got the idea -- at a camp for the day -- -- Crosby. I don't wanna -- I don't know I don't know I don't what did you I don't know don't about about what is and what they're doing what what -- -- -- -- the best player in the world Sidney Crosby you got to expect. A better performance from Sidney Crosby I and I know sometimes a coach doesn't have the right answers the coach is not pushing the right buttons. And it that the -- they are paid by a they're clearly. Not listening -- push the right buttons Michael -- at the Bruins were were a failure this season absolutely positively. The penguins have been failure in the post season for about the last three years and -- With miles as the coach. They okay the government files -- They got rid of Sarah because they didn't make our own rules and and goaltender callers right goaltenders the single biggest issue today. -- didn't fix it. They brought their new GM. Played for the team sixty partners all right yes. Jim Rutherford are you better franchise today. Moving out files about it right now I don't know okay coaches but but so they moved out -- the right moved out -- or they are better I don't know yet. I tell me telling what the tandem as they did bring in a better general manager Jim -- pretty good is -- better -- easy. Two or three time executive of the year in the national accurately and won a Stanley Cup as well. Same number Stanley Cup -- -- guy that you think he's a better GM right now answer I just think that race she Euro failed. And that's -- -- looking for work.

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